Getting Even The Hard Way (Gay Themes)

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by localsub1

Hi, my name is Kyle. This is a story about how my girlfriend (ex now) got revenge on me for cheating on her.

Kristi and I started dating in the spring of 2006. We met at a bar and we hit it off. Kristi was about 5’6″ with medium length brown hair. She was neither skinny nor fat, but that slight plump build with curves in all the right places. Things were going great for about 3 months. That was until her two friends, Tiffany and Sara, saw me being a little too friendly with another girl. When Kristi confronted me about it, I told her it was bullshit. Tiffany and Sara never liked me (and I didn’t particularly care for them) and I told her it was their way of breaking us up.

Truth be told, they were right. Picking up girls had never really been a problem for me. I’m a 6’4″ 230lbs fit former athlete. Keeping girls is usually the hard part with me. I guess I can admit I can be a bit of a jerk towards woman. I think a lot of that stems from the fact that even though I am a big guy, I have a pretty small cock. I say its 5 inches but really it is closer to 4. Kristi didn’t know any better due to her lack of experience with men. Kristi bought into what I was telling her so I got to keep around my guaranteed lay… so I thought.

Tiffany and Sara both tried hitting on me with in the next week that this happened. I knew they were trying to catch me. How stupid did they think I was? While both were very attractive, both with similar skinny build with small tits and tight asses, I wouldn’t touch either with a ten foot pole. Both were on the slutty side. A week after shutting down their attempts I went out of town for a two day conference. I was two hours away from home and I thought my wondering mind would be safe there. Boy was I ever wrong.

After sitting through day one of my conference and grabbing a bite to eat, I decided to grab a drink at the hotel bar. It was about 7 pm and surprisingly dead. The only people in there were a couple sitting at a table, the bartender and me. I had a few cocktails and I was about to square up my tab when a tall statuesque red head walked in. She was about 5’10” with long sexy legs, nice round ass and nice rack to go with it. She was wearing a skin tight black dress that barely went past her ass. She scanned the bar and walked over and sat down next to me. It was long after she sat down and introduced herself.

“Hi, I’m Missy”.

Just her saying her name sounded sexy. We sat there for a good our getting to know each other and buying each other drinks. At this point I’m starting to get a little tipsy. Not only am I getting tipsy, but horny too. The way she was sitting, facing me and slightly slouched, I could see right down her dress. After a while, she looks at me and says

“So are you in town for business or pleasure”?

“I am here for work” I replied.

She then got a devilish grin and said “Follow me and you’ll have a different answer”.

With that she got up and I scrambled to follow, throwing money on the bar to cover both our tabs. We went to the elevator and as the door closed she backed her ass up to my crotch and started grinding on me. I had to hold myself together to prevent myself from cumming right then. The doors open and she walked out to head to her room. I followed her like a lost puppy dog. She walked into the room in front of me and as soon as the door shut behind me she turned around and started to kiss me. She started to rub my cock over my jeans and she backed me up against the door. She pulled away and asked me if I would do whatever she said. I was so horny and I wanted her so bad so of course I said yes. She then walked over to her bag and pulled out a pair of pink panties and a blindfold.

“I’m going to go freshen up. When I come out I want you on the bed with just these on. Understand”?

I agree and she goes into the bathroom. I scramble to take my clothes off. I fumble with the panties a bit, trying to figure out which side is the front. Once I figure that I out I slide them on and surprisingly I enjoy the way it feels. I tuck my semi hard cock in and I get a little harder as I rub my cock over the panties. After I jump on the bed I throw on the blindfold and await my vixen. I sit for a few minutes and I could have sworn I heard whispering in there. I figured she must be one of those people who talks to themselves. I hear the door open and I hear her walk towards the bed and then get onto the bed.

“Now no peaking and no touching until I tell you… okay?”

“Whatever you want” I said.

With that she started to kiss me again. I kept my hands by my side obeying her orders. She was more aggressive this time and seemed as if her tongue was bigger. We kissed and kissed for nearly 5 minutes and I hear a few clicks but didn’t think anything of it. Then I distinctly heard a giggle. I was wondering how she could giggle and kiss me at the same time. At that moment she pulled away and said its time for the real fun to begin. With that I felt her hands start to remove my blindfold. Once she did that I realized I’m on the bed with a naked man.

“Ahhh, What the fuck!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. Instantly the room was filled with laughter. I turned around and there was Kristi, Tiffany and Sara standing next to Missy. I’m in complete shock.

“Caught you red handed!” yelled Tiffany. “And who would have known you are a fag too!” added Sara.

Kristi then walks over to me and says “I knew you were cheating on me. I figured this would be a fun way to get you back and believe me, the fun is just starting. First of all, how does a little dick loser like you have the gall to cheat on me? You are really full of yourself. Anyways, I see you have met Melissa and Charlie. Oh sorry, Missy is what I think you know her by.

You remember me talking about them, right. Melissa is my boss and Charlie is the gay guy in my office. Well, I told them about Tiffany and Sara seeing you with some slut so we devised this plan to make you sorry. You see, while you were so passionately kissing Charlie, we were taking pictures.” I knew I had heard clicking! “If you don’t want these pictures going out on the internet so all your friends, family and coworkers see what a panty wearing fag you are, you are going to do exactly as we say.”

I had no choice. Pictures like this would ruin my career and I wouldn’t be able to look any of my friends and family in the eye.

Kristi, I am so sorry. I will do whatever you want, just please don’t show anyone the pictures.”

“Good. If you’re a good boy, we will destroy all evidence. Now for starters, why don’t you lean down there and start sucking on Charlie’s cock?”

I just looked at her with a blank stare.

“Anytime!” she said.

I could barely hear her over the laughter of Tiffany, Sara and Missy. I figured, may as well get this over with and forget this whole thing happened so I started to lean in. “Not fast enough!” yelled Missy as she shoved my face in Charlie’s crotch. I put my lips around his cock, which is almost as big flaccid as mine is hard. I start to bob up and down on his member and the laughter is deafening. “I can’t believe I wasted anytime with this little dick fag!” exclaimed Kristi.

“You call me and Tiffany whores, but we have never been as eager as you just were to swallow a cock!” Sara joked.

I feel Charlie stiffening in my mouth. He had to be close to 8 inches once I got him hard. I’m going to town on his cock and the laughter picks up every time I let out a slurping noise. I am really getting into it and I feel my panties being pulled down. Kristi, Tiffany and Sara are in front of me so it must be Missy. I feel a finger pressing against my ass. It is cool and slick so I only assume she is lubing me up. The jelly makes her finger slide in with ease and I let out a moan. They all snicker and Sara says “See Kristi, I told you he was a closet faggot!”

Before I know it, Missy is working 3 fingers in me and for some odd reason I am totally turned on. “Jesus Christ, he is backing up into it!” cried Kristi.

“I think you are ready now!” said Kristi. “Charlie, lay on your back. Kyle, you have shown me your true colors tonight. Not only are you a scumbag cheater, you are a cock loving fag! Just look at your cock. It might actually be 4 inches right now. You never got that hard with me. Now ride his cock like the cock loving slut you always wanted to be!”

I didn’t know what to say. Was I getting turned on by the humiliation? Was she right? Was I actually gay? At that point I didn’t care what the answer was. I was so turned on that I actually wanted to ride his cock. I straddled him and didn’t waste any time slowly sliding down his shaft. His cock felt so good as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of him in my virgin ass. “OH GOD YES!!!” I bellowed.

“Hahaha where did you find this homo?” Missy asked Kristi. Kristi was too caught up in the show to answer.

“That’s it. Rock your hips just like that. Start stroking that small dick of yours. Tell me how much you like that cock in your ass.” Kristi instructed.

“Oh god I love this cock in my ass! It feels so good!” I replied.

“Tell me how much of a cock loving faggot you are! Tell me you want his cum in your ass!” she shouted.

“Fuck! Yes! I’m a cockloving fag! I want his cum in my ass! Yes! I’m a faggot! I’m a faggot!” I didn’t even know what I was saying anymore. I was overwhelmed with pure erotic ecstasy.

I felt tension build up in my balls. I was getting ready to cum. Just as I was about to cum, I felt Charlie shooting warm streams of cum in my ass as he groaned. I lost it then. I erupted all over Charlie’s stomach. I was exhausted. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had. Kristi leans in and tells me to lick my cum off his stomach and the pictures will be gone. This was disgusting. I had never eaten cum before and the taste was indescribable. To make it worse, all my sexual desires had just shoot out of my cock so this just made me feel dirty and ashamed.

After I gave Charlie a tongue bath, ridding him of my cum, Kristi walked over to me with the camera.

“See look, all deleted. I think you have learned your lesson. Don’t you ever think of trying to contact me in anyway ever again.”

As I was getting dressed, all 5 of them where laughing and giving play by play of what just happened. I felt about 2 inches tall when they did this. Once I got dressed, I started out the door.

“Oh wait!” said Tiffany. “Don’t forget your phone.”

She handed it to me and I started out the door with Kristi following me. “Be sure to check your messages” Kristi said, barely keeping a straight face.

And with that she pushed me out the door. I looked down at my phone and I had messages from a few random girls that were along the lines of “WTF!!!!” and “Your fucking gross! Lolz”. I knew I had been double crossed, but I didn’t realized how bad. I looked to see what they had sent, thinking it was just the pictures. I wish it was that. It was a 3 and half minute video of me riding Charlie’s cock, saying I love cock and that I’m a faggot. It was then I realized they sent it to every female I had in my contacts. Everyone! Exes, coworkers, friends, my sister, my mother and even my grandmother.

I started to sob right there in the hallway and try to think of some excuse I could use to get out of this.

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