By bisquate. The Judge walked into the court room, empty, but for two barristers and a man in the dock. He was short, with short dark hair, and looked sullen. His hands were cuffed behind his back. “Thank you for your patience,” said the Judge. “I have come to my conclusions regarding your sentencing. Taking into account the egregious nature of your crimes and their nature, and the verdict of guilty found by the Jury for your crimes of three

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Unfair Initiation

By IttyBittyOne45 Life isn’t fair. It’s a simple concept and one that everyone has heard at some point in their life. Some people seem to have it all and others are left with practically nothing. Growing up in Los Angeles made that painfully obvious for Jake. Most of his classmates looked like they belonged on one of those high school dramas from TV filled with actor/models. I suppose in most parts of the country Jake would have been pretty average

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Good things come in Small Packages: Part 1

  By Pakcouple Prologue: Most people when they think of “muslim” girls naturally assume them to be more conservative and less sexual than girls of other religions. Well if you are looking for a story about just such a “Muslim-Pakistani-American” girl, read no more. The girls/women in this story are not typical. They are “Muslim-Pakistani-American”, but that is where all resemblance ends! Mahera, Kamila, and Jamila are not usual girls by any stretch of the imagination. The three sisters grew

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The Impotence Files: Take Your Medicine, Honey

Micky D Part 1 I have always hated hospitals. Loathed them, in fact; the clinical aromas, the sterile feel, the gloomy atmosphere, the poker-faced staff. I would have given anything to be miles away from the damned place. As of this moment, however, I had little choice in the matter. I was ensconced in one of the consulting rooms in the labyrinthine hospital complex, lying on an examination table with my genitals exposed like a horizontal flasher. The pale blue

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