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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


Seeing a bragger get outed turned this reader onto SPH…

When I was in high school, one of the cooler kids from my neighborhood was dating this super hot girl. He used to always brag to my friends and I when she wasn’t around about his big dick and how he would pound her pussy every day. He would tell us that he had a 9 inch dick. One day, my friends and I were hanging out with both of them and he started to brag to us like usual about his dick size and sex game in front of her. After awhile, I could see from her face she started to get annoyed from all of his boasting and cockiness. All of a sudden, she blurted out how his dick was really only this big, holding her two fingers up showing he was only about 3 inches. She than revealed that she barely felt anything during sex. All of my friends started laughing hysterically and clowned him from that day forward. It was obvious how embarrassed and humiliated he was by her outing him. I remember being really turned on by it. After that day, I started looking online and discovered SPH videos and became hooked ever since.


A new mistress makes this reader expose himself in the gym…

Well a couple days ago, I posted a picture of my little pee pee on reddit. I included in the post that if any femdom’s would like to chat, send me a PM. I usually don’t hold my breath for responses, but I got a little orange letter from lovely woman. She told me she’s been interested in being a mistress, and I told her I was willing to be a test subject as I’m new to being a sub as well. Here’s where the story really starts. Cut to yesterday. We had done some chatting and some playing with each other the day/days previous. A lot of it was her giving SPH, or telling me what to do or show her. I told her I was going to the gym after work and got on the subject of the locker rooms.

I told her I’d never been naked in the lockers due to my size. I love the thought of people seeing me small and making fun of it in the fantasy world, but am still embarrassed in reality. Well, my new femdom said she wanted me to use the locker room after the gym. She wanted me to not only change but shower as well.

My heart immediately started racing. The rest of the day all I could think about was the locker room. We chatted about what she wanted me to do and how it was feeling until the time came.
I told her I finished my work out, to which she quickly instructed me to go to the lockers. She said once I get inside, I was to get naked and try to take a picture of how small I was. I was able too (no, no one else was around for the picture). She then told me to stay naked until at least one person saw, then go shower.

The entire time my heart was beating and I felt so excited. This, of course, made everything shrink that much smaller. At least 6-7 guys saw for sure, and I was by far the smallest in there. Unfortunately there was no one in the showers, but it was still a rush.


This reader finds out his wife has been talking about him behind his back…

Who knows why being exposed at having a small penis is so exciting. My wife is quite candid about my lack of size but only indulges me a little. One evening we were at a wedding celebration and the subject of outdoor decks (Patio’s) came up. There were two other couples and a single female at the table besides us. I said, “My deck is quite big.”

The single female quickly laughs, and said, “That’s not what I heard.”

Time stopped for me.

I just love the idea my penis size was being discussed, even if the statement were totally innocent. I felt my little guy immediately growing and twitching in my pants. Even though I was relishing the moment, I am sure it passed more quickly as my wife immediately said, “That’s for sure.”

And then both women start laughing louder.

The other couples who were engaged in their own conversations took notice and also start laughing, even if they were not fully sure what was going on. At this point, I only stumbled for words, trying to play it cool and end up turning red and looking down. I was on the verge of cumming as this is such a huge turn on for me. The conversation, of course, moved on but later I asked my wife if she had ever mentioned my size to her colleague.

She simply said, “Maybe.”


Another reader learns the hard way what his mates think of his size…

I was pretty unaware I was SO small until I started showering in the locker room. Even then, I didn’t think anyone was looking or paying attention to me. Until the guy with the biggest dick on the team ran up on me one day swinging his flaccid cock in his hand at me yelling, “I bet you wish you could do this, huh?” To a good bit of laughter.

He loved showing off his (don’t blame him) but this was the first time I was called out. It was apparently talked about behind my back that I had a small dick. I laughed it off and told him to fuck off. We were teammates and this is typical locker room hazing. But that shit hurt.


This reader finds fun in being a dud fuck…

I’m small and premature. And 4.5 inches and skinny. Last a couple minutes max. So I had a party at my parents lake house and there was this girl who was WAY more experienced than me. Her first boyfriend was a football teammate of mine who I know is hung (locker room shower and all). So I was hitting on her all night and she kept asking if I was sure I could handle her. I said yes every time. We get drunk and eventually I convince her I can take her. We go to the bedroom. First embarrassment is she takes my pants off.

“Oh…” she gasps.

“What’s wrong?” I ask.


But she’s nowhere near as enthused as she was a few minutes ago. I don’t think anything about it and she starts riding me. Not 30 seconds later I’m cumming. I’m thinking, oh FUCK, cause we don’t have a condom. I throw her off and say I have to pee and run to finish in the toilet.

When I come back, she has her ass in the air. “I thinks it’d be better if you fuck me from behind,” she informs me.

I’m thinking what was wrong before? I didn’t know she couldn’t really feel me before. So I try again. I can’t stay hard. Keep trying and falling out.

“What’s wrong?” she asks. She turns and sees my small limp cock. “Are you fucking kidding me? I knew this was a mistake,” she yells loud enough so everyone in the house can hear.

It’s a small house.

She gets dressed and walks out of the room, leaving me alone, naked, and more embarrassed than I’ve ever been in my entire life. I have to follow her out a few minutes later. No one made eye contact with me. She’s off talking to her friends and it’s obvious she’s telling them about what was her worst sexual experience of her life. I’m distraught. But so weirdly turned on. This was the beginning of my fetish.


A reader overhears the girls making fun of his accident…

My team went on a trip. The girls team found the hotel pool, so naturally the guys wanted to join. I didn’t have a swimsuit so I had the bright idea to swim in my boxers, white ones. Got out of the pool and you could hear a pin drop. All eyes on me. Looked down and realized I’m leaving zilch to the imagination. Quickly got a towel and slinked back to my room.
Overheard the girls giggling later saying, “You mean like Chad?”

And then another girl said, “At least you know he won’t hurt.”

This was followed by an uproar of girly laughter. That cut through my soul and I’ve been self conscious ever since.


Losing face to a friend has this reader feeling inadequate…

My friend had to visit Portland for some work, and I decided to accompany him on a small overnight road-trip there. We ended up sharing a room at a motel. I guess I forgot to lock the bathroom door, and he stumbled in while I was drying myself after a shower. He must have gotten a pretty good look at my chode then, but didn’t say anything at the time.

Later that night, while in bed, he asked me if I had any “medical problems”. I didn’t get what exactly he meant to ask and asked him to elaborate. At which he told me that he’d seen my dick in the bathroom earlier, and that he thought I might have some hormonal issues which could be the reason for my baby dick (I am 3.5″ in length when erect, but about a centimeter or less when flaccid. The flaccid length is what my friend saw). I told him that there weren’t any “medical issues” (there really aren’t) and that it was just that small naturally.

He seemed pretty amused at that and told me that he had a cock that size when he was 10. He also asked me if my girlfriend was happy with my size, but since I hadn’t head any complaints at the time, I smugly told him that I could please her pretty well. He asked me about my size, and boasted about being double my size, if not more.

Now I’ve known for quite some time now that I have a small pecker and have come to accept it. The fact that my girlfriend (we’ve been dating for over 3 years now) also never complained had made me complacent about my size. But this was a friend I’d known since childhood, and him knowing my biggest shame was humiliating. We’d always been “bros” and equals before this, but after that day I haven’t looked at him the same way, knowing that he is most probably packing double the length of meat that I am. And judging from his smirks whenever something about anything being “small sized” is mentioned in my presence, he doesn’t look at me the same way either.


This reader says he was belittled in a threesome…

My most humiliating story is when I had a threesome with my girlfriend and a friend of hers. My cock is three inches hard and I cum in like a minute. This was the first time my girlfriend seen me nude. When I took my pants off they started laughing and I asked what was funny and they said my cock was pathetic. They continued to call me stuff like micropenis and little sissy. The other girl started stroking me after saying that he probably couldn’t even last five minutes. She was right. I came on her and she said that it was a pitiful amount of cum that my sissy clit produced. They both left after that and the next day my girlfriend broke up with me and said that my cock is a little clit that can never pleasure anyone.


This reader has worked his way through things…

After months of friction-less sex with my first girlfriend and future wife, I realized that my penis wasn’t just small, it was tiny. My wife was a virgin and thought it was small too, but after countless nights of me slipping out every other thrust, my gf shoved me down and swayed back and forth on me. She asked if I could push up, which I already was. I tried pushing up all I could but kept slipping out despite her very slight swaying. It took quite awhile to learn how to pleasure my wife. She sways even less now and bursts out laughing when I slip out, which still occurs about 1-3 times every session.

After we openly discussed the issues with my size we tried over 10 penis sleeves in hopes that one would fit my girth, none were even close. We gave up on sleeves after purchasing a medical grade prosthetic sleeve designed to fit flaccid penises. With a full erection the sleeve slipped right off. Condoms are even more difficult, iron grip to slim fit condoms are so baggy they slip off with one thrust. Germany sells condoms to youths, age 12 to 13. They are the least baggy I’ve tried, but even so they slip off very quickly. When I searched the entire internet I discovered ultra small sized novelty condoms meant as party gifts.

After researching these condoms, I found out that they had been tested and meet the standards of regular condoms. It’s shocking to me that men with very small penises like myself are unable to purchase sex toys, extenders or even condoms. Believe it or not, though, my wife and I have a good, albeit limited sex life. When you have the support of your wife along with a mutual sense of humor about your unfortunate penis, finding a solution to the issue becomes much easier.

So, if you’re like me, stop trying to thrust hard in hopes it makes your penis seem normal. Turns out they know what you’re doing. It wasn’t until I stopped doing it that my wife was able to orgasm. Don’t get upset when they laugh at you. My wife had quite a laugh and called them baby bumps. I caved and tried making bigger thrusts, slipped out and then went back to the more natural “baby” humps and said “I can’t thrust any further, I’m shoving the entire thing in and out!” She just smiled and said, “Yeah, I know.”

Sex has been satisfying for both of us ever since.


Another reader cuckolds himself and finds it exciting…

So my girlfriend and I decided to take a break while we moved to different countries for our studies. She’s known about my SPH fetish for the better part of a year now and has always been willing to indulge me (belittling comments during sex, sexts when we’re apart etc). She liked a guy toward the end of our relationship and it really infuriated me, but recently when I found out that he was twice my size (I’m 4″) I suddenly started to see them together in an entirely new light.

My girlfriend hated the idea of me sleeping with other people in our break, something I felt bad about but was never going to facilitate. I’m 21 I want to go out and be single and have fun. She told me this guy, lets call him Z for easier reading, was twice my size and I started to become obsessed. I needed to know if she liked it, if he was better than me, if he could do things I couldn’t etc. So, I said to her that I’d stay celibate all year if she told me all about the sex they had, how big he is, what she told her friends about him vs me etc. She tells me when she’s spent a weekend with him and I could swear I’m almost getting more sexual pleasure than she is out of this whole arrangement. I love when she tells her friends that sex is better with him, and particularly when her friends laugh at my size in dismay (she sends me screenshots of their chats). it’s the best ‘arrangement’ that could have happened and i’m more sexually stimulated than ever.

I’m meeting Z next week, he’s unaware that my girlfriend is telling me all the details but I am very excited to see if he makes any comments or looks at me differently because he knows 1) he’s fucking my girlfriend while i’m away and 2) because he’s so much better in bed because of his large endowment.

My SPH fetish has been an incredible experience, firstly because I get to experience such incredible sexual excitement, and it has allowed my girlfriend to sleep with a guy she lusted after without feeling as though ill break up with her or not want to get back together. The combination of sph and cuckold gets me going like nothing else.


This reader learns a picture is worth a thousand snickers…

I went to a chiropractor for the first time and they had to get an X-ray of my lower back I had never had one. So I am waiting on the room after I get the X-ray and I hear lots of laughter it side the room and lots of oh my gods and things like that. So then the chiropractor comes in and she starts talking to me about my back but she seems to be trying not to laugh. Then she says let’s take a look at your X-rays. She puts it up on the board and turns on the light. And the first thing I notice is you can see the faint outline of my entire 3/4″ penis and tiny little balls. I had no idea that stuff even showed up. She said she wanted to show me the difference in my back and one of her younger patients with the same pain area and she put another X-ray up next to mine and said this patient is 12 and see how his spine curves the same as yours. But all I could look at was there was the same amount of legs showing but only the top part of what looked like a low hanging dick outline my whole package took up the same amount of room as a section of his dick. When the exam was over I went to check out and the receptionist and therapy girl where trying so hard not to laugh.


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