Hotel Room Cuck


I’d never seen Carla cum. I didn’t know she had been faking it with me until yesterday. It was our first anniversary, and after an expensive dinner and a long musical downtown, we stumbled into our hotel room and couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. Her scarlet hair tumbled to the middle of her back and spun around her as we fought and kissed our way onto the bed. She slinked out of the black dress she had been wearing. Underneath she was wearing a strapless bra and nothing else. Her lips were burning when she pushed them into mine and moved her hands to my belt. I was hard as I’d ever been, pushing against my zipper for all I was worth (which turned out not to be much). My pants slid off, and Carla laid back against the bed and grabbed my four inches to guide mine into her open wet slit. I came when I was about two inches away. Three thick ropes that landed on Carla’s belly and splashed up her abdomen.

“Oh God fucking damn it, Jake,” she let go of me and shoved me away. “You didn’t even get in me!” Her brown eyes looked mad as she stood up. My cum started to slide down her body and shimmered as she glared at me.

“I can eat you out if you want,” I said. This wasn’t the first time I’d had blown my load early, but this was the first time I’d seen Carla look actually upset about it.

“No, I wanted to be fucked,” Carla shot back at me. “It’s our damn anniversary, you didn’t buy a fucking hotel room to eat me out for ten minutes then cuddle all night did you?”

“Well, no I-,” I started.

“Shut up,” Carla walked to the bathroom, and I heard I could see her wipe my cum off herself in the mirror. She was still in her red pumps, and her ass looked incredible. She moved to the doorway of the bathroom. “Can you get it up again?”

Her black bra pushed her breasts together, and her cleavage was as good as it had ever looked. Her toned thighs touched below her vagina, but she was perfectly curvy. Her wide hits pulled focus right to the little patch of red pubic hair she had growing above her clit. I stood looking at her with my pants around my ankles. My penis was totally soft and pathetically small.

“No,” I told her. It was a little past midnight.

Carla scowled at me. For a minute neither of us said anything. Then, without a word, she turned on her heel and walked out of the room and into the hotel hall wearing only her bra and her heels. “Don’t follow me,” she said over her shoulder as the door slammed shut.

I didn’t know what to do. On the one hand, Carla had just walked out of the hotel room practically naked, but she seemed really pissed at me. And it’s not like she wasn’t going to come back, all her stuff was still in the hotel room. Did she just want to piss me off by giving a couple night owls a peek of what I couldn’t handle? I felt sick to my stomach. I sat down on the bed without bothering to pull my pants up.

Four minutes later when I heard Carla’s key in the door, I stood to greet her. I was very surprised to see a black guy who towered over me. When the man saw me, he smirked a little and didn’t take another step into the room. I stood staring at him. Carla appeared behind him and eased around him to get herself into the hotel room. “Oh my God, Jake, pull your fucking pants up.”

I had totally forgotten I was naked from the waist down. Hastily I bent and tried to pull my pants up, but not before Carla and the huge black guy had gotten a long look at my stub of a penis.

The big man laughed. “Damn, baby, I didn’t think your man was gonna have a baby dick,” his eyes bored into my crotch, and he laughed again. A flush crept up my cheeks, and for a moment I was speechless. But only for a moment.

“Carla, who is this?” I asked. The black man was 6’3″ or 6’4″ and easily stood over Carla and me. He was wearing dark blue jeans and a gray T-shirt. It was thin enough to show his six-pack and huge biceps. I was barely 130 pounds.

“This is Jared,” Carla said. She stepped in front of him and pulled him by the hand to the middle of the hotel room. “He’s going to fuck me since you can’t.”

I stared Carla in the eyes for several seconds waiting for a punch line. She wasn’t joking. My eyes snapped from hers to the strip of burning hair above her vagina. I didn’t know what to say. I felt a strange pulsing at the base of my penis, but I didn’t get hard. Jared took two long steps and was inches from me. “Are you alright with that?” He asked.

He smelled strongly of cologne and man, and I had to crane my neck to look up into his eyes. I knew then it was going to happen. My balls and cock still tingled and felt strange, I was short of breath. “Uh, I, Uh,” I stammered.

“He’ll be fine with it,” Carla said and smiled at me with her perfect teeth. I took a step back from the huge man and almost fell into the chair at the desk in the corner of the hotel room. “Jakey, why don’t you pull your pants back down, so Jared knows he has nothing to worry about?” I stared into her deep brown eyes, and part of me was hypnotized. What would be the harm in doing anything with this guy? It’s not like Carla or I was ever going to see him again. Carla’s eyes dug into mine, and I felt safe. Her eyes were home and comfort and all the good things, and before I knew what I was doing, I was unbuckling my belt and revealing my tiny manhood to the huge man and my girlfriend. Despite the horny feeling, I was feeling in my balls, I couldn’t get even a little hard. I was flaccid, and my dick was less than an inch long. It rested against my ball sack, and my eyes darted from Carla’s brown beauties to the huge bulge in Jared’s pants. Jared looked again at my penis. He laughed, a deep below that reverberated in my bones.

“That’s the smallest thing I’ve ever seen,” Jared laughed as Carla pulled him towards the bed. His eyes shifted from me to Carla; first, he looked at her face, then the burning hair above her cunt. Carla was visibly dripping, and Jared put a huge hand between her legs and started to push into her. Carla moaned and sank onto the bed. “Want me to fuck you, baby?” Jared crooned at my girlfriend. Carla’s eyes were closed and her back arched and shuddered with every touch from his huge fingers.

“Yes,” Carla moaned, grinding her hips into his hand “yes, yes, yes, please fuck me, pllleaaasssseee,” She was practically vibrating towards him. I fell into the chair by the desk in the corner and watched with my mouth open. I was stunned, and my penis started to get a little harder. I watched as Jared pulled his shirt up and over his shoulders in one swift motion. He kept teasing one or two of his long fingers into Carla, and she was moaning in a way I’d never heard before. I felt sick and horny and excited and scared all at once. Then Jared pulled down his jeans. Even though his blue boxer-briefs, I could tell his penis was several times the size of mine. It looked like he had another arm hidden between his legs. I wasn’t sure if Carla noticed, her eyes were still closed, and she was almost screaming as Jared teased her with his fingers. I could see his underwear tightening as his huge member stiffened. Neither of them spared a glance at me, they were consumed in their own love making. Jared slid his underwear down his legs.

His dick was the biggest I’ve ever seen. It must have been almost a foot long and thicker than my wrist. Carla looked up and saw it and the smile that spread across her face filled me with dread and anticipation. I could see the reflections of the lights in the wetness between her legs. Carla had her eyes locked with Jared, and she slowly spread her legs as far as they would go, sticking them out at crazy angles on either side of Jared, her red pumps high in the air. From where I was sitting I had a perfect long-ways view of the action. I watched as his huge cock hovered less than an inch from Carla’s snatch. Watched as she frantically pulled at his butt and back trying in vain to get his huge girth into her. Watched as Jared finally relented and slowly inserted himself into Carla. As he went in, inch by inch, Carla went from staring into his eyes to closing them and focusing entirely on not recoiling in pain. It was undoubtedly the biggest dick she’d ever taken, I didn’t think she would be able to do it. Despite myself, my dick was as hard as it could get, and still only a fourth or a fifth of Jared’s size.

He entered her slowly. Carla was totally quiet until he got about halfway in, then she started to scream and moan in pleasure. “OH FUCK,” she cried “OH MY GOD FUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKME,” I was worried the neighbors would hear her, but neither Jared nor Carla seemed that worried about it. She was more passionate than I’d ever seen her and Jared were barely halfway in. When he got to three-fourths Carla started to buck and cry.

“OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, I’M CUMMING,” she screamed, and there was an audible squelch. I’d never heard that noise before, but I saw a white residue on Jared’s huge dick as he pulled it out of Carla and rammed it back in. Carla was screaming, and her hands were flailing in the air. Clearly, she didn’t know what to do with them. Her tits bounced wildly beneath her bra, and suddenly one of her hands made its way down to her chest and was pinching her nipple beneath the garment. In one rugged motion, Jared pulled the strapless bra down to just above Carla’s hips. Her nipples were as pink as carnival cotton candy, and one of Jared’s huge hands enveloped her left breast, the one she wasn’t playing with. He slipped all of himself in save for three or four inches of thick shaft.

“OHMYGOD,” Carla moaned as Jared’s stationary cock stretched her formally tight hole. “I’MGONNACUM—I’MGONNACUM—I’MGON-,” she was interrupted by an orgasm that made her rip and the sheets and bounce up and down over and over again on the bed. A wet squirting sound was audible, and I couldn’t have been harder. Jared pulled himself out of Carla, and she squirted all over him and the bed. I didn’t know Carla was a squirter and judging by the way she was looking from Jared then to his huge cock she didn’t either. She smiled up at him and lounged on the bed in perfect relaxation.

“Oh, wow…” she whispered and put her tiny palm on the head of Jared’s huge dick. It was resting an inch above the opening to her cunt. Her hand barely covered the head.

“You want some more, honey?” Jared asked, rubbing his head softly against Carla’s clit. I sat with my mouth agape six feet away from them in the corner of the hotel room. Despite the visible throbbing of my tiny penis, I felt conflicted. Carla, the woman I loved, that I wanted to marry was clearly infatuated with the huge dick in front of her. The entire time she had been getting fucked (which had only been three or four minutes at this point) she hadn’t spared me a glance. Her hair had gotten wild from sweat, and her chest was heaving.

“Yeah, I need some more,” Carla crooned. She arched her back, and the flipped on her stomach and thrust her pussy at Jared. “Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease you have to fuck me, baby, please?” Drops of natural lubricant fell from her and stained the bedsheet. Jared lined up behind her and pushed himself balls deep into her. Carla’s scream was sure to wake somebody. Jared knew it and pushed her head down into a pillow, but Carla made no move to resist. Her hands gripped and scratched at the sheets helplessly while the rest of her body gyrated crazily on Jared’s huge cock. On a lesser man, her stomach and tits would have been bouncing off of the sheets every second, but Carla was impaled. Jared was too tall for Carla to get all the way back down to the sheets, so she bounced several inches off of the bed. Jared’s bone rattling laugh made me clench my butt cheeks together and almost cum.

I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I’d never been turned on by anything like this before, but the raw animalistic passion of Carla had me entranced. She was screaming into the pillow, and now one of her hands was pinching and punching one of her breasts. Jared grabbed a handful of her hair and started leaning into her, increasing his speed and making Carla quit her screaming. I’m sure she would have, but I saw her chest seize, her hand stops picking at her nipple. Her face was buried in the pillow, but I knew she was locked face-down with her mouth making an “O” and all her thoughts consumed with the stretching in her cunt. Suddenly she was making a deep guttural sound, and Jared thrust balls deep and kept himself there for a minute. Carla’s scream steadily rose in pitch for four or four seconds before he pulled out and she squirted again all over the big black man. His abdomen and long cock were glistening. I couldn’t take my eyes away from it as Carla shrieked and squirted again. The lights were reflected in his huge member. Carla squirted for the third time, and her body noticeably relaxed. She rose her head from the pillow. Her whole face was red, and her eyes were vacant and glazed.

“Oh, wow that was…” she closed her eyes and didn’t bother to finish her sentence. She put her face back into the pillow and rose her cunt back towards Jason. She said something into the pillow that sounded like ‘you own me.’ I felt like I was just a second away from cumming, I focused on anything I could think of, but my dick stayed rock hard and tiny.

Jared laughed again and lined up his dick. His cock was sopping wet, and even from across the room I could see that Carla’s pussy was dilated and swollen. So Jared pushed his monster up against Carla’s asshole. As soon as she realized what was happening, her head shot up and she tried to turn towards Jared. I caught her eye for just the briefest of seconds before Jared caught her head and slammed her back down into the bed. She looked scared and in love. Whatever she was yelling, it was lost in the pillow. Jared lined himself up and pushed harder. I saw the head of his cock disappear into Carla’s ass and heard her scream. One of her hands pushed frantically against his abs, but it was no use. He continued to drive his oversized tool into Carla’s virgin asshole.

The sheets muffled her screams. I couldn’t take my eyes away from the black man’s huge hard hand entwined in her scarlet hair. He was two inches deep in her now, going on three. Carla was clearly yelling stop repeatedly, but Jared paid no heed. He pulled out, and Carla stopped yelling. I could see her breathing heavily. Jared kept her pinned with one hand and spit on his cock. He used his other hand to rub in the lubricant and then proceeded to slide almost six inches deep in Carla’s ass in one motion. She got so loud he pulled her up and slapped her in the face. She shut up, but I could see on her face she was in immense pain. Jared looked at me, smiled, and pushed another three or four inches in.

“Do you want all of it, slut?” he asked her. Carla’s face was almost as red as her hair, and she was openly crying. I could make out Jared’s handprint on her cheek, and if it was possible, it made me harder.

“Yes,” Carla murmured. I couldn’t believe she had said yes, from what I was seeing she was being raped, her virgin whole violated and she was asking for more.

Jared shoved the last few inches of his python into Carla’s ass, and she started to sob. He began moving in and out slowly; all the while Carla writhed and cried but didn’t make another move to push him off. After a minute or two, her sobs became quiet, her eyes closed, and I saw that she was beginning to enjoy it. In one fluid motion, Jared grabbed Carla under each arm and lifted her, so I saw her whole front as he filled her ass from behind. He was smiling at me the whole time.

I watched Carla’s expression move slowly from pain to pleasure. Her perfect pink nipples became blurs as Jared increased his speed and began ramming his whole length into Carla’s ass repeatedly. As he got faster, Carla’s gaze was less focused, her vocalizations became less coherent, and she moaned for his dick. All of a sudden, she closed her eyes and screamed and squirted all over Jared’s legs and the hotel floor, he never let her down and kept her suspended in the air as he rammed her repeatedly. His balls almost the size of billiards and I watched with a horrible fascination as they began to seize and ascend. Carla felt it too, suddenly her eyes focused on mine, and she smiled with perfect teeth.

“Cum in me, baby,” She purred with her arms pinned by the huge man and her legs off the floor. She kept staring right at me, smiled wider “in my pussy baby, get me pregnant,” she got louder with that command, and I got much closer to cumming. “My pussy,” she moaned as his cock pistoned in and out of her ass “Please, baby, please cum in my pussy,” she begged, and her eyes never left mine.

Jared himself began to moan and slammed Carla back down onto the bed face down, so her swollen pussy and filled ass faced me. Smoothly, he slid out of her ass and balls deep into her cunt. Carla moaned and came again as Jared started to pump rope after rope of hot cum into Carla. The sight of his balls contracting and Carla’s red, stretched asshole and the sound of her orgasm made me cum right then without a single touch. Two little spurts that fell onto my balls. Jared’s orgasm continued several times as long, I was in shock at the amount of cum he was pouring into the slut I was dating. I watched for almost a minute as Carla moaned and Jared kept spunking. Then he pulled out and let go of Carla. She lay on the bed, totally tired. The first trickles of white cum were already beginning to drip out of her cunt.

Jared slapped her on the ass hard one time, and Carla didn’t react. He pulled on his shirt and pants and moved towards the door. Before he left, he turned back and looked at me. “Better start eating that shit outta her if you don’t want a mixed race baby,” he laughed again and strode out of the hotel room and into the hallway.

Carla didn’t move. She was heaving on the bed, and now the cum was flowing out of her pussy in a steady stream. I stood and moved to the edge of the bed, and put my face right up against her genitals. The smell was overpowering. I noticed that I was hard again and started to eat the stronger man’s cum out of my girlfriend. She looked too stretched to ever feel me again.

The End.


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