Unfair Initiation

By IttyBittyOne45

Life isn’t fair. It’s a simple concept and one that everyone has heard at some point in their life. Some people seem to have it all and others are left with practically nothing. Growing up in Los Angeles made that painfully obvious for Jake. Most of his classmates looked like they belonged on one of those high school dramas from TV filled with actor/models. I suppose in most parts of the country Jake would have been pretty average looking, but not here surrounded by these beautiful rich kids. Jake was 5’8″ about 180 pounds with brown hair and no special talents or skills to speak of. He was the definition of average. Well except for one specific body part that was definitely not average. Jake was gifted in exactly one area of his life, his magnificently large cock. It was the one thing he could be proud of and that none of those pretty boy assholes could compete with.

The problem was that when every girl in school ignored you completely what good was having a huge dick. It’s not like you can just whip it out and show it off during homeroom. So Jake graduated a virgin and could only beat his meat dreaming of the girls from school worshipping his gigantic member. Things would be different in college though, he was sure of it. In college, there would be people from all over, not just the perfect Hollywood model-looking assholes from his hometown. Surely an average guy could find a cute girl there to take his virginity. Jake had decided to join a frat too since countless movies assured him that this was the key to attending huge parties with lots of promiscuous coeds. When he got to the campus in the fall he applied to multiple frats figuring at least one of them would take him in. In the end, though, only Alpha Omega had called him back for rush week.

Alpha Omega was a pretty big frat and honestly Jake was surprised they had called him to rush. He’d only applied because their table during freshman week was packed with bikini-clad hotties from their sister sorority Lamda Chi. Little did Jake know that this was the decision that would change his life forever. As big as Alpha Omega was they were surprisingly secretive with their selection process. Other frats were more obvious with money, looks, grades, etc being the driving factor for acceptance. Even when Jake showed up at the frat house for the welcoming ceremony he couldn’t quite figure out how they had chosen each of his fellow pledges. It wasn’t until the fraternity president finished his welcome speech that it became clear. The room was full of fraternity brothers and sorority sisters. The brothers were all on a big staircase and at the bottom of the stairs and facing the pledges were 30 of the hottest sorority girls Jake had ever seen. The pledges it would seem were to all drop their pants and present their cocks for inspection.

This was even better than Jake could have ever hoped for. After this, he was sure the sorority sluts would spread the word of the freshman with the giant porn cock. Each pledge had his very own sexy coed standing in front of them with rulers in hand. Surprisingly Jake found himself a little nervous since no one had seen his dick before other than the routine physicals from his doctor that had stopped when he turned 15. When he was handed a cup and told to drink it he didn’t put much thought into what was in it, some kind of alcohol he assumed. The brunette that had handed him the cup told him to finish it. He tilted the cup back and felt the breeze on his cock at this sexy brunette with perky D-cup breasts dropped to her knees and pulled his pants to his ankles. He continued drinking as he felt her hand wrap around his dick. She gasped as his dick hardened and grew. She called over another girl and asked for a tape measure as her ruler would not be enough. I handed the cup back to her as she recorded my final measurement of 14 inches.

The contest it would seem was simple. Each girl, which we found out, pledged to the sorority and would try to make us cum as fast as possible. Each guy had to try and last as long as he could without cumming. This worried Jake because this was the first time a woman had ever touched his cock and he felt like he would blow his load at any second now. The brunette, who had never stopped stroking his cock, introduced herself as Megan and told Jake she was sorry but she was going to win, and if that made me look like a premature ejaculating loser that was tough shit. Jake was just about to tell her to let go of my cock since the contest hadn’t even officially begun yet but right as he began to speak a loud horn signaled for the girls to start. She was stroking his cock so fast now that Jake could barely think let alone speak. The fraternity president began to speak and Jake was having trouble paying attention to what was being said. The contest, he explained, had some pretty extreme consequences. The cups Jake and the others had drunk were not filled with booze as they had assumed. They were in fact filled with something far more sinister.

The liquid which Jake had foolishly downed without thinking was a special mixture worked up by one of the fraternity alumni. The effects were temporary but harsh. It had been discovered entirely by accident and was not dangerous in fact it wasn’t obvious at first that it did much of anything. What it did do however was shrink blood vessels and cause any excess skin to tighten. The reason the effects weren’t obvious was that the excess skin that tightened was specifically that of the penis. Drinking it with a flaccid or shrunken dick was the absolute worst-case scenario. You see, the reason erections can grow is from extra skin and the elastic nature of the skin. So if you drank the mixture with a flaccid cock all of the excess skin would disappear and the blood vessels would shrink causing the skin to become less elastic. The result was that you would no longer be a “grower” and your cock even though it could still get hard and function normally would never grow beyond its flaccid state. Thankfully the effects wore off within 5 minutes of consumption so if Jake and the other pledges could maintain their erections for the next 5 minutes they would all be safe.

The bad news for Jake was that only 30 seconds in he could feel his dick throbbing and his balls tightening. Jake looked down at Megan and begged her to stop. Megan desperately wanted into the sorority though and didn’t care if she had to ruin Jake’s dick to do it. She was sure he had already banged plenty of women with his monster dick and had no idea she would be dooming Jake to the life of a tiny dick virgin. After pleading with Megan to stop she promptly removed the shirt and exposed her big perky tits. The glorious sight was too much for Jake and he came only 45 seconds into the contest. “Looks like we have our first winner!” exclaimed the president. All eyes were on Jake’s rapidly shrinking cock now. “I sure hope you’re more of a shower than a grower,” Jake heard the president announce to the room. Unfortunately for Jake, he was definitely a grower. His cock shrank from an impressive 14 inches down to 5 inches. Megan quickly measured his new size for the crowd who began laughing at his now less than average dick.

As the big loser of the night though Jake’s punishment was not over it would seem. Jake was led by the hand into the kitchen where he assumed he would be waiting for the other pledges who failed to last the full 5 minutes. Once in the kitchen, Jake was asked to sit down where his hands were quickly locked to a set of handcuffs already on the chair legs. Terrified of what else they might do Jake began to cry. Megan, who had taken away his only source of pride, walked up to him and mouthed the words, “I’m sorry.” Before Jake could ask her what she meant an ice pack was placed over his crotch. The cold made him wince and he immediately figured out what they were doing. His punishment for being the first to finish was to shrink his already smaller cock as much as possible. Jake begged them to stop as he was already aware the mixture’s effects were still active. He could live with 5 inches, it was only a little under average after all. But it wasn’t fair that not only would he lose his massive size but he might be left with a truly tiny penis.

Jake heard the timer go off in the house announcing the 5 minutes to be over. Jake, it would seem, was the only pledge to fail the test. He was brought back into the room with the entire fraternity and sorority ready to inspect his newly pathetic dick. Megan removed the ice pack like an artist revealing her masterpiece. Jake was afraid to look down at his new size. As it turned out he didn’t need to look down because the whole “big” reveal was being filmed and projected on a giant screen against the wall. It was also being uploaded live to Twitter via an anonymous “college confessions” account. Jake’s worst fears were confirmed as he could see the nub that was now his dick. Megan loudly announced she no longer needed the longer tape measure from earlier and produced a tiny miniature ruler clearly not made for adults. The camera, which was framed to show both my face and tiny dick now zoomed in on the measurement and Megan declared my new size to be 0.75 inches. She also decided to use her two fingers, which was all that would fit on my now embarrassingly small shaft, to stroke my pathetically tiny dick. My dick began to throb again making it clear to anyone watching that it was rock hard. The size she confirmed again was still 0.75 inches fully erect to the laughter of everyone in the room.

After the laughter died down Jake was informed that he would not be making the cut to get into the frat. He was forced to walk back to his dorm with nothing but a sock to cover his now child-sized willy. Jake immediately checked into the campus medical center and begged them to fix his cock. In his panic, he didn’t even bother waiting for the doctor and took the sock off exposing his less than one-inch penis to the receptionist and everyone else in the college medical waiting room. The receptionist laughed and told him that a small penis was not a medical condition and to please put his little dick away. Jake pleaded with her to get the doctor insisting that it was supposed to be 14 inches. She told him to calm down and take a seat and the doctor would help him when it was his turn and that there was no such thing as magic dick shrinking potions. Jake suddenly noticed all the college classmates around him smirking at his tiny exposed dick.

After that day word quickly spread around campus about the guy with the baby dick that had a full-on paranoid breakdown in the medical center. Doctor Murphy, a 35 year old stunning blonde fresh out of medical school, assured him he was having a panic attack from the stress of starting at a new college. Jake, being a virgin, had no one to confirm that yesterday he was packing 14 inches. The doctor documented his size measurements and took pictures for his file but assured him that it was impossible to shrink someone’s penis like that. She told him he had imagined the whole thing as a coping mechanism to deal with his underdeveloped manhood. He had Doctor Murphy call Megan who insisted that she met Jake at a party and when she tried to hook up with him accidentally let out a laugh since she had never seen one that small before and Jake had run out of the room without even getting dressed. She was glad he was ok but assured the doctor that had definitely not been 14 inches which cause both women to laugh pretty hard.

Jake was sent on his way home and had become the most infamous man on campus. The video, which only showed the after measurements had gone viral. People all over the nation were laughing at the tiny dicked loser claiming his penis was shrunken in a fraternity conspiracy. The worst part of it all was the doubt, had he made it all up? The doctors, the fraternity, the sorority, and even Megan who had become his friend out of sheer pity all told him it was just a paranoid delusion. His dick, they told him, had always been tiny. 14 inches they asked him? Did you really think you had 14 inches? That would have to be some kind of world record if it were true. Jake had given up all hope and concluded they had to be right and decided to accept his less than one-inch dicklet. Just then though his phone chimed and the message read: You’re not the only one, they shrank mine too. I have a plan.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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  • millimeter peter

    Why no sequel. This was really well written. Do you have anymore stories?


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