Witchcraft of the Sermon Sisters 1

By Babydicklover. I never liked hot days, and the tenacity of this fall’s weather left me practically stranded in a blazing desert. There was a time when the fall season resembled orange and letting go. As a little girl, I remember walking through the spectrum of nostalgic colors. The falling leaves danced with the wind, and I happily joined them in a period of honest innocence. The memories of my grandmother are vague, but her stories hold significance in my

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The Roomer (Gay SPH)

By drmweaver705.     “So the room is three-hundred-fifty bucks a month?” Luke found it a little hard to believe. The house was located on a quiet residential street, close to the bus stop for excursions into town and only a ten-minute walk to the university. The room he was looking at was spacious and fully furnished. It was perfect. “Aside from the room, you share the kitchen, the living room, the laundry room, and the bathroom with me. Wi-Fi

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Rick Brack’s Mishap (Excerpt)

By Max Swan. Adele Brack is grinning, breathing hard and covered in sweat.  She’s even moaning faintly with each breath despite the fact the peak of her orgasm had passed minutes ago.  The woman’s reclined on her bed, completely naked with only the long strands of her hair partially covering her body.  A few more tremors shake her luscious body before she feels the last embers of her pleasure finally fading.  ‘Shit, have I become good at that,’ she thought,

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