Every Last Inch (Gay SPH)

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By Ziel. (edited)

“Now then, Mr. Chaud. If you’d follow me up these stairs, I’ll show you to the main workout floor,” the fit, toned fox said as he gave the newest gym member the tour of the facilities.

The way the fox’s gym-branded t-shirt stretched across his muscular pecs made it clear that he was one of the regular trainers, and the poster on the wall with his name, face, and credentials just reaffirmed the horse’s suspicion. “Just Chaud is fine,” replied the slim, slender stallion.

“If you like,” said the fox.

He then gestured toward the large, open air weight room and continued his tour. “This is your go-to place if you’re looking to pack on muscle mass, and between you and me, I assume that’s what you signed on for,” the fox explained.

Chaud cocked an eyebrow questioningly at the fox, but said nothing in reply. “Oh. Sorry. I guess that came out wrong, didn’t it?” The fox sputtered. “I didn’t mean to offend you. What I meant to say was, you don’t look like you need to lose any weight. If you’re not here for our cardio courses then I guess that just leaves the weights.”

Chaud smiled pleasantly, and replied, “I didn’t take offence at all, sweetie.”

Chaud flashed the fox a saucy wink and adjusted his stance to really show off his slim, slender physique. He knew he was hot as hell, and the way he dressed just proved it. His tight tank top was more like a sports bra. It clung to his slender torso and didn’t even reach down to his midriff. His short running shorts clung to shapely thighs and framed his full, bubbly booty perfectly, but perhaps what was even more fantastic than his ample ass was the sizeable bulge he was sporting up front. He had only just entered the gym and already he had managed to catch quite a few people, men and women alike, shooting him lusty gazes.

“Well, that’s good to know,” the fox said, and breathed a sigh of relief. He quickly regained his composure and returned to tour guide mode in full force. “Do you have any questions before we move on to the next area?”

Chaud pointed to a particularly large Doberman across the room. “Who is that fine specimen?”

His words came out so sultry that he was practically purring them.

“Oh, him?” The fox replied. He turned and glanced at what Chaud was pointing to, and as soon as he saw the towering, jacked canine, the fox’s jaw dropped.

“Yes, him,” Chaud cooed saucily and licked his lips.

“You’d better stay away from him. He’s sort of the top dog around here… er… no pun intended,” the fox sputtered.

“So I see, but does he have a name?” Chaud asked excitedly.

“He’s an asshole,” the fox stammered.

“I know that, but what’s his name?”

“Uh… Hmm… I don’t actually know his name… not his real one anyway. Everyone just calls him Brick.”

“A fitting name. He’s certainly built like a brick house,” Chaud said playfully. He then silently muttered to himself, “I bet he’s dumb as a brick too.”

“So… Shall we continue the tour?”

“No need. I’ve found what I’m looking for,” Chaud said.

The fox went to say something else, but Chaud completely blew him off. The slender stallion sauntered across the gym floor. His gaze was locked on the towering Brick every step of the way.


Brick was without a doubt the hottest specimen Chaud had seen in ages. He had a strong, chiselled jaw line; big, beefy pecs; broad, muscular shoulders; thick, deeply trenched ABS; huge, burly, tree-trunk thick quads; and best of all, an enormous package. Chaud licked his lips as he stared at the massive piece of meat that strained against the front of the Doberman’s gym shorts. There was no doubt that the dude had a massive cock. Even soft it appeared to be as thick as even Brick’s impressively brawny forearm, and there was no telling how long it was. The canine’s cock was so massive that it didn’t even fully fit in his shorts. The sheer size of his cock and balls caused the front of his shorts to droop slightly, giving Chaud a clear glimpse of the base of his fat cock.

Chaud strode right up to the hulking canine and just stood there and gawked as Brick casually curled a one hundred twenty pound weight in one hand. Brick continued to loudly bark out his reps as he did curl after hefty curl. He seemed completely disinterested in the twinky little stallion that was standing directly in front of him, but Chaud knew better. Every so often Chaud would catch a glimpse of the canine’s gaze darting towards the horse’s own impressive bulge. Every so often Chaud would catch a slight motion in the canine’s overstuffed shorts. Brick’s fantastic cock was steadily stirring to life.

After Brick finished his set he threw his weights onto the rubberized floor so hard that the entire room shook. Some of the gym-goers jumped at the racket, but most of them seemed used to Brick’s loud displays of masculinity by this point.

Brick stood up to his full height and sneered down at the slender stallion that stood before him. “You like that, puny pony?” Brick asked with a prideful sneer as he lifted both arms and flexed with all his might.

His already impressive biceps inflated to the size of basketballs. His already impressive pecs bulged out to the size of pillows, but Chaud seemed thoroughly nonplussed. “The muscles are nice, yes… but I’m more interested in your cock,” Chaud said.

His eyes were firmly glued to the overstuffed bulge of the canine’s tight gym shorts. Brick was momentarily taken aback, but he soon recovered. His prideful sneer returned full force, and his bellowing laughter echoed through the open gym. “Forward little shit, aren’t you?”

Chaud shrugged casually, and replied, “What can I say? I know what I want, and I want your cock.”

Brick chuckled defiantly. “You think I’m just gonna give it to a little fag like you?”

“Oh, no. I fully intend to take it from you,” Chaud replied.

He sounded so relaxed about it that Brick was momentarily thrown off his stride. He didn’t let it show on his face though. The massive Doberman continued to puff up his chest and look as intimidating as possible. “And just how are you gonna do that?” Brick asked mockingly.

He was trying to sound haughty and smug, but his shorts were getting a little tight in the front. There was something exciting about this cheeky little pony. Brick was used to everyone cowing to him and giving him a wide berth. It had been ages since anyone had stood up to him, and he couldn’t deny that the horse was hot as hell. He wanted very much to sink his massive cock straight into that sexy twink’s tight ass, but he had a persona to maintain. He wasn’t about to just put out for the first scrawny slut that batted eyes at him.

“How about a little physical competition?” Chaud asked playfully.

“What kind of competition could you possibly win?”

He somehow managed to puff out his chest even further, making him seem even taller and brawnier than before, but once again this bit of masculine preening was completely wasted on the little horse. Chaud continued to stare straight at his straining bulge.

“I was thinking we’d whip out our cocks and see who’s got the longest.”

Brick’s smug visage faltered for a moment. His jaw dropped. He could do nothing but stare stupidly at the little stallion. There was no way that the short shit could hope to win. There was simply no competition. The horse had a nice bulge, but it was not even in the same ballpark as Brick’s own python. Even Brick’s mango sized nuts rivalled the size of Chaud’s entire bulge. Brick started to laugh. It started as a simple chuckle at first, but it soon grew into a loud, raucous, bellowing, howling laughter that echoed through the rafters.

“Fuck… You’re not serious… Are ya?” Brick sputtered between raucous laughs.

“Oh, I’m dead serious. I bet my dick is longer than yours, and once I prove it, I’m gonna take every last inch of that fat cock of yours.”

Brick laughed again. “Fine… Whatever, runt.”

“You don’t want to even play along?” Chaud asked playfully. “What have you got to lose? If yours is shorter, you get to watch as I enjoy taking every last inch of your fat cock, and if yours is bigger… then… well…” Chaud said saucily as he spun around and slowly, seductively pulled the waistband of his shorts down over his huge, jiggly, bubbly booty. Chaud looked back over his shoulder and flashed Brick a saucy wink. “Well then. You can do whatever you want,” he said playfully.

“So you think if I win, I’m gonna fuck your ass?”

He tried to put on a good show and act like he was too macho to ever do such a thing, but his chubby was straining visibly against the front of his shorts. It was clear that he very much liked the idea.

“It’s up to you. Either I take your cock…” Chaud said playfully. His voice trailed off, and he reached back and seductively spread his exposed, bubbly butt cheeks apart, giving Brick a clear view of his tight hole and said, “… or I take your cock.”

Brick couldn’t take it. He was done playing games. All he wanted to do was plough that fat ass. He couldn’t wait to feel that twinky little stallion wrapped around his huge cock like a sinewy flesh jack. “Fuck it. You’re gonna take my cock one way or the other, I’m just gonna fuck you right here and now,” Brick growled.

He quickly pushed his shorts down around his ankles and let his huge, thick semi fly free. “Patience, pooch. We haven’t even measured up yet. It’s all part of the dance. Stop trying to rush through the fun parts,” Chaud chided playfully, as he seductively peeled off his skin-tight gym shirt.

Despite the fact that his shirt left absolutely nothing to the imagination, he somehow looked even hotter with it off.

“We already know I’m bigger. Let’s just skip it and get to fucking,” Brick growled excitedly.

He was full on salivating by this point as he scoped out the curves of the slender stallion. Brick had both hands latched onto his cock and was stroking wildly away at it. It was obvious by this point that Brick’s lower head was now calling the shots, but that didn’t make much difference. It wasn’t like his brain was really all that impressive to begin with.

“Oh, I don’t doubt that you’re thicker,” Chaud replied cryptically. He then flashed a sinister smirk at the lust-addled canine. “But we’re measuring length, not thickness.”

The now completely nude Doberman may have noticed something was off had he been thinking clearly, but at the moment he was thinking completely with his dick. He was too horny to give a damn. All he wanted to do was shove his monster cock straight up that cute little booty. He didn’t give two shits about any dick measuring contest.

Chaud slowly began to slide his shorts down. As the waistband dropped lower and lower inch after lengthy inch of his cock steadily came into view. There was no denying that he was hung, but by the time the tip of his flaccid cock finally came into view it only reached down to his knees. It was hardly a competition for Brick’s towering cock. It wasn’t even in the same ball park. Chaud had large, grapefruit sized balls, but they were nothing compared to the massive, mango sized nuts full of spunk that Brick had swinging between his legs. Chet’s cock was only as thick as his own wrist, but Brick’s cock was as fat as his thick, beefy biceps. The canine’s rock hard cock currently stood straight up and pointed up past his belly button and reached up to his top row of Abs.

Brick sneered as he saw the horse’s limp dick. “Looks like I win. Guess that means I get to fuck ya.”

“Not so fast, Sparky. I happen to be a grower not a shower.” Chaud explained casually.

He then reached down and began to stroke his steadily chubbing cock with both hands. His dick steadily grew as it rapidly hardened. Even in his lust-addled state, Brick was still taken aback by how fast it appeared to be growing. It wasn’t growing much fatter, but it was certainly getting longer and fast. By the time Chaud’s dick was fully hard, it was every bit as fat as his arm, and the tip of the horse’s cock reached up to Chaud’s chin.

Brick was mildly surprised, but he didn’t let it show. He kept on sneering while staring lustily at the slender stallion. “Not bad, shrimp, but mine’s still bigger.”

Chaud shrugged noncommittally. “I dunno. It looks pretty close to me, but let’s be scientific about this. I happen to have come prepared.”

Chaud knelt down and scooped up his discarded shorts. He rummaged around in the pockets until he found what he was looking for. Chaud flashed a smug smirk and revealed the rolled up, cloth measuring tape that he now held in his hand. “Standard rules. Measure the tip of the cock to the base following the ridge along the top to the pubic mound,” Chaud said.

“How do I know you won’t cheat?”

“I could ask the same to you,” Chaud replied. He then turned and waved for the fox from earlier to assist them. “Yo, Skippy. Give us a hand would ya?”

“Uh… the name’s Renaud, actually,” the fox murmured.

“Who gives a shit? Get over here and measure our dicks!” Chaud said curtly.

It was clear that he was very excited by the measurements they were about to take, but no one had figured out his game yet. “Uh… Alright already,” the fox replied awkwardly and trotted over to the two rivals.

Chaud gave him the tape, and Renaud sets to work on his task. “Do me first,” Brick said excitedly.

Renaud merely nodded silently and set to work lining the measuring tape up along the length of Brick’s meaty member. His breath caught in his throat as he placed the tape measure against the tip of Brick’s phenomenal cock. He knew it was huge, but somehow seeing the numbers made it seem even more massive. It didn’t even seem physically possible, and yet he was looking at it with his own two eyes.

“Eighteen inches,” Renaud murmured softly.

The awe was audible in his voice, and in fact a hush even fell over the entire gym as the numbers were read aloud. Everyone in the gym was floored by the solid foot and a half of rock hard Doberman dong. “Like what ya see, filly? Looks like I win,” Brick sneered.

His bravado sent the crowd that had gathered into a frenzy of cheering. His arrogance and pride was as arousing as it was annoying. Chaud hardly seemed to notice. He merely shrugged, and replied, “I’ll admit. It’s big alright, but you haven’t won yet. It’s my turn now.”

Chaud glanced over at Renaud and nodded for the fox to get to work. Renaud was only all too happy to comply. He knelt down in front of the twinky stallion and set to work lining up the measuring tape along the length of the horse’s cock as he had done with the hunky Doberman just moments before. As he laid out the tape his eyes grew wider and wider. He knew Chaud’s dick was big, but he had underestimated just how huge it truly was. As Renaud continued to unroll the tape, the tick marks were quickly nearing the one foot mark, and he wasn’t even halfway to the tip of Chaud’s dick. Without even realizing it, Renaud began to count off the notches as he went. A hush fell over the crowd. The only sound that could be heard was Renaud’s excited announcements.

“Fifteen…. Sixteen… seventeen…” Renaud counted.

Even Brick was getting anxious at this point. In just one more inch they’d be tied.

“Eighteen,” Renaud announced triumphantly.

Brick grimaced, but tried to hide his irritation. As far as he was concerned, he was still bigger. He’d rather have a huge, thick cock over that ridiculously long beanpole any day.

“Nineteen… Twenty…. Twenty one…” Renaud continued to read off.

The entire crowd began to murmur amongst themselves. The horse’s cock was impossibly long. It blew even Brick’s legendary tool out of the water. Even Brick was starting to feel a little inadequate, but he’d never admit to it out loud.

Renaud didn’t stop counting until he reached twenty-five solid inches of extra-long cock. Chaud merely stood there with his hands placed against his shapely hips and a shit-eating grin on his face. The numbers were staggering. The slender stallion had over two feet of dick. “Mine’s still bigger,” Brick grumbled.

Chaud merely shrugged dismissively, saying, “Maybe, but that wasn’t what we were comparing. Mine’s longer, so I win.”

“Whatever, I still get to fuck you so you better bend over. I’ll have you screaming about how big my cock is in a matter of seconds,” Brick growled.

“No can do, Sparky, you see, I won. You’d only get to plough me if you won, but since that didn’t happen, I’ll be taking your cock my own way,” Chaud said.

There was something about the way he spoke, about the way he glared at Brick. There was something about the small stallion that made Brick’s hair stand on end. It was the first time all day that he felt like there was something truly wrong here, but it was too late for him now. “What do you mean?” Brick asked uncertainly.

“Just sit back, and watch,” Chaud replied sinisterly.

Brick took a step back. He couldn’t even say why he did it, but there was something in the horse’s eyes that freaked him out. Before he knew it, Brick was backed up against the mirrored wall of the gym. He could feel the cold glass against his exposed ass. Chaud slowly sauntered forward. His gaze never once left Brick’s massive dick. Chaud looked like a predator moving in for the kill.

The horse reached forward and tenderly ran his fingertips across the Doberman’s enormous cock. Brick shuddered at the touch. His dick felt more sensitive than it ever had before. He felt like he could cream from just the stallion’s soft, sensual touch, but he held off. Not only did he not want to get a reputation for cumming early, but there was something else at work too. There was something in the back of his mind warning him not to cum. He somehow knew instinctively that that was exactly what this short, slender little equine wanted from him.

“Ooooh. I’m gonna enjoy taking this… Each and every last, long inch if it,” Chaud cooed softly as he wrapped his hands around the head of the fat cock.

Chaud slowly pulled down on the Doberman’s massive cock until it was pointed low enough that the heads of their cocks were touching.

Brick couldn’t believe what he was seeing. It had to be a trick of the light or something. It looked like Chaud’s long, hose-like dick curved at the tip like a sunflower shifting to greet the sun. The tip of the horse’s cock turned so that it was pointing directly at the tip of Brick’s own. Brick shuddered as a jolt of ecstasy arced through his cock and up his spine. It felt like Chaud’s cock was making out with his own. He could feel the horse’s dick sucking the tip of his cock. It felt so fantastic that it was maddening. Brick’s legs shuddered beneath him. His huge, mango sized nuts pulled up. The hulking Doberman grunted and groaned orgasmically as his cock lurched.

Brick struggled to keep his eyes open, but it was tough to do. He was so overwhelmed with orgasmic bliss that his eyes tried to roll back in his head. He could barely focus his gaze enough to see what was playing out before him. Even in his sex-addled state, Brick knew something odd was going on. He felt like he was cumming, and yet not a drop spilled. It was as if Chaud’s serpentine dick was guzzling his jizz like a frat bro power slamming a keg.

“Mmm. That was nice,” Chaud cooed softly. “But I’m nowhere near done yet. I won’t be satisfied until I’ve drained it all.”

Brick suddenly felt something very strange. It was like a warm wetness had gripped his cock. It almost felt like someone was sucking him off, but he knew that couldn’t be the case. He glanced down and gawked at what he saw. What he was seeing was physically impossible. He watched in sex-addled awe as Chaud’s cock began stretching over the top of his own dick. Brick heard the words echoing in his head as he watched what played out before him.

“Every…” Brick heard Chaud say as the horse’s cock latched onto to the tip of his massive dick.

“Last…” Echoed the next word.

Chaud’s dick lurched forward and completely enveloped the fat head of the Doberman’s dick. Brick tried to rationalize what had happened. He thought for sure Chaud had duped him. What he was seeing wasn’t the horse’s dick. It couldn’t be. It was a cheap trick. It looked like the horse had stuck a flesh coloured flesh jack to the tip of his dick, and that was what Brick was now seeing stretched over the top of his own dick.

“Inch!” Echoed the final word.

Brick felt another rush of arousal. His dick lurched again. It felt so fantastic. It felt like the biggest wad he had ever blown was erupting from his cock. He felt so fantastic that he couldn’t even think about how strange it was that he could have two such large loads back to back. He should have drained his nuts completely after the first one, but he felt like he could go again and again.

Brick’s legs trembled and gave out beneath him. He slumped back against the wall and slowly slid down until he was seated flat on his ass on the rubberized gym mat. As the rush of orgasmic ecstasy slowly faded, Brick’s vision began to clear. He looked up to see Chaud standing over him and sneering down at him. Brick knew something was off. For starters, Chaud’s dick had never broken contact with his own. The horse’s cock now pulled a full U-turn and bent back down so that his cock was still wrapped tightly across the head of his own cock, and even that wasn’t the half of it. Chaud’s dick seemed bigger than before. His cock was able to take even more of Brick’s thick, massive dick up inside of it. Chaud’s dick now clamped down on the top several inches of Brick’s cock, but perhaps the most shocking part was that the bulge of Brick’s thick dick was less pronounced than it was before. It was as if Chaud’s cock no longer had to stretch as much to swallow Brick’s dick.

Brick’s gaze fell upon the horse’s nuts. Even Chaud’s balls seemed fuller. Brick stared at Chaud’s full, low hanging nuts and marveled at the mango sized balls that dangled between the horse’s slim, shapely thighs. The horse’s nuts were every bit as big as Brick’s own.

Brick glanced down at his own dick and noticed something else odd. The tip of his dick was about even with his belly button. He was as hard as he had ever been, but his dick fell inches short of where he knew it should. Brick’s gaze drifted lower. His once mango sized nuts had dwindled ever so slightly too. He now had a set of nuts that rivaled the size of a pair of oranges. His nuts were still huge and full, but they were not nearly as big as he knew they should be.

Brick looked back up at whimpered pleadingly with the horse. Chaud seemed to understand. His lopsided grin grew wider and more menacing. “Figured it out have you, Sparky?” Chaud asked sinisterly.

Brick could only stare up pleadingly. He was freaked out, but he was also so horny and felt so fantastic that he couldn’t formulate words.

“I told ya I was gonna take your cock, didn’t I?”

Brick groaned and shuddered. Another rush of sexual bliss coursed through his body. His dick lurched hard. His nuts pulled up. Another rush of spunk went barreling up his cock into Chaud’s.

Brick glanced down at his cock. Chaud’s long, skinny dick was now every bit as thick as Brick’s own. The horse’s dick seemed to bulge out less than before as it wrapped around the Doberman’s fat cock. The tip of Brick’s dick now fell short of his belly button by a few inches. A pit began to form in Brick’s stomach. He felt like he could throw up. He knew now beyond a shadow of a doubt that with each shot he fired, Chaud was going to sap more of his cock and balls. Brick could only wonder how much Chaud planned to take.

As if to answer his silent, internal question, Chaud mockingly said, “Didn’t I tell ya? I’m gonna take each…”

Another surge of bliss wracked Brick’s body. He let out a guttural sound that was half a moan of orgasmic bliss and a wail of despair as more cum – and with it more of his cock – was sent gushing into Chaud’s dick.

“And Every…” Chaud teased some more as his long cock slid down further and took more of Brick’s dick within it.

Brick groaned. His eyes rolled back in his head. Another gush of jizz erupted from his cock. He felt so fantastic. He wanted to just surrender himself to the sexual bliss and forget about the consequences, but he couldn’t stop panicking. He knew that with each spurt he lost more of his legendary tool.

“Last… Inch!” Chaud concluded.

His cock slid down even farther along Brick’s dwindling dick until it had almost completely covered the entirety of the Doberman’s shaft. Only a few inches of Brick’s dick poked out from underneath the tip of the horse’s cock. Brick cried out as carnal euphoria wracked him to his core. Each climax felt more intense than the last, but he couldn’t allow himself to enjoy it. He knew with each spurt he lost more and more. Brick expected Chaud’s cock to do what it had done before and slide further down along the length of his dick, but instead Chaud pulled his dick back and allowed Brick a brief respite.

As Brick steadily came down from the most recent orgasm, he took time to take stock of his changes. His dick now barely reached up to the second row of his sculpted, eight-pack set of abs. His cock was still huge by most normal standards, but it was nowhere near the supermassive behemoth it was before. He had no doubt in his mind that it had slipped below the one foot mark. It had gone from being as thick as the fattest, the meatiest part of his muscular arms to be barely thicker than his wrist. Even his nuts had dwindled from the size of mangoes to the size of small apples, and there was no telling how much smaller his junk would get before Chaud was satisfied.

Brick managed to pull his gaze away from his reduced dick. He was about to stare up at Chaud and attempt to plead one more time, but his gaze stopped as it fell upon the horse’s enormous nuts. The Stallion’s balls were now the size of cantaloupes. There was no doubt in Brick’s mind. Chaud wasn’t just sapping his size, but the horse was adding it to his own. It was no wonder how he had managed to get such an enormous cock.

“It looks so much better on me, don’t ya think?” Chaud asked cheerfully.

Brick’s head was beginning to clear. As his confusion and afterglow faded, he started to find his old vim and vigour. He was about to sass back and lay into the shrimpy horse with all his might. He may have lost some his dick, but his muscles were still very huge and very potent.

Chaud didn’t even give him the chance. As soon as Brick even looked like he was about to mount a counterattack, Chaud’s dick once again lurched forward and latched onto Brick’s cock. Brick’s whole body tensed up. He felt another climax wrack his body. He wanted to cry. He wanted to throw up, but all he could do was moan in ecstasy as more and more of his size was sapped.

Once the shuddering stopped, Brick could tell that his dick had been reduced even further. His cock was now so thin that he could only just barely make out the bulge of it in Chaud’s monstrous cock. The tip of Brick’s dick now only reached up to his bottom row of abs. It had dipped below the eight-inch mark and was barely as thick around as a can of shaving cream. His nuts had shrunken even more and were now the size of tennis balls.

Chaud’s dick slowly slid the rest of the way down over his own. The tip of Chaud’s monstrous cock was now pressed right up against Brick’s balls. It was hard to believe that just a few minutes ago Brick’s cock was far, far thicker than Chaud’s own, but Brick’s dick had shrunk so much that it could now slide straight up the slit of the equine’s enormous cock without even making a noticeable bulge in the horse’s dick.

Brick could feel the horse’s cock wrapped tightly around his own. It felt so fantastic that he felt like he could lose his mind. He held back as best he could. Brick knew that if he came again he’d lose even more of his precious cock, but it felt so good he didn’t know if he could hold back.

Chaud chuckled as he watched the massive Doberman writhe pitifully before him. He could force the hulking pooch to cum at any time he wanted, but it was much more fun to watch Brick try and delay the inevitable. There was no stopping it. Chaud would be taking the rest of that once gigantic cock for himself. It was only a matter of time.

Brick could feel Chaud’s cock, gripping his own even tighter than before. It was as if the horse’s monster cock was sucking on his dick in an effort to drain him of every last drop of spunk, and given the way things had played out so far Brick had no doubt in his mind that things were playing out pretty much exactly like that. Brick writhed and groaned. He tried with every fibre of his being to hold back, but the pressure was building in the base of his cock. His dick felt even more fantastic with each passing second. His cock trembled. His nuts pulled up. Brick’s breaths came out as short, laboured whines.

Brick cried out in ecstasy and despair. His cock lurched and even more jizz spewed forth. He knew he was done for. He had no more will to resist, and he was running out of cock to salvage. This cum shot was even more intense than the previous ones. Brick felt like he came and came again. His mind began to fog over from the sheer intensity of his orgasm, but even through the haze of sexual bliss, he could feel it happening. He could feel the grip of Chaud’s monster cock getting looser as his own dick dwindled even further. Even amidst the mind-blowing sexual pleasure that Brick was feeling, the pit in his stomach grew. He didn’t want to think about how small his cock would be now, or how much smaller it would get.

Chaud chuckled sinisterly as he watched the giant, beefy canine slump dejectedly against the wall. He could tell that Brick was all but broken by now, but it was time to really drive the final nails in the coffin. “Let’s see what you’ve got left, shall we?” Chaud asked, with a twisted chuckle.

Chaud didn’t even grab his cock. His snake like dick pulled back as if of its own volition and draped itself across Chaud’s shoulders like a pet anaconda. Brick stared up at the stallion’s enormous schlong. The humongous tool was just as thick as it had been earlier, but there was no denying that it was far longer than it had been earlier. Previously the tip had only reached up to Chaud’s shoulders, but now it was long enough that it could rest across both shoulders and still have a little left over.

Brick stared up at the enormous cock with a mix of awe and longing. There was no doubt in his mind now that it was larger than his ever was, and all that extra mass that Chaud had packed on was taken directly from him.

“While I admit it’s a fantastic dick, maybe you should spend some time checking out your own equipment,” Chaud chided.

Brick felt the pit in his stomach opening a new. He knew he had shrunk a lot, but he was avoiding looking at it. He didn’t dare to see what he had left to work with. His gaze instead travelled from person to person in the audience of gym goers that had assembled around them. They all had their eyes glued to him, or rather his crotch. Brick didn’t want to look down, but the curiosity was killing him and he knew he’d have to look sooner or later.

Brick steeled his resolve. His gaze dropped lower. His eyes soon fell upon what was left of his reduced dick. His rock hard little pecker was pitifully small looking especially nestled between his massive, burly quads. His little dick was barely thicker than his thumb and not much longer. His nuts had dropped from the size of tennis balls to the size of ping pong balls and had dwindled even further to the size of cherries.

Chaud knelt down before Brick and sneered. His huge, watermelon sized nuts rested solidly on the ground as he did so. “Why don’t we get a more scientific measure?” Chaud asked mockingly.

Brick knew where this was going, but he couldn’t bring himself to say or do anything to stop it. His heart pounded in his chest as Chaud held out the tape measure. Brick silently took the roll and began to line it up with his reduced dick. His gut lurched as he compared sizes. His dick was barely wider than the strip of fabric, but that wasn’t the worst part. As he slowly lined up the tape along the length of his cock he quickly realized that he wouldn’t be getting very far. It was hard to believe that just minutes ago that same tape measure had revealed that he had a foot and a half of solid cock, but now he didn’t even hit the four-inch mark. He fell short by just a hair.

Brick wanted to sob, but he only managed to whine pitifully. He glanced back up at Chaud and silently pleaded with the stallion to spare him at least a little, but the look in Chaud’s eyes showed no mercy – only hunger. Chaud stared at Brick’s reduced dick like a predator moving in for the kill. His words from earlier echoed in Brick’s head.

“Every… Last… Inch,” the echo said.

Chaud’s dick moved so fast that Brick jumped in shock. The horse’s long, serpentine cock struck like a cobra. The tip of it effortlessly slid down around Brick’s own cock and swallowed it whole. Brick was about to scream, but instead let out a howl of ecstasy. Chaud was through with teasing him and was going in for the kill. Brick could feel the horse’s cock sucking away at every last inch of his tiny cock. Brick came and came again. He continued to howl from the sheer intensity of his orgasms and from the terror and despair that came from knowing his cock was slipping away from him.

Finally Brick’s shudders gave way to soft trembles; his thick, spurts of cum gave way to a steady trickle of jizz; his cries gave way to soft, meek whimpers. He had nothing left in him to give. He was completely spent.

Chaud stood back up and sneered down at the defeated pooch. His cock slowly pulled back and stood back up and once again draped itself across the stallion’s shoulders. It was noticeably longer than it had been even just seconds before. Chaud’s massive, basketball sized nuts swung heavily between his legs. Chaud nuzzled up against his colossal anaconda of a cock and sensually licked the side of it. All the while he stared mockingly down at the fallen Doberman.

“Aww… Don’t look so sad. At least I left you a little something,” Chaud said mockingly.

Brick slowly pulled his gaze away from the horse’s monstrous cock and glanced down at his own dick. He didn’t want to look, but he didn’t have the will to resist anymore, and he knew he would have to see it someday.

His heart sank. His gut lurched. His dick was beyond pathetic. The tiny little nub was as skinny as a AAA battery and about half as long. His miniature little testes had shrunk down to the size of raisins. His dick would look more at home on a kindergartner than it did on the massive, hulking gym bro. “Oh, don’t look so sad,” the stallion said again. “Here, I tell ya what. I’ll even let you have some of your cock back.

Brick looked up expectantly, but was greeted by the sight of Chaud’s massive, flared out cockhead. The huge, pre-dribbling slit was aimed straight at his face. Chaud snickered wickedly as he fervently pounded away on his enormous cock. Brick tried to say something, but he didn’t have time. As soon as he opened his mouth Chaud grunted and groaned. The horse’s enormous cock gave one last shudder and lurch, and then a huge, wet, sticky jet of equine jizz nailed Brick straight in the face. Brick could feel the warm, gooey liquid washing over him and into his mouth. He could taste the bitter, slightly salty jizz crossing his tongue. He felt sick to his stomach, but he threw himself into slurping the liquefied remnants of his former glory out of this twerp’s massive dick.

Brick hoped and prayed that he would see some of his dick grow back, but as the gallons of spunk washed over him, he steadily came to accept that his dick was gone for good. No matter how much of the horse’s spooge he drank or how much cum coated his fur, Brick didn’t feel any size returning to his dick. All he had succeeded in doing was looking like a cum-hungry slut in front of all the people he used to lord his size over. He knew his days of being the gym stud were as gone as his massive cock.

Several minutes and even more gallons of spunk later, Chaud had finally reached his limit. His steady spray of jizz tapered off to a trickle. His gargantuan schlong softened and shrank down to a much more modest size, but even in his fully flaccid state his dick was close to a foot long.

“That was fun!” Chaud exclaimed playfully.

He then spun around and looked at the fox who had guided him around the gym.

“On second thoughts… I don’t think I’ll join this gym. I’ve already got what I’ve come for,” Chaud said.

Renaud could only nod silently while he stared in awe at the horse’s fantastic cock. He was thinking the same thing that everyone else was thinking. Just how many humongous cocks had he sapped already? Just how many unsuspecting jocks had he humiliated? It was impossible to guess, and no one had the balls to ask.

Chaud scooped up his clothes and trotted out of the gym. His huge, heavy cock dangled down past his knees and swung pendulously in time with his playful gait. As he trotted off, his big, full nuts could be seen dangling between his legs. They were still absolutely massive, but after having dumped so much spunk on the defeated Doberman, Chaud’s balls had shrunk down to a much more manageable size and were now the size of pineapples.

Brick stared after him, tears running down his cheeks.

The fallen Doberman was overwhelmed by a mix of longing and despair as he stared at the horse’s cute, jiggly, bubble booty. He never did get a chance to wreck that cute little hole, and given the new size of his once legendary equipment, Brick doubted he’d ever top anyone ever again. He now had a micropenis.

The End.


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