The Small Dick Club 1

By VerbalAbuse.

The naked man leans against the dining table. Mylene, my wife, is on her knees in front of him. Her lips connect to the tip of his dick. She looks up at him and takes the head in her mouth. She’s naked, too, except for the high-heeled chunky sandals that wrap almost to the knee on her legs and a long inventory of trinkets that decorate her body. Rings pierce her nipples, lower lip, and nose. Tassels dangle from her earlobes and navel. The tongue that washes the underside of the guy’s cock is pierced by a long barbell. The chains, braces, and necklaces she wears are too numerous to count.

Her fingers hold the man’s balls delicately. He’s completely shaved. His small sac is barely visible under his puny cock.

He touches her chin, caresses her cheek, and smoothes her short, messy blonde hair.

I sit on a high bar stool behind a small, high, square table only a few paces away. I’m eating my lunch. I put it off for too long, and now I’m really hungry. Still, I try to eat slowly and pay close attention to what the two of them are doing.

Her tongue goes everywhere on his small shaft. Mylene is one of those girls who can extend their tongues out of their mouths a lot. When he presses his dick on hers, its tip reaches his balls. The head of his pecker is only between her lips, barely into her mouth. Though I’m sure I don’t want a cock as short as his, I feel slightly envious.

Her hands rest on his thighs, then go around his legs and find his buttocks. The man — his name is Cameron — is slim, fit, and of average height. That’s about how Mylene likes them: neither large nor small, and with a really pathetic package — or a “cute” one, to hear her tell it.

Cam is about thirty. She’s not yet thirty. I am even younger than her.

She pushes his dick up with a finger and tickles his balls with the tip of her tongue. Despite my other, more literal hunger, I find the show arousing. She tells him what a pretty boy he is, how adorable his tiny penis is, et cetera. She actually says the words “tiny penis.” I snort. He looks at me. Mylene ignores me. She’s very good at ignoring distractions — especially me.

She stands and leans over him. Her fingers find his nipples and grab them. She twists them while her face is moving closer to his. Their mouths open. Her tongue enters his, though their lips are still apart. More lovey-dovey talk ensues — the “you’re so sweet and cuddly, blah, blah” kind — all coming from her. I roll my eyes. He does not say much. Maybe he has not been in a situation like this often, or maybe my presence disconcerts him. More “your pee-pee is so little, so thin, so entirely useless and wonderful” words are said. I’m sure he loves hearing it. I’m sure he has heard them from others. I’ve heard them before from her, though not addressed to me.

I actually like Cam. I have known him for several years, though this is the first time he’s got to enjoy the amorous attention of my wife. Which is kind of surprising considering how much he is her type and how much she’s fixated on small dicks.

It must be because only lately have we begun crossing paths more often. Mylene and I started spending time on a popular city beach a few months back. It’s in a very crowded working-class neighborhood. The beach is narrow, and in late afternoon, it’s shadowed by the tall residential towers across the street. I like remote and deserted beaches better, but one cannot have that in the city. Besides, Mylene likes to show her goods, and I like to show her goods even more. We’re also voyeurs, so a crowded beach in an overpopulated part of town fits the bill nicely.

There, we found Cameron and his girl, Ava. The beach is clothes-optional, and surprise, he was naked. Ava likes to parade him around — and not just nude, but erect wherever possible. She wants everybody to see how small he is. They’ve been playing this game for so long that he’s got used to it. Rather than feeling humiliated, he’s developed a curious sense of pride. However, it’s not like she makes it easy for him. She tries to embarrass and shame him in countless small ways. The guy is one hundred percent straight, yet he sometimes wears a butt plug. She forces him to. His backside is kind of soft and cute, to be sure.

Cam and Ava have been together for a very long time and their love for each other cannot be in doubt. It is, however, anything but ordinary. For one, there’s that ongoing humiliation thing that stopped being humiliating long ago. Cam had a tough time adjusting to it, though she made sure he did. But now he’s fine. He has adjusted a little too well. One of the manners in which she likes to embarrass him is to tell it all, or worse, make him explain it — that’s how I know it, that’s how everybody knows it. Except that now he has no problem doing it. He’ll happily describe to anybody interested how their relationship works.

For another, they don’t have sex. By that I mean that he does not penetrate her — not with his penis, anyhow, and not down there. It’s too small for her even to feel it, you see. She told him that from the start. So, no normal sex for him. He’s also not allowed to penetrate anybody vaginally or anal. She likes to tell everybody that Cam has never penetrated anybody, that he’s a virgin, and that she’ll see to it that he’ll always be one. She likes to make him say it. He explains it all like it’s very ordinary — like he’s talking about his car. They are happy in bed and spend a lot of time making love, though it’s mostly kissing and hugging. She does not let him cum often, only once every few days, sometimes not at all for several weeks. She usually has orgasms from humping his leg or stuffing his fingers in her cunt. She stuffs hers in his ass after having him clean it — not to please him, but to shame him because he likes it. She seldom plays with others and is indifferent whether he does, so long as he follows that singular rule.

That’s about it. Ava is two years older. Oh, yeah, and they’re siblings.

Right now, Mylene lifts Cameron’s butt over the table with her hands under his thighs, then she raises his legs in the air. He leans back and props himself up on his hands. She leans over him and kisses him. I can’t see it, but I know her kiss must be very wet and deep.

When she pulls back, she starts to mock fucking him. She slams her hips into his butt with short thrusts, pausing before each one of them. She anchors herself on his junk. The bitch likes to squeeze. Having been too many times the subject of her less than tender love, I know it can be quite uncomfortable. She always does it like she does not realize how strong her grip can get. I doubt that’s the case. She can be a sadist, but then again, she suffers a lot more abuse than she dispenses. The latter is in my own hands, so it would be unfair for me to complain. But this guy is innocent. I watch his face for signs of discomfort. “Please,” he moans, “my balls…”

She puts her hands on his legs, then on his midriff, and keeps “fucking” him. She has a pretty bottom, and watching it shake when her front makes contact with his body is hypnotic. The jelly-like motion of her rear end grows in my perception and gradually occupies it entirely. I no longer feel comfortable in my tight pants and take them off. Then, I drag my chair closer to where the action is.

She mocks and slaps him across the face in that sham manner girls do it — using only her fingers and slowing the already soft blow just before contact. Then she leans over him again, opens his mouth, and stuffs her fingers inside before withdrawing them and spitting in his mouth. All the while, her “fucking” never ceases, and the ripples that traverse her fatty tissues take hold of my mind and cause reactions in my body. My cock, hard now and twice as long as that of the man on the table, points straight at her. My toes curl with arousal. Soon, somebody will get a real fuck. It’s not just her butt and the back of her thighs that are shaking. Everything on Mylene’s tall, slender frame shakes her soft tits with the large rings in their dark, thick nipples; the small, thin chains attached to her belly button ring; and the ridiculous and colorful earrings, so long that they brush over her shoulders with each of her thrusts.

In the meantime, though, Mylene asks Cam to turn around. He obliges dutifully and sits on his knees. His feet, on the table’s edge, press against the front of her thighs. She raises his butt slightly and continues to “fuck” him. Her arms close in front of him. I’m guessing that one or both of her hands are wrapped around his little stiffy and that the smashing of her hips into his butt drives his cock forward.

He turns around from his waist and reaches back to get a kiss. I rise from my chair and get behind her. She leans slightly forward and lets him suck her tongue. I move closer, so close that her soft butt rubs against my front during its back-and-forth motion. I run my hands over it. I press my dick over the crack between her cheeks and move it up and down while their fluid geometry reconfigures in an engrossing cyclic rhythm.

She turns around from her waist and reaches back to get a kiss from me. She opens her mouth, and I lean slightly forward and let her suck my tongue. She throws an arm around my neck and locks onto my face. She chews my lips, and I chew hers. Her tongue extends and reaches all the way to the back of my mouth.

When she turns her attention back to Cam, I turn mine back to her ass. I push my fingers between her jiggly buttocks and find her asshole. Its warmth makes my arousal rise. I need to fuck her. I push the same fingers in her mouth while my other hand is on her neck. She keeps up her fake pumping of Cam’s butt. The guy watches the action in front of him with a mix of circumspection and excitement on his face. He tries repeatedly to touch himself, but Mylene stops him. He’s a premature ejaculator — so he tells everybody — and she does not want him to be done just yet.

I slip my fingers back in her crack. This time, I don’t stop at the pleasant surface of her pucker but push them inside. I have my other hand on her hip, then move it on her belly. I let her fuck herself on my fingers as she “thrusts” the stunned Cam. She reaches back and finds my very hard cock. It’s her not-so-gentle stroking that finally pushes me to act: I want to cum in her ass, not in her hand.

I leave her side and find a jar of yellowish lube. I cover my hardon with the funny-looking paste and scoop a gob of it with the same fingers from earlier. They go back to coat her rear entrance and give her a second fuck, this time nicely lubricated. She turns back for more kisses, but I cut her short. I push her forward, half bent over little Cam, then slip my dick inside her. It only takes a gentle push to overcome the resistance of her orifice; my girl is well-used.

There’s nothing fake about the fucking I give her. I thrust into her with long, hard pushes. Her soft backside ripples with far more energy than earlier every time I slam into her. She tries to get away from my punishment, but I don’t let her. I lock onto her neck, then grab a handful of her short hair and pull her head back.

Poor Cam is at a complete loss. He turns on his back and crawls backward over the long table, and he’d be off it if only Mylene would let him be. She grabs his hips just as he tries to slip from underneath her. I fuck her hard, and she bears it all stoically. I turn her head to the side to have a look at her face. Her pained expression can’t be mistaken — my punishment, no matter how bad, can’t last forever. She’s funny. I laugh and release her hair.

She turns to the one man for whom she right now feels tender. She rubs her face on Cam’s groin and thighs, nibbles at his stiff, tiny prick, and licks him all around. She sucks his balls and then the whole of his little package. He raises his butt from the table and attempts to fuck her face. She aims to help and puts her hands under his ass to give him support. I slam her hard, and each of my thrusts throws her forward and strains their delicate equilibrium. Cam tries to coordinate his thrusts with mine so that each time I push her into his groin, he pushes back into her mouth.

He groans louder and starts to shake from his hips. He’s spent. He keeps her head pressed over his crotch with his hand for a bit before letting her go. I release her, too. She turns on her back, legs spread wide in the air, shoulders between his legs. I slip my cock back into her hole and resume my pounding, this time at a leisurely pace. She looks at me, but her head is slightly turned to the side. She seems more interested in Cam’s attention. He has his arms around her. He kisses and ruffles her hair, then kisses and caresses her face. Oh, how tender these two are with each other!

I push my thumb between her lips and open her mouth. I press it over her tongue and make her suck it. Cam has moved closer to me and now holds her hands, which are pressed over her breasts. I lean over her, and she raises herself in her arms to meet me halfway. Our mouths meet, and I taste Cam’s cum from her pierced tongue.

I release her once more, and she sits on her knees at the edge of the table, in the same position Cam occupied when I started fucking her. I fuck her butt, and when she turns from her waist, I kiss her. Cam walks on his knees right in front of her, and she puts her arms on his body — first on his waist, then around his back, and finally over his shoulders. He squeezes her tits, grabs her hips, and caresses her thighs. She throws her head back over my shoulder, eyes closed. She shakes her hips like she’s trying to let my cock deeper inside her. She kisses him, then me, then him again.

I cum inside her, right past her sphincter, then fuck her deeper for a bit longer before releasing her.

She lies on her stomach on the table, legs spread. Cam eats her wrecked hole. She makes him lie on his back, then crawls over him, turns, and sits on his face. She shakes her butt and spreads it with her hands. I don’t need to see it to know that she’s pushing all of my cum out of her ass and into his mouth. His hands grip her hips tightly. She grinds against his face and laughs.


I leave the two alone and head for the shower. Then, I make a couple of calls. When I return, I find them on the bed, playing a variant of strip poker where she puts on a piece of clothing of his choosing when she wins and takes one off when he wins. She lies on her stomach, propped up on her elbows. Her plump, insolent butt is winking at me. Its roundness is accentuated by the black frame of a narrow garter belt with suspenders and the stocking’s thigh bands.

Since she’s winning, I don’t feel too bad when I ask Cam to give me my wife back. The earlier fucking was too short, too excited, and mixed with my receding hunger, too unsatisfying to suffice. Now I give her the fuck she needs. I fuck her prone, on her back, on her side, and all fours. I fuck her on the bed, right under Cam’s curious eyes. She extends her arms and clings to his legs and body as I thrust into her backside. I fuck her for an interminably long time, long after the both of us are soaked in sweat.

Cam is by Mylene’s side most of the time. They hold their hands, fingers interlocked. He leans over her to kiss her now and then. She makes a lot of `Oh’s and `Ah’s. Time and again, she has her arms around him, and as I slam into her ass, her face rubs into his abdomen. She begs him to make it stop.

His diminutive erection never ceases to shine. He refrains from touching himself lest he cums too soon. When he does, it’s at his discretion. He’s ready. He has his phone in one hand and records the event. `Incident’ might be a more accurate term for it. He comes closer to her. She extends her arm and reaches for his junk. He’s right next to her face. She gives his small dick a couple of strokes. I slow down my thrusting in curious anticipation. She brings her head a little lower, and her lips touch his stiff toy member. Her tongue flicks over its head. He ejaculates within ten seconds. Some of his semen ends up in her mouth, but most flies over and lands on her nose and cheeks. After that, he lies down with a manifest expression of satisfaction on his face.

I fuck Mylene more, and when I’m spent when we’re both tired of all the humping and pumping, I add my cum to Cam’s spunk, which still decorates her face. She spreads it carefully around, and while I drop by her side and reach for the glass and the water pitcher I have on the bedside drawer, she stands and walks to a dining chair some distance away. She sits, facing me and the amused Cam, then massages all the semen into her face, using small circles and only the tips of her fingers, until her entire face is covered in a fine, white lather.

Cam has filmed this last part and asks Mylene to outline the benefits of a protein-rich facial mask for the record. He laughs and says he’ll present the collected evidence to Ava, and maybe she’ll change her mind about it. He has suggested it before but failed to present his case convincingly enough. I offer to assist if Ava ever agrees.


After Cameron leaves, Mylene and I take a shower, then rest naked on the veranda at the back of the house.


To Be Continued…


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