Hotel Room Cuck

Peanut_Writer I’d never seen Carla cum. I didn’t know she had been faking it with me until yesterday. It was our first anniversary, and after an expensive dinner and a long musical downtown, we stumbled into our hotel room and couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. Her scarlet hair tumbled to the middle of her back and spun around her as we fought and kissed our way onto the bed. She slinked out of the black dress she

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An Escort Shows Him What a Small Penis Needs (Gay SPH)

Johnny Scranton Lester was excited and very nervous. He had not been with a prostitute before, and here he was walking up to the door of one now. He took a deep breath and reached to knock on the door. But he paused. His nervousness got a hold of him, and he turned to walk away. This was crazy; he couldn’t go through with it. But then he stopped himself. He thought about how little effort he put into dating,

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