Prisoners of War (Gay themes)

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The five men were guided into the courtyard by their new captors. They had been on a covert reconnaissance mission over south-east Bosnia when their turboprop plane had a catastrophic engine failure. They landed the plane ungracefully in a grassy pasture. They managed to quickly get away from the aircraft after attempting to purge the sensitive electronic data on board. They did not have time to destroy the equipment itself.

They made it to some nearby woods before local soldiers were able to locate the damaged plane. The men were able to use their training to evade capture for four days before their luck had run out. Unfortunately they had not had time to grab any sort of communications equipment to call for backup. Their last transmission to their controllers had been a mayday and that they were going to crash. The Bosnians that had found their aircraft yanked the computers from the vehicle before blowing it up with grenades. When the Americans’ counterparts had finally located the plane through surveillance, they saw a burned out fuselage in a pasture and presumed the five men dead.

Now the men were prisoners of war, unknowingly given up on by their military. the five were marched to one end of the large area. The four enlisted men were forced to their knees. The pilot, a career Colonel was made to stand in front of them. The shackles that had held his arms behind his back were removed by one of the enemy soldiers. The Colonel stood at attention, setting an example for his men who he knew would be scared.

A man about six and a half feet tall wearing a black ski mask, black t-shirt, and camouflage pants walked up to the area between the officer and his four men kneeling in front of him. The man stood out among the other soldiers for his size. His arms were muscular and covered in wiry red hairs. His chest was broad, and the t-shirt seemed several sizes to small. The man’s nipples made almost obscene impressions through the material stretched taught across his muscular chest.

The large man walked to within a few feet of the Colonel and looked him in the eye, “Strip!” he commanded, with a slight accent.

The Colonel’s heart was beating into his throat, but he tried not to show his nervousness. He bent down and untied his olive suede combat boots and pulled them off and dropped them to the side and then stood back at attention.

“Strip!,” the man with the mask ordered again.

He would not be intimidated in front of his troops. The Colonel slowly reached up to the zipper at the top of his flight suit with trembling hands. He tried to steady them as he slowly brought the zipper all the way down revealing his sweat soaked tan t-shirt underneath. Dark brown and grey hairs were peaking over the top of the collar. A sliver of white material behind the bottom of the material hinted at the cotton briefs the Colonel
wore underneath the uniform.

The Colonel paused for a second and glared into the eyes of the masked man. Then he shrugged the top of the flight suit off his shoulders. The grey suit had concealed that the man in his early forties was still in solid shape. His barrel chest stretched the t-shirt across his pectoral muscles. His belly was thick but solid. The six-pack abs of his youth had faded away nearly a decade earlier. His arms made the sleeves look like spandex. The Colonel’s forearms and hands were covered in thick curly brown hair. This was not the image of a man who took orders easily from an enemy. But they had his men. He knew the game. “Bend, not break!” He would set the example for his men and minimise the harm coming to them.

He pushed down the flight suit and it crumpled around his feet. He stepped out of uniform and then stood back at attention. He was now only wearing his green wool socks, the tan t-shirt and the white y-front briefs. The briefs were also damp from the Colonel’s perspiration and clinging to his body, leaving very little to the imagination. His thick legs were nearly as light as the tighty-whiteys he had on, were it not for the thick hair covering them.

The two Airmen and two Marines watched uncomfortably as their commander was forced into this degrading state. They had the utmost respect for the senior officer, but also knew not to cross him. He was an intimidating figure. Six foot two, with his greying hair always kept in a near-perfect flattop, and even though the Colonel shaved twice a day, he seemed to have a permanent five-o’clock shadow. That five-o’clock shadow was now a four day old, scruffy beard. Every one of these men had been at the receiving end of an ass-chewing by this man. They had seen the veins bulge at his temples and the fair skin of his head turned crimson. They could see his head turn red now, but this time they could tell it was different. Their commander, The Colonel, the man they would follow to the death, was scared.

The Colonel managed to maintain his military bearing and stared straight ahead. His men who were kneeling on the asphalt, not 15 feet away from their commanding officer, with their wrists handcuffed behind them, and their ankles shackled, were now in more respect of him than ever. They saw him as a human. But they also saw him as a man who was not going to be broken.

When the five men had been brought into this courtyard, there had been about 20 or so Bosnian soldiers surrounding them. As the events of the past few minutes unfolded, that number had easily doubled in size. They were watching the downfall of these American men with great interest and with great enjoyment. They knew what was going to befall these men. They knew that the “Interrogator” would break them. The Interrogator always breaks them. The Interrogator knows that to acquire full compliance from soldiers, you have to break their leader, in front of them. When the leader has been broken, the men will know to comply or face a similar or worse fate.

There was an awkward silence as the Colonel stood there in his underwear. It was probably 45 degrees but he was soaked in sweat from being hauled here in a cramped truck. Now that sweat was making the man visibly shiver. The spectators couldn’t tell if it was shivering from the cool air or from the man’s own fear. His troops could see puffs of white mist coming from their Commander’s nose as the warm air from his lungs met the cool air in the enemy compound.

The Interrogator, equal in stature to the Colonel, slowly walked around the man, but never taking his eyes off of the strapping officer. He was like a sinister lion, watching his prey, enjoying how the victim was helpless to get away. When the Interrogator would pass in front of the Colonel, the officer could not stop from looking into the masked man’s eyes. The wool ski mask may have hid the man’s identity, or provided the captor with an air of intimidation, but his eyes and mouth were visible. The mask did not hide emotion. The Colonel could tell that the man was enjoying this. He was taking his time now, perhaps giving the officer time to think about the situation. Giving him time to blink. To become scared. It was working.

After a few agonising minutes of the Interrogator’s pacing, he stopped directly in front of the Colonel. He stood inches away from the officer. He looked into the officer’s eyes. The Colonel could feel the man’s breath on his face.

After about a minute, his voice broke the awkward silence in the courtyard. He spoke very quietly, but every soldier watching could hear, “Colonel, I will only tell you one more time…. Strip. If you fail to do so again, one of your men will be executed.” As if on the cue of some script. A soldier pulled the slide on a large handgun and placed it at the temple of one of the Marines.

The Marines breath became audible. He mentally prepared himself for death. He would die for his Commander….His Country.

The Colonel reached down defiantly and grabbed the base of his t-shirt as the Interrogator stepped back. The soldier removed the gun from the Marines temple. The Marine looked his commanding officer in the eye. Both men knew that the Marine would have taken a bullet to save the Colonel’s dignity, but also both knew that the Colonel would not allow it to happen as long as he drew breath himself.

The Colonel pulled the t-shirt off of his head and dropped it on the pile of boots and the flight suit next to him. His torso now exposed to the cool air, the fair skin covered in goose-bumps contrasted sharply with the thick dark rings of brown hair on his chest, shoulders, and belly, with a smattering of grey hairs between his pecs. He then slowly bent down and pulled his wool socks off and added them to the pile.

The Colonel then stood back up and hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his briefs. He slowly pushed them down, letting out a breath that he didn’t realise he’d been holding. As he stepped out of the last garment, his right hand instinctively covered his genitals. After he dropped the underwear onto the pile, his left hand joined his right. The Colonel was a fairly shy man when it came to his private parts, even though he had been in the military for over two decades.

He was used to gang-showers and gang-latrines, but he would go out of his way to keep his back turned from other’s view because he was self conscious about his penis size. But this was way different. He was standing in front of about 50 strangers – the enemy. They were outside, out in the open. He was the only one naked. He could feel the cool air on every cell of his skin. He could feel the eyes of every person in the court yard taking in his nudity. The enemy was enjoying this. His men, he could see, were sympathetic, and had cast their eyes downward for the first time since they’d been brought here.

The Bosnian soldiers were taking in the sight of the Interrogator’s slow and delicious dismantling of this strong American man. This buff, career-minded officer was now stark naked, soaked in sweat and desperately trying to redeem what little dignity he had left by cupping his palms over his genitals. The thick swaths of the man’s ungroomed pubic hair spilled out over all sides of his hands.

The Colonel snapped out of it after a long pause. He knew he couldn’t let them get to him this easy. He breathed in deeply and his chest puffed out as he returned to the position of attention. His genitals were now on full display. The nervousness and cold air had caused the man’s cock to become quite shrunken. The Colonel knew he had a small penis, but this situation made his manhood all but crawl back inside him. His diminutive cock only barely stuck out, nearly lost in the thick bush of curly hair on his lower abdomen. This man’s cock did not even weigh enough to hang down. It just stuck out straight from the top of his hairy nut sack. The thick pubic hair hid nearly all of the penis except for the tiny pink head. His ball sack had also pulled itself in taught in response to the cold air and humiliation.

His troops casually resisted trying to steal a glance of their superior in his altogether. They understood that the cold air would have an effect on one’s manhood. But they were taken aback by the fact that this brave, strong and powerful Colonel they followed into a war would be so lacking in the dick department. Even in the realm of post-feminist political correctness, every man knows that the genitals are the primary trait of manhood.

The Interrogator slowly started circling the officer again, exaggerating his expression by looking into the Colonel’s eyes then down toward the man’s private parts. He smirked when he knew the Colonel realised what the Interrogator was doing. “I see why you were so reluctant to remove your clothing, Colonel,” the man said coolly. “There is not really anything to see here,” he continued, then for emphasis tapped the underside of the officer’s tiny penis with is gloved hand.

The Colonel pretended to ignore the jab at his masculinity. It is all part of the game, he rationalised. He was not going to let high-school level insults intimidate him.

The Interrogator motioned to a couple of the soldiers standing to the side. He didn’t need to give them instructions. They had observed and occasionally had the honour of assisting the breaking of prisoners in the past. They knew things were about to become extremely interesting. The two large men grabbed the Colonel by each arm and turned him sideways so the audience saw a profile of the naked man. Then they proceeded to push him to his knees.

The Interrogator walked around in front of the Colonel and faced him. He looked directly into the man’s eyes again. Reading the nervousness and confusion of what was about to happen in his expression. The Interrogator slowly unfastened the belt buckle at
his waist. Then, one by one, taking an exaggerated time, unbuttoned the fly of his camouflaged uniform pants. He pulled the fly aside and the officer got a glimpse of a thick bush of auburn coloured pubic hair. The man wore no underwear.

After letting the Colonel take in the scene for a minute or so, the Interrogator reached in a pulled out his cock. It was flaccid, but dwarfed that of the captured officer. It was thick and veiny and uncut. It looked menacing to the Colonel from his position not more than a foot away. He could smell the musky scent of the man’s crotch. The Interrogator hadn’t washed his genitals in several days. He liked to be ripe when he had a new prisoner to break.

After letting his dick hang in front of the Colonel for a bit, he lifted it up with one hand. To the Colonel’s shock and disgust, almost in slow motion, a huge stream of rancid morning piss began to flow out of the head hitting the Colonel square in the face. He pulled his head to the side in revulsion. A third soldier came behind the Colonel and using both strong hands, pulled the officer’s head and face back up. The urine continued to soak the man’s hair and face, and ran down his chest.

One of the soldiers holding his arms reached up and pinched the Colonel’s nose. It did not take long for him to open his mouth to gasp for air. The hot stream of stinky brownish piss hit him right in the mouth, filling it. The other soldier holding the Colonel’s arm then pushed the man’s mouth closed. The officer had no choice but to swallow the disgusting fluid.

This routine of letting the officer open his mouth to gasp for air and then forcing it closed again to swallow another load of piss happened several times before the piss stream slowly began to thin, then the Interrogator shook the last few drops onto the man’s head. He stepped back, leaving his mammoth cock swinging out of the side of his pants.

The Colonel’s men watched in horror as their leader was facing a situation more demeaning and humiliating than any of their training had prepared them for. Sure, they had been to resistance school, and it was tough, but it had been physical. They got slapped around, punched a little bit, some sleep deprivation. This was something more extreme. It was not to weaken a man through pain compliance. It was to reduce him as a human by degrading him into nothing.

He snapped his finger and pointed to a nearby soldier. That troop excitedly stepped up and pulled his cock out and he too pissed all over the naked officer. The soldiers holding the man had released the prisoner’s head and just let the urine fall where it may. After the soldier was done then another was selected to step up, then another. He was soaked. His manly body hair was slicked down by the piss streams pouring down his torso. His genitals had managed to shrink further, shivering wet in the cold morning air.

The Colonel’s senses were overwhelmed with the stench of the seemingly unending relentless line of soldiers’ piss. All he could feel on his body was one hot stream after another coating him all over before quickly becoming a frigid covering of his naked flesh. All he could taste was the bitter salty urine throughout his mouth and throat. All he could see was one cock after another positioning itself in front of him before clinching his eyes shut again to minimise the putrid fluid burning his eyes. Even with his eyes closed the images of the men’s dicks relieving themselves were etched in his mind. All he could smell was the enemy’s stinky golden water as several streams had managed to spray into his nostrils as well as his mouth.

He was fully aware that every soldier proudly displayed their dicks to him, knowing that his own manhood was dwarfed by their “normal” sized cocks. By all accounts he was due respect by these men, even as an enemy, based on his rank and position. But he could see in their faces and the way they carried themselves as they swaggered up to him, that there was no respect. He had been reduced to less than a soldier. Less than a man. He was their toilet. He was literally nothing more than a piss pot for dozens of soldiers who had been squirming to save their first relief of the day to soak their prisoner.

After about 20 or soldiers had done their business on the Colonel, at a signal from the Interrogator, the soldiers holding the man’s arms let him go. They faded into the crowd to go get cleaned up after having their comrades streams splash on them to a degree. They hurriedly went to get this accomplished as they did not want to miss too much of the show.

The Colonel just fell onto all fours, gasping and gagging. “Stand up!” the masked man ordered.

The Colonel slowly rose to his feet, visibly shivering. A soldier nearby nudged him as he stood up, turning him again so he was facing his men. He again had a hand try to hide his small manhood, while the other crossed his chest. It was hard for his troops to tell if the arm over the chest was to reduce his feeling of nakedness or to try to warm up his piss-soaked, sticky body. The Colonel knew that it was a little of both. He was heaving deeply, desperately trying to finally get some clean air into his lungs, but it was futile. Every breath, whether it be through his mouth or nose, was enhanced by the gallons of urine that had hit him in the face. The yellow liquid still dripped from his lips and nostrils.

The Interrogator walked again started pacing around the Colonel again, with his fat, flaccid member still swinging freely from his crotch. “Spread you legs,” he instructed.

The Colonel moved his feet a few inches apart. The masked man walked behind the Colonel. “Wider!” he ordered as he used one boot to kick the man’s legs further.

The Colonel complied. “Wider!” the Interrogator kicked him again, a little more forceful.

The Colonel stepped out with both feet further. His ankles were now about four feet apart. He noticed now that his feet were now close to a couple of small steel rings sticking up from the asphalt floor of the courtyard.

“Put your hands behind your head.”

The officer slowly moved the hand from his chest and placed it on his head. Then slowly removed his hand from his groin and placed it with the other one. His full nakedness was again on display for the crowd. The awkward stance with his legs so far apart emphasised his tiny manhood on display. Steam could be seen rising from his sweaty hairy armpits. The damp dark curls from this position spread out thick and connected with the man’s chest hair, forming one solid forest of hair.

The manly image of this muscular torso on display contrasted sharply with the small package the Colonel carried between his legs. The Interrogator made it even more obvious with his large cock on display as he paced around his prey. The officer and his troops both noticed that the masked man’s dick might be starting to fill out a little, possibly, they believed from the stimulus of the massive dick slapping the man’s upper thighs as he strutted.

The Interrogator pointed to a couple of soldiers off to the side they quickly ran up and shackled the officers’ legs to the two rings on the ground. This pulled them a few inches further apart. It made it difficult to keep his balance. They then went behind him and pulled his arms behind him, shackling his wrists. As they were performing their duties, the Interrogator had walked back in front of the Colonel and faced him a few feet in front of the bound man.

The Colonel tried to keep his eyes front, but he was sure now that the enemy leader’s cock was swelling up, he couldn’t help but glance down and see it pulse as the blood from this evil man flowed into the giant organ. The officer quickly moved his eyes back up to face the masked man, only to realise he’d been caught glancing at the other man’s cock. The Interrogator showed the Colonel a sinister smirk.

After the men had the Colonel securely fastened to his new shackles. They produced a metal brace. The officer and his troops had no idea what it might be for, but the Colonel quickly learned. They forcefully pulled his jaw open and put the brace inside, forcing his mouth to remain open. The troops were behind the Interrogator’s back and did not see the device put into place right away. The men who had just put the shackles on the man then moved to either side of him and grabbed him by the upper arms and attempted to bend him forward.

The Colonel resisted, panicking after he all of a sudden realised what they were about to try and force him to do. The Interrogator just leaned in and gave the man a solid upper cut punch to the Colonel’s baby-maker. The pain to the man’s genitals was immediate. He instinctively doubled over forward to protect his manhood. The soldiers just held him in place, his face unintentionally brushing against the Interrogator’s half hard cock.

The Interrogator grabbed the man’s head with both hands as he tried to pull away. His whole body was rigid. The two big men holding him bent over struggled to keep the man from moving his upper body away. The masked man slowly let his now nearly hard cock slide along the terrified officer’s face. A stream of clear, sticky precum oozed from the slit at the head, leaving a slug like trail of dick snot across the Colonel’s face.

The Colonel’s eyes were wide from both fear and anger. This man’s cock was giant. It was probably 10 inches long or more. As it hardened the head emerged from it’s velvet sheath. It was dark pink, nearly purple and resembled a large plum. The veins bulged down the sides of the shaft, which looked nearly 3 inches thick.

The man then placed the mushroom head right at the Colonel’s mouth, resting it on the man’s lips. The officer fought hard to move away, but his efforts were useless. A penis. A man’s cock, was going in his mouth and there was nothing to stop it. He grunted and struggled as the head ever so slowly slid past his open jaw. He could feel another man’s dick touch his lips and then his tongue, which instinctively pulled back to the back of his mouth to try and avoid the invasion.

But the large cock kept moving further in until it filled the man’s mouth. He was breathing audibly through his nose now as there was little if any room for air to escape through his mouth at this point. The intruder then slowly backed out until just the head was in. Then he moved forward again. His cock was fully hard now, having found a warm moist hole. He set himself a nice rhythm as he face-fucked this masculine virgin mouth.

After he let the Colonel adjust to his new role as a cock holster he began to pick up his pace and then in one lunge, the head of his dick popped the man’s throat opening and he pulled the man’s head to his crotch. The Colonel’s face was now buried in the musty, sweaty bush of this man. He realised that his air was now cut off. He knew he was going to pass out soon. His lungs were burning. The degradation of the rape was tempered by the fear that he was now going to die by suffocating on another man’s cock.

He struggled to back off. Finally, the rapist pulled back, allowing the officer a few gasps of air before plunging back in. After a few cycles of the slow suffocating deep throat, the intruder went back to a nice rhythm of fucking the man’s mouth and throat. As horrifying as it was to have this cock slamming into him repeatedly, at least now the Colonel could catch quick breaths between plunges.

The officer’s men couldn’t see what was going on from behind the enemy leader, but they knew that their superior had the man’s dick in his mouth. If the masked man could do this to a distinguished officer, what fate awaited them?

The Interrogator’s breath started to hasten and his speed picked up, he was getting close. The Colonel tried to brace himself mentally for what was about to happen. After about ten more hard strokes, the man pulled out until just the head rested in the prisoner’s mouth. A huge glob of thick white semen shot into the Colonel’s mouth. The officer could taste the nasty sperm instantly and was repulsed. Another man had just busted a nut in his mouth and there was nothing he could do about it.

After the first blast, the Interrogator then pulled the officer’s head back into his crotch and let the next few spurts shoot directly into the man’s throat. Then he pulled back out again and another healthy glob shot into the Colonel’s mouth. The Interrogator pulled all the way out and using his right hand jerked out the last remaining shots onto the Colonel’s face. Then he wiped the head of his cock on the Colonel’s cheek to get what remained off of his member.

The Interrogator stepped back and to the side, giving the officer’s men a good view of their boss with his cum-filled mouth and cum oozing down his face. He was still breathing heavy. His head was bright red from anger, helplessness, and humiliation. The men could see tears streaming down the man’s face mixing with the fresh jism stuck to his face. The masked man breathed a couple breaths and smiled. His hard cock was still at full mast and throbbing in the cool air.

The kneeling prisoners were aware from the earlier flaunting how the enemy had a large member, but until now they hadn’t seen it fully hard. And right now it was at their eye level. Two more Bosnians came up and pulled the jaw brace from the Colonel’s mouth and forced his mouth closed and pinched his nose until he was forced to swallow the disgusting fluid that remained inside his mouth. He could still taste the sperm on his tongue after he swallowed.

After the Interrogator had caught his breath, he then slowly walked around behind the Colonel. This was going to be the moment he broke this man. He always liked to get his first nut early so that the grand finale could last longer. He was going to take the Colonel’s cherry, effectively and decisively destroying the officer’s view of himself as a man.

He stood directly behind the officer and his large calloused hands roughly grabbed the Colonel’s fuzzy ass cheeks, his massive hard cock landing on the crack of the man’s ass at the same time. The officer had kind of been in a dazed stupor after the assault on his mouth and throat. He snapped out of it when the other man’s cock laid across the top of his ass crack. He again tried to struggle to avoid what he feared was about to happen. The soldiers to his side held him fast.

The Interrogator moved his hips back and forth, feeling the soft skin of the man’s flesh, the head of his cock tickled by the dark triangle of curly hair at the small of the man’s back. The Colonel yelled, “No!”

Then he pulled back far enough so that his cock dropped, he pulled the man’s cheeks further apart. The officer yelled again “Please, god, NO!”

Between the thick hairs in the man’s crack, the virgin pink hole puckered involuntarily. The head of the huge cock then rubbed on the Colonel’s sphincter, which seemed like such a tiny opening for such a large invader. As if on cue, the two soldiers holding the Colonel steady leaned lower to brace themselves as the Interrogator attempted to force the head of his massive cock past the virgin hole. “Stop! Noooo! Please don’t do this!!!” the Colonel begged.

The officer’s sphincter locked up, refusing to allow the invasion. He could feel the pressure from the organ trying to make access. “NOOOOOO!!!” the victim screamed.

His muscles held tight, but after a few pushes the cock head popped the hole open. The Colonel let out a loud grunt as he felt a scorching hot pain shoot from his asshole through his body. He struggled, but the men held him solid. He was staring into the eyes of his men with a look of horror. His mouth was open like he wanted to yell or say something but nothing came out.

The Interrogator took a deep breath and grabbed the Colonel’s waist. As he thrust forward, the soldiers holding the officer’s arms pushed the man toward their leader. The man’s cock buried to the pubic bone in one thrust. This time sound did escape the Colonel’s mouth as he let out a blood curdling scream. He was impaled on this giant cock. He could feel the hot piece of flesh deep inside his belly. The Interrogator felt the man’s insides tighten around his shaft. Nothing felt better on his cock than the warm cavity of a virgin man.

The troops stared helplessly as their commander took a cock up his ass for the very first time. They had all had physicals that occasionally required a prostate exam, which was uncomfortable, sometimes painful just having the flight doctor use one finger up their ass an inch or two. This man had nearly a foot of man meat up the Colonel’s rectum.

The Interrogator pulled back until just the head remained, then slammed it home again. The officer howled in pain again. The masked man continued to thrust in and out of the Colonel’s asshole. This was not just taking the man’s cherry, but this was a brutal fucking. The rapist was going to make sure this man remembered the pounding every minute for the rest of his life. After a minute or two the officer’s hole started to loosen up by force a little and his yelling had been reduced to loud incoherent grunts every time the invader’s pelvis made contact with his butt.

He could feel the man’s balls slapping his taint. The underside of the man’s mammoth cock was rubbing the officer’s prostate from the inside, causing an uncomfortable feeling behind his balls. It was not a pleasurable feeling but it was stimulating a very sensitive place inside him.

He realised that his dick was getting hard. Within a short time it was sticking out from his crotch, rock hard, but not even four inches long. Precum was stringing out of the tiny pink head and hanging down several inches. To all the spectators, including his men, it appeared that the officer was enjoying this royal forced fucking. But that was not the case. His insides felt like someone had shoved a burning log up his colon. The pain was excruciating, coupled with the uncomfortable rubbing on his prostate. He was mortified that his dick was betraying him from the sensory overload.

The intruder continued the brutal assault on the man’s asshole. In and out, over and over. Every thrust with a purpose. The masked man wanted to make this tortured rape last. If he hadn’t ejaculated in the man’s mouth earlier, he would have finished the fucking in the first thirty seconds. He wanted the prisoner to “earn” his seed. He wanted the price to be high. He knew though, that even after having just blown his load he was going to be feeling that familiar tingling in a few minutes.

The Colonel was not going to last that long. A feeling shot through his lower body, temporarily superseding the pain from the assault. His dick lurched and several spurts of semen shot out of his cock as he came from the pounding on his prostate. It was the most intense orgasm of his life. But it was not pleasant. It was a betrayal of his body. And after the orgasm subsided, the attack on his ass again focused all of his senses. And his insides seemed way more sensitive after he came.

The masked man continued to stab at the officer’s guts. The prisoner’s sphincter and insides were pulsing and clamping down on his cock during his orgasm, and it was everything the enemy leader could do to keep from busting a nut also. But he managed to hold off. He paced himself, varying his speed and sometimes just holding his cock inside the man for a few seconds before repeating his pistoning action.

The Colonel was in agony, it felt to him like the pounding to his insides and asshole had been going on for hours, although it had only been about ten minutes. He felt that uncomfortable feeling behind his balls building again, only it was more uncomfortable this time somehow. The Interrogator too was getting close. He could feel the victim’s body reacting to his pounding like it had a few minutes earlier. He started slamming his cock into the Colonel like he never had before. The officer’s body tensed in the throws of his next orgasm. This one more intense and painful than the first. His whole being went into an uncontrollable spasm as jets of cum again began to shoot out of his dick.

This was too much for the invader. His body slammed into the Colonel as his own orgasm began. His cock swelled in response to the grip of the abused man’s ass. The officer felt the rapists sperm shooting into him as his own had just left his body. The masked man’s orgasm lasted a good thirty seconds and he too grunted as loud, if not more so, than his defeated victim. The Colonel’s body betrayed him again as a third orgasm erupted from his groin. This time, not much fluid came out, just an intense feeling rocked his body like a taser. The two remained locked together as their orgasms subsided. Both were sweating and breathing misty air out of the mouths and nostrils.

The Colonel could feel the cock inside his asshole seem to soften, but the man stayed inside him. Still holding his waist tight to his own groin. Then the officer realised why. He could feel a warm liquid filling his gut. The monster was pissing inside him! The troops could see the officer’s face change again with a mix of horror and disgust, not knowing what the real reason was. They assumed it was the officer realising that he had cum three times while being butt fucked by another man.

The Interrogator drained his bladder then slowly pulled his now half-hard cock from the Colonel’s ravished asshole, and stepped back as the two soldiers holding the man’s arms let him go. The Colonel dropped to his knees and his face fell forward to the ground. The masked man’s piss was dripping from the man’s raw sphincter and the troops suddenly realised that the enemy had urinated in their commander after brutally fucking him and cumming in his guts.

The Colonel began to bawl loudly and uncontrollably. His tears were gushing onto the asphalt. He was defeated. He was no longer a man. No longer a soldier. The Interrogator had broken him, and the man’s troops would be easily cracked after what they had just witnessed.

The masked man picked up the Colonel’s undershirt and wiped his cock off with it. He then tucked his limp dick back into his pants and sauntered off toward the building where he would wait in his office for the first of the Colonel’s men to be “interviewed” about how to access the information on the recovered computers. This was going to be a fun week.

The end.


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