The Incredible Shrinking Dick!

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A braggart… No, calling Peter Anderson that would have been an understatement. The teenager spent nearly every waking moment boasting about how wonderful he was. Peter claimed to be single-handedly carrying his school’s football team. He constantly spoke about his family’s wealth, the fancy sports car his dad had gotten him, and the other toys his parents lavished on him. It was only natural that they give him so much, after all in Peters own words he was their favourite child. Even in front of his two younger sisters he was more than happy to stick to that claim.

But what Peter liked to talk about the most was the gift God has given him between his own two legs. Regardless of who was listening the boy thrilled in speaking about his giant dick. By Peters own account it was at least eleven inches long erect. He often joked that he’d accidentally put a sock on it several times mistaking it for another leg. Peter certainly wasn’t bashful. He’d even spoken about it to his own family; all while mocking his sister’s who still had yet to develop breasts. He swore up and down that there was only so many good genes to go around, and he’d hogged them all up.

It was a week ago that Peter finally decided to put his money where his mouth was when he asked his girlfriend out to the cliffs overlooking the town. It was common knowledge that boys took girls there to take their virginities, at least that’s what Peter thought. Unfortunately his girlfriend didn’t see things that way, and when the boy began to push a little too hard she pushed back. Finally Peter tossed the crying girl out of his car and peeled off without her. For a boy like Peter was used to having the world handed to him it was too much to bare that he should be rejected. This wouldn’t stand. He wouldn’t let it.

Unfortunately for Peter, the girl he’d scorn came from no normal family. Kayla was a descendant of magic practitioners. Her family had long hoarded the secrets of the dark arts, using their powers in only the most dire of circumstances to protect or avenge themselves. Now Kayla found herself in such a situation.

After being nearly raped she wanted to teach Peter a lesson he’d never forget, and she knew just how to do it. There was so only much she could take from him. Perhaps she could cause Peters father to lose his job? No, the Anderson’s were good people. It was just Peter who was scum. Maybe she could cause Peter to get in a car accident? No, that’d only gain him sympathy. When it came to Peter there was only one thing he cared about. One thing that when taken away would completely ruin him.

And so tonight Peter found himself sitting alone in his bedroom jerking off as he thought about who his next girlfriend could be. It was true that Peters dick was indeed impressive but of course it was not eleven inches. In reality it was just a bit over six, and about as thick as his wrist. As the boy massaged his dick he noticed an odd tingling in his groin. At first it felt like nothing more than an itch, but this quickly grew into a burning sensation.

He dragged his nails across his pubic mound several times. Pulling his hand away he looked down and was shocked to see that where he had scratched his hair had fallen out. He stood and saw even more fall. Then a sudden gust from the open window sent every last hair on his groin onto the bed. The amazed teenager didn’t know what to make of this situation.

Suddenly Peter felt numb. He fell back on his bed, landing on his ass with his back against the wall. No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t move; not even to open his mouth and yell. Something odd was going on, at least that much he was certain of.

The tingling in his groin resumed. His dick felt hard, far harder than normal. He noticed the head becoming a shade of red. A great numbness overtook his cock. The unusual sensation would have made the boy cry out if he could, but at the moment Peter was a prisoner in his own body.

Just when he thought his dick couldn’t possibly get any harder his erection began to fade. No, that wasn’t the case at all. Peters heart raced as he realised that his dick was just as hard as ever but it was shrinking. The shaft was growing thinner and thinner as his dick seemed to be retracting into his body. Peter tried desperately to cry or yell, anything to alert his family to the situation, but all he could was watch on quietly as this terrible thing happened.

Peter knew that his dick was at least two inches shorter now. The shrinking wasn’t slowing down. But that wasn’t all. The skin around his groin seemed to be retracting. He could see his sac forming a tighter bond around his balls. As the skin became tighter his balls were being squeezed painfully hard.


He could feel that despite the numbness. It was as if someone was stepping on his balls, and it was only getting worse. Now his dick was half the size it was before. Tears began to form in the teenager’s eyes. He prayed that he might wake and find that this was all a nightmare.


A sound, it was unintentional but he made a sound. He tried again and again, but all he could produce was soft groans. The pain was becoming more and more intense. Now his dick was a quarter the size it has once been, and the skin of his sac was so tightly stretched over his golf-ball sized testes that it’d become nearly transparent.

“N… No….” Slowly Peter could say more.

His voice was growing louder, and he could move his fingers. Now he could move his feet and his head. For the first time in a minute he blinked. His jaw moved when he spoke. Slowly he moved his hand towards his dick. It was barely an inch long now, and no thicker than a drinking straw. He saw his testes being pulled by his tightening skin up towards the tiny shaft. Now the pain was overwhelming.

A loud scream escaped his mouth that echoed through his whole house.

The door burst open and in came Peters father, mother, and two younger sisters. As they filed into the room their eyes went to Peter, and then to the tiny, miserable thing between his legs. The girls were giggling up a storm. His mother covered her mouth, but her eyes betrayed her. His dad was in obvious disbelieve. The boy wanted to tell that what had happened, but as he opened his mouth all that came out was a sharp cry.

A new pain overcame him unlike anything he’d ever felt before.

There was a sudden swelling in his tiny shaft. The tip of his dick stretched wide open as if it were about to give birth. His family moved in closer, entranced by the sight of something pink squirming out of his dick. Peter closed his eyes and cried out again.

The pain was terrible.

Suddenly, remembering herself, Peters mother rushed to her son’s side. She gripped his hand and cried out, “Push sweetie. It’s almost out!”

“What is it,” Peters youngest sister asked.

Just then there was a loud *splat* as the thing came shooting from the tip of the boy’s tiny dick like a bullet. The small, pink thing flew across the room, landing on the floor by Peters father’s feet. Peter opened his mouth and shrieked again as his dick fired off another round. This time the pink orb landed in the palm of his oldest sister’s hand.

Peter was overwhelmed!

He panted heavily as he slumped back against his bed, relieved just to be rid of whatever those were. Mrs. Anderson set her fingers against her son’s groin. A deep blush covered her face as she looked from her son to the small orbs.

“What are they, mom?” the girl asked again.

“T… They’re your brother’s testicles,” she stuttered out.

The family looked back to Peter, who had passed out as the delivery. How could this be explained? What had they witnessed? Already his tiny dick had shrivelled up to probably never be seen again. Now all the boy had was a tiny bump the size of a pimple on his groin.

It was obvious that he’d been heavily exaggerating all these years about his dick. Suddenly the girls pitied their brother, and understood his desperation to make them feel bad. At least they’d eventually develop, but as he was their brother could never be a man.

Hell, he had no balls.

Mr. Anderson agreed. After watching his wife cover the boy he made a decision. “We’ll take him to the doctor’s tomorrow,” the man said, “And see about getting him a sex change.”

The End.



  • Joe

    Like the bit where his sisters seen his little penis and laughed

  • Dapcad

    Definitely would’ve liked a warning for the dumb take on giving someone a sex change just because they don’t have a dick or balls.

  • bambiegirl

    Good revenge. Funny thing is that when you described how he was shrinking, turns out i’m already that small (gold club). I understand his sisters laughing.


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