The Impotence Files: Take Your Medicine, Honey: Part 9

Micky D

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As you may perhaps understand, my mind was not entirely on my work on Tuesday. I was stuck in the office today, and I frequently glanced at the clock as it made its sluggish journey towards 11:00am. I toyed with the idea of calling Angela at home, but I knew that she would be unable to resist playfully teasing me about Jason’s impending visit, and I was frisky enough as it was: the way I felt, even the crack of dawn wouldn’t be safe. As the eleven o’clock news warbled by on the radio, my imagination gave itself unlimited reign. In my mind’s eye, I pictured my sexy wife answering Jason’s knock at the front door – and giggling her soft, sexy giggle as she led her young lover into our house, and then into our bedroom, and finally into the yawning gap between her parted, hungry thighs.

The day trickled by, and my feverish imagination regularly drifted homeward, conjuring up a bevy of lascivious possibilities. My cock became a frequent distraction as it alternatively rose and fell like some frisky oil pump in the Texas countryside. I was still unable to achieve a totally hard and full erection – but this simply played into my wife’s lecherous hands. After our brief coupling last night, Angela had made several offhand comments about how bendable and squashy my shaft had felt inside her, knowing that her remarks would simply arouse me even further. She had even coined a new tongue-in-cheek name for it – Three-four – meaning that I could only reach three-quarter hardness. To hear her playfully deride my penis in such a way simply added to the kinky eroticism of what we were doing.

At just before 5:00pm, I eagerly climbed into the car and headed home.

Angela greeted me with a warm, passionate kiss when I arrived. We made small talk for a minute or two as she stirred bubbling pots on the stove, wisps of steam arising from them as though they were witch’s cauldrons. I subconsciously checked to see that she wasn’t preparing tacos.

This evening she was dressed in a white tee shirt, which was tucked into a faded denim skirt. I noted that her legs were freshly shaven, and my gaze flickered over them for a few seconds. Angela caught my stare, and I’m sure she could sense my fluttering arousal. She grinned softly and retrieved a slip of paper from on top of the fridge. She silently handed it to me: the quote from Jason for the new rockery.

“So Jason made it here today, then?” I inquired lightly, absentmindedly glancing at the scrawled quote. My brow abruptly furrowed when I saw the estimated cost for the new rockery at the base of the page. I focused my gaze to make sure my eyes were reading the number of zeros correctly. I was. No wonder landscape gardeners all drove fucking Beemers or Mercs! Maybe I should change professions. I wryly remarked to Angela that her fuck-buddy was apparently not satisfied with screwing my wife – he was attempting to do the same to my goddamned wallet.

Angela tilted her face skyward and brayed with laughter, and she embraced me. “Now, that’s funny!” she chuckled. “No wonder I love you so much!”

I sent her a grin, and uttered a mock gasp of pain – “Eeeeh!” – and flung the quote down as if it burnt my fingers, and my wife guffawed again. I looked at her, and I was suddenly realised just what a beautiful and sexy lady she was. She peered into a saucepan as though unsure what lurked within, and – apparently satisfied – she clamped a lid on its seething contents and then ushered me to the lounge room. We seated ourselves on the couch, and all humorous thoughts dissipated from me as I contemplated her gorgeous legs; I fleetingly wondered if they’d been spread to more than a ninety-degree angle today. My lewd thoughts were rudely interrupted – on the stovetop behind us, I could have sworn a pot farted. I suddenly wondered what the hell was for dinner.

“So – did Jason stay long today?” I asked in what I thought was smooth nonchalance, stoically ignoring the flatulent saucepan.

My wife tossed her long blonde tresses to one side and cut me off at the knees. “Are you asking if he took me to bed, lover?”

I swallowed and deflated. “I guess I am.”

Before she even replied, the appearance of a sultry smile on her face told me everything. “Yes, honey – he did,” she softly replied. “I hope that’s okay with you?”

I took a long, shaking breath. “Yeah – you know it’s okay,” I replied in a tight voice. My heart raced, and I could feel my cock stirring in my trousers, like a puppy ready for a frolicsome game.

My wife tilted her head sideways and gazed at me. “Does that make you hot, honey?” she asked, a playful tone coloring her voice. “To know that I was letting him have me while you were at work?”

“Uh-huh!” I confirmed almost enthusiastically. The wicked little buzz screeched into life as my cock began to gleefully harden – or harden three-fourths, as Angela might have said. “How many times?”

Angela’s smile broadened. “Just once, honey,” she said, and then added: “But it kinda lasted a while…”

I swallowed and took the bait. “How long?”

“Ummm – almost an hour or so,” Angela confirmed. Her eyes glittered. “That’s okay, isn’t it, baby?”

“Jesus Christ, yes!” I muttered excitedly. A tinge of exquisite humiliation fluttered through me as the disparity between Jason’s ardent stamina and my own recent feeble efforts in the sack struck me like a blow. I could barely last a minute, whilst Angela’s virile lover could go nearly a whole hour!

“Jason was a bit frisky when he arrived, honey,” my wife continued. “So we were kinda naughty – we went to bed before he’d even looked at the garden.” Her eyes darted to my face and she uttered a brief giggle. “But later on he had a look in the garden and we talked about getting the rockery done.”

“Did you talk about anything else?” I prompted. My stomach fluttered in anticipation.

Angela sent me a shrewd look, instantly comprehending the thrust of my question. “Do you mean did we talk about him and I openly hooking up?” Angela knowingly inquired.

I nodded. The pot burped petulantly behind us, as though it was pissed at us for ignoring it. I made a mental note to check Angela’s cookbook.

My wife smiled softly. “As a matter of fact, we did, lover. I asked him if he wanted to take me out to dinner this coming Friday, and then maybe go see a movie or something.” Angela’s eyes flickered to my face. “He said that he’d love to – so he’s going to come here Friday evening to pick me up. Is that okay too, baby?”

“Jesus – yes!” I replied huskily. I could feel my cock pressing pliantly against the front of my trousers.

Angela studied my face for a few seconds, and her own expression then took on a salacious lilt. “So – here is the situation: As far as Jason is concerned, he thinks that you’ve just agreed to let me discreetly ‘play’ – and, of course, he’s totally unaware that you already know about him coming over when you were ‘interstate’. He’s kinda nervous about meeting you, so we’ll just take things slowly until he gets accustomed to the idea. When he comes here to pick me up, just act like everything’s cool, okay? He won’t be here long anyway, and I’m sure that you’ll know what to do.”

I simply nodded. For a moment the surreal nature of our conversation washed over me as I realised my quick nod had just cleared the path for Angela to begin openly cuckolding me. I momentarily felt like pinching myself; just a few hours previously, my wife had slept with her lover – in our marital bed – and now here I was giving her the all-clear to not only continue with her dalliances, but giving them my tacit endorsement. I briefly wondered about the term being a slave to one’s passions. It struck me that I was certainly becoming a slave to mine – and relishing every second of it.

Angela candidly pondered me for a few moments. “So, honey – I guess we’ve started our new game, hmm?”

“I guess so,” I answered softly. The buzz seemed to give a wild screech of victory. My stomach fluttered again, and my cock joined in – giving several impatient throbs.

“I think the new game will be a lot of fun, lover,” Angela playfully intoned. Her gaze swept over me once more, and her eyes crinkled mischievously when she noted the slight tent in my trousers. “Ahh! I see Three-four is up! Getting a bit frisky, my little Cuckie?”

“Christ, yes!” I panted, her use of my new nickname just adding to my excitement.

My wife crossed her sexy legs on the couch beside me; her denim skirt rode up an inch or two, and my gaze was virtually pulled downwards as her soft inner thigh came into view. My wife smiled. “Just think how hot you’ll be Friday night when I’m out with Jason, honey – waiting for me to get home…”

I reached down and placed my hand on her warm thigh and began sliding it up under her skirt. Angela instantly seized my wrist and hoisted my probing fingers off her smooth, soft leg.

“Ut-ahh!” she playfully admonished, shaking her head. “You’re forgetting that the game has started, lover – and you know the new rules: None for you!”

I uttered a frustrated groan. Angela glanced down at the swelling in my trousers and a fleeting grin passed over her face. The pot on the stove behind us had passed through its flatulent stage – it was instead now whistling in agony like a boiling lobster. I glanced uncertainly at Angela.

“That reminds me,” she began, ignoring both my bewildered stare and the painful whistle emanating from the tortured contents of the saucepan. “Seeing how I was such a naughty girl with Jason today, you had better go and get the cards so you can pick one, lover,” Her smile almost became a leer. “And get one of your pills, too – if we’re playing the game, we’d better do it by the rules, hmm?”

I swallowed. I realised that once I started taking the medication I would again be rendered completely impotent and unable to climax, except with Angela’s help – which would not be forthcoming this time. That deliciously submissive wave danced through me again. I looked at her and asked: “Are you going to let me cum before the pills kick in?”

“Nope,” my wife replied at once. “I’m certainly not. You wanna play the game? Then like I just said – we play it by the rules – and last night was your final chance until we finish the game, my lil lover!” Angela’s tilted her head. “Now go and get the cards and your little pill. It’s time to take your medicine, honey!”

I gulped again, and arose on weak legs to do as she asked. My pliant erection had reluctantly started to deflate, but it remained semi-hard, like an enthusiastic but sidelined team member who was keen to leap into the contest should the summons arrive. I returned with the pack of cards and one of the pills. In the meantime Angela had retrieved a glass of water from the kitchen, and she watched with a half smile as I placed the pill on my tongue and swallowed it with a mouthful of water. The pot plaintively fluted behind me, as though in reproachful disapproval.

Angela then shuffled the cards and held them out to me. I picked the Queen of Hearts. It would later go into my bedside drawer – the first of what would more than likely be at least half a dozen more. My cock twitched again when I thought of how I would earn those cards – one at a time, sitting impotently by as another man’s cock regularly explored and enjoyed the warm, clinging confines of my wife’s pussy.

My lewd thoughts were distracted yet again as the pot suddenly uttered a vibrant, gurgling moan – like a death rattle. “Jesus fuck,” I finally grunted to Angela. “What the hell’s in that fucking pot?”

“Huh?” My wife looked askance at me. “Oh! Something new I’m trying.” I peered uncertainly out into the kitchen, half expecting to see the contents of the pot attempting to flee. I shrugged.

Angela shortly served dinner. As we ate I asked her if she’d made any mention of the kinky game that we were playing to Jason.

My wife shook her head. “Absolutely not – that’s our little secret, lover. Jason has no need to know about that, or about anything else we’ve done, for that matter. All he knows is that you’ve decided to let me ‘play’ a little – and for now that’s perfectly adequate.”

After we’d washed and dried the dishes, we returned to the lounge room and sank onto the couch. We listened to the rain tinkling on the roof, and Angela promptly served me an added treat – one that required her to firstly remove her panties, rapidly followed by me sinking to my knees in front of her and pressing my face firmly to the apex of her naked thighs. It was a dessert I’d always relished – now more so than ever.

By the next morning, my cock was again unresponsive and limp.

The pills had kicked in, and the new game had begun in earnest.


Friday evening duly arrived. In preparation for her dinner date with Jason, Angela had showered early and blow-dried her blonde tresses into soft undulating waves. It was now the middle of winter, and despite the cool weather my wife dressed in a shortish skirt under which she wore black stockings and suspenders. I suspected that she wore the sizzling hosiery just as much to tease me as she did to please and impress Jason. Three-inch heels accentuated her shapely legs. I glanced appreciatively at her as we sat down in the lounge room to await her lover’s arrival

As we waited, apprehension began wafting through me. Angela sensed my unease, and did her best to reassure me by keeping the chatter going.

At just before 6:30pm we heard the soft purr of a car engine pull into the driveway. Angela rose and peeked out the front window.

“Jason’s here,” she said over her shoulder. She turned to face me. “Just play it cool, okay baby?”

I shakily nodded. Heavy footfalls clunked up the front steps, followed by a tremulous knock at the door.

Angela strode over and opened the door. Jason’s tall outline filled the doorframe.

“Hi!” Angela greeted him in a smooth voice.

“Hi Angela,” Jason replied.

“Come in for a minute,” my wife said, ushering him inside. I shakily rose to my feet. My mouth felt dry.

Angela did the introductions, and I finally shook the hand of the man who had been banging my hot, sexy wife for the last four months or so. He seemed to be just as apprehensive as I was, and I wondered if his stomach was fluttering as hard as mine.

Angela kept the conversation flowing, and we chatted for a few minutes about the quote for the new rockery before my wife ostentatiously glanced at her wristwatch.

“We’d better head off,” she told Jason. He seemed relieved as my wife plucked her handbag from the coffee table. She then stepped towards me and gave me a peck on the cheek.

“I’ll see you when I get home, sweetie.” she told me. My heart gave another hard thump.

Jason again extended his hand. “Nice to meet you, Michael.”

I shook his hand once more and mumbled: “Good to meet you too, Jason.”

Without further ado my wife ushered her young lover to the front door. It was now raining lightly, and Angela turned to me one final time and sent me a sexy smile and winked before she pulled the door closed behind them, chirping a final “Bye!” to me. I heard them laughing about the rain as they made their way down to his car.

My pulse was still racing as the full impact of what was occurring washed over me like a heady, lascivious comber. I let out a heavy breath, expelling some of the tension inside me as Jason’s car reversed down the driveway and drove off.

I settled down – as best I could – to await the return of my wife.


I heard the rumbling purr of Jason’s car as it pulled into the driveway at just before midnight. A few minutes passed before I realised that my wife and her lover were not stirring from Jason’s parked car. My stomach fluttered again as I wondered what they were doing. The minutes drifted past.

It was nearly half an hour before I heard the bark of Jason’s car as it started, followed a few moments later by the click-click-click of my wife’s high-heels coming up the front steps. She opened the front door and strode inside.

“Hiya, honey,” she purred.

“Hi,” I replied tightly. My wife approached and softly embraced me, and we kissed deeply. Her soft, warm perfume wafted over me, and I realised I was trembling like a leaf in her arms.

“Are you okay, baby?” she inquired when she broke our kiss.

“Yeah,” I panted. The lecherous buzz inside me was practically bouncing, and I found that I was glancing at her face – trying to discern if her lipstick was smudged, or if her long blonde tresses were hanging askew. To my excited eyes, I thought to detect both, and her face seemed to have a healthy flush to it. I cleared my throat. “I wasn’t sure if you and Jason were coming inside…”

Angela smiled softly. “Not this time, lover.”

I swallowed heavily, a curious wave of half relief and half disappointment pouring through me. “I guess it’s a bit too soon…” I mumbled.

My wife tilted her head. She was still embracing me, and I could feel the heat of her body as it pressed against me. “Well – a bit too soon for him to come inside and sit with you watching us, anyway.” She paused for a few seconds, and then released me from her embrace. “You’d better go and get the cards from my dresser, baby.”

I gaped at her. “You want me to pick a card?”

My wife slowly nodded. This naturally could mean only one thing – but I had to ask.

“He fucked you tonight?” I inquired in what was almost shock. My stomach did flip-flops whilst my flaccid dick conversely tingled in delighted glee.

“Uh-huh,” Angela smoothly replied. “Just now – out in his car.” She sent her sexy green gaze crashing into mine. “I’m guessing you heard us pull into the driveway, and you probably wondered why we were out there so long – well, now you know.” Her tone became playful. “It’s been a long time since I’ve had to screw in the front seat of a car.”

I felt the room tilt slightly. As I’d been waiting pensively in the house, my wife had been steaming up the windows of Jason’s car! I mentally pictured Angela laying back on the cramped front seat, maneuvering her long, nylon-clad legs towards the car’s roof as Jason mounted her, his thick, hard cock slithering into her receptive slit. I stifled a low moan.

My wife glanced at me, her face now lit by her soft and sultry grin. “So go and get the cards – my little Cuckie.” She stressed the last syllable – Cuck-ieeeee.

I hastily did as she asked, my pulse rocketing and my legs trembling. When I returned to the lounge room, Angela was sat on the couch with her stockinged legs crossed; I could just make out the lower sections of her stocking tops. She held out her hand for the cards and silently shuffled them. I drew the Three of Clubs.

“Aww,” my wife playfully intoned. “No pair for you yet, honey.”

I dazedly slid the Three of Clubs into my pocket, and stood looking down at her as she placed the deck of cards on the coffee table. She then leaned back and contemplated me with a knowing smile.

“Has it made you hot to know that he’s just fucked me in his car, lover?”

“Yes!” I squeaked.

Without another word she raised her hips and tugged the hem of her black skirt up her legs; the ebony tops of her stockings came fully into view, framed by the black suspender belt. The contrast between the dark hosiery and her creamy skin was startling, and also incredibly erotic. She pulled her skirt up even further until it was a sagging ring around her hips. She settled back onto the couch and slowly parted her thighs, and I saw right away that she was sans panties. Mesmerized, I gazed down to her crotch. Her neatly trimmed pussy came into view – and I could see that her labia were puffy and slightly swollen.

My wife gazed up at me. “Like what you see, lover?”

I simply nodded. The buzz seemed to tickle the root of my flaccid cock, and I felt my balls shifting in my scrotum.

“Kneel down,” Angela told me. I did so, not taking my eyes from her sex. I could now also see how moist she was.

My wife now stared down into my face. Her eyelids were lowered, and her pupils were dilated – Bedroom Eyes. “I told you that you’d just get to lick my pussy after Jason had creamed it,” she whispered huskily. “Well, here’s your chance. I’m not gonna ask you to lick me. The choice will be totally yours. My hot, wet, creamy pussy is right in front of you, Cuckie – if you wanna eat me, then eat me!” She teasingly lifted her hips slightly, and her damp cunt tilted invitingly upwards, causing her labia to slide unctuously together. Her clitoris peeped out of its sheath as if it sensed the closeness of my tongue.

Angela hooked her hands under her knees and gently pulled her thighs open even wider. Her dewy outer labia parted, making a soft, wet smack!, and her inner lips winked at me, moist and slippery.

“You want it, baby?” my wife teased. “Then take it. Don’t you wanna taste me? C’mon, Cuckie – my pussy’s so wet and creamy for you!”

I immediately lowered my face between her nylon-clad thighs and hungrily slid my tongue into her syrupy slit.

I spent over half an hour on my knees – licking and worshipping my wife’s freshly fucked cunt as her soft exhortations and satisfied groans echoed through the lounge room.


Events sometimes take on a momentum of their own, and Angela’s newly open relationship with her young lover was just such an event. I began keeping a dairy of what subsequently occurred; I found this to be not only cathartic, but it was also incredibly arousing to read back. In order to condense the increasingly lascivious occurrences that followed, I will simply chronicle excerpts from what I came to call my ‘Depraved Diary’ – beginning with Angela’s next ‘open’ meeting with her young lover up until the present. To possibly protect the kinky, I had abbreviated the names Angela and Jason to ‘A’ and ‘J’ respectively. Many cuckolds will perhaps find it interesting reading:


Monday July 4th: ‘A’ went out with ‘J’ again last night – this time to catch a live show in town. They arrived home at about eleven o’clock, and ‘J’ accompanied ‘A’ inside the house this time. The three of us sat and chatted for thirty minutes or so. Atmosphere was tense, but better than initial meeting with ‘J’. He seems to be quite a nice guy, and the tension gradually eased, helped by ‘A’s’ bubbly chatter.

When ‘J’ went to use the bathroom, ‘A’ quietly suggested that I go to bed.

When ‘J’ returned, I did as she asked, saying that I was tired and that I was gonna hit the hay. My heart pounded as I lay in bed, listening intently. Fifteen minutes or so later I could just make out ‘A’ moaning softly! What was ‘J’ doing to her???

A few moments later it became obvious what ‘J’ was doing to her – the couch began creaking, and I actually heard ‘A’ moan: “Fuck me!”

I find it difficult to describe what hearing them fucking did to me!!! All I can say is hearing ‘A’ getting fucked in the lounge was so FUCKING HOT!!!

I tried to wank, but my cock stayed soft – damn those fucking pills!

I licked ‘A’s’ cunt for ages when she came to bed after ‘J’ had left. She was so wet and creamy – I made her cum twice as she teased me about ‘J’ enjoying her pussy before I’d licked it!!! Jesus, she drives me insane!!!

I picked another card – got the Jack of Diamonds. No pair yet! ‘A’ told me she’s meeting ‘J’ again next Friday. She also told me that ‘J’ was very excited by the new situation, and that he was very glad he decided to accept ‘A’s’ offer to start openly seeing her.


Saturday July 9th: Third meeting of ‘A’ and ‘J’ last night. They went out for dinner, but came back very early – about 9:00pm. ‘A’ had arrived home with a hired DVD, and she turned off the lights and the three of us sat watching the movie – me in the armchair and ‘A’ on ‘J’ on the couch.

I tried to concentrate on the movie, but I frequently stole looks at ‘A’ and ‘J’. Maybe because the lounge was lit only by the TV, ‘J’ seemed a lot more relaxed, and even slid his arm around ‘A’, who reciprocated. Even seeing them do this made my balls ACHE!

I again went to bed after the movie finished, prompted by ‘A’s’ subtle gesture. Ten minutes later the urgent sounds of ‘A’ and ‘J’ fucking out in the lounge again drifted through the walls. I listened intently to ‘A’s’ moans and squeals of pleasure. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! – lying in bed and hearing them fuck with my cock soft and me NOT able to cum is like a delicious torture!!! But I am getting so much enjoyment from it!!! What is this DOING TO ME???

‘A’ came to see me as soon as ‘J’ left. She asked me to come out into the lounge and pick a card. I picked one and got the Seven of Clubs.

‘A’ became very wicked – teasing me plenty about her pussy being freely available for ‘J’s’ big, hard cock, but off limits to mine. Not off limits to my lips and tongue, though! She sat on the barstools in the kitchen and told me to lick her ‘well-used pussy’ and ass from behind – taunting me again about my ‘soft, limp, tiny little cock!’ Christ, it’s SO hot when she teases me like that!!!

‘A’ also told me ‘J’ had asked if I had heard them fucking last Monday night. ‘A’ told him that I did, and that it turned me on. ‘J’ replied that knowing I was able to hear him screwing her was ‘wicked’, and that he’d make sure that I had ‘a lot more to listen to’ from now on. For some reason, haring this just added even more to the utter kinkiness of what we were doing – to know ‘J’ was not only aware that I could hear him fucking my wife, but that he was planning to make their couplings even more audible!!!!


Sunday July 10th: I told ‘A’ this morning that I had meeting with tax accountant next Wednesday night (13th), at seven p.m.. ‘A’ asked how long I’d be in meeting – I told her a couple of hours or so with travel time. ‘A’ later called ‘J’ and asked if he could visit Weds. night whilst I was gone. He told her he would.

Getting VERY hot thinking about what ‘A’ and ‘J’ will be get up to while I’m at meeting!!!


Thursday July 14th: ‘J’ came over again last night as planned. I went to the meeting with my accountant before ‘J’ arrived – and couldn’t stop thinking about what ‘A’ and ‘J’ were doing while I was gone! I returned home to find ‘A’ dressed in just her black kimono as she sat beside ‘J’ – it was obvious she was naked underneath.

When ‘J’ left at about ten p.m., he and ‘A’ kissed for a few seconds in front doorway – the first time I saw them actually kiss! I felt my balls tighten as I watched my wife openly kissing her lover!!! I swear I almost shot my fucking LOAD!!!

‘A’ later told me ‘J’ had arrived five minutes after I’d left, and within another five minutes ‘A’ had turned off the lights and they’d both stripped naked. They’d fucked twice – once on the couch, and later in the master bedroom.

I picked two cards, and got Four of Clubs and King of Spades. ‘A’ let me lick her creamy cunt until she climaxed.


Monday July 18th: It’s now been three weeks to the day since I last had sex with ‘A’. Pills keeping me soft as ever – and as promised ‘A’ hasn’t wanked me. I’m so incredibly horny!!!

‘J’ spent another evening here last night (Sunday). He seems to be completely sure about status now – especially after last Weds. night when he openly kissed ‘A’ in front of me in the front doorway before he left. The three of us chatted for an hour around the kitchen table. The situation between the three of us wasn’t mentioned at all – but we were all conspicuously aware that ‘J’ had become ‘A’s’ primary sexual partner. The pair left to browse the video shop for another movie, arriving home forty-five minutes later.

‘A’ turned off the lounge room lights again before starting the DVD. I again sat in an armchair as ‘A’ and ‘J’ sat close on the couch. We watched the film, and of course I subtly watched THEM. Halfway through the film ‘A’ and ‘J’ began kissing – right in front of me! I nearly creamed my jeans as I sat there!!!

The kissing didn’t stop, and in darkness I saw ‘J’ sliding his hand under ‘A’s’ blouse. I knew ‘A’ wasn’t wearing a bra, and my legs went weak as I watched him fondle ‘A’s’ tits! – just like I had imagined!!!

I felt my balls start aching deliciously. ‘A’ looked over ‘J’s’ shoulder and used her hand to motion me to go to bed before she resumed kissing him. I silently rose, and the last thing I saw before leaving the lounge was ‘J’s’ hand sliding up ‘A’s’ skirt!!!

I shakily went to bed and soon heard them fucking again! Again tried wanking, but couldn’t cum. Heard ‘A’ shout out in the lounge room how “big and hard’ his cock was!!! I LOVED HEARING MY WIFE SAY THIS!!!

‘A’ came to bed after ‘J’ left about an hour later and asked if seeing her kiss ‘J’ made me hot. I told her it did, and told her it made my balls ache. ‘A’ giggled, and told me to ‘lick her juicy cunt clean’. I eagerly did so.

Drew another card – got Ace of Clubs! STILL NO FUCKING PAIR!!! I have seven fucking cards – Queen, Three, Jack, Seven, Four, King and now an ACE – and no fucking, FUCKING PAIR!!! I am going literally fucking INSANE!!!

After I’d picked a card, ‘A’ added that ‘J’ was REALLY getting off on the situation now. He told ‘A’ that kissing and fondling her so openly in front of me made him ‘so fucking horny’. He had even suggested to ‘A’ how ‘kinky and hot’ it would be if she blatantly fellated him in front of me, too!

‘A’ told me that she would think about it!!! OH – MY – GOD!!!!!


Saturday July 23rd: Nearly a month since I’ve cum! I have SEVEN cards for the seven times that ‘J’ has fucked ‘A’ since we started the game. I found I am going into kind of “sub-space” now watching ‘A’ and ‘J’. Very powerful feeling!

‘J’ came over last night and picked ‘A’ up. They went out to catch another live show. ‘A’ was dressed in a hot white mini-skirt and thin black singlet-thing that needed no bra underneath!

They got back at about eleven-thirty p.m., and I saw that she had another hired DVD tucked under her arm. ‘A’ asked me to again shut off the lounge room lights, and we again sat in the dark watching another movie – me in the armchair whilst ‘A’ and ‘J’ curled up together as usual on the couch. Almost right away they started kissing deeply. Several minutes passed, and sure enough I saw ‘J’ slide his hand under her top and start fondling her bare tits under the thin material.

I sat SHAKING as I watched!!!

They kissed and petted for maybe fifteen minutes before ‘A’ whispered in ‘J’s’ ear, and they rose from couch, ‘A’ leading ‘J’ by the hand into our bedroom – they didn’t even look at me as they walked past me in dark room.

A few minutes later heard ‘A’ start to moan, and heard our bed creaking!!!

It sounds crazy, but I loved the feeling of helplessness and humiliation as I listened to ‘J’ fucking ‘A’ in OUR bedroom!!! Wanted to lick her delicious WET cunt SO BADLY right then!!!

The pair came back out into lounge after about an hour and a half, just as the movie was finishing, and sat back down on the couch as if nothing had happened! ‘A’ asked me what the movie was like, adding after a sexy giggle that she and ‘J’ had been ‘kinda busy’ elsewhere. ‘J’ greeted her comment with a half-apologetic and half-smug smile, but made no comment of his own. It as becoming very apparent that he had settled comfortably into his role as ‘A’s’ paramour.

‘A’ brazenly kissed him goodbye in the front doorway again for nearly five minutes this time before he departed. ‘A’ giggled and whispered in his ear. ‘J’ turned to me, still embracing ‘A’ and said: “Thanks for letting me enjoy your wife’s pussy.”

For some insane reason I am still unable to fathom, his casual yet blatant remark nearly made me cream my fucking jeans!!!

I shakily replied that he was VERY welcome, and blurted that it sounded like he did it extremely well. ‘A’ giggled again, and said: “He sure DOES!”

With a wave ‘J’ departed.

‘A’ got deck of cards out and I picked one – got a SEVEN! A PAIR!!! ‘A’ smiled and said that as soon as medication wears off I can TAKE HER!

I was so fucking hot that I BEGGED ‘A’ to let me lick her cunt!!! ‘A’ teased me, but finally allowed me to do so ONLY if I made sure to ‘lick her creamy pussy clean’ again!

I took my last pill yesterday morning, so they should start wearing off on Sunday – I HOPE! I CAN’T FUCKING WAIT!!!


I was indeed Sunday evening before the effects of the medication eased. In the meantime, Angela had called Jason on Saturday morning to let him know that she would have ‘guests’ for a few days – making his visits awkward – and that she’d call him later in the week after they’d ‘buggered off’. I couldn’t help guffawing at her somewhat colorful expression.

I spent the remainder of the weekend in a kind of groggy sexual anticipation, the events of the last month playing through my mind like potent erotic video. I often found myself daydreaming about watching Angela exchanging hot, deep kisses with her lover, or seeing Jason brazenly fondling my wife’s tits, or listening to them as they fucked in the master bedroom.

Angela sensed my pent-up arousal, and on Saturday evening she tried a novel way to increase it even further – she got me to sit beside her as she browsed the Internet and visited web sites featuring a cuckold theme. She was delighted when a link on a page discussing the symbolism of ankle bracelets led her to an online store offering kinky jewelry. She then browsed the ankle bracelet section and she promptly bought three of them – one of which had a silver emblem proclaiming HOT WIFE! in chunky little letters. She smilingly suggested that it would be an exquisite twist if I paid for them using my credit card – which I duly did.

Sunday drifted sluggishly by. When we went to bed on Sunday night, Angela reached down and wrapped her soft, warm fingers around me. I uttered a low, grateful moan as I felt my cock slowly swelling as she stroked me to gradual firmness.

I shook so badly as I attempted to guide my pliant cock into Angela that she had to reach down and steer my glans between her labia. I gently eased my semi-hard cock inside her, and I almost screamed as the smooth, velvety heat of her creamy cunt slowly enveloped me.

My wife looked up at me and licked her pouty lips. “Mmmm, my poor little Cuckie!” she said in that smooth voice of hers. “A whole month without any nookie, hmm? You’ve been such a good boy, waiting as Jason’s been taking your share of my sweet, hot, juicy pussy! C’mon, baby! Fuck me! Fill me up with all the cream that’s been making your poor swollen balls ache! Let it out, lover! FUCK ME!”

It took no more than fifteen seconds for me to cum. In fact, even before my orgasm actually started, I could feel thin trickles of pre-cum and semen sliding unctuously down my urethra and emptying into the humid depths of my wife’s molten pussy. The sensation pushed me past the brink, and I arched my back and literally screamed as climax – sweet, heady climax! – sizzled through me like an electric current! Angela’s smooth legs wrapped around my hips, locking me into her moist pussy, and the waves of ecstasy pulsing through me were almost painful. I moaned her name over and over and over…


Over the next four days I made love to Angela eleven times. She was delighted at my horniness, and she quipped that if this was how I reacted to going a whole month without sex, then maybe we should try going even longer. I knew she was only kidding, but the remark served to intensify another lascivious thought that I’d been having – as you will soon see.

As one would expect, the now-open relationship that Angela had with her young lover dominated a lot of our conversation. In our numerous dreamy post-coital talks, we candidly discussed the events of the past month or so.

For my part, I told my wife that sitting there as she openly kissed and petted her lover was sizzling enough, but to subsequently hear her moaning as they fucked was the most erotic, carnal and mind-blowing experience of my entire life – especially when he took her in our marital bed! My wife eagerly probed the freshly exposed depths of my sexual psyche, and I was perhaps a little freer with information than I should have been – but she opened me up like an oyster ready to be devoured. I shamelessly poured forth all of my latest lascivious thoughts and fantasies. My wife listened intently, occasionally prompting me for clarification of a certain idea.

For example, she had noted that when Jason had tacitly thanked me for letting him ‘enjoy’ her pussy last Friday, his remark had clearly aroused me. Angela had then gently explored the reasons why I had been so visibly excited by hearing Jason’s frank statement, admitting that she had indeed urged him to do so.

I tried my best to explain that hearing Jason openly verifying my own acquiescence and acceptance of him bedding my wife was what affected me so intensely. In essence, hearing him specifically and candidly state that he had been enjoying my wife’s intimate charms simply drove the truth home – I’m fucking your wife! – with my explicit complaisance and even approval. For me, it was a wild mixture of envy, humiliation, lust, jealousy, and the pure intoxicating rush of very intense sexual tease.

Angela nodded. She was well aware that I would never fall into the ‘wimp husband’ category, and she summed it up perfectly: “You get off on Jason letting you know that he can and has been taking my pussy.”

She then asked me how I would feel if Jason openly acknowledged that he knew the situation was arousing me, and how I’d react if he became even more daring and brazen – like him offhandedly mentioning to me how much my wife liked being taken from behind, or how she loved giving head. I pondered this for a while, and then softly and truthfully told her that for some weird reason it would be a mind-blowing turn on if he did.

Another example was how she picked up a brief reference I had made about her lover staying overnight. She asked me if the notion of her spending the entire night with him appealed to me. I haltingly told her that it did – and how sizzling it would be if she announced to me one evening that Jason was staying the night – in our bed with her – and I had to listen from the bedroom next door as they had intercourse.

There were numerous other slants and scenarios that we discussed, and I could see her sucking up this salacious new information like a sponge. I again felt like a horny teenager eagerly awaiting his first fuck.

On her part, Angela frankly stated that she relished being able to bring my fantasy to a totally new level of reality, and she loved being able to also sexually tease me with my own fervent fantasies so openly – in fact she admitted that knowing I was hungrily watching whilst she and Jason kissed on the couch had often made her nearly cream her panties. She also admitted that Jason was extremely good in bed, and that she was also relishing the ‘raw, hot sex’ that she was having with him.

Late on the following Thursday evening, Angela had been gently teasing me between ardent kisses, and my libido was in full flight – I was once again incredibly horny, and my wife knew it. She suggested going to bed early – a proposal I was only too pleased to act on. Just after we slid into bed, my wife softly asked when I wanted to start another round of the game. I’m sure that she slyly chose that moment to make her inquiry, knowing that I was already highly aroused.

Of course, with my hardening cock doing most of the talking, I quietly told her that I would love to begin a fresh round of the game soon.

My wife smiled that sexy smile of hers and slid her soft, warm fingers over my belly. She then started musing about further ways to make the game more interesting. She stated that we needed a means to signal the start of another game, and once again she suggested allowing Lady Luck to decide by using the deck of cards.

Her idea went thus: After I had drawn the coveted pair of cards that would signal the end of the game, and the medication had worn off sufficiently to allow us to have intercourse, I should subsequently put my accumulated cards back into the deck, and pick a single fresh card before I was able to make love to her. This card would indicate how many times I could finally sample her delicious pussy before the game started again – for example, if I drew a six, then I could make love to her six times before I resumed taking the evil little pills and the game recommenced. If I drew a Jack, then I could have her eleven times, and so on. I’m sure you get the idea.

There was, however, an additional kinky sting – Angela suggested that if I happened to draw an Ace, then I would not stop taking the pills, and the game would simply be reset and continue. I would have to try to get another pair from a fresh deck without me having the chance to fuck her or climax at all!

A sudden teasing and almost humiliating thrill tingled through me as I imagined this situation – finally drawing the prized pair of cards after me impotently listening to Angela and her virile lover screwing for weeks, only to have to do it all over again if I drew an Ace.

I wasn’t able to restrain a shudder of excitement; a weirdly powerful masochistic urge fluttered through me – and I was stunned to realise that a very kinky part of me was actually hoping that I’d draw an Ace. I could feel myself surrendering to the warm, fuzzy glow of ‘sub-space’ as I thought of Angela making me to wait longer and longer to enjoy her gorgeous body – whilst at the same time she evilly and ardently gave it to her young lover. I realised I was panting like the animal I’d suddenly become. I replied in a trembling voice:

“Just Aces?” I asked – and even to my own ears the question had a hint of tense and wishful craving to it.

My wife glanced at me and her eyes sparkled, immediately picking up the subtle nuance in my inquiry. “Hmm…” she mused. “Why don’t we make it even more interesting by including Kings as well, eh?” Angela tilted her head sideward and grinned at me. “So if you draw either of those two – a King or an Ace – and the game gets reset, and keeps going, okay? You put all the cards you’ve drawn back in the deck, and we start all over again, and you don’t get to cum or fuck me at all.”

My stomach fluttered with almost perverted delight. I did a quick mental calculation: I had about a six-and-a-half to one chance of having to restart the game without climaxing and being unable to have sex with my wife if we used these new rules! A rippling pang of lascivious submissiveness welled through me like a shot of morphine.

Her warm fingertips glided softly to my right hip, and Angela looked at me again with her sexy green eyes and her smile curled into a leer; I realised that she was fully aware what this was doing to me, and she decided to push it even further: “Or I could be really bitchy, and include Queens as well, hmm?” she suggested playfully. “And maybe even Jacks, too… Mmm, yeah! – Queens Jacks as well, Cuckie.”

“Jesus!” I replied breathlessly. “All four cards? Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks?”

“Mmm-hmmm.” Angela softly confirmed, her blonde tresses waving as she nodded.

I couldn’t withhold a soft moan; the six-and-a-half to one odds would obviously plummet to just over three-to-one using all four high cards. Another poignant quiver of almost pure lust danced through me.

“And if I picked any of those four cards, you’d make me play the game all over again, right from the start?” I asked tightly. I felt my heart flutter.

Angela kissed me briefly and smiled. “You fucking bet I would.”

“Jesus Christ!” I gasped.

“Mmmm! Is that idea making you hot, my little Cuckie?”


Angela’s nimble fingers danced over my hips and down to my thighs. I squirmed in bed beside her, my cock throbbing its excitement.

“Just imagine,” my sexy wife began softly. “We start another game – you taking your medicine for another three or four weeks, keeping your poor little pecker all soft and useless. Meanwhile I’m still putting out for Jason every few days, practically right in front of you, hmm? Now just imagine finally picking the precious pair, and then – before you even have the chance to fuck me – you pick, let’s say, a Queen, meaning that it will be another three or four weeks before you can fuck me, or cum again! You’ll have to listen to Jason giving it to me – night after night – all over again!” My wife’s eyes glittered, and she uttered her soft, sensual giggle. My cock seemingly relished this talk about itself being not only prohibited from enjoying the warm, moist confines of Angela’s juicy cunt, but also being kept flaccid for a period that could possibly extend to months instead of weeks! My pliant shaft pulsed and throbbed as if it was doing a victory dance.

I swallowed. The evil buzz trilled inside me like a raucous alarm. Another lascivious thought floated through my mind. “Would you tell Jason that I wasn’t fucking you?” I inquired in a voice as tight as a drum.

“Hmm…” my wife softly mused. “Now there’s an idea! As I’ve told you – he knows nothing about the wicked little game we play – but it might be kinda kinky to let him know that I’ve cut you off for a few weeks, hmm? I’m sure he’d get a huge kick knowing that I’m saving my pussy just for him!” Her fingertips slid back up my thigh, and my cock throbbed once more in almost pleading anticipation. “Would you enjoy Jason knowing that in not giving you any, my little Cuckie? – that he’s gonna be the only one having me for a month or two?”

“Fuck, yes!” I moaned, and immediately blurted: “Would you tell him in front of me?”

My wife leered. “Possibly.” She glanced at me again with those mesmerizing green eyes before correcting herself. “Probably – and, of course, I could be a very evil little bitch, and openly start teasing you about it as Jason’s sat there, listening to every word…”

I uttered a shaking groan as I mentally pictured her doing what she said – seeing her sexy lips curled into a leer as she taunted me about not being able to fuck her in front of her lover.

“Of course,” Angela smoothly added. “If I wanted to be extremely bitchy, I’d secretly ask Jason to tease you about it too. Imagine him saying something like: ‘Hey, Angie tells me that she ain’t lettin’ you have any pussy! No problem – I’ll make sure I keep it filled and happy for ya!'”

“Oh my fucking GOD!” I breathed. The notion of Jason not only knowing I was ‘cut off’, but also openly aiding and abetting my wife in teasing me about it sent fluttering waves of perverse delight and anticipation into my loins!

Angela giggled softly. “So many evil, kinky thoughts, lover!” she drawled. “In fact,” she added. “You’ve given me a whole heap of new ideas over the last few days. And some of them I will carry out – trust me!”

I uttered another soft moan, and squeaked: “Which ideas?”

Angela’s fingers danced up my thigh and began tickling my pubic hair. “You’ll have to wait and find out!” she teased. “But I will give you one hint – you’d better make sure the bed in the room next to ours has fresh sheets on it – because one of us will probably wind up sleeping in there a few times in the coming weeks – and it won’t be me!”

“OH, JESUS!” I softly yelped.

Angela pressed her beautiful face towards mine and briefly kissed me again. Her knuckles brushed my cock. “So, lover? Wanna play the new version of the game?”

“Fuck, yes! YES!” I pantingly replied.

Angela smiled softly and gave her head a soft, wondering shake, as though amazed at how far my little kink enabled her to effortlessly extend my boundaries.

“Okay, my little Cuckie!”, she drawled. “We’ll play it that way. We’ll begin a whole new game with the new additional rules – if you draw a King, a Queen, a Jack or an Ace at the end of it, then you’ll have to go through it all over again, right from the start.”

“JESUS!” I rasped. “Starting when?”

Angela’s teasing fingers finally trickled downward and curled with hot finality around my twitching, pliable cock. “In a few minutes,” she whispered hotly in my ear. Her moist tongue danced over my lips as she gave my cock a firm squeeze “Right after you fuck me with this soft, floppy little thing.”

Fuck her I did, but once again my sexual stamina was measured in mere seconds as I imagined drawing a high card. In my mind’s eye, I saw Angela giggling at my ill fortune, teasingly telling me that I could forget about fucking her for another month or so. Jason sat close by, chuckling and adding that he’d make sure my wife’s hungry pussy got plenty of his long, thick cock. I imagined Angela tittering at his comment, and playfully telling her lover that he’d better give her plenty of it – seeing how it was going to be the only cock she’d be letting into her pussy for the foreseeable future!

I exploded with my wife’s imaginary giggle dancing through my mind!


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    Keep the story coming

    Thanks for writing this story. One of the best I have ever read

  • Paul

    Like to see the cuckolding taken to a new level pushing his boundaries and servitude to an extreme perhaps cleaning both his mistress cunt of her lovers cum and her lovers cock of her juices
    Wonderful story


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