The Impotence Files: Take Your Medicine, Honey: Part 8

Micky D

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The medication began taking effect within 24 hours; by Monday night I was once again effectively impotent. I had, incidentally, gotten myself another job in the building industry; with my injury now all healed, there was nothing to prevent me from getting off my ass and getting back into work. The company that I was now working for employed about sixty men, and strangely enough more than a couple of them bore a passing resemblance to Jason – young, fit and handsome.

As I drove home from work on Monday afternoon I found my mind flitting to the rather bizarre and one-sided menage-a-trois that had recently developed between Angela, Jason and myself. Watching Angela cuckold me for real far surpassed even my most carnal fantasies, and the fact that my sexy wife’s previously sacrosanct pussy was now on offer to another male seemed to sharpen my own sexuality – I felt like a teenager anticipating his first taste of real sex. Even the strange, erotic humiliation that welled through me as I remembered Angela eagerly spreading her lean, sexy legs for her young lover left a weirdly satisfying tingle in its wake. I began to realise just how powerful the reality of being truly cuckolded was – but that simply made me crave it even more. In essence, I was vicariously relishing my wife’s ostensibly furtive infidelities, and the wicked little game she had devised simply cranked up the juice.

Angela had naturally noted my return to my previously flaccid state, and as the week slowly passed she made several teasing references to Jason’s impending visit and the fact that I would have to wait until after the next weekend before I was able to ‘get a hard on’ and climax again.

As I have previously stated, I was quite unable to masturbate myself to orgasm whilst I was taking the evil medication – a fact not lost on my lecherous wife. She had playfully quipped that she could now really indulge my Tease-and-Denial fantasies; she had made it perfectly obvious that she would not masturbate me until next Sunday, and she almost seemed to be taking perverse delight in my mounting excitement and frustration as the week slowly passed. Conversely, however, her appetite for cunnilingus remained as ravenous as ever, and she had me orally please her almost nightly, and not just in the bedroom.

Saturday approached and drifted by, and almost before I knew it Sunday evening finally arrived. Angela showered and got herself ready, and we sat waiting for Jason’s phone call – me pensive and inwardly shaking, and Angela relaxed and perfectly at ease. Her cell phone warbled at about 8:15pm: Jason calling to announce his imminent arrival.

Three minutes later I found myself downstairs in the spare room, securely restrained to the office chair. Angela had previously told me that this time she herself would ensure Jason’s departure not long after their fun, so I would have no need to ‘call’ announcing my ‘return home’. This being the case, I wouldn’t need to use my cell phone, and Angela had proposed that my wrists should be cuffed behind me, with the “D” rings of the leather cuffs firmly anchored by a short piece of rope to the metal back support of the chair. I had just enough scope to lean down to sip a straw thrust into a can of soft drink on the desk, but little more.

Angela playfully stated that having my hands tied behind my back would add to my sense of anticipation and helplessness, and as it turned out she was right – but as I later discovered that she did it for another reason as well.

My wife flashed me a parting smile, and then closed and locked the door. As Angela went upstairs to await her lover, I was once again left to ponder the gym through the hidden window, and to think about what would shortly occur. I heard Jason arrive soon after, and I then breathlessly waited for the evening’s debauchery to unfold.

I didn’t have to wait long. The pair made their way down to the gym, and immediately stripped. I once again jealously admired Jason’s superb physique, and – to my fervent imagination – Angela gazed at him hungrily, her eyes raking over his lean torso and drifting down to linger on his cock, which was already swelling in apparent anticipation.

They climbed into the spa and sat closely together, making small talk and exchanging banter in the hot, swirling water for ten minutes or so. They then began to softly kiss. As I may have mentioned, my wife was a great kisser, and she eagerly gave Jason a tour de force of her skills. Their kisses gradually grew from gentle and tender, to urgent and passionate. I could see Jason cupping my wife’s wet, slippery tits, and my cock spasmed enviously as he lifted a hardening nipple to his lips and sucked it. Angela tilted her head skyward in pleasure, lifting slightly and arching her back to offer him greater access to her tender orbs. She moaned softly and gently cradled his head as he licked and suckled each nipple in turn. For some reason I found this to be almost unbearably erotic – to see my wife ardently presenting her breasts to his lips and clearly relishing him licking and sucking her nipples.

My wife then urged him to sit higher up in the spa. He promptly did so, and his large cock breached the water of the spa like a submarine periscope rising from the depths. Angela licked her lips and lowered her pretty face and took the broad, mushroom head of his cock into her mouth. I breathlessly watched as she fellated him for several minutes before she looked up at her lover and urgently suggested a more reciprocal approach. They immediately alighted from the spa and Angela quickly sheathed his large cock in a rubber. They then had intercourse as Angela lay on the spa decking, her ardent moans and exhortations accompanying the heavy slap of his wet flesh against hers.

I squirmed in my chair and panted as I watched, my balls now softly aching and the kinky little buzz dancing joyfully through my lions – especially when my wife climaxed loudly, exhorting her lover to give it to her! Jason duly did so, and their coupling quickly reached a frenzied crescendo. Angela climaxed twice more before Jason gasped that he was ‘gonna blow!’ and I watched Angela’s long, sexy legs lock around his hips as he climaxed, his cock buried to the hilt in my wife’s drenched cunt. The pair lay for several minutes, spent and panting before they languidly returned to the spa for another twenty minutes or so. Angela finally suggested that they make their way upstairs.

My wife had previously fished out an old dressing gown of mine for Jason to wear, whilst Angela wore her silky black kimono; for some reason it gave me a weird thrill to see them both dressed in just the thin material, knowing they were both naked underneath. They headed upstairs and watched TV for just over an hour or so, and I strained to hear any sounds that would indicate any further sexual activity – but apart from several brief kisses they simply chatted softly over the drone of the TV. In due course they once again returned to the gym, slipped off their gowns, and stepped back into the spa.

They again kissed and petted in the swirling water, their arousal rapidly escalating before they eventually climbed out and hurriedly made their way to the bench-press. My wife once more fellated Jason to full potency and slid a condom on his large, twitching cock. He then proceeded to fuck my wife in the doggy position as she lay on the vinyl bench, her shapely rear arched high. Angela was facing me, and I was treated to the sight of her beautiful face twisting in pleasure and ecstasy as Jason took her vigorously from behind. On several occasions Angela sent me surreptitious winks and fleeting grins through the mirror as she cuckolded me.

I again stared with fixed, unblinking eyes at this strong, handsome man taking my wife so thoroughly, and I enviously acknowledged his prowess in being able to rise to the occasion so soon after their initial coupling. I strained and wriggled in the chair, my cuffed ankles and wrists flexing as Angela’s lusty moans and cries of pleasure floated through the little speakers in front of me. My wife climaxed at least twice, and I again found that I was silently cheering her on – that I was relishing every gasp and grunt and pant and squeal. My full balls ached in almost jeering derision when Jason huskily announced his impending climax. He hooked his palms under my wife’s shoulders and slammed his hips even more powerfully against Angela’s taut, quivering buttocks, making her whole body jolt.

An incredibly lewd thought drifted through my mind; the doggy position was aptly named – because the panting, writhing duo greatly resembled a pair of dogs feverishly engaging in a heated mating frenzy.

Jason emitted another loud moan and arched his back, driving his cock deep inside my wife’s cunt and holding it there as he exploded for the second time that evening. Once more my own feeble cock throbbed in silent salute, as if vicariously enjoying its own displacement. Not to be outdone, my balls ached even more intently, as though they were petulantly resentful that their opposing counterparts out in the gym were joyfully emptying their creamy contents into my wife’s receptive pussy.

The pair lay slumped on the bench-press for a minute or so before Jason rose to his feet. I could see the bulbous end of the condom on his deflating cock bulging with his semen. Angela looked over her shoulder and noted it, too. She seemed pleasantly surprised at how full the condom was, and in fact she went so far as to compliment him on being able to ejaculate so much, seeing that he’d already climaxed once this evening. Jason’s grin had a slightly smug tinge to it, and he suavely replied that it was a natural consequence of being with such a beautiful and sexy woman.

Jason discreetly disposed of the used rubber, and the couple languidly returned to the warm water of the spa again and made idle chit-chat – Angela seeming to take a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction from her post-coital cigarette. They eventually alighted and dried themselves. Jason redressed in his clothes this time, whilst Angela slipped her kimono on. They went upstairs and had another drink before Angela eventually ushered Jason out the door at around 12:30am.

Angela promptly joined me in the spare room. She slid my chair out from under the desk, and mischievously told me that she was going to do something ‘naughty’. She then proceeded to slide my jeans and briefs down to my cuffed ankles, but left my wrists tied securely to the back of the office chair.

She looked down at me briefly, her sexy smile ripening as she contemplated both my bound and helpless state and my soft, vulnerable cock. She then absentmindedly opened her kimono, sank to her knees, and began softly stroking and tickling my flaccid member, taunting and deriding me when I naturally failed to achieve an erection. It was clear from the light, casual way that she caressed me that her intent was not to make me cum – it was instead solely to further stimulate and excite me. I suddenly realised that this was another reason that she had cuffed my hands behind my back – so that I was powerless to stop her as she explored a devious new avenue of tease and denial. I gasped as she cupped my aching balls in her warm palm, and she airily quipped how ‘full and bursting’ they felt.

She then took great satisfaction in describing how her lover’s long, hard, thick shaft had filled and even stretched her pussy, and just how many times he had made her cum. She interspersed this with taunting comments about the ‘soft little worm’ that she was currently tweaking between her fingers – meaning my cock, of course.

After about twenty minutes of what was essentially a slow lascivious torture, my level of arousal once again reached an almost incandescent state. I frantically bucked and arched in the chair, pleading with her to let me climax, but the more I implored her to let me cum, the more she simply giggled and teased me – and at one point she threatened to gag me with her discarded panties unless I stopped ‘begging’.

She eventually lowered her head and took my flaccid cock into her hot, wet mouth. She wriggled the tip of her quick tongue just under my glans, at the most sensitive location. I almost screamed in ecstasy, and bucked my hips. Angela briefly let my limp tool slip from her lips.

“Mmmmm, soft lil cock!” she drawled in her slow, sexy voice, followed by a tittering giggle. She repeated this about five times – alternatively fellating me for half a minute, and then chanting “Soft li’l cock!”, and her kinky little giggle that followed was what drove me past the brink. Orgasm screamed through my like a freight train, and I thought I would pass out from sheer pleasure and ecstasy as Angela took me fully into her mouth and sucked hard as my semen trickled forth. It was the most powerful climax I had ever experienced.

As we lay in bed an hour later, she smilingly asked if I had enjoyed the evening. I haltingly stated that it had far surpassed the previous episode in the gym, and that it had been the most erotic night of my entire life. Angela inquired if I wanted to repeat the card game, and I at once nodded my assent; there were just enough pills left for another lascivious round of the game.

Angela then suggested another wicked proviso – she proposed that next time I was bound to the office chair, I should remove all my clothes first. My wife stated that this would add another delectable little twist – me sat there totally naked as I watched Jason vigorously fucking her. Angela smilingly added that the exquisite disparity between her lover and myself would become glaringly obvious if I could peer down at my limp little pecker – and then look up and gaze out at Jason’s long, hard cock as it sank – inch by inch – into her tight, welcoming pussy.

Her lewd remarks just made me more eager to play the game yet again, and I hastily agreed to her changes. I should point out that Angela had, in fact, studied psychology during her stint at university, and I wondered how much her training in the workings of the mind had influenced her decisions in regard to my rapidly evolving kinks and cuckold fantasies. These thoughts lingered in my mind as I drifted off to sleep.


As the second round of the game commenced, I often found my thoughts drifting to the bizarre sexual situation I had almost eagerly placed myself in. Right from the start, the whole carnal situation that had developed between Angela and I had, by its very nature, inadvertently encompassed and even embraced many aspects of femdom. I had always been intrigued by the notion of total submission – sexual and otherwise – to a beautiful woman, but I had never really explored the idea. Now, however, Angela’s assertive side seemed to blossom, and her use of the leather cuffs as she blatantly cuckolded me seemed to bring my submissive side completely out of it’s shell, and Angela was both delighted and intensely inquisitive when I admitted as much to her.

She stated that although she could never see herself as a fully-fledged ‘Domme’, she did get a huge kick from being able to sexually tease and control me – especially using my own powerful desire to be cuckolded as a catalyst to ignite my deepest and most carnal passions. She coyly added that she loved the new sense of freedom and power that being able to openly bed another man gave her – particularly when she thought of me helplessly watching her do so. In fact she said: “Knowing you’re sat there – panting and shaking and so desperate to fuck me – as I suck Jason’s cock almost makes me cream.”

I did note, however, that she seemed to luxuriate in playing the Domme, and more than once I found her idly trawling femdom web sites. Her demeanor slowly shifted into a more assertive mode, and I wondered if certain aspects of femdom appealed to her more than she admitted.

I actually found myself relishing her changing attitude, and I often fantasized about how sizzling it would be to become even more submissive to her. Angela seemed to sense my growing excitement, and this simply accelerated the process; for example, as the second round of the game progressed, I found that Angela had ceased asking for cunnilingus – instead, she would demand it. I lapped up her newly acquired imperious nature with the same fervor as I lapped up her insatiable pussy.

Of course, eating her delicious slit simply heightened my own ardor, and Angela would often smilingly offer me intercourse afterward – pointing out that if I did so, then I risked getting the dreaded pair of cards that would trigger both her next coupling with her lover, and also a week’s worth of enforced impotence for myself.

Like any hot, horny man being offered a warm, juicy pussy, I naturally took the risk whenever Angela gave me the opportunity.

I duly drew another pair of cards a six days later after a torrid, if brief, lovemaking session. Ten minutes later, Angela sent me out to retrieve a glass of water and the plastic bottle that contained the evil medication.

Smiling her sweet smile, Angela popped the first pill into my mouth, casually adding that she herself would administer it to me for the next six days so that I wouldn’t be tempted to ‘cheat’. The next morning she called Jason and issued an invitation to hook up a week later while I was ‘interstate’ again. He quickly accepted, and the pair made arrangements for him to arrive at about 8:30pm next Sunday night.

The week drifted slowly past. My eager tongue was often a guest between Angela’s parted thighs in the interim, and her loud orgasmic moans again floated over me like lecherous taunts, strongly emphasizing my own inability to climax, or even become erect. As Sunday night approached, I discovered that I was looking forward to it with fluttering anticipation

On Sunday evening Angela again showered early, and she then added to my growing angst by asking me to shave her legs. It was all I could do to stop my hands from shaking as I dutifully barbered her long, sexy legs. She then parted her thighs and told me to repeat the process on the pubic thatch and pussy. My wife serenely smiled down at me as I trimmed her thin bikini line and finally shaved her cunt smooth. Although no words were exchanged, the latent message in her mute gaze was obvious – You’re shaving me smooth for my lover to enjoy!

My excitement was further stimulated when my wife donned a new dress, which I hadn’t seen until now – a sheer red number remarkably similar to the come-fuck-me dress that seemed to haunt my lascivious dreams. The hemline was a scant few inches below her pubic region, and the neckline plunged to reveal a more than generous glimpse of cleavage.

Angela, in fact, noted my hungry gaze as I gawked at her. “I picked this up on Friday night,” she told me. “Is it like the dress you dreamed about?”

I shakily told her it was, and my wife’s sexy smile slithered over her face. She playfully modeled the new dress for me, and it was obvious that she was naked underneath – I could see no hint of a panty line, and the swell of her delicious breasts stretched the thin red material. I could easily make out her nipples pressing sharply outwards, as though eager to assert their presence. She looked almost unbelievably sexy, and she again smiled at my rapt gaze before ushering me out into the lounge room.

About an hour later Angela’s cell phone cheerfully warbled, and my pulse quickened as I realised it was Jason calling to let Angela know he would be arriving shortly. Several minutes later, I was once more ensconced in the spare room, bound to the chair – naked this time. Jason duly arrived, and I helplessly watched as the events of two weeks ago repeated themselves.

With my wrists cuffed behind the chair again, I had just enough movement to be able to lean down and sip from a couple of open soft drink cans that my wife had placed on the desk, the straws poking firmly skyward in what was almost a mockery of my flaccid state.

Angela had forewarned me that she was going to do something especially ‘evil and kinky’ tonight, and I soon found out what it was. After she and Jason had fucked on the spa decking and taken a subsequent dip in the hot, swirling water, Angela once again suggested that they retire upstairs. They dressed in their gowns and made their way up into the lounge room above me.

Whilst she and Jason ensconced themselves on the leather couch, I naturally listened intently to what was going on as the pair sat watching TV. After about an hour I became aware that they had stopped talking and the sound of fervent kissing asserted itself over the soft hum of the TV. Shortly the wet smack of their kisses grew into soft sighs and moans, quickly followed by urgent pants and gasps. The noises abruptly ceased, and I heard muted whispers, and then I heard the soft crinkle of plastic – a condom wrapper; Angela must have slipped the packet of rubbers into her kimono before they went upstairs.

All I could hear for half a minute or so was the drone of the TV, and then Angela uttered a sharp gasp, and said: “Fuck me!” A few moments later the little speakers in front of me relayed the rhythmic, fleshy slap of Jason’s hips against my wife’s thighs. It was incredibly arousing to hear the sounds of their passion, but not be able to see what they were doing – but I could vividly picture my naked wife sprawled on the leather couch, her thin kimono contemptuously discarded on the floor, her long, sexy legs pulled sharply upward and spread wide to accommodate her lover as he eagerly mounted her.

“Fuck me!” Angela repeated, her passion amply evident even through the little speakers. She moaned as Jason apparently obliged her, and she added: “Christ, I love your cock!”

I sat sweating and trembling for about fifteen minutes as the pair apparently fucked in several positions. The couch occasionally groaned and creaked in protest at their fervent exertions. Angela, possibly knowing I was listening in, went out of her way to express the pleasure that his large cock was bringing her; her squeals and pants burst from the speakers in front of me almost constantly, and she climaxed at least three times from what I could hear. She also went out of her way to praise her lover’s skills, again loudly telling him that he fucked her ‘so much better than Michael!’.

Their coupling eventually reached its ultimate conclusion, and Jason gave a groan of satisfaction as he apparently climaxed. Their pants subsided, and my wife duly arose to get them another drink. They then began chatting and giggling softly, and I feverishly wondered if my wife was still naked as she lazed on the couch beside him. I sat waiting for almost another hour until they finally returned downstairs so that Jason could redress himself prior to leaving.

When Jason left – at just before 1:00am this time – Angela once more joined me in the spare room. She was clad in just her black kimono, and I gazed hungrily at her smooth, sexy legs as she stood smiling down at me. She pulled the chair out on its castors and rotated me to face her, but again leaving my ankles and wrists securely cuffed to the chair.

She then sank to her knees and tickled and caressed my limp cock, teasing and tormenting me with another lewd and explicit narrative. She said that it had made her so hot when she fucked him upstairs, knowing that I was sitting here unable to see, but being able to hear every moan and gasp, and she added that she knew that it would ‘make my soft, useless little cock tingle’.

She grinned up at me, tilting her head in thought. She suddenly rose to her feet and let her kimono slide to the floor, and pushed the chair on which I was bound back under the desk. She cleared the soft drink cans from the desk, and then turned and seized the pillow on the single bed behind me and placed it on the desktop. She then slid herself up onto the desk, propping her shapely bare rump on the pillow and maneuvering herself until she was sitting naked directly in front of me. She leaned back on her hands and parted her thighs, lifting her legs and resting them on my shoulders. Her moist cunt opened before me like a steamy tropical flower ready to pollinate. Angela’s limpid gaze drifted suggestively from my face down to her crotch.

“Yeah, my lil Cuckie,” she playfully intoned. “You know what I want – so get your eager little tongue down there and start licking me. Lick your Slut-wife’s naughty little pussy! I want you to taste just how wet Jason’s big, hard cock has made me!”

I shakingly lowered my face to her crotch and slid my tongue eagerly into her moist slit. As I fervently slurped and sucked her syrupy sex, my wife hummed her approval. I felt my cock tingle as I pressed my tongue deeper inside, licking the velvety walls of her cunt.

“Mmmmm, that’s it, Cuckie,” she drawled softly. “Lick it nice and deep. Lick the cunt that only an hour ago had a long, hard cock deep inside it! Does it make you hot to think how Jason’s big, thick cock was exactly where your hungry little tongue is right now, honey? It’s too bad I can’t make you lick me while Jason’s actually fucking me, hmm? Or – even better – I’d make you lick my asshole as his juicy cock rams into me again and again! Wouldn’t that be kinky, my flaccid little man? If I made you rim me as Jason fucked me!” Angela tilted her head back and uttered a low giggle. “I think that would drive me wild, Cuckie – feeling Jason’s hot cock slamming into me as you licked my asshole – using you just to give me more pleasure!”

I uttered a stifled moan and drove my eager tongue inside her even deeper. The impious little buzz was trilling through me so strongly that it was almost making me vibrate.

“In fact,” Angela added, raising her hips from the pillow and tilting her pelvis slightly upward. “Get your tongue down to my asshole right now! Slide it down… that’s it… lick it, Cuckie… lick it! Mmm, yeah! That’s better!… flatten it, and lick… harder… harder!… ooh, yeah!… just like THAT!” She slid her hand down to her pussy and her fingers began rapidly tweaking her erect button. “Mmm, that feels soooo good, Cuckie… now tongue-fuck me… slide it into my asshole as I play with my clit… tongue-fuck my asshole until I cum!”

I did just that; I eased my wet tongue into her asshole, and began thrusting it desperately in and out. Angela moaned her appreciation, and she stroked her clit even faster. I could feel her buttocks and thighs trembling as orgasm rapidly approached her. Her pursed rosette suddenly clenched my probing tongue, and she gave a sharp gasp, and wailed a lascivious, almost pleading mantra: “Lick my ass!… Lick my ass!… Lick my ass!… Lick my ass!”

I almost frantically did as she asked, flattening my tongue and rapidly grinding it against that most intimate part of her as she began to climax. I could actually feel the pulse of her orgasm ripple through her nether regions, her asshole gleefully puckering in time with her powerful internal contractions as if it was relishing the warm, wet rasp of my tongue. Her already damp cunt seethed anew with her cream, and I could feel a long, thick stream of if cascading over my nose and lips.

She emitted a final satisfied grunt, and slumped back onto the desk, her smooth legs dangling on either side of me.

She giggled breathlessly. “Was that good for you, too, my little Cuckie? Did I ever tell you how much I love it when you lick me there?” Angela stifled a soft titter. “And I can tell that you like it too, little one! Do you like licking my asshole, Michael?”

“Yes!” I gasped.

My wife grinned down into my upturned face. “Good. Now lick me clean, lover.”

I hastily did as she asked, lapping and slurping up her delicious feminine secretions from her asshole and pussy. All the while she gazed down at me through glazed eyes from her perch, softly running her fingers through my hair.

“Now suck it, lover,” she instructed. “Clean me… suck every drop from my pussy.”

I quickly obliged, pressing my lips firmly to her labia, and applying a gentle suction; her feminine juices welled out and soon added to the growing pool in my stomach. I continued my oral ministrations for three or four minutes until Angela finally sat upright with another satisfied grunt.

“Ready for your reward, my little ass-licker?” she lewdly asked.

“Jesus, yes!” I almost shrieked.

My wife dropped to the floor and slid the chair out from under the desk. She sank to her knees, and for the next five minutes Angela alternately sucked and stroked my flaccid little cock, once more mocking and teasing me about how a ‘real’ man had just had her, and how much she loved making me lick her after Jason had just ‘fucked her ass off”.

She looked up at me and licked her lips. Her finger had zeroed in on that ultra-sensitive spot just underneath my glans. “Oh! Jason mentioned that he has to get his regular medical next week, lover. He said he’ll be get screened for sexually transmitted diseases as part of the check-up.” Angela grinned. “Soooo, he said that he’ll show me the results, but he’s sure he’ll get a clean bill of health, Cuckie.”

In a flash I realised where she was going, and climax literally tore a path to my groin. I moaned and bucked in the chair.

“Yesss…” my wife drawled, “You know what that means, don’t you? If he’s all clear, then there’s no reason why he can’t take me bareback, is there, my little lover? Just imagine the next time you watch him fuck me, and you see his full, heavy balls tighten, you’ll know that his hot, thick cum is going to explode inside me! I’ll make sure that his cock is buried in me when he cums so you can see his cock pumping and throbbing, and you’ll know at that very second he’s blowing his hot, creamy load right inside my pussy! Will that make you hot, Cuckie?

“Yeah! YEAH!” I wailed. My back arched again as climax slowly began bursting inside me.

“And of course,” my wicked wife continued. “I’ll have to let you see his cum trickling out of my pussy. Imagine sitting there and having to watch his sperm leaking from my hot, used cunt, baby!” Angela’s green eyes bored into mine. “And later on, I’ll get you to lick me clean – just like you did just now – and you’ll suck every single drop of his cream and mine from my hot, wet, juicy cunt, won’t you?” Her voice lashed me in a commanding bark “Won’t you, you short-dicked little CUNT SUCKER!”

“YESSSS!” I screamed.

The room tilted, and time stood still as I rocketed upwards, orgasm tearing through me like a thunderclap.


As we later lay in bed in the early hours, she again smilingly asked if I had enjoyed the evening. I told her that I did, and ruefully added that now that the supply of pills was spent it would be difficult to play her wicked little game anymore.

Angela simply smiled.


The next evening after she got home from work she placed a large white plastic bottle on the table in front of me.

“What’s that?” I asked, gazing down at it.

“A good supply of your medication, lover.” my wife replied.

I had, of course, forgotten that Angela worked for the company who distributed the evil little pills. She had called in a favor and arranged for a supervisor in the warehouse to purloin a whole box for her; the ‘missing’ box would simply be assigned to the ‘damaged goods’ register, and that was that.

Angela had once told me that this kind of thing happened a lot, and as long as the losses were small, and no schedule eight drugs – the opiates and narcotics – went missing, the company simply turned a mostly blind eye to the petty thievery.

I opened the screw cap on the bottle and peered inside; it was full almost to the brim with the innocuous little pills.

“Jesus!” I grunted. “How many are there?”

“Twenty pills in each packet, and twenty-four packets in a whole box – you do the math, lover.” She winked.

“Four hundred and eighty?” I gasped.

My wife smiled softly. “Uh-huh. That should be enough for us to keep playing our little game, hmm, honey?”

I simply nodded and did some more mental arithmetic; each time we played the game I used six pills. At that rate, there was enough medication for eighty rounds of Angela’s wicked little game. I stifled a gasp, but my cock twitched its lecherous approval. Angela slid over to me and kissed me. Her playful tongue wriggled between my lips.

“So, my baby,” she intoned softly, breaking the kiss. “Shall we start another round of the game?”

How could I say no?


For the next three months Angela and I carried on with our lecherous little game, and on average Jason visited Angela while I was “interstate’ twice each month. Jason did, in fact, show Angela his medical clearance, and as she promised the next time I watched the pair fucking, Jason took my wife unprotected. To witness him climaxing bareback inside her nearly made me swoon. Also, as Angela had promised, she demanded that I lick her moist cunt dry of their combined juices almost as soon as her lover departed.

Angela’s general demeanor also went through some further changes. Her work skirts got about two inches shorter, and she also bought a whole new range of skimpy panties – tossing out her staid white undergarments that she usually wore under her work attire. She also bought a pair of long black stiletto-heeled boots, which she often wore to work. Just looking at her sexy legs encased in the boots could make my mouth go dry.

She also began making playful use of the wrist and ankle cuffs outside of the spare room. She would shackle my wrists behind my back, and then get me to orally serve her as she sat in an armchair – and not just cunnilingus. She especially relished having her toes sucked, and she would often have me to do this for over an hour as she leaned back and closed her eyes, her face clouded in soft pleasure.

On one particular evening, Angela was sprawled on one of the armchairs and I was kneeling in front of her, licking and sucking her slender toes with my wrists cuffed behind me. I had ‘lost’ another round of the game and had been taking the evil little pills for the past three days – meaning I was again effectively impotent. Angela had arranged for Jason to join her on the forthcoming Sunday, and as I suckled her toes she gently teased me about his impending visit. She suddenly looked down with a mischievous grin and told me to remain quiet. She picked up her mobile phone and called Jason.

She told him that I had ‘popped out’ for a few hours, so she decided to give him a call and see if he was free to chat. He apparently was, and I kept sucking her toes as the pair chatted, and my pulse raced as their talk slowly became amorous. Angela teasingly asked her lover if he was looking forward to coming over on the weekend and giving her a good seeing-to. She then softly inquired if he’d like to hear her play with herself. He obviously assented, because my wife duly hiked up her skirt and slid her nimble fingers into her panties, silently motioning to me to continue sucking her toes.

She then sent me a teasing smile and continued talking into the phone. She began fingering herself, and relaying her actions to Jason. She would say things like: “Mmm, yeah baby – I’m getting soooo wettt!” and “Mmm-hmm, sexy – my button’s nice and hard for you!” I shakingly licked and sucked her toes with greater fervor as she became more aroused; she began panting, telling Jason how she wished that she had his big, hard cock in her right now.

I couldn’t hear what Jason was telling her, but it was obvious he was playing the game and telling her all the right things, because she started gasping comments like: “Oooh, YEAH! I’d love that!”, and “Would you do that until you made me cum, sexy?”, and “You know I’d let you fuck me any way you want!”.

Her legs were soon trembling, and her toes began curling in my mouth. She pressed the mobile phone even closer to her ear and closed her eyes. The moist sound of her fingers rapidly stroking her clit underscored her urgent pants and gasps, and she suddenly arched her back, and cried out to her lover: “Oh, Jason! Yeah! FUCK ME! FUCK ME, JASON! I’m CUMMING! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Her legs shook violently as she climaxed, and I had to move my head rapidly in order to keep her fully curled toes in my mouth.

As she recovered, I continued sliding my eager tongue between her toes; the pair chatted for several minutes before she blew him a kiss and rang off. Angela’s contented gaze slid down to me, and she smiled and pulled her damp toes from my lips, lifted her sexy rump from the chair, and eased her panties down her long legs. She tossed the moist panties aside and slowly spread her thighs and uttered a satisfied giggle. “Now, my little lover? Lick my pussy clean.”

And – of course – I quickly complied.


  • Fantastic story. Keeps me intensely hard as a read and dream of having those evil pills

  • Paul

    From an impotent mans point of view quite accurate I love how you started to move into the humiliation and fem Dom genres she seeing it as fulfilling his fantasy but then turning into her full control
    His erections no longer full and suffering from premature ejaculation and then involved in cleaning her lovers cum from her cunt as a cleanup submissive
    it could get so much better/worse for him if the story progressed
    My life is different in that I can only gain any semblance of an erection with tablets so I am very rarely a REAL man just an impotent loser who when semi hard suffers from extreme premature ejaculation
    so his tablets have given him my reality
    but what is truely accurate and obviously researched is his ability to orgasm when flaccid a lot of people think this isn’t possible trust me it is and for impotent men often their only way of sexual release however for me even though I need this release afterwards I feel even less of a man and the humiliation is even more apparent and intense
    Great storyline thanks !!


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