Readers Story: I found out what cuckolding means


Well, after 4-5 years, I thought that I was happily married; then one day my wife had to have her car worked on at the neighborhood service station/garage run by a friend of ours named Ken. I had gotten off work early and hadn’t received an answer to my phone calls to my wife Karen, so I decided to stop by and see if everything was okay with my wife’s car. I thought it a bit odd that almost all of Ken’s clients were women.

I pulled up and I can still see my wife’s car in the service bay with the hood up. I don’t see my wife or Ken the mechanic. I go into the front office and they are not there. I go into the service bay and hear a man’s voice letting out moans. I stop and look into the back storage room and there is my wife Karen squatting down and has Ken’s big penis in her mouth. I stand just outside the doorway where they can’t see me, but I can see them. I just stand there in stunned silence. I am overwhelmed with shock and disappointment with my wife, but at the same time I am also turned on as I watch.

I can never get my wife to suck my four-inch dick, but here she is just enjoying herself slurping on Ken’s cock. I can’t believe that my dick is now hard and that even though I have jealous thoughts at how much larger Ken’s tool is than mine. I am about average at 6”, but Ken monster penis is at least 9-10” long. What really is disheartening is, how much my wife is enjoying blowing Ken! I was torn at confronting them, or just sneaking away quietly. I decide to leave without them knowing I was there. Call me a coward, but I was just too embarrassed and overwhelmed with feelings of inadequacy to face them.

I go home, and for days I harbor my feelings of jealousy and hurt and try to forget what happened. Then a few days later, I have to go out-of-town on business. Then when I was about half way to my destination the customer called and cancelled the meeting. So I turned around and drove back home and I wouldn’t have to spend the night out-of-town. I pulled up to my house, and I notice a strange car in the driveway. Maybe it is one of my wife’s girlfriends. I go inside the house and all of the lights are turned off and there is only the light glow of candle light coming from our bedroom. I glance inside and there is my wife naked with her legs wrapped around Ken and he has big dick buried in her vagina standing there bouncing her up and down on his big stick. I am hurt all over again, but just like before I can’t believe that I am turned on by this scene as well. I just stand there in the darkness watching them as a voyeur. They both are covered in sweat and my wife Karen is just moaning like she never did with me.

As they fuck they are making loud slapping noises, I can hear Karen crying out to Ken, “Don’t stop, fuck me, fuck me!”

I don’t know why, but I unzip my trousers and pull out my own penis and start satisfying myself watching them as if I am watching a porn movie. For some reason, as I am masturbating I lose my balance slightly and I kick the door with my foot startling Karen and Ken. He stops for a moment and carries her still with his dick in her and her clutching on to him towards the door where they spot me stroking my small dick watching them.

Ken says “OK, slim, I know you don’t mind me screwing your wife do you? So after I get finished, you can play clean-up, and take care of my cum-covered cock! What you didn’t know is, I have security cameras, and I saw you the other day watching us!”

I can only shake my head yes, and Ken goes back to fucking my wife. Soon she cries out that she is orgasming and he continues until she orgasm’s several more times, then he unloads in her vagina and sits on to the bed and waves for me to come over and feed on his throbbing member wiping it clean. My wife just lies there on the bed with a look of complete satisfaction. Ken has me go down on my knees and squirts the remaining portions of his manly cum onto my face, and tells me to lick him clean. Ken is very sure of himself, and forces his strong manly way over me.

I can’t believe that I am sucking and cleaning up my wife’s lover’s huge cock. Ken tool is massive and I can only strain to get my mouth opened wide enough to take his giant helmet into my mouth. I suck and lick his cum covered penis clean until he is getting hard again. Ken and my wife embrace and kiss, and Ken tells me to clean out my wife’s pussy. He demands that I take off my trousers to expose my small dick, and lie between my wife’s legs and finish licking her cunt clean. As I am doing this, I feel Ken get between legs, and I soon feel the same monster dick that had been fucking my wife Karen poking its way into my tight vulnerable asshole.

Now, my wife, is moaning from my cunnilingus that I was performing on her, and I was moaning as Ken forced his big dong up my asshole. The pain was excruciating, but exciting at the same time. Ken now could take claim to fucking our whole family, and fuck he did. He whispered to me that my hole was tighter than my wife’s, and felt just as good. Ken fucked me for half an hour before I felt his member throbbing inside me and unloaded more of his hot semen inside me. I enjoyed being part of a love triangle, but never thought that I would be the one getting fucked along with my wife.

Ken and Karen have sex again almost daily and occasionally allow me to join in. I have to admit that I truly enjoy being Ken’s fuck toy and a cuckold as well. I would have never believed that I would lust after a man, but I do and I seem to want Ken fucking me more and more. I truly am addicted to big cock, and can’t seem to get enough, and my ass itches and twitches wanting Ken’s giant hunk of meat!


The End.




  • gayle55

    I so understand this story. I placed an ad to cuckold, a guy replied & 10 minutes after he arrived my beautiful, pure, prudish wife was sucking & fucking him like a whore. They sent me to my room, where I spent the night listening to the bed creak & moan. After serving them breakfast in bed the next morning I was honored to clean them both.Now he has moved in with her & I am the maid. I could not be happier
    Hugs Gayle

    • This is Hot & The Way Your Life Should Be And All Small Dick Guys Life (3.2In Here)

    • peanutboy1003

      When my wife and I first got together, she told me that my 3.5″ was perfect. Then one night we were having drinks with my very good friend and I decided to get naked. My wife didn’t say put your clothes on, instead she got naked. We both asked my friend to get naked. He hesitated at first but I think he was turned on by my wife’s body and took his clothes off. Neither me or my wife have ever saw a cocky so big. It was 11″ or 12″ soft. As soon as my wife saw it she asked to suck it. I said yes and the next thing I know I was watching the huge cock entering my wife’s wet pussy. He did more for her than I ever could. Later, she told me that my peanut would never satisfy her and she needs a big cock to be happy. This was the beginning of my cuckold lifestyle. I am very submissive and I really am excited by it.


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