Good things come in Small Packages: Part 1

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By Pakcouple


Most people when they think of “muslim” girls naturally assume them to be more conservative and less sexual than girls of other religions. Well if you are looking for a story about just such a “Muslim-Pakistani-American” girl, read no more. The girls/women in this story are not typical. They are “Muslim-Pakistani-American”, but that is where all resemblance ends! Mahera, Kamila, and Jamila are not usual girls by any stretch of the imagination. The three sisters grew up without a mother, who died shortly after the youngest, Jamila was born and Mahera and Kamila were still less than 5 years old. Their father, an avowed atheist had let them grow up as they wished. Well they grew up more western than eastern, although they have always enjoyed partaking in eastern party functions, and occasions.

I had the good fortune of meeting Kamila while I was on a hiking trip through the Grand Canyon with friends, just after completing my Masters at Berkeley. She was a senior at Arizona State University, and was at the Grand Canyon for a day trip with her sorority sisters.

For me it was love at first sight. Kamila was initially cool towards me, but over a 6 month courtship in which I pulled out all the stops, she did fall in love with me, and we married. My parents weren’t entirely thrilled at the prospect but they figured better her than so ‘gori’! So they gave us their blessing. I wonder how they would have felt had they known that Kamila and I had been living together for 3 months, and that she had been with far more boys, than I had girls!

Now, even when I had just met her, I knew there was something unusual about her. It was an air she had about her. It was one of adventure, the constant desire to try new things, push boundaries, take things as far as possible, and them push them even more. I had come to the US at age 3, with my parents when the family had emigrated to the US from Pakistan. Ours was a more traditional family. And while I was never particularly superstitious or religious, I did observe all the norms, and publicly, when around my family still do, but privately, and when not around my family, the only God I worship is Kamila! The only religion that matters to me is Her Happiness. This translated into the bedroom, behind closed doors as well. Kamila was always looking to introduce more kink into our sex life! In a total reversal of traditional roles, it was the wife and not the husband who was pushing kink into the marriage! But I did not complain, or object. Kamila’s mind works much more deviously than mine does, and whatever she proposed invariably meant more excitement and pleasure for both of us!

When you read this story, you may wonder why I let things proceed they way they happened. Well the answer to that is very simple. When you love a woman more than anything else in the world, and she loves you back with equal intensity, when all that matters to you is her happiness, you cannot possibly say no to her. Not when you know just how much she wants something and you want it just as much simply because it makes her happy. Mentally you have conditioned yourself to think of yourself only as a provider of her happiness and joy. Then it all becomes so easy that you happily go in with eyes wide open, heart completely willing, and the soul totally devoted. Looking back on it now, you may call me mad, but I would not change a thing that happened, and neither would Kamila. She and I are of one mind on that, as we are on almost pretty much every other thing in our lives. And she now openly admits that it was all planned. She wanted things to happen this way, as it was in her mind the best way for things to unfold. She makes no apologies, and I do not expect or want any.

Another thing I have since concluded is that all that has happened was almost a foregone conclusion. Kamila is just not the kind of woman who would be satisfied with one man. She has always craved variety and excitement. And she has admitted that to her marriage is about love, romance, stability, and support. Sex is something which has nothing to do with marriage. She believes a good husband would support his wife no matter what, and the ultimate expression of love a husband can show his wife is to let her be free to enjoy herself unreservedly.


How it began.

I should state from the outset that my wife Kamila has always relished many of the kinkier aspects of sex. Kamila is 27 years of age, has a light natural tan, with shoulder-length, lustrous teak brown hair, and she stands at about 5′ 5″. She has brown eyes, and full pouty lips set upon a sharply featured little fox face. Her figure could best be described as slightly buxom; she has strong, shapely legs, wide hips that curve into a narrow waist, and a magnificent pair of 35D breasts. All in all, she could be described as a very attractive lady, and she has no shortage of appreciative male stares when she is out in public.

We had been married four years (no kids at the time, none planned, and none had, you will see why!), and our sex life was, if anything, hotter than when we first met. We both delighted in exploring all aspects of our sexuality, and we held nothing back from each other. Emotionally we are very close, and we have total trust in each other. Role-play was a very active part of our love life, and we spent many a night acting out numerous fantasies, mostly hers!

Whilst Kamila isn’t into ‘femdom’ as a lifestyle choice, she certainly relished many aspects of femdom play, including pussy and ass worship, tease and denial, verbal humiliation, foot worship and other related stuff. As I have a submissive streak, I was more than happy to play along with her whims, and role-play with strong femdom overtones occurred more and more frequently.

Kamila had armed herself with several sturdy wrist and ankle cuffs, which she sometimes used to restrain me in a variety of places and positions. She would then force me to lick and suck her toes, or orally worship her ass and pussy. She had even bought a leather flogger, which she would freely use on my naked backside if she considered that I was not licking her nether regions with enough zest.

About six months after our 4th wedding anniversary, we began experimenting with male chastity. Kamila had discovered these wicked little devices whilst net surfing. I had always had a little fetish for tease and denial (a fact Kamila well knew, and made very good use of), and she eagerly encouraged me to order one of the devices, called a Curve. I freely admit that I didn’t need a lot of encouragement; I, too, was intrigued by the concept of being forcefully denied, and I was looking forward to trying it. So order the Curve I did.

The Curve duly arrived in the mail. It consisted of a cage portion, which was a clear plastic tube, and several hinged cuff rings of differing diameters. A cuff ring of the right width was fitted and enclosed around the base of the penis, behind the testes. The penis was inserted into the tube, which was then was fixed onto the ring using locking pins secured by a small padlock. The penis was then effectively ‘locked up’.

I had read on the internet that be best way to get used to wearing the tube was to start with short sessions, and gradually increase the amount of time the tube was worn. This would apparently ‘harden up’ the sensitive skin at the root of the penis. I followed this advice, and after some initial minor chaffing and irritation, I found that I hardly noticed I was wearing the tube at all. I had to sit down to urinate, and I was occasionally awakened by nocturnal erections pulling the cuff ring tightly against my scrotum and testes, but apart from that I had no problems whatsoever. Within a couple of months I was able to wear the tube constantly with no soreness or irritation.

Kamila was delighted with my new ‘toy’, and she soon starting thinking of ways to make the best use of it. She stated the chastity tube would tie in very well with any games we played that had femdom overtones. I could see her point; what better way for a woman to show her dominance over a man than to control both his cock and his climaxes?

After some discussion, we settled on a fairly long-term strategy for my chastity play; I was to wear the tube full-time six days a week, from Sunday until the following Saturday. During this time I would not be able to climax, although Kamila could request oral service from me at any time. Kamila would then release me on Saturday night, and she would then allow me to climax by her either orally pleasing me, or via intercourse.

Kamila had a ball (or two) with my enforced chastity, and I admit that I loved it as well. She began to experiment with ways to titillate and arouse me in my chaste state. I have always had a cuckold fantasy (one that Kamila had in fact planted in my head when we were first married!), in which Kamila would be eagerly mounted by a well-hung stud. Kamila knew of this fantasy, and had told me that whilst she completely accepted that I got off imagining her fucking another guy, she had no current desire to bring it to life. I noted the use of the qualifier ‘no current desire’ with some excitement.

Now that I was locked up, however, Kamila began using this fantasy more and more in an effort to arouse me; she would teasingly state that since my cock was locked up and unavailable, she just might have to find another hard cock to satisfy her. When she said things like this, I would always harden immediately inside of the Curve.

Another wicked avenue that she began to explore and expand was the verbal belittling of my cock size. I actually had a cock that measured over six and a half inches – but Kamila had long ago discovered that she could excite me by telling me how ‘small’ I was. Since I started wearing the Curve she seemed to enjoy making up deliciously evil pet names for me – starting with subtle tags like ‘little slave’, ‘shorty’, ‘pee-wee’, and ‘little one’. She quickly became more brazen, however, and the formerly mild slurs transformed into ‘pin-dick’, ‘micro-cock’, ‘tiny tool’, ‘needle-dick’, and (worst of all) ‘bug-fucker’.

Whether it was because my cock was locked up or not, I don’t know, but I found that hearing her purr these kinky little insults in her soft, sultry voice made me literally tingle with excitement! Kamila, of course, took gleeful note of my reaction, and this only increased both the intensity and frequency of her wicked name-calling.

One Saturday night, after my cock had been freed and I had made fervent love to Kamila, the subject of the chastity tube came up. I idly (and perhaps foolishly, as it turned out) remarked to Kamila that I could quite easily duplicate the Curve device in stainless steel, which would be a lot more secure. I had taken some metal-working classes in college out of interest, and they gave me the needed skills in welding and metalwork, and decorative metalwork was still a hobby of mine; I had all the equipment and tools I needed to fabricate a close facsimile of the tube in metal. I was perhaps boasting – but it was a boast that kind of backfired, as you will see.

Kamila was immediately interested, and commented how hot it would be have her ‘little slave’ encased in a hard, unyielding metal ‘toy’ instead of a plastic one. The more I thought about the notion, the more turned on I became myself.

And so I began work on a steel version of the Curve. At such short notice the only curved steel tubing I could find was slightly narrower than the plastic Curve, and I was forced to use a decorative hollow stainless steel dome from a plumbing supply store as an end cap for the tube. Within a week I had indeed duplicated the device in stainless steel, and had even made a few minor design improvements.

Naturally, hygiene was important with any such device, and the upper section of the tube was peppered with a dozen straight lines of small, evenly spaced holes all the way down to the end cap. This meant that water and soap could freely enter the tube when I showered, and it also meant that considerable weight was removed as well. I would still remove the tube completely every few days so that I could properly cleanse myself.

I had just made one minor miscalculation; the tube was slightly over a quarter-inch shorter than it was supposed to be. By the time I had discovered my error, it was too late to make changes, and I wasn’t going to start afresh. The new tube was, therefore, a very snug fit, being both a little narrower and shorter than the original plastic Curve.

Kamila was enthralled as I fitted the highly polished steel device for the first time, and she closed the little padlock with a sharp click and flashed me a sexy smile. One of the keys to the lock was soon dangling from her necklace, and Kamila hid the other key somewhere in the house. This was in case she wasn’t present and I needed to take the tube off quickly; I could call her cell phone and ask for the location of the hidden key, and thus be able to free myself should the need arise. I had to admit that knowing my cock was now imprisoned in steel added to the thrill of being ‘locked up’.

It took a few weeks to adjust to wearing the shorter, narrower tube six days a week. I was still awakened some nights by nocturnal erections pressing tightly against the confines of the tube, pulling the steel ring behind my scrotum tightly outwards. Urinating soon eased the discomfort, and for me it wasn’t a great problem – more of a minor inconvenience, and I found that these episodes lessened over time in any event.

Kamila was also happy with the new device. She never tired of sliding her hand down to it as we lay in bed, loving the smooth, hard feel of the metal tube. She would lay back, smile sweetly, and say something like:

“Mmm, you’re all safely locked away again, honey. Why don’t you get down there and lick me, seeing that you won’t be doing anything with that little dick of yours for another few days.”

Naturally I would eagerly oblige her, licking her to climax as my imprisoned cock hardened and throbbed in impotent frustration inside the metal tube. After she had climaxed, Kamila loved to taunt me further, saying things like: “Thank you, baby. That was sooo nice! Just six more days until you come out of your little toy, and then maybe I will give your tiny cock a little suck as a reward!” She would giggle at my soft moan of frustration.

In many ways the Curve added a new dimension to our role-play. Kamila said it was a turn on for her to see my own impotent craving and frustration compel me to sexually serve her, and to drive me to lick her ass and pussy with such devotion and enthusiasm. She would sometimes have me strip, and cuff my wrists behind my back, and I would spend many hours kneeling in front of her as she lay sprawled on the couch, my lips and tongue gently caressing her labia and clitoris. She loved to peer down and see that the tube had arisen to half-mast as my cock throbbed inside of it, my balls tightly ballooned as they hung under the Curve like two ripe plums ready for plucking. She would softly giggle, and then instruct me to make her climax. “All for me,” she would say. “And none for you – not till the weekend, Little one! Your poor little balls look SO full, Lover – too bad they won’t be emptied for a few days!”

I guess that this form of role-play wasn’t for everyone – but I relished being Kamila’s ‘Little slave’ for six days a week. If I had known where it was all leading, I may have approached the matter with a bit more caution.

Or maybe I wouldn’t have.


A startling discovery.

It was 11:30 on a Saturday night, and I had just taken off the tube and showered, and I was keenly looking forward to my regular night of passion with Kamila. I slipped into bed beside her, and my freed cock responded even to the simple touch of her warm skin against mine. Kamila smiled softly, and slid her hand down to my crotch. My cock rippled as her warm fingers encased it, slowly stroking it into full potency. I gave a soft moan and closed my eyes.

“Mmm…” Kamila hummed, “You get hard so fast these days, Lover. Keeping you locked up for me was such a good idea, hmm?”

I simply nodded as her strokes sent fireworks through my loins.

Kamila slid slowly downwards, and I knew it was only seconds before she took my emancipated cock into her warm, wet mouth. She kept stroking me as I felt her breath caress my lower stomach. I was now at full hardness, and Kamila ceased her ministrations. I waited in trembling anticipation to feel the first touch of her moist lips and tongue.

“You know what? I think your cock is shrinking.” Kamila announced softly

My eyelids fluttered open at my wife’s abrupt statement. I looked down to see her brows knitted, her pretty face a picture of concentration as she studied my penis intently.

“Huh?” was all I could manage to blurt out.

“I think your cock is shrinking, Lover. I mean really shrinking.” she repeated, not taking her eyes away from my erect tool. “I’m sure it used to be bigger than it is now. Do you think the new chastity tube is affecting it?” Kamila glanced up at my face. Her question startled me.

“Jesus, I never thought about that.” I replied honestly. “I guess that having it locked inside in the tube for 6 days a week for so long might be affecting it.”

Kamila smiled again. “There’s one way to find out. When we measured you last August you were a little over six and a half inches. Let’s measure it again.” Kamila and I often played a game where she would occasionally measure my cock with a wooden ruler and then give it a few hard swats with the ruler.

Kamila arose and went out into the hall. I took my cock between my fingers, examining it with quizzical eyes. Jesus, it did look a little smaller than usual! My wife returned with a wooden ruler.

She pressed the end of the ruler lightly alongside the base of my cock and measured.

“Hmm…” she mused. “Just over five and three-quarter inches. I was right – It is shrinking!”

My eyelids flickered again. “That can’t be right.” I muttered.

“Look for yourself.” Kamila replied. I glanced down to see that she was indeed measuring correctly – holding to ruler along the upper side of my cock, and measuring with the end of the ruler pressed gently to the pubic bone. I could clearly see that the tip of my tool reached to just over the five and three-quarter-inch mark. I had lost almost three-quarters of an inch in length since last August – only five months ago!

“Jesus Christ, it must be that fucking tube!” I hissed. I glanced at Kamila and added, “Or maybe I have gained a little weight. I have read that any weight gain means more fat on the pubic bone, which makes it seem like your cock is shrinking. It’s an illusion, it’s not really smaller, it just looks like it is…” My voice trailed off. I realised I was practically babbling.

Kamila shook her head firmly. “You haven’t gained any weight at all since August, Lover. I honestly think it’s because you have been wearing the tube almost constantly for the last six months. It’s causing you to lose a little length, and maybe some girth too.” She wrapped her hand around it again, as if to gauge its circumference. I felt my face redden.

“Well, that’s it!” I grunted. “I am not wearing the goddamned thing anymore!”

Kamila was watching my crestfallen face, and I could see the wheels turning in her head. Her lips slowly curled into a crooked smile. “Do you really want to stop wearing it, Lover?” she purred, “I think you should keep wearing it, and that way you really will become my little Pin-dick, won’t you?” She sent me a sexy leer, tossed the ruler aside, and began stroking me again, her eyes sparkling.

I fumbled for words. What Kamila was implying sent almost masochistic little thrills of excitement through me. But becoming turned on by being teased that you had a small cock and actually having a small cock were two different things – weren’t they? I looked down at my tool again. Goddammit, it was smaller – and worse was that the fact seeing her reaction to it, and hearing her request, no demand, was turning me on!

Kamila sped her strokes and continued, “how would that feel, Lover? To know that your cock is actually shrinking each time you put the tube on? Each time your cock gets hard inside it, it will get just a tiny little bit shorter – day after day, week after week… Mmm… How would that feel? How would you like to hear me call you my little Pin-dick, and know that it’s actually coming true? You know I would love to do that!” Kamila unleashed a sharp teasing giggle and winked at me. Jesus, she knew how to push my Goddamned buttons!

My cock seemed to relish this perverse talk of its own impending demise; it was hard as a rock, and a rare string of pre-cum trickled from me as Kamila’s warm hand stroked gently up and down. She leaned towards me and kissed me, running her moist tongue over my lips. She slipped down to lie alongside me and quickly motioned for me to mount her. I shook as I settled between her soft, freshly-shaven legs. Her hand guided my cock to the entrance of her smooth cleft, and I gasped as I slid gratefully inside her. The silky moist heat of her pussy engulfed me, and my hips began pumping almost of their own volition.

Kamila continued her wicked verbal teasing. “So would you like that, Lover? To knowingly keep making your little cock even smaller for me? Would you do it as a gift for me, Baby? It would make me so hot and creamy to know that your cock is getting tinier each passing day! C’mon, Baby – fuck me with your little pecker! Maybe I should be a real little bitch, and only let you fuck me if you keep wearing the tube. Wouldn’t that be kinky, Lover? I could only let you fuck me if you wear something that is actually shrinking your cock! Wouldn’t that make me a nasty, wicked, kinky little bitch! Do you like that idea, little one?”

“Yes!” I rasped, almost involuntarily. I felt her warm, smooth legs curl over my back, and the moist heat of her pussy almost made me swoon.

Kamila giggled under me, and her green eyes glittered. “Mmm, I thought you would like that, Pin-dick. In fact, why don’t you make a new toy even smaller than the one you have now? That should speed up the process, shouldn’t it? You having to keep cramming your little cock inside a tube that gets smaller and smaller each month. Just imagine feeling your hard-on as it presses tightly against a smaller and smaller tube each month – your little pecker desperately trying to get as big as it used to get, but not being able to! I bet that will really start to shrivel that little-boy dick of yours!”

I moaned as I felt climax rushing towards me. Kamila’s hot pussy seemed to suck hungrily at my cock as it plunged into her.

My wicked wife continued, “so it’s settled then, Lover? We can even have a little ceremony at the end of each month where we measure your cock. Each time you lose a quarter inch? You can make another toy a little narrower, and a quarter inch shorter… ” Kamila giggled again, and simply hearing the wicked glee in her voice made my climax surge closer. She looked up into my eyes. “Lover? Do you realise that right now there is almost an inch less of you inside me than there was six months ago? Nearly an inch less of your cock inside of me! You really are going to be my little Needle-dick, aren’t you? Do you know what I am going to start calling you for real, Lover?”

“What?” I croaked. My loins fluttered as orgasm loomed ever nearer. Kamila gave a soft titter, and her sexy green eyes bored into mine.

“Bug-fucker!” she hissed. “My little Bug-fucker!” Then she laughed. “I love it!” Taunting me, knowing full well, that there was no way I was going to say no to her!

With a final stifled scream, I climaxed inside her warm, moist pussy as Kamila’s soft laughter echoed like a final taunt.


Kamila and I were sat in the kitchen the next morning, drinking coffee. Kamila had arisen from bed an hour earlier than me, and she soon steered our conversation to the fun and games of last night. She seemed keen to explore my thoughts regarding her lascivious proposition to deliberately try shrinking my penis. She had apparently done a little research on the Internet whilst I was still slumbering, because she handed me a piece of paper and said, “looks like you are probably right, Lover. Take a look at what I found on the ‘net.”

I read: A man’s penis depends heavily upon regular erections in order to retain its mass. The penis contains two cylindrical, sponge-like structures that run parallel to the urethra. These structures, which run along the length of the penis, become engorged with blood in response to nerve impulses. The blood flow to the cylinders increases by about seven times the normal amount. This is what causes the penis to become erect and stiff. Several things can interfere with the proper functioning of these sponge-like structures – including the taking of certain drugs, certain medical conditions and procedures, unusual pressure on the perineum, or extended periods when the penis is constricted or compressed. If a man is unable to achieve a normal full erection (including nocturnal erections) for a prolonged duration, these structures and the muscles that control them will atrophy leading to a loss of both penile length and girth..

Kamila had highlighted the last sentence with a green marker pen.
“Christ,” I muttered. “So it is that tube causing it to shrink!”

Kamila gave a noncommittal shrug. “Well, it certainly looks like it’s the prime suspect. You have been wearing it almost constantly for a long time, hun. And the new steel tube is a bit shorter and narrower than it’s supposed to be, isn’t it?” She giggled.

I nodded, and sat for a few moments thinking about the situation. The knowledge that my cock had actually shrunk alarmed me, as it would alarm most men. But in some weird, kinky masochistic way I found that it excited me too, seeing Kamila happy about it, only made it more so for me. Even thinking about it caused my cock to twitch in anticipation. What was happening to me?

My wife, as though divining my thoughts, gave me a bemused smile. “So are you still game to go through with it, Honey? Do you wanna keep wearing the tube and see if your cock gets any smaller?”

I swallowed involuntarily. “The thought does kinda make me hot…”

Kamila grinned. “It makes you more than ‘hot’, Honey, judging from your reaction last night. I haven’t seen you cum so fast in years. And I haven’t seen you leak pre-cum in ages, either.”

I blushed. “Ok, I admit that hearing some of the things you said really turned my crank. But any man would be worried about losing length off his cock.”

Kamila chuckled. “No doubt – but you aren’t the only guy to have strong fantasies about having a small dick, or get excited by having his wife or girlfriend tease him about it. It’s a mildly common humiliation fantasy, according to what I have read on the Internet. And apparently it has close links to many ‘cuckold’ fantasies, as well. I checked that out, too.”

I gave a tentative grunt and finished my coffee. Trust Kamila to investigate these kinks in a thoroughly clinical fashion. She conveniently forgot to mention that it was who had first mentioned anything about cuckolding in our marriage! And over time had changed her mentions from gentle, humorous hints to outright warnings, that one day she might do it, usually saying so when were in the throws of passion. Not that I had ever stopped her, because frankly the thought excited me too.

“How hard would it be to make a steel toy a little smaller than the one you have now?” Kamila asked, steering the conversation to a more practical level.

I puffed out my cheeks. “I would need to find a supplier that has tubing of the right type, and the right gauge and diameter. It’s not as easy to find as you might think. Also, the dome end caps of the right size and gauge are hard to find as well.”

“But you could do it if you have the right material?” There was a glint in Kamila’s eyes, and an excitement in her voice. She really wanted me to let it go on!

“Yeah,” I replied. “Once I have everything, then it’s just a matter of cutting the parts to suit, and then some welding, reaming and other stuff.” The surreal quality of our conversation began to dawn on me. Here I was in a discussion with my wife about a plausible way to shrink my cock. Most other men would be doing the opposite. I almost felt like pinching myself.

“Well, baby?” Kamila said, “If you really wanna play this game, then it’s up to you. I personally think it would be a very hot little game to play, but it’s not part of my anatomy that it might affect – it’s yours. So I will leave the decision up to you… little one.” She finished with a giggle, but her tone and attitude left me in doubt that while it may be a part of my anatomy, she wanted to be the one deciding its fate.

I could feel myself blushing again. “Well, like I said – no man likes to imagine himself with less than he has already got, I guess.” I cleared my throat and added: “And I guess most guys worry about being able to satisfy their lady…”

Kamila smiled. “You are worried that if you do get smaller, then you won’t satisfy me?”

I nodded.

“Have no fear there, Honey” Kamila stated smoothly. “Firstly, I love you very much, and to be honest that is what matters above anything else. Secondly, I know that it really turns you on, and I love having that kind of effect on you – seeing you tremble and shiver and shake, and watching your face as I tease you about it! And thirdly, I do have to tell you that I would get a huge kick out of knowing I control you so completely that you would agree to do it – that you would virtually surrender even more of the most intimate part of yourself to me. And perhaps it’s very self-indulgent of me, but I would really enjoy being able to call you all those wicked, kinky little names, and there actually being some truth in them.”

Kamila paused and pondered for a second. “And anyway – if it turned out that you couldn’t handle it? I am sure that if you stopped wearing the tube and with some exercises that you would soon get back to your original size. I doubt very much that any change would be permanent, and these days there’s a shit load of ways to increase your size, honey.” She paused again and flashed her green eyes at me. “Besides – if you can’t satisfy me, then I may just have to go out and find a big, sexy guy who can – like you always wanted, hmm?” She flashed me a mock lust-filled leer. Both she and I knew that any change was likely to be very hard to reverse.

I smiled at her comically lascivious expression, but at the same time Kamila’s allusion to our cuckold fantasy aroused me; a vision of Kamila panting under a well-hung lover flashed before me. My cock immediately began to harden.

I gulped again. “It would be very kinky, wouldn’t it?” I stated, trying to rid myself of the vision.

“What would be kinky?” Kamila asked. “Your cock getting smaller, or me finding myself a hot new bedtime playmate?”

“Both!” I replied, trying to make it sound like a joke. My heart fluttered.

Kamila laughed, but her eyes told me that she took more note of that comment than she made out. “You’re hopeless! So, are we gonna keep playing this game or not?” It was hardly a question, more like demand.

I pretended to pondered the question. I had to admit that the thought of what Kamila had suggested did turn me on. I had almost masochistic visions of my wife measuring me again, and giggling as she informed me that I had lost yet more length from my cock. I made a mental note to do some checking into the psyche of masochists, and see how it applied to myself.

“If I can find tubing of the right sort, then we can play it” I said softly.

Kamila glanced at me. “Ok, Lover. As I said, I think it would be a lot of fun and very kinky! But you know that I am going to take this to the max, don’t you? I am probably going to be a very evil, kinky bitch if you do lose anymore length.”

I swallowed again, and my cock was again testing the steel confines of the tube. “I do know that – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Kamila grinned wickedly. “Woohoo! Good! Now, Lover? All this talk has made me kinda frisky – and so I think its time that eager little tongue of yours got reacquainted with my pussy, don’t you?”

I couldn’t have agreed more. Within minutes the lounge room echoed to Kamila’s moans and exhortations as my lips and tongue explored her hot, juicy, sweet cleft.


On the internet, I was able to locate a supplier who specialized in tubing components for the food and medical industry. They could, so I was informed, supply curved stainless steel tubing of the right type and size, and they also had end domes as well. I placed an order for half a dozen curved tubes – three tubes at 1 1/4 inches, and three tubes at 1 1/2 inches. I was even able to order online, and the metal arrived in the mail just three days later. A glossy company catalogue accompanied the shipment.

Within a couple of days I had made another chastity tube – this one with a tube a quarter-inch shorter than my first version. After some hesitant thought, I decided to use a tube that had an internal diameter of 1 1/4 inches instead of the 1 1/2 inches used in the original Curve; this was slightly smaller again than my current steel tube. The stainless steel cuff ring remained the same size.

Kamila smiled and gave me a soft wolf-whistle when she saw it fitted for the first time.

“Mmm, a very snug fit, Lover.” she purred as she ran her fingertips over the shiny tube. “So are we ready to play our little game now?”

I nodded, and handed her the key to the padlock. It was soon clipped onto a small snap on her necklace. I sighed enviously as I watched it disappear down into her considerable cleavage.

“Okay. Well, it’s the twenty-fourth today. How about we measure you again on the last Saturday of the next month? That gives you almost five weeks inside your tight new toy. Does that sound okay?”

Again I nodded. Kamila laughed.

“Don’t look so glum, Sexy!” she chided me. “After all, with this little game ‘less’ could very well turn out to be ‘more’!” Then she giggled excitedly.

It turned out that she was correct.


Made to Measure.

Life for the most part was almost unchanged for the next five weeks. The new tube was noticeably tighter, but after a couple of weeks I ceased to really notice I was wearing it at all, with the exception of being awoken by a raging nocturnal hard-on on a few occasions. As usual, a quick trip to the bathroom fixed this problem. I still wore the tube 6 days a week, with Kamila releasing me on Saturday night for our usual roll in the hay. Kamila still got her juicy pussy serviced by my eager tongue whenever she felt inclined during the week, and she still loved teasing and taunting me – except now she had some real ammunition to fire. To hear her call me ‘little one’ or ‘Pin-dick’ really had some sting it its tail now.

The only part that did change was that Kamila had introduced two new rules into our chastity play. She had obviously been giving a lot of thought to this new development in our little game, and though the two new rules that she wanted me to follow were relatively minor, they had major implications.

The first new rule was that I had to put the tube back on right after we had intercourse on Saturday night, whereas before I had not needed to put it back on until Sunday morning when I showered. So in essence I wore the tube practically seven days a week, with perhaps only two or three hours freedom at the most on Saturday nights.

The second rule was more complex, and had larger implications. Kamila was of the opinion that if I was unable to see or touch my cock until she next measured me, then it would maximize my excitement and anticipation. I pointed out to her that the only time I saw or touched it now was when I removed the tube every two or three days so I could properly clean myself in the shower, or when we made love on Saturday nights.

Kamila had a snappy solution for both situations: She proposed that henceforth she would remove the tube every three days after I had showered, and clean me herself. While she was doing this, I was to be blindfolded so that I couldn’t see my genitals. She smilingly added that she might eliminate all temptation for me to remove the blindfold by cuffing my wrists behind my back as she sponged and washed my cock and balls.

On Saturday nights the solution was similar; just prior to our sexual interlude, I would shower and then she would again unlock me and clean me whilst I was blindfolded, and then she would help me into a pair of briefs. We would then go and make love in our bedroom, but she would turn off all lighting so that the room was pitch black – meaning that I couldn’t see my cock. Kamila added that she would ensure that my hands didn’t stray down to my crotch so that I could feel myself. After our sexual romp was over, the process would be reversed; I would redress in my briefs, and Kamila would lead me back to the bathroom, blindfold me, remove my briefs, clean me once more, and refit the chastity tube.

I wryly remarked that she really had been thinking about this. She laughed and pleaded guilty. “Still,” she added. “Don’t you think that would really wind you up, Lover? Not being able to see or feel yourself for a whole month?”

I had to agree with her – it would wind me up, and add to the anticipation greatly. Plus she seemed to be very enthusiastic about the idea.

In practice, Kamila’s new rules achieved their purpose; for the next five weeks Kamila did as she said, unlocking and cleaning me herself – both after I showered, and before we had intercourse – and I didn’t see my cock at all. This was a weird turn on in itself.

The last Saturday of April arrived. We spent the evening with Kamila’s sister, Mahera, and her boyfriend Paul at their apartment. Upon our arrival home, I immediately showered, and Kamila then came into the bathroom, blindfolded me, and unlocked the tube and sponged my cock and balls clean. Naturally I became aroused as Kamila applied the warm, wet sponge to my cock and balls, and I could feel myself becoming hard. Kamila chuckled softly, and reminded me not to remove the blindfold. She then dried me and helped me into a pair of briefs.

I found I was tingling with a sense of breathless anticipation as Kamila led me to the bedroom. By her bedside table rested the wooden ruler. Kamila smiled at me and requested that I lay down on the bed.

“Ready, Lover? We will see if it’s really is the toy that’s shrinking that little cock of yours. Close your eyes, and keep them closed until I tell you to open them.”

My eyelids fluttered shut, and I felt Kamila tugging my briefs down. I uttered a soft moan of pleasure as Kamila’s warm fingers curled around my already semi-hard shaft. Within moments it was further rising to her ministrations.

“Up he comes…” Kamila whispered. I leaned my head back as her touch sent tendrils of pleasure rippling through me. I was totally hard within 30 seconds, and I discovered I was trembling slightly. Kamila noticed this and giggled softly.

“A little excited, huh Lover?” she asked playfully. “Well, time to measure you, Honey!”

Her warm hand released my hard shaft, and I felt her slide the cool ruler along the upper side of my cock. For what seemed like an eternity she was silent. Then she let out a soft chuckle.

“Umm, Honey?” she began, “You are the proud owner of a cock that now measures exactly… five and a half inches…Open your eyes, and take a look for yourself.”

She giggled as my eyes sprang open, and I felt my pulse skyrocket. I could feel a trickle of pre-cum oozing from the tip of my cock.

“Oh my God!” I breathed, “So I am shorter than last time you measured me?”

“That you certainly are, Lover! You have lost another quarter inch in five weeks. Or, in other words, you have now lost over an inch since last August. Take a look.”

I glanced down. Sure enough, the tip of my cock just reached the five and a half-inch mark on the ruler! It even looked shorter and narrower to my inflamed gaze. An almost palpable wave of perverse pleasure, eroticism and dread streaked through me! I couldn’t speak. Kamila smiled softly as she noted my reaction.

“And now Lover?” she began, “It’s time for your reward for being such a good little boy…”

She tossed the ruler to the floor, slid down on the bed, and parted her smooth, shapely legs invitingly. Her eyes met mine.

“Fuck me,” she said, “Fuck me with that little cock… that shrinking little excuse for a cock…”

My legs felt like jelly and my stomach did flip-flops as I hastened to mount her. She quickly guided me to the entrance of her delicious slit. Her pussy encased me like molten honey as my cock slid inside. I moaned loudly as her legs locked over my hips.

She looked up at me, and gave me a soft smile. “I hope you make the most of it, Lover. Next month that little pecker of yours will probably be even tinier…” She giggled softly, her voice dripping with naughtiness, eyes aglow with happiness.

I gasped. “You want me to keep wearing the tube? To get even shorter?”

“Yes – I do!” Kamila replied huskily. “Now, are you going to fuck me with that shrivelling little dick, or do I have to find a REAL man to do it for you?”

“Oh my God!” I blurted. My cock throbbed delightedly inside her, almost as if it relished Kamila’s lurid taunting.

Kamila ran her nails lightly over my back. “You know what, Lover?” she cooed, “I can actually feel the difference now. Not only are you shorter, but your aren’t as thick, either… Does that excite you, Needle-dick?”

“Yes! Jesus, yes!” I croaked.

“I bet I don’t feel as tight as usual, do I?” Kamila snickered as she looked straight into me.

“No! You don’t feel tight! Oh, fuck! You aren’t as tight!”

Kamila giggled wickedly. “Well, that’s not my fault – it’s yours. Your little cock is smaller than ever, so of course I’m not gonna be tight for you anymore! And with each month that passes, I am gonna be less and less tight as that puny little dick of your shrinks more and more. But that’s okay, isn’t it?”

“Yes!” I howled. I felt another almost sympathetic wave of masochistic excitement ripple through me. “I want my cock to get smaller and smaller!” I could scarcely believe my own words!

“Do you now?” Kamila asked, raising an eyebrow. “Well, I will make sure it does get smaller and smaller, Bug-fucker! I might even keep you wearing that fucking toy for so long that I can’t feel you inside me at all! How would that be? If your cock gets so tiny that you can;t even fuck me properly anymore?”

“Jesus, do it! DO IT!” My voice was almost a thin wail of desperation.

Kamila looked up into my face, and grinned wolfishly. “Oh, I will do it, Needle-dick! And once that happens? If that tiny, pathetic little excuse for a cock of yours gets too small? Then, I will bring another one of MY fantasies to life! I will find myself a lover, and let him fuck me! I will even let him fuck me in front of you so that you can see how a REAL man with a REAL cock fucks a woman! You won’t just be a bug-fucker , you will also be a cuckolded bug-fucker! But I suppose that’s okay too, isn’t it?” This was the first time Kamila openly admitted that it was her fantasy we were living.

In reply? My semen exploded inside her warm, moist pussy as her last wicked giggle rang in my ears.


Later, as I lay panting in afterglow alongside her with my head resting on her chest, Kamila kissed my forehead.

“Was that hot for you, baby?” she asked gently.

“Yes,” I replied. “It was mind-blowing.”

“Tell me how it made you feel.” Kamila urged softly.

I slowly began to describe the thrilling feeling of ‘sub-space’ that overcame me when she teased and taunted me about losing length. I told her how I was relishing the sexual power she had over me, and how I felt more and more like serving and pleasing her. I spoke for maybe twenty minutes, and Kamila listened attentively to every word. After I had finished, she kissed my forehead again, and ran her fingers softly through my hair. But most of all I admitted openly that I felt that I was doing this most because clearly it was what she wanted.

“So you are still really enjoying this?” she finally asked.

“Yes,” I replied, “I am, very much. Do you want me to make another toy a bit smaller, Hun?”

I saw Kamila smile, that naughty, happy sparkle in her eyes. “Yes, make another smaller toy. You know, don’t you, that if you make a smaller toy, it’s probably going to mean that your cock will be shorter next month?

I trembled softly. “Yes. I know that, baby.”

Kamila chuckled briefly. “This is really exciting you, isn’t it?”

“Uh, huh” I replied in the affirmative. “Is it making you hot, too?” I just had to know I wasn’t imagining things.

Kamila sighed languidly, and her ample breasts swelled under my face. “Yes, it is.” she said. “Part of it is seeing how turned on it makes you, and how I can make you shake. Another part of me loves how you are letting this happen, that you are letting me do this to you. It might be a control thing, but it is turning me on knowing that I have that kind of power over your cock. And I have to admit that there’s a dark, kinky part of me that loves humiliating you. So you aren’t the only one with a wicked little fetish, Lover. Plus the thought of you having a tiny dick….. I just love it so much! You know I had always had a wicked fantasy of having a small-cocked husband who I could cuckold!”

“I know, you have said so many times!” I laughed. Knowing that I was making a fantasy of hers come true was another mental reward for me. I was sure that one day she would indeed cuckold me too. “I love you.”

“And I love you, my little man.”

To be continued…


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