Shrinkage Part 4

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by runtz

When I opened my eyes it was light outside and I was sandwiched between Angie and Shannon with her ass pressed against my morning wood, or twig as Angie calls it. I slowly brushed my hand up Shannon’s body and cupped her puffy dark tit in my hand, fluttering kisses on her shoulder and back. She arched back and pressed her ass into me, teasing my prick as I pushed into her.

Shannon picked up my hand pressing it to her lips taking each finger into her mouth and sucking them one by one, lingering on my pinky and sucking like it was my dick. Placing my hand back on her breast she reached back taking hold of my little dick. I began to fuck her warm soft hand, with encouraging squeezes. My pace quickened and heart raced as I approached euphoria. Nearing ejaculation Shannon squeezed hard whispering,

“Not yet.” Letting go Shannon rolled out of bed, and instructed me to wait for her before disappearing behind the bathroom curtain.

I shifted to lay flat on my back and started jerking off. But, Angie grabbed my hand,

“She said not yet” and moved it away giving me a little smirk. I had no idea she was awake. Angie got up and went to the bathroom curtain and knocked on the wall asking Shannon if she could join her. A few minutes later they both came out looking a bit refreshed, Angie pulled on some boy-short panties and white flowery bra, honestly looking even more enticing than being naked. Shannon stepped into some shorts and a t-shirt. By this time Bill and Jill were stirring a bit, and Karen was bouncing down the stairs (damn morning people!).

Bill got up and pulled on his boxers before brewing the coffee. The girls heated up the muffins Bill made last night.

“Has anyone seen the butter?” Karen innocently asked, causing a storm of laughter from the kitchen.

I grabbed my jeans and pulled them on going commando, and headed to the bathroom. I came out a few minutes later to find the group hovering over Shane who was still asleep, and pitching a big tent.

“He almost never gets this hard” Shannon babbled.

Angie reached over and pulled the sheet down in one swift motion revealing Shane’s massive cock. It looked like a penis shaped tower of white dough.

“Let’s wake him up!” Shannon snickered, and then using whispers and hand gestures the girls positioned themselves around the Shane. Angie to his right, Karen to his left and Shannon taking him head on as they pounced.

Before Shane could fully wake up, he had three girls devouring his rock hard cock. Shannon had his head in her mouth, while Angie and Karen worked his shaft.

“What the fuck!” Shane belted startled by the invasion.

“Fuck, me!” Shane stated in disbelief

“Good morning” Shannon smiled, “do you want us to stop?” she toyed.

“God no, please no.”

The girls continued the work they had begun. Angie and Karen found their rhythm with Shannon leading the way. Shane’s fantasy was being fulfilled right in front of our eyes. He was in heaven feeling all the mouths and tongues up and down his massive cock. It would take a carnival sword swallower to do any better sucking him off.

Jill approached her husband and dropped to her knees pulling Bill’s stiff dick out of his boxers she quickly sucked him into her mouth.

“Yeah baby, suck my dick!” Bill commanded “You’re my bitch now aren’t you?”

“Yes baby, I am your bitch.” Jill relented.

After a few seconds Bill pushed Jill away and demanded she lick Shannon’s ass. Reluctantly, but obediently she placed her hands on Shannon’s ass and spread her cheeks wide. Shannon was still sucking Shane’s cock and hadn’t paid attention to anything else. She yelped and tensed up at the touch of Jill’s warm kiss against her hole. Shannon’s attention was stolen for only a moment as she recomposed herself and went back to working her husband’s massive cock.

Jill was reaming Shannon’s tight asshole digging her tongue in deeper and deeper, licking and sucking her brown spot. Bill tapped Jill on the shoulder and moved her aside and stepped up just behind Shannon. Bill pressed his hard penis against her and without warning, without asking, without any regard he thrust deep inside her.

“FUCK!” Shannon bellowed, obviously not expecting Bill’s surprise. But Bill just grabbed her hips and thrust in again.

“If you want me to stop just say so.” Bill offered in the same tone Shannon had offered Shane, but she made no attempt to stop him; but arched her back giving him greater access.

Shane grabbed his wife’s head and thrust into her warm mouth,

“Just a little… bit…. MORE!” Mount Shane erupted in a fountain of cum in and around Shannon’s mouth. But, she wasn’t done being taken from behind, and laid her head on Shane as Bill pumped more excitedly deep inside her.

“Come on baby fuck that ass!” Jill encouraged. Bill’s back straightened his legs buckled and with a loud grunt emptied his load in Shannon’s ass.

I couldn’t believe what I just watched really happened, and I just gawked unable to think straight as the rest of the group regained their lust filled senses and returned to a modicum of decency, covering and cleaning themselves up.

Kevin had been nonchalantly going about the kitchen, making coffee and cleaning things up, seemingly uninterested in the wild sex play happening just 15 feet away from him. As Kevin opened the back door to take the trash out a blast of freezing air filled the cabin. The temperature had dropped and the wind had picked up.

“I don’t think we’re going to spend much time out there today” Kevin chirped rushing over to the fire place adding more logs and stoking it to a full flame.

“So, now what are we going to do?” Karen huffed in disappointment

The rest of us just looked each other knowing full well where this was going. This is when the chickee-bow-wow” music would have started if this was a 70’s porno.

“I have a game!” Shannon blurted. Seriously did she spend her entire youth playing sex games in her parents’ basement, or is this what therapists do with their time?

Shannon grabbed a deck of cards she found in the coffee table drawer yesterday. Thumbing the cards into two decks she then dealt one card to each girl from one deck and one card to each guy from the other, telling us not to let anyone know our card.

“Now, each of you has a card that matches another card. Whoever you are matched with, is your new shower buddy.” The group whooped and whistled in excitement.

“But… BUT!” Shannon yelled getting the groups attention, “There are rules: first, you are not allowed to bathe yourself. Second, you must fully bathe the other person within five minutes; I’ll set the timer on my phone. Third, and this is VERY important – no one cums.”

“BOOOO!” Kevin hissed for all of us.

“We have a long time together today. We’re building trust, intimacy and anticipation” Shannon pressed “This works great for couples who have lost intimacy in their relationship.”

“So, who goes first?” Jill asked

“We all reveal our cards at the same time, and go in order lowest to highest. Okay?”

“1…2…3!” We turned our cards over holding them chest high. Bill and Shannon had twos. Shane and Jill both drew fives. Kevin and Angie had eights. Karen and I had Jacks. My mind was going crazy remembering how skillful her hands were on Kevin two nights ago.

“You ready?” Shannon bit her bottom lip holding her hand out to Bill. As they made their way to the bathroom she picked up her phone and started thumbing through to find a countdown.

“Hey, we all ended up with the partner of the person who has our real partner.” Jill pointed out.

The rest of us decided to turn on some music and play some cards while waiting our turn. Kevin played bartender mixing a bottle of tequila with orange juice and squeezing some limes in the mix, a kinda poor man’s tequila sunrise since we didn’t have grenadine. It wasn’t too bad if you gulped it, but it wasn’t a sipping drink.

Even over the shower and music we could still hear the sounds of fun coming from the bathroom creating some shifting in our seats and more than a few bursts of nervous laughter. Particularly, Shane and Jill perked up listening to their spouses and knowing they were next.

A few minutes later the shower turned off. Finally coming out, wearing the basic coverings they had on earlier; their faces flush and breathing like they just worked out. Shannon passed the phone off to Shane as she kissed him deep and looked lustfully in his hazel eyes.

We reshuffled the deck and started another hand, while Shannon and Bill caught up with our drinking still panting from excitement, neither one betraying the details of their shower.

Jill obviously went first bathing Shane, as we could hear her exclamations of shock at Shane’s cock. Being the only girl who hadn’t touched him earlier, Jill was deeply enthralled with Shane’s dick. But, Bill was totally unfazed. Full of new confidence he had no fears over Jill manhandling a cock so much bigger than his own.

Kevin made another batch of redneck mimosas, as Jill started calling them. I was now on my third red Silo cup of morning tequila. My face was a bit numb, and I was finding things way too funny not to be drunk. Before I knew it Angie was heading to the bathroom with Kevin in front of her. I know how enticing she is and for a moment was a little panicked that they might not be able to follow all the rules. I know it might seem silly, but until this past year she had only been with me, and then occasionally Marlin. Plus, she is my wife even if we do have an unconventional sex life. I was really getting worked up.

Try as I might I couldn’t hear a damn thing. Maybe we were being louder, or maybe they were being quieter after hearing the others; either way it was killing me not knowing what was going on in there. That afternoon, Angie curled up next to me on the couch and whispered in my ear while teasing my dick through my pants:

“As soon as we closed the curtain Kevin’s eyes met mine, he really is a looker” she teased me. “Then he placed a gentle brush of his lips against my neck and sat down on the commode and pulled me on top of him straddling his legs, and rubbed his rough face over the tops of my breasts spilling over my bra. His hands were so strong he could have done anything he wanted to me, but he played it gentle. Turning on the shower as we nibbled each other’s necks and chests, the water was immediately hot, having been well warmed.”

“He unclasped my bra and slowly pulled it away from my body, leaning back and taking it all in. He instructed me to stand up and turn around. Cupping my breasts in my arms I turned to look at him over my left shoulder giving him my best ‘fuck me’ eyes, and arching my back pushing my ass out. I know I looked good, and I could tell he thought so too as his dick hardened out of his boxers. He reached out and pulled my panties down and I teased him turning around covering my tits in my right arm and hiding my bare cunt behind my left hand.”

“”He pleaded with me, and I dropped my arms to the side revealing myself to him. He stood up and yanked his boxers off, jerking his cock a few times.”

“Do all guys do that?” She asked me, “Or is it just the ones with big cocks, that want me to suck them?” She teased me. “He was already big, but got even bigger as we stepped into shower.”

“I turned around, breaking our embrace, and put my hands against the shower wall leaning in and spreading my legs.

‘Do you want to frisk me?’ I teased him. Then taking my Pouf Ball, he applied some body wash and started bathing me. Placing the Pouf directly over my ass he squeezed letting the soap cover me before bending down allowing his cock to press into my crack. I thought that was something only you liked to do?” She grinned, “But his cock was so much bigger than yours.” She reminisced recalling the events.

“Kevin finally moved his hands around front taking my breasts in his hands he ensured they were thoroughly cleaned. Then spinning me around with his powerful arms, I was certain he was going to kiss me, but stopped just before our lips touched and stroked his cheek next to mine and slipped his thick finger between my folds and pushed it up inside me. I almost came right there. I am certain his finger is bigger than your dick,” Angie bragged. “But just then the timer went off letting us know it was time to switch.”

“I pressed my tits into him and pushed him against the wall. Grabbing the body wash I poured it between our bodies and washed him with my breasts, all the while feeling his cock pressing into my stomach. I slid down his body and fucked his cock between my breasts. He looked so good, with that thick manly dick between my tits. I just had to know” She said coyly. “I just had to know what it would feel like against my pussy. Turning around I pressed him against my ass, before grabbing his cock and putting to my lips. God he is so thick! He bent his knees meeting my advances allowing me to position his head right on me.” She breathed heavily as she recounted her experience.

“Just one little push… who could blame us? It felt so good… and… Is it really fucking when neither person cums?” She panted reliving the experience.

“Did you? I mean, did he?…”I stammered

“I’ll never tell.” She teased, and to this day I have no idea what really happened in that shower. Hell, she could have made the entire thing up just toying with me.

What I do know is that Kevin headed straight up to the loft, got fully dressed and stepped out back for a smoke when he came out of that shower, and Angie could have poked an eye out with her tits.

“Next?” Angie giggled knowing it was my turn.

Shannon had a two stage count down on her phone so it would ring at five minutes and then at ten. I really had no idea what Karen thought of me, she was always nice to everyone so that was no indicator. But, there was something about her I found sexy as hell. Her crystal blue eyes, strong jaw and overly blond hair mixed with the tattoos and piercings was hot, like a farmer’s daughter gone bad.

She closed the curtain to the bathroom and I turned around,

“How do you want to start?” I chatted trying to keep it friendly. She put her hair up in a tight ponytail, with her straight cut bangs across her brow.

“Start?!” She snapped and grabbed my throat “You’re going to do whatever the fuck, I tell you to do!” Holy shit, did she just have a schizophrenic episode?

“Pull your dick out!” She grunted through her clinched jaw, and unzipped my pants. I had my jeans on and nothing else. I reached in and pulled my now soft dick out, which just barely poked past the opening of my jeans.

She stood back, letting go of my throat and laughed,

“That really is so sad, I can’t believe Angie has put up with you this long…oh yeah she hasn’t! Shit, you are so small even you know you can’t satisfy a woman. And you let your sexy wife fuck another dick. Such a shame really, you have such a nice body.” She confessed rubbing her hands all up and down my chest and stomach then thumped my dick head sticking out.

“Does that little thing even work? Is it useful for anything? I want to watch you piss.” She turned me toward the toilet and lifted the seat and aimed my little dick. “Go on now, piss, and show me it works and does something right or I’ll go right out there and tell everyone that you came before I could touch you.” I closed my eyes and pushed my urine out, thank God I drank so much; a full steady stream came pissing out.

“Well shit! It does work. Now stop!” She commanded and pinched my dick off.

“Hold it.” She demanded, I took my penis between my fingers and pinched off the stream. Karen quickly slipped out of her robe and stepped in the shower and sat down on her knees.

“Now, piss on me!”


“Do it! Piss on me!” Reluctantly I turned and let go, hitting Karen in the chest.

“Oh yes!” She cooed, and dropped her head letting my urine run over her hair and face, rubbing it all over herself. Then reached over and turned on the shower. By this time the water was only slightly warmer than room temperature.

“Wash me off.” Karen insisted.

I took off my pants and stepped in, Karen stayed on her knees and handed me the body wash. I generously applied it to her head and started washing her hair; after all I had just pissed in it. As I coated her hair with soap, Karen turned her head and sucked my dick into her mouth, causing a shiver to shoot through my body. She pulled me down on my knees and then lay back dragging me down on top of her. Her spatial awareness was keen or she was just lucky, because I wouldn’t have guessed the shower was big enough for us to lie down, but it was. The shower was intermittently spitting hot followed by cold water as its capacity was strained. I spilled more soap on Karen’s chest and bathed her with my hands. Her pierced nipples created an unusual contrast to her delicate flesh.

“Suck them!” I needed no further instruction and sucked her soapy studded tit into my mouth, playing with her metal ring on my tongue. I was so confused by her and even more turned on, and realized I’d been humping her stomach when she grabbed my hips,

“No!” She scolded and the bell rang.

“My turn” Karen snickered, as a wicked smile spread across her face.

“Get on your hands and knees.” She asserted, and I complied. She drizzled the soap on my back and between my cheeks, massaging the body wash around; her hand creeping down between my crack to my taint and cupping her hand around my balls.

“You heard the rules, no cumming. So you better not cum! If you cum I’ll tell everyone that you jerked yourself off. And who do you think they’ll believe? Sweet-dumb-Karen or tiny-dick-perverted Dave?”

“You, they’ll believe you.” I croaked, as Karen gave me a little squeeze. She pushed me down on to my elbows and started pumping my dick. I felt like a goat being milked, but felt great, her hands were amazing, and she had me so confused and turned around. She gently began circling my asshole with the tip of her finger and I let out moan.

“Do not cum!” She commanded, all the while slowly stroking my little dick with soapy hands.

Karen gradually pressed harder against my hole sliding her slippery finger in,

“Don’t you cum!” she reminded. Karen worked her finger fucking my ass still casually toying with my dick in her hand; I was on the verge of cumming and was doing all I could to hold out.

“You need to stop, I am cumming Karen!”

BING! The alarm went off.

Karen immediately stopped, but I swear a gentle breeze could have sent me into orgasm. I turned over and allowed the now cold water to do its magic. My dick stopped pulsing and shrank down to a small little button.

“Oh.” She giggled, “Your little weenie went bye-bye.” We dried off and Karen leaned into me, regaining her sweet personality and giggled,

“I hope that was okay” and kissed me softly on the lips, “She said you might like it rough.” Then she walked out of the bathroom.

Who, she? Angie? When did she? I was so fucking horny, tipsy and confused. Slipping my jeans back on I headed out.

It was like a foggy dream, I just had this bizarrely erotic moment with Karen, and life outside that shower was so…normal, like walking out of a movie theater into the harsh sunlight, everything seemed…strange. Angie looked up at me over her cup, her eyes glassy enough for me to know she wasn’t just drinking orange juice, and shot me her devilish smile.

Bill had set out a spread of sandwich fixings, and leftovers from dinner for lunch; as everyone helped themselves that’s when Angie met me on the couch to tell her story. Everyone was so focused on food; I doubted anyone even noticed us, even as I squirmed in my seat.

Rock hard once again, and also starving we joined the group at the table. The silence at the table was deafening as the sexual tension filled the room.

“So, now what are we going to do?” Karen broke the hush surrounding us.

Jill, wearing a sports bra and spandex shorts stretched back, arms over her head and sighed, “I could really use a nap.”

A nap! I cussed to myself, I am full of cum and on an adrenaline high; how could she possibly want to nap?! But to my dismay everyone else agreed. Angie yawned and stretched her arms behind her causing her left nipple to slip out the top of her bra.

“Oops!” She teased drawing even more attention to her protruding tit. “This one’s a little a small” referring to her bra “it’s a double D, but I am always popping out of it,” She smiled and tucked it away.

“We get the bedroom!” I called invoking my rights as the winner of the short dick contest and hoping that Angie and I could do a little more than nap. I quickly cleaned up my lunch plate and skipped to the bedroom in anticipation of some needed relief.

I was totally naked and sprawled out on the bed with my three inch dick pointing proudly when Angie came through the curtain door. Taken off guard she laughed and shook her head,

“Baby, I thought we were going to nap.”

“We can, I am so ready to cum baby, just give it a few tugs please?” She lay down beside me and placed her hand swiftly on my dick giving it three tugs and letting go.


“No. Angie, come on.” I begged.

“What’s in it for me? You know what’s going to happen. I am going to jerk you off, and in the mean time I am going to get turned on and you’re going to be limp as a noodle. Or I let you put it in me, and three seconds later your blowing your load and then I am really frustrated.”

“Wait!” I wrapped a blanket around me and scurried out to the den, grabbed my bag and brought it back. Then rummaging through it, I found my leverage.

“Ta-da!” I pulled out the strap-on. Angie’s eyes widened.

“Okay.” She caved. “But, I cum first and you do exactly as I say.”

“Sure baby, anything!”

Angie stood up, “I’ll be right back” assuming she went to use the bathroom I pulled on the hollow strap-on cock placing my little dick inside the big dong. I was just getting situated when the curtain opened up, but it wasn’t Angie. Standing in front of me eyeballing me strapped into this big dick was Shannon. I was horribly embarrassed and tried to cover up. Angie came in right behind her and closed the curtain.

“What are you doing?” Angie asked, “I didn’t tell you to put it on.”

“I just assumed…”

“No! I want Shannon to wear it. You’ve been teased and played with all weekend long. It’s time for my fantasy to come true, and Shannon agreed to help. And I really want you to watch.”

“Fuck! I’d love to watch.” I quickly unfastened the harness and slipped it off. Handing it to Shannon it was clear she had no clue how to put it on.

“Help her honey” Angie guided.

Shannon was like a play doll, I raised her arms and lifted her shirt off, then placed my hands in the sides of her panties and slid them down her firm caramel legs. I helped her step inside and placed it on her properly. Then holding the cock in place, I cinched the straps around her thin waist and legs. Shannon didn’t say a word the entire time. But gripping her cock and looking down said,

“I love it.” Shit, she looked so good.

“Now, I just want you to watch and no jerking off. I’ll reward you when we’re done. Do you think you can handle that?” Angie emphasized. I nodded yes and let out a huff.

“I don’t believe you, come here.” Angie took the strap off of my bag and tied it around my elbows behind my back, giving me T-Rex arms, freeing up my hands, but not long enough to touch my dick.

“There, now I can just enjoy my fantasy come true.”

I sat on the bed and watched Angie sitting on the edge of the bed grab Shannon by the hips and pull her close.

“Ready?” She asked and sucked Shannon’s cock.

“God!” Shannon cried, “This is what it looks like. Even without feeling anything I can see why guys like it so much. You look so sexy sucking my cock.” She let Angie lube her up for bit and then pushed her on her back. Then leaning over Angie she dragged her hair across Angie’s face, and down her breasts, over her stomach and circled her thighs and pussy. Angie loved it. Then Shannon placed a tender kiss on Angie’s belly button and flicked it with her tongue like it was a mini-pussy. Angie shivered in excitement as Shannon trailed her kisses south licking her in the crevice of her leg.

“I’ve never done this,” Shannon hesitated.

“But you know what you like.” Angie assured her, and gasped as Shannon’s tongue encircled her clit. Angie was right to have tied me up, I wanted to jerk-off so bad but I couldn’t reach.

Angie clutched Shannon’s hair and pulled her tongue deeper inside. Shannon explored Angie’s body with her hands, slipping her fingers down to Angie’s entrance and pushed them in gently but deliberately. Shannon was losing herself in the moment and Angie was quickly approaching orgasm.

“I want you inside me.” Angie whispered almost reminding Shannon that she had the tool to do it. Scooting up on the bed, Angie’s head was right beside me as she pulled Shannon between her legs. Shannon took the cock in her hands and teased her cunt. Angie tossed her head back in pleasure, writhing and panting.

“Is this what you want?” Shannon mused, “I am going to fuck your wife, and all you can do is sit and watch.” She sneered at me, and thrust inside my wife, falling on top of her. Shannon’s ass looked incredible cinched into the harness, lifting up and down pounding my petite bride. Angie sucked and teased Shannon’s dark tits as she rode her. Shannon lifted back up still pounding Angie but now on her knees.

“Look at how her pussy stretches with my big cock inside her.” Shannon teased pulling almost all the way out. Angie loved always loved getting fucked with the strap-on, but this was the first time someone other than me fucked her with it. I felt a surge of anxiety and jealousy inside me as I realized that it really was the toy and not me attached to it that brought her such pleasure.

“Yeah, but it’s not a real dick and it’s not really yours” I shot back sounding very defensive.

“This might not be a real dick, but then again yours isn’t a real dick either. At least mine was never supposed to be real.” She jabbed back.

“Baby, you know I love. But seriously, I love getting fucked with this fake cock so much more than your ‘real’ one.” Angie confessed adding to my humiliation and arousal.

Looking down fully absorbing the image of Shannon’s big dick fucking my wife I knew she was telling the truth. Angie wrapped her legs around Shannon and shoved the cock deep inside as she exploded in a massive orgasm, bucking and convulsing. Shannon rammed her one last time and held her in her deep embrace. Angie cried out in joy as she came and came again on Shannon’s cock, before reluctantly releasing her grip. Shannon inched her way back out; Angie whined a bit as she withdrew the cock and pressed down on her womb feeling the emptiness.

“One more thing,” Shannon sparkled, and slid up Angie’s torso placing her dick between my wife’s breasts. Shannon was practically drooling and so was I, as Angie pressed her tits around the dong. Shannon quickly started fucking, keeping her eyes directly on her big dick and Angie’s luscious breasts.

“God I wish I could feel it!” Shannon blurted. Angie slipped her palm under Shannon putting pressure on her clit.

“Oh yes!” Shannon panted as she continued to fuck and grind. It didn’t take long and Shannon tensed up in orgasm on my wife, and fell down on the other side trying to catch her breath.

“Please!” I squeaked and thrust my dick dry humping Angie’s side.

“Are you ready for your reward?” Angie asked in her school girl voice.

“God yes.”

“Shannon?” Angie raised her eyebrow at her.

“Would you like to fuck my ass?” Shannon asked like I might say no. My dick was so hot I’d fuck another muffin if they asked.

“I want to keep the cock on.” Shannon purred and lifted her ass up on her knees.

“Take this off.” I asked and turned around so Angie could take the strap off my arms.

“No!” I like you tied up, “But I will help you.” Angie teased; and then helped me position myself right behind Shannon. I stood on the floor while she knelt on the bed, as Angie lined us up, then spitting on Shannon’s asshole she began to rub her opening.

Though Bill had penetrated her ass earlier, Shannon was much more aware of what was happening this time, and seemed a bit tense.

“Just relax, he’s nowhere near as big as Shane, but you do have to relax and let him in.” Angie coached, and pushed me closer to Shannon’s hole. She shook as I made contact with her eye. I was in heaven as I pushed and entering her ass. She sighed and opened up to me letting me sink all the way in, all three inches.

“Just hold it for a second okay?” Shannon pleaded and reached between her legs behind the strap-on cock and fingered her clit. Shannon was grunting and moaning in delight,

“God, your little dick feels so good in my ass.”

“I think I am going to cum, just hold still.” Damn I was so close. She flicked her clit, and fell down on the bed as she came leaving me hard and alone in the air.

“COME QUICK!” Bill shouted as he threw back the curtain to the bedroom. And Angie and Shannon jumped up and rushed to the den, leaving me nearly in tears dripping pre-cum and my arms locked beside me. Seconds later Angie came rushing back in,

“You have to come see this!”

“Baby, please I have to cum!” She snatched me by the arm and pulled me out front. Shannon still had her cock on, and Angie and I were totally naked.

“What is it?” I nearly cried. Shane was on the floor in front of the couch naked.

“We were all getting really turned on listening to you guys in there, and so Shane whips out his cock and starts jerking it” Bill narrated.

“Then, he says he really wished he had won a blow-job the other night because he’d be cashing it in right now.”

“That’s when Jill said, ‘With a dick that big I bet you could suck yourself off.’ So, the bet was on, if he could suck his own dick Jill would finish him off, but if not he would have to stop jerking it.”

“So?” Shannon asked, her dong sticking straight out. Shane smiled and bent over easily taking his large head in his mouth. Shannon and the rest of the girls freaked out in excitement.

“I win, Jill!” Shane popped off his cock leaving a trail of saliva.

Jill shrugged and looked at Bill, “Can I?” She asked his permission.

“You did make a bet with the man.” Bill granted. Jill walked over and knelt down in front of Shane, and slid his cock into her stretched mouth.

“What about me?” I pleaded to Angie and Shannon.

“Well you do have one blow-job left you can cash in.” Angie said.

“One? I think I have two?”

“No honey, you started with four. Shannon sucked you off last night, Jill the night before, and I sucked you off as soon as we came in, leaving you just one.” Angie smoldered.

“But, I didn’t ask for the one you gave me, that one doesn’t count!”

“Jill?” Angie asked

“Um…I…rule in favor…of Angie.” Jill pronounced slurping on Shane’s big cock.

“So, Karen is the last one, honey.” Angie frowned sarcastically.

“No!” Karen cried, “I sucked him off in the shower, I knew I shouldn’t have, but he insisted that since he won blow jobs from all us it would be okay.” Karen lied to everyone and threw me a wicked wink.

“It’s not true!” I yelped, “She’s lying, she even winked at me just now.” Angie put her hands on her hips, still naked,

“Are you lying?” She asked me.

“I am just fucking with you.” Karen finally blurted out laughing as the tension immediately lifted. “So do you want me to suck the head off your little crawfish?” She giggled and pushed me into a seated position on the love seat.

“Yes!” I begged and looked at Angie.

“Go for it!” Angie scoffed, “But that was just up Shannon’s ass” she quipped just as Karen was settling between my legs. Karen shrugged and placed her mouth on my balls. Finally I was going to get some relief.

“AAARGGH!” Shane blew his load all over Jill, who was rubbing her jaw. “I didn’t realize how much work that would be.” She laughed. I could see her adjust her position and sit beside Shane still slowly pumping his thick cock as she turned to watch Karen sucking me.

Karen felt amazing as she sucked and licked my balls. Angie sat beside me and put her hand on Karen’s head and guided her to suck my dick. I placed a big kiss on Angie’s lips, as my breathing picked up.

“Here he cums!” Angie yelled.

“Keep going! KEEP going!” I roared as I quickly approached orgasm.

“WAIT!” Jill screeched, and Karen sat up and clinched the base of my dick.

“What the FUCK!” I yelled.

“This isn’t right?” Jill shouted.

“Come on, Angie is right here, she’s fine with it, please let me cum!”

“No, that’s not what I mean… the other night… the contest, we got it wrong.” Jill smiled. “The contest was shrinkage, that’s what the bet was over, who shrinks the most. Not who has the smallest dick.” Jill lit up. “Don’t you see? We got it wrong.”

I was out numbered, everyone, including Angie conceded that it was right.

“So, we have to re-measure. We measure every guy as big and hard as he can get, and then subtract the number from the other night, whoever shrunk the most wins!” Shannon practically jumped up to get her measuring tape back out. The dong between her legs bounced as she ran.

“Hey, I am going to need a few minutes, like an hour, before I am able to get fully hard.” Shane lamented.

“Okay,” Jill said looking at the clock, “It’s almost five (fucking liar it wasn’t even 4:45 yet) so the measurements start at six o’clock”

“God you’re killing me.” I said.

“Don’t cry, baby, just one more hour. You do want to be as big and hard as possible before we measure your tiny mushroom, right?” Angie baby talked and pulled me to her chest.

“AWE!” Shannon sighed, “He’s like a little boy in his mommy’s arms.” Then pinched and measured my dick with her fingers, “Just like an eight, no make that five year old boy.”

“So, what are we going to do for the next hour?” Jill wondered aloud lustfully.

“Well, why should the guys have all the fun?” Shannon questioned, “Jill, I think we should have a competition.”

“Oh yeah? What do you have in mind?” Jill responded

“I think we should help our guys get as hard as possible, and have some fun. The game… is a suck off! Our guys compete to see who can make their woman cum first, using only their mouths. The guy that wins gets to cum first after we measure them, and we’ll go down the line from there.”

“Great idea!” Jill concurred.

The girls all got undressed and tied the other guys’ arms behind them like mine. Then sitting on the couches and scooching forward the ladies spread their legs. The guys all took a kneeling position between the legs of his girl, as Jill counted down.


I don’t need a contest to get excited about licking Angie’s pussy; I like it and love that I can please her that way. But, after watching Shannon fuck her I desperately wanted to taste her on my tongue; not to mention I really wanted to win that prize.

I dove in passionately taking her clit between my lips and sucked it gently but firmly, before licking her from ass to clit like a giant sucker. I pierced her cunt with my tongue pushing in as far as possible and kissed her womanly lips. But, the clit is where the magic happens; I had to work her clit fast and strong if I was going to win this thing. And, that’s exactly what I did.

All around the room I could hear sucking, slurping, moaning and grunting. Jill was very vocal, and I knew Bill would be my biggest competition. He sucks Jill off every day; surely he has it down to a science, knowing exactly what she needs from him. My hope was maybe Angie was still sensitive from being pounded just ten minutes earlier.

God, my knees were hurting, my tongue was sore and my dick was throbbing. But Angie was getting close, she was bucking her hips meeting my tongue and pinching her nipples. Her heart beat was hurried and breathing heavy, I couldn’t stop now, not yet. I had to push through the pain, I had to block out everything else and suck her off.

“JESUS!” Jill screeched, “I am cumming.” I turned to see her grab Bill’s head and fuck his face as she came.

Damn! Bill won, but I could still be second.

“Come on baby, cum for me.” I pleaded and sank my face back between Angie’s legs.

“SHIT! YEAH!!” Shannon bellowed. I didn’t even stop, I just kept at it. Damn, why wasn’t she cumming? Angie never takes this long to cum, and I could feel her pulsating on my tongue and quivering.

I could hear Karen’s cries as Kevin continued to eat her out, she was close, real close. But so was Angie, she panted and whimpered and pressed my head into her bucking against my face, she was cumming I could feel her on my tongue, but she didn’t let anyone know.

“YES!!!” Karen shouted followed immediately by Angie’s cry,

“THAT’S IT!!!” Fuck I lost. I sat down between Angie’s legs as she continued to enjoy her orgasm, clutching her tits and screaming profanities. The guys were all panting, wet faced chin to nose dripping with pussy juice. But the girls were right; we were all rock hard. Looking at the clock it was now 5:35.

Then Angie and Shannon marched us to the bathroom and washed our faces off, keeping our arms tied back. We must have looked ridiculous, lined up, dicks sticking straight out and waiting to be cleaned off. While we cleaned up, Jill and Karen prepared dinner.

“We decided to go ahead and eat, before finishing our game” Jill spoke as a matter-of-fact.

I was so horny I was about ready to start humping the couch just to get off, and they want to eat first? The girls sat us at the table,

“Keep your hands where we can see them.” Jill instructed before cutting us loose.

As the soup was served I looked at the clock on the stove, it was 6:00 pm even. I gulped my wine, and quickly ate up, but the girls were taking there sweet time. Laughing and talking about their contest. They shared how much they enjoyed it and have really enjoyed the entire trip. I was doing my best to engage in the conversation without coming off like a giant ass, but being this hard this long was messing with my head.

“Can we please get this over with?”

“Honey, what has gotten into you? Just settle down, I swear you’re embarrassing yourself.” Angie said. The conversation continued for another ten minutes.

“Baby please will you measure me now?” I whimpered standing up and pushing my dick towards her.

“Jesus! Just two nights ago you practically begged me to make sure no one here found out about your tiny dick, and now you’re begging me to measure you right here in front of everyone. Don’t you realize that once this is done everyone will know exactly how tiny you are?” She smiled.

“Baby, I don’t care anymore, I don’t care that they have a measurement, they can see I have the smallest dick here!”

“Well okay, I just wanted you to be sure.” Angie teased “Let’s go to the couches and finish this bet.”

The guys scurried to the couches while the girls sauntered in, smiling and giggling. Jill took the measuring tape off the table and volunteered Bill to go first. The girls all sat on the same couch and had Bill stand in front of them.

“Is that as big and hard as you can get?” Jill asked.

“Yes darling you know that it is.” Bill replied plainly. Then taking his hard dick in her hands, Jill pressed the tape measure against him.

“Five and a half inches,” She read. Bill moved aside as Karen called her fiancé over and gripped his thick cock in her hands.

“It’s too big; it’s longer than the tape measure?” Karen struggled. Jill reached over and took control, measuring Kevin’s cock and then moving the tape up and adding the measurements together.

“7 and 3/4 inches, and thick as a coke can.” She teased. Shane was already up and in front of the girls before Jill had finished talking.

Shannon measured down Shane’s cock six inches and moved the tape, and announced with grin, “10 inches!”

Finally it was my turn; Angie took my tiny penis in her hand and tugged it.

“That’s it isn’t it?” She shrugged in disappointment, and measured my hard dick; I looked down and saw that I reached my full three inches.

“2 and 3/4’s of an inch.” She told everyone, and gave me another tug and a wink. She purposefully made me smaller to humiliate me more.

“Okay,” Jill spoke up, “Doing the math on this we have our new measurements.”

“Bill was originally measured at 2 inches even, meaning he shrank three and half inches.”

“Kevin was measured cold at 2 and a half inches, he shrank five inches!”

“Shane measured in at three inches shriveled cold, he shrank seven inches!”

“Awe, Dave had a little nub of 3/4’s of an inch, but only shrank two inches. Jesus, you would have had to have had a six inch hole to win!” Jill shrieked

“Oh my God, shriveled up cold Shane was still a quarter inch bigger than you.” Shannon added.

“So,” Jill stated, “Since we leave tomorrow morning it seems like the only fair thing to do is for Angie to suck all our guys off!” I am not sure how she got to that conclusion, but everyone including Angie felt that was fair. Since Shane was the new winner, having shrunk the most, he got to go first.

Angie had us all sit in a row on the couch; Shane, Kevin, Bill and I in that order. Angie sat completely naked between Shane’s legs putting a pillow under her knees. Lifting Shane’s massive dick she licked her lips and loosened her jaw in anticipation of being stretched wide.

“Ready?” She smiled, “And swallowed his head like a snake eating a large animal. She shoved Shane’s cock in her mouth and bobbed on his thick white pole. Angie could be a professional cock sucker, her mouth is incredible and she’s learned to be quite skillful in handling dick small and giant. I saw the twinkle in her eye as she relaxed her throat and pushed Shane further inside her than he’d ever been in any other mouth. I could clearly see the outline of cock in my wife’s throat, as she managed to take him farther and farther. I’d seen her suck big cock before, but never had I seen her deep throat that much dick. She quickly pulled him out and gasped for air before taking his head in and working his shaft with her hands. Shane was beside himself, as she sucked his head and toyed with his balls. Within minutes his legs stiffened and he shot his cum in Angie’s mouth and down her chin.

The girls all cheered enjoying the show my beautiful wife was giving. Angie wiped her chin, and moved over to Kevin and pumped his cock a few times feeling the girth. Then taking a big breath she went to work licking him from balls to head pausing to tongue his sensitive spot underneath and wedged him into her mouth. In her petite hands Kevin looked massive. Her mouth already getting sore, she sat up and put his dick between her tits allowing him the great pleasure of fucking her massive boobs. Kevin was jamming his rod up and down her tits, when Angie reached over and picked up the tape measure. Stopping Kevin briefly she wrapped it around his thick dick, she just had to know – probably to tease me about it later. The six inch tape measure left at least an inch gap.

“Jesus!” She cried, “What are you, like seven inches round?”

Kevin nodded smugly and grabbed Angie’s head pushing her back down. She sucked his cock and handled his large balls for what seemed like an hour. Finally he showed signs of cumming. Kevin’s toes twitched, his eyes shut and his cock pulsed in my wife’s mouth. Spitting most of him out, Angie just couldn’t swallow his huge load.

My dick was twitching with excitement just watching my wife get slutty on all this cock. And she seemed very relieved to be done with the heavy lifting and smiled as she easily slipped Bill in her mouth. He was immediately on edge as Angie sucking his dick. Jill stood behind the couch and rubbed Bill’s shoulders leaning in she said,

“God she looks so good sucking your dick. Next week, I am going to suck you off every night just like that.”

Bill clinched Angie’s hair and fucked her mouth, shooting his jism down her throat. Thank God, it was finally my turn. I could smell her wet pussy as she knelt in front of me. But now that all the attention was on me, Shannon was quick to comment,

“Shit, it disappeared!” She pointed out. She was right sitting down; even rock hard, my dick just wasn’t long enough to really stick out. I could just barely see the dark red head sitting just above my full and aching balls.

“Are you sure you’re ready” She teased.

“Baby, please!” I urged. I had to shuffle down on the couch so my back was flat on the seat, just to give her something to suck.

Angie placed her lips over my nub and sucked the head, then opened her mouth wide and went down on me again, but this time I couldn’t feel her on my penis.

“Baby, please suck me!” I pleaded.

“What honey, that’s how I sucked Kevin’s cock and Shane’s cock, and they really like it.” She did it again, going down on me but keeping her mouth wide open. “Don’t you like me sucking your dick?”

“You’re not sucking it. I can’t feel you at all. Please honey just close your mouth tighter around me!”

“Why can’t you feel me?” Angie asked with her devilish smile.

“You know why?”

“I know, but I want you to say it. Say it loud enough for everyone to hear and I’ll suck you dry.”

“I’m too small! I can’t feel you because Kevin and Shane have big cocks and I have a little weenie and I need you to close your mouth on it more for me to feel you!!”

“Good boy!” Angie said and sucked my dick; she sucked it tight and sucked it hard working the head with her fast flicking tongue. I stood up and bent her over the couch where I’d been sitting, right beside Bill, and mounted her from behind. I shoved my little pecker inside her hot wet cunt; five pumps was all it took. It felt like a ball of fire shot out of my dick as my balls released a flood of cum inside my wife with thrust after thrust of relief and pleasure.

Thirty minutes later we were in the hot tub for one final game. “I confess, is the name of the game.” Shannon explained, and going first she said,

“I confess… that I rigged the shower buddy game this morning.” She smiled and shared that Angie had asked her to make sure I got Karen and that we went last. And, in fact they had planned it out the night before after I fell asleep.

“I confess…” Jill said, “That Shane and I got off in the shower this morning.” She shared that as they were going in Shannon told her it was okay if Shane was allowed to cum, but it was up to her. Jill jerked Shane off in the shower and he rubbed her clit to orgasm.

Kevin spoke up, “I confess that I came in shower this morning too.” I still don’t know the details, but Angie let Kevin cum that morning receiving similar instructions from Shannon about it being her choice.

“I confess…” Angie finally blurted, “That this whole day was planned to make sure Dave was the only guy who hadn’t cum when we played the final game. I know how much you love to be teased and kept on edge. I also confess that we rigged the contest so you would have to watch me suck off the biggest to the smallest cocks. I am sorry if I went too far.”

We drank and laughed, as we recounted the past few days, but there was a soberness to the evening knowing tomorrow we would be going home and back to our everyday lives. But, I was convinced normal wasn’t waiting for us, and that we would be spending a lot more time together away from the gym. That evening Kevin and Karen took the loft, and Shane let Bill and Jill have the bedroom. Shane was pretty well spent, but I was good to go for a couple more rounds. Shannon invited me to take another shot at fucking her ass, right in front of her husband. Then I fucked my wife’s pretty tits till I came for the third time that evening, and was finally able to sleep.

Strawberries, she always smelled of strawberries as she dragged her hair across my face. I woke up to find my wife on top of me, she loved sucking my little dick and I wasn’t going to stop her. But we didn’t have much time, we were heading home today, but I was confident life was not going back to normal. Hell, we left normal behind a year ago; but now we had friends to join us in our adventure.

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