Sissy’s BBC Submission (Gay SPH)

By tawnysuede.

Chapter 1 – First Contact

“Tyler! Snap out of it – you’re staring again, and he’s noticed!” Jack’s voice whispered hoarsely in Tyler’s ear as the hot water from the shower drummed across his back.

There were just the three of them left in the shower now. Basketball practise had been over for more than half an hour and the most of the players were showered and dressed and out the door, heading home for dinner. A few of the seniors were still dressing in the locker room, but only Tyler, Jack and Lebron were still wet under the showers. Tyler and Jack had been particularly poor in the previous game and Coach had asked Lebron to lead them through some extra shooting practise.

And yes, Tyler WAS staring. At Lebron. Or more specifically, at Lebron’s cock. At Lebron’s thick, black, and oh-so-very-long cock.

Lebron Washington and his brother Tyrese had moved to Springfield in the summer, about eight months ago. They were the first black teens that Tyler had much contact with and they seemed to be a couple of nice guys. Lebron was in the senior class with Tyler, Dexter, Jack and the rest of the gang (who had all turned 18 by this time). Tyrese was a year younger and in the junior class.

It had not taken long for Lebron and Tyrese to establish themselves as THE star players on the Springfield football and basketball teams. Tyler and Jack were both good players, but were nowhere near as good as the black brothers.

“Roberts! Hey Tyler. What are you looking at?” asked Lebron as he stepped toward Tyler. Tyler could not take his eyes off of Lebron’s cock; it must be eight inches, even soft under the running water, and it was so very dark. The cock was uncut and he could see it had a thick bulbous head, and underneath the cock were two massive balls that hung low.

This was not news to Tyler. He had been startled by the size of Lebron’s package when he first saw it in the showers back in September, and he saw it wet and glistening at least once a week thereafter. And every time, he could not take his eyes off of the black teen’s prick.

And seeing that impressive cock had led Tyler to look for more on the internet, in the quiet of his bedroom at night!

“Do you like what you see, Roberts? Pretty impressive, eh? Not like the teenie little dicks that you two white boys have, right?” Lebron looked down at Tyler and Jack’s pricks. Shrivelled up in the shower, Tyler’s measured only about two inches, if even that.

“I’m getting out of here!,” exclaimed Jack as he grabbed his towel and slipped and slid off to the lockers! “Want to see what a REAL cock looks like?” asked Lebron. Tyler could only stutter incoherently in reply. His internet browsing had brought him to pictures and videos of many black cocks. Night after night it seemed like he devoured the sight of thick ones, long ones… black cocks being handled by pretty girls, sucked by MILFS and squirting jism over female bellies and faces. But he had never seen one up close in person. Well, not closer than a few feet away in the shower.

Lebron squirted some liquid soap into his palm and then began to slide his hand along his cock. A few swipes of his hand around the glans of his dick and in short moments, Lebron was rock solid hard.

Tyler could not believe his eyes. Lebron’s cock was almost a foot in length – at least ten inches! And it was so damn thick! He was sure that if he tried, he could not get his fingers aroun…. God, what was he thinking?

Tyler backed away, until his back was against the wall; but Lebron advanced on him so that he was just inches from Tyler. It was as if Lebron had read Tyler’s mind!

“I’ve seen you staring at my dick all year, Roberts! It’s quite a change from all the other white boy dick you’ve seen in here, isn’t it?

“I had you figured out by Christmas time, Roberts, but I wanted to wait and see how long it would take for you to show your true colors. I could see right off that you were one of those bois who are fascinated by a black man’s cock. I bet you dream about black cock when you go to sleep at night, don’t you!”

Tyler shook his head vigorously! “No, no! No!” But Lebron was right; ever since catching sight of Lebron and Tyrese in the showers, Tyler could not get the vision of their big dicks out of his head. Ever since the brothers had started dating pretty much every girl in the school, including Peggy and Rebecca, Tyler could not stop imagining what those girls were doing with the huge snakes that the guys were packing in their briefs. And he reinforced those images every night when he watched videos online of white gals jerking off and sucking on huge ebony pricks!

“Look at it, Roberts” Tyler WAS looking. He had never stopped looking. Lebron’s cock was curved and standing rigidly upright. If it had been standing straight out, it would hit Tyler in the hip. As it was, it was curving up, past Lebron’s belly button. “You want to touch it, don’t you? Don’t you!!”

Tyler again shook his head, but… his tongue betrayed him. It flicked out and licked his lip. He was excited. Lebron saw this and grinned. He had the red haired pussyboi!

Tyler was mesmerized by black cock.

Lebron stepped forward further. His lips were beside Tyler’s ear, and his cock grazed the white teen’s hip. Tyler moved his hand as if to push the annoyance away, and then stopped when he realized what he was about to do. But Lebron grabbed his wrist and guided Tyler’s hand to his cock. He slipped the head of his dick into Tyler’s palm and closed Tyler’s fingers around his glans. He whispered into Tyler’s ear, “Feel that boi? That is what a real dick feels like! Not one of your soft wimpy white boy “penises” – this is a black man’s COCK!”

Tyler mewed in fear, but did not release his grip. He noticed though that he had been right… Lebron’s cock was so thick that he could not touch his fingers around it. Lebron moved his hips and his cock slid through Tyler’s fingers. He grinned at the frightened white teen. “Close your fingers a bit tighter and you will be able to jerk me off!”

“N…nnn…nnn…no!” said Tyler meekly, but he did not let go. Lebron’s cock felt so warm, so alive… so firm! He had been sneaking glances at it all year and now, somehow, he actually had it in his hands. And it was leaking precum onto his fingers.

“Well, I see you are enjoying yourself! Your tiny pricklet is at full attention!” Tyler looked down and gasped, it was true! His own cock was rigid – all four inches of it. Four inches that were no thicker than one of Lebron’s fingers! Tyler shuddered in shame.

Lebron’s hand moved onto Tyler’s ass cheek. Tyler could feel the heat and moaned. “You’ve got the sweetest girl’s bum that I’ve ever seen on a boi, Tyler!” It was true. Tyler had always had a bum much more fitting on Peggy or Rebecca than on a male!

Lebron moved his hand around front and touched Tyler’s little prick. With just two fingers he gave Tyler’s cock a couple of strokes, and Tyler came! With just this small touch, his cum flew out of his tiny piss hole, two strong spurts that splashed onto Lebron’s thigh.

“Such a pretty dickie you have, sweetums,” murmured Lebron into Tyler’s ear, as Tyler collapsed forward against the tall black teen. Tyler’s cock gave another twitch and then fell limp. Tyler’s hand released Lebron’s stiff rod as he sought his balance.

Lebron kissed Tyler gently on the neck and whispered, “You could be real cute if you fix yourself up nice. We could do this again, if you are a good boi.” Tyler recoiled and drew his hand to his lips in fright. His lips found Lebron’s precum and he unconsciously licked his hand, tasting the black teen’s precum!

Lebron showered Tyler’s cum off of his thigh and then left, laughing almost silently under his breath, leaving a panting Tyler alone in the shower.

That night, Tyler complained of not feeling well at the dinner table and quickly went up to his room and closed and locked the door. He cried a bit when he thought about the bullying he had been through in the showers. His cell phone rang several times, but he ignored the calls from Dexter and Rebecca. He ignored the text message from Jack: “What happened man?”

But he could not deny that his dick was hard. What had Lebron called it, his “pricklet”? Well it certainly was tiny compared to Lebron’s monster. Maybe he did just have a pricklet? Neither Peggy or Rebecca had ever complained, though neither of them had let him have sex with them since the Washington brothers had moved to town. Heck, Peggy had gone out of town to live with her aunt back in October! His only sex in the last six months had been a quickie with Madge in a school closet, and he had been deathly afraid of Bull finding them!

Tyler removed his pants and underwear. He sat at his computer and entered the special password that let him get into those websites which he frequented but did not want to let his parents see when they checked his browsing history. He grabbed some lube and slowly began teasing his.. pricklet. As always he started with the sites with the pics of the white lesbians, and then switched over to the sites showing white guys pounding their large cocks into black girls. But none of these got him off.

The site that most tantalized him, was the website where he was able to view pics of large black cocks being sucked by pretty white women. He didn’t care whether the white women were teens, or MILFs. What he concentrated on were the big thick black cocks. He was fascinated by seeing those cocks engulfed by those lipsticked mouths or fucking between white tit mounds. He loved seeing the tips at the entrance to those white pussies, and then shoved deep inside. And he was fascinated to see the small women taking those thick dark truncheons in their asses. Tyler found the page he loved… it was a collage showing seven different women… all with thick black cocks deep in their asses. He loved this page because in every picture he could see the cocks in their asses, AND the looks of pure bliss on the gal’s faces.

During all of their high school days, Tyler had dated both Peggy and Rebecca. The girls had a fierce but friendly rivalry over Tyler. During the early years, Tyler had got lots of kissing from the girls, and had managed to fondle their breasts with his hands and his tongue. They had even jerked him off a few times. But it was only this summer, when they had all turned eighteen, that Tyler had actually managed to get his cock inside each of the two girls. Neither had complained about his performance, but neither had raved about his abilities with his four inch dickie.

Since the Washington brothers had moved to town, Tyler had not gotten a single date with either of his former girlfriends. Oh, he had tried! He had called Rebecca repeatedly on the phone, stopped her in the hallways, sent her flowers and chocolates – but all that did was get her angry and annoyed at him! He had had to settle for wanking off alone each night. More often than not, his fantasies were about the two girls, and what they might be doing with the black brothers and their thick juicy cocks. He imagined that the girls in his internet pictures were Peggy and Rebecca and that the long black rods belonged to Tyrese and Lebron!

There was no denying it. He was obsessed by BBC – big black cock.

Tyler fisted his pricklet furiously, drips of lube flying. A vision of Lebron’s huge cock danced before his eyes, and he came, several ropes drenching his chest.

He slept restlessly that night, wondering what was in store for him the next day.


Chapter 2 – Anticipation

But nothing happened the next day, nor the next.

Each day Tyler would pass Lebron in the hallway (often holding hands with Rebecca, or with his arm around her waist), but Lebron just ignored him. Each night, Tyler went home and browsed the internet for Big Black Cocks, and when he found new pictures, he kept fantasizing that they were Lebron’s cock. And imagining how each would feel in his hand.

There were four basketball practises over the next two weeks, but there were always other players milling around in the showers, so the startling events did not repeat themselves. Certainly Tyler and Lebron were in the shower at the same time, and Tyler could not help but stare at Lebron’s dick. Lebron knew Tyler was staring, so he would languidly soap his cock, rubbing the soap bubbles up and down its length, squeezing precum out of the slit. But they were never alone and so Tyler did not know if he would have touched it again. Sometimes both Lebron and Tyrese were in the shower and Tyler would almost go cross eyed trying to watch both cocks at the same time. Tyrese’s cock looked to be a bit smaller than Lebron’s but who could really tell when they were soft and wet under the shower.

After the final of these showers, after he was dressed and combing his hair in a mirror, Tyler sensed someone behind him. Lebron was there, leaning in close, his hands resting on Tyler’s buttocks! Lebron’s lips touched his ear as he whispered, “Such a sweet ass, Roberts! Sorry we have not had any time to play, sissy. I know you’ve been wanting to feel my stiff dick again.”

Lebron softly kissed Tyler’s neck, as his hand stole around front to fondle Tyler’s pricklet through his corduroys. At the same time Lebron’s own clothed groin pressed against Tyler’s ass. Tyler whimpered.

“You HAVE been wanting to touch me again, haven’t you?” whispered Lebron.

“Y… yes,” whispered Tyler.

“What have you wanted to do, sissy” asked Lebron in a louder voice?

“Shhhhh!” exclaimed the red headed teen.

“Tell me what you want to do, or I will ask even louder, and people WILL notice!” demanded Lebron.

“I want… I want to hold your cock again. I… I want to feel how hot it is! I want to make it big!” whispered the frightened teen.

“I knew you were a good little panty boi! If you are a particularly good boi next time, I may let you do more than just hold it!” Lebron slapped Tyler’s ass as he left the locker room.

Tyler gulped for air, and sat down as his legs gave out on him.

Over the next week, Tyler masturbated furiously at home in the evening, visions of himself holding Lebron’s cock dancing in his head. Holding it, and moving his hands up and down it’s long thick length. Daytime, whenever they passed in the hallway, Lebron would make a small kissing noise, and Tyler would shirk away.

Dexter and Jack both noticed Tyler’s nervousness, but they could not get any explanation out of him. Rebecca pretty much kept away from him these days, annoyed at his pestering her. She was usually in the company of either Lebron or Tyrese. Tyrese had been dating Peggy early in the school year until Peggy suddenly moved away. Rebecca now dated both brothers indiscriminately, and both brothers dated many of the other gals in the school.

So Tyler was surprised when Rebecca came up to him one day and invited him to come up to the Hunter Mansion on the following Saturday afternoon.


Chapter 3 – Big Daddy

On Saturday Tyler drove two miles out of town to the Hunter Mansion. The Mansion sat on a hundred acres of grounds, most of it being woodlands and horse trails. The large house itself was surrounded by several acres of carefully cultivated gardens.

Tyler parked on the gravel driveway to one side of the main entrance. He got out of his jalopy and as he approached the front door, he noticed that Rebecca’s father, Rex Hunter was in animated conversation with a large black man who was dressed in overalls.

“Tyler! Glad to see you my boy. You haven’t been coming around much since the summer!” exclaimed Mr. Hunter.

“Hello Mr. Hunter. No I haven’t been seeing much of Rebecca, much as I would like to!”

“Tyler have you met my gardener, George Washington? George, this is Tyler Roberts, a classmate of my daughter, and your son, Lebron!”

George was the first to reply. “I haven’t had the pleasure yet, Rex. Hello Tyler, I’m pleased to meet you!” George held out his very large hand. As Tyler shook it, he found his own small hand engulfed and almost lost in the large black hand.

“I don’t know if you are old enough to remember, Tyler.” said Mr. Hunter, “George here was an outstanding lineman in the NFL for fifteen years until he retired. But he knew his playing days would be limited, and so he studied gardening on the side. George is the best damn gardener who has ever tended to my grounds!”

Tyler already knew from talking to Lebron and Tyrese during the school year, that they had moved to Springfield during the summer when Mr. Washington had taken the job with the Hunters. The three of them had moved in to the gardener’s home which was set back behind the main mansion.

“What about Mrs. Washington, sir?” asked Tyler.

“I’m afraid she left me after I retired from football, son. She loved the glamour and money that came with that life. When I told her I was going to take up gardening for other people once I retired, she dumped me real quick. I’ve raised my boys on my own ever since then. I can’t say I have much time for women anymore.”

Tyler was quick to assure him, “You’ve done a good job of being a parent, sir. Your sons are both doing well in school and are very popular with their classmates!”

“Well thank you, Tyler, I’m glad to hear that. And I am glad to have met you” Tyler realized that his hand was still clasped in the large black hand. George gave it a small squeeze as he said, “My boys have told me quite a bit about you too. I think we are going to be good friends soon.”

Tyler blushed a bright pink upon hearing the compliment. “That blush looks good on you. You should smile more often. You look awfully cute when you do!”, said George. “During my playing days, my team mates had a special nickname for me. They called me “Big Daddy” and I hope you will call me that too, son!”

Tyler hesitated, before hesitatingly replying, “Yes sir. I mean, yes, Big Daddy, sir” He blushed again as the big black man squeezed his hand again.

“George!” said Mr. Hunter. “You have the boy all flummoxed!”

Then to Tyler he said, “Rebecca said to tell you she would be around back, beside the pool. Why don’t you go inside, slip into one of the guest swim suits and join her out there! You know where the guest room and the spare suits are!”

“Thank you, Mr. Hunter. It was nice meeting you Mr…. um… Big Daddy”

As Tyler turned to walk away, he felt a large hand firmly pat his bum.

“That’s a nice boi, Rex. A very nice boi. I am sure I will enjoy getting to know him much better!”

Tyler had borrowed a swim suit many times at the Hunter mansion. But this time, when he went looking in the guest change room, all he could find was one suit, a small thong in a bright pink colour. He put it on, realizing that it held his tiny pricklet very gently and the nature of the thong suit left his ass cheeks very exposed. As he looked in the mirror at how the suit fit, he did notice how wearing the tiny thong made his ass look so round and pronounced. He really did have an ass that would look good on any girl!

He had to walk with a wiggle as he went out to the pool area.


Chapter 4 – Miss Rebecca

The swimming pool was set back about fifty feet from the house. A winding path took Tyler past well tended shrubs and flower beds to the large wall which surrounded the pool area, to give it both privacy and security. Tyler tugged at the edge of his thong bathing suit as the thin material rode up uncomfortably into his ass. As he approached the pool area he heard several voices, but could not make out what they were saying. There were both male and female, some sounding agitated – or excited, and some seeming to just be moaning.

As he reached the pool, it took a few moments for his brain to sort out what his eyes were seeing. There was no one in the pool, but there were two pair of people beside the pool. At the end of the pool, Tyrese Washington was splayed across a lounge chair, his arms comfortably relaxed behind his head. A large, fat blonde woman was kneeling at his feet, her back to Tyler and her head weaving and bobbing in Tyrese’s lap. It took a moment for Tyler to realize that the blonde was sucking avidly on Tyrese’s long black cock!

Along the long edge of the pool, Rebecca Hunter lay on a padded exercise mat, her legs spread far apart. Lebron was between her legs and his athletic legs and was pumping his black shaft in and out of her pussy!

Rebecca’s eyes were shut tight as her hands gripped Lebron’s back, her nails digging in. “Ram that dick in me!.” she cried. “Oh damn, you fuck me SO good, Lebron!”

“Oh yeah, baby!” take this fucking meat stick deep!”, grunted Lebron. One of his hands tweaked Rebecca’s nipples as his other hand kept him steady and balanced.

From the end of the pool, Tyrese moaned, “Yeah, baby, suck that cock. Roll your tongue around the head. You know how I love it, sugar!”

Tyler stood watching for several seconds, his own pricklet getting hard in his pink swimsuit. “Rebecca!” he stammered softly.

Rebecca’s eyes opened and she saw the redheaded teen. “Tylerkins!” she cried. She pushed Lebron back. Lebron’s cock popped out of her cunnie. Tyler could not help but notice that the black cock sprang straight up and a trail of Rebecca’s pussy slime coated the shiny dick. Rebecca sprang to her feet and walked over to Tyler, enveloping him in her arms and giving him a huge hug.

The large blonde girl also started to say something, but Tyrese grabbed her head in both of his hands and began to fuck his cock in and out of her mouth at a more frantic pace! “You ain’t going nowhere girl until you get my nut off!”

Tyler was very conscious that Rebecca was not only nude, with her naked breasts pressed against his chest, but she was also leaking her cunt juices against his bare leg. She pushed back from him and held him at arm’s-length. “Oh Tylerkins, you look SO cute in that pink thong. I am so glad I left it out for you! Lebron was right, you are such a cute little boi!”

“I, uh… I mean, uh,,… you see,” stammered Tyler. But though he wanted to ask Rebecca what was going on, he was tongue tied as he watched Lebron take a couple of steps to close the distance between them. Lebron stepped up to Tyler and hugged him, pressing their bodies together. Tyler could feel Lebron’s long naked cock pressed between them, rubbing Tyler’s midriff as Lebron kissed him on the neck, and whispered, “I’m so glad you could join our little party!”

Tyler gulped as Lebron held his hand, as a boy might hold his girlfriend’s hand. Rebecca stepped over to her purse, took out a cigarette and lit it, inhaling deeply and then exhaling. She passed it to Lebron, and only then did Tyler realize that it was a marijuana cigarette, not tobacco. When she took her next short drag, Rebecca turned to Tyler and kissed him, exhaling the smoke into his mouth. He inhaled, coughed, swallowed, and coughed some more. After taking his next hit, Lebron did the same, kissing Tyler and exhaling. This was Tyler’s first kiss on the lips from Lebron and he blushed as he coughed again. Rebecca passed the spiff to Tyler, saying “Your turn” and he tentatively inhaled himself.

Tyler’s attention was suddenly drawn to Tyrese as he groaned and then shouted, “On yeah, I’m cumming bitch. Take it. Take it all!! He forced half of the length of his cock into the blonde’s mouth, but then, he pulled out and spurted gob after gob after gob of cum at the blonde’s face. She eagerly tried to get his spurting cock back into her mouth. Some cum fell on her tongue, but most jetted onto her forehead, her cheeks, and even up one nostril!. Tyrese fell back exhausted.

The blonde let out a sigh and tried to get to her feet. It took a few attempts, due to her awkward size, but finally she stood and turned. “Tyler!” she exclaimed as she spread her arms wide and came waddling forward.

It took Tyler a full ten seconds to realize, this was Peggy! “Peggy, oh my god, what has happened to you!” Then he realized, she was not fat; she was pregnant! Very very pregnant!

Peggy hugged Tyler, which was difficult considering the huge size of her belly! “Oh Tyler, it is so good to see you.! I’ve missed you and all of the gang!” she cried, lisping slightly. As she hugged and kissed him, Tyler was very conscious of the smell of Tyrese’s cum which was dripping from her face.

Tyler took a good look at her. She looked very different than she had when he last saw her, six months ago when she had supposedly moved out of town, to live with an aunt.

Peggy’s long flowing hair was gone, replaced with tight corn rows in a style Tyler could only think of as a Negro style. She had several piercings in each ear, all holding studs except the bottom most which held large hoop earrings. Her nose had a diamond stud in one nostril. Her tongue was pierced, leading to the slight lisp. She had a couple of tattoos on her arms and lower back. Her breasts were very large, as would be expected in a pregnant woman. Most noticeably, her belly was hugely distorted, much larger than Tyler had ever seen in any pregnant woman.

“This reunion is all very nice, but I am thirsty.” said Rebecca. “Peggy, please go and get us all some cold drinks.”

“Yes, Miss Rebecca,” said the blonde teen, who then waddled off to the bar at the side of the pool. It was only then that Tyler realized the Peggy was wearing a maid’s uniform, though one modified for her current shape.

“Tylerkins, Peggy has been living with the boys and helping out around the mansion as a maid ever since her parents threw her out several months ago. It seems they were not happy with her getting pregnant and carrying a black baby around in her belly!

With his attention drawn back to her, Tyler realized that Rebecca looked different as well. She had always had small perfectly formed breasts, not much more than a B-cup. But now she had impressive D cup breasts that were obviously silicon implants. They were too round and too perfect – plastic looking. Rebecca caught him staring at her tits. “Do you like them, Tylerkins?” she asked, as she lit another weed cigarette. She took a deep drag and then passed it to Tyrese.

“Daddy said I could have anything I wanted for my eighteenth birthday present. I wanted a Porsche, or maybe a trip to Venice or… well, I could not make up my mind. It took me several months, but once Lebron and Tyrese told me that they preferred women with larger boobs, well, what was a girl to do but to ask her daddy to buy her some nice jugs!” she giggled as she hefted her new breasts and then rolled her fingers around her nipples. She continued, “Daddy wanted to send me to the best plastic surgeon in the country, to make sure they were the right size and looked natural, but I know the boys like this look better – obviously fake and slutty! And what my lovers want, they get!”

Rebecca lit another weed stick and it was soon passed to Tyler. He took another short coughing drag. But Lebron told him to suck deep, and reluctantly, he did so. He was getting a bit woozy.

Peggy returned with a tray of glasses of lemonade. Rebecca took a glass and then lay back on a lounge chair, her legs spread wide and her pussy glistening with the juices that had been worked up by Lebron fucking her. Her fingertips spread her pussy lips and Tyler could see that she now had a ring piercing her clit. As she strummed her fingers across the ring, she moaned.

“Do you like my new jewelry, Tylerkins?”

“It’s.. it’s very nice Rebecca!” But his words were barely out, when Lebron slapped his face.


Rebecca’s tone became chilly. “Lebron slapped you,” she said, “because you did not show me proper respect! From now on, when you address me, you call me Miss Rebecca, understand?” Tyler nodded meekly. “And you address the boys as Mister Lebron and Mister Tyrese!” Again Tyler nodded. “Yes Miss Rebecca!” he muttered.

“Very good Tylerkins. As a reward, you may kneel in front of Lebron. He tells me that you are very eager to help him out!”


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