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The Tightening 3: Gail’s Revenge 2…
Pete and Gail check into their hotel room around 3 o’clock. Just stopping by to drop off their bags, freshen up, and change before the rehearsal dinner. Their mom, Beth, chose a destination wedding at a beach resort in the Caribbean. Four short months after finalizing her divorce from their father, Martin, she’s marrying the owner of a coffee shop around the corner from her new big city apartment. The fiancée, Nick, needless to say, gave Beth a certain something Martin never possessed. Though the expense was nothing to Pete, traveling was onerous to Gail. He offered to pay for his sister, but she wouldn’t accept his charity. She would, however, accept his offer to share a room. They’d only be at the resort for two nights. Why not?

Neither anticipated the trip. They didn’t know this Nick, didn’t care to and blamed their mother for breaking up her marriage. Actually, they blamed the Vartan Procedure, which–ugh–tightened Beth’s lady parts and inspired her to seek out a man who better deserved her. In the you-know-what department. The worst part was that the whole sordid affair forced them to think about their mother’s vagina. While sharing rooms on past trips, when the family was still together, Gail was known to play the bitchy younger sister, and Pete was a disgruntled, introverted loser.

But the siblings had grown close over the past few years, thanks in no small part to what presently weighs on Pete’s mind as he opens the door with his keycard. The bathroom incident, as he calls it in his head, changed their relationship forever. Years ago, Gail promised to set Pete up with his future wife, Heather, on condition he shows his sister his penis. Gail got her way. See, Heather was looking for a small guy because she had the Procedure, too, and at the time small penises were fashionable for Vartan Girls. Gail had to confirm the rumors about Pete’s size before she’d recommend him to her friend. Ever since,

Pete can’t stop thinking of Gail a different way. A perverse way, you might say. He realized not only that he enjoyed exposing himself to his sister, but also that he found her sexually attractive and had since she reached puberty. It brought them closer together, too. Pete was never so open with his sister before, and they were never so kind and giving to one another. Thanks in part to the heightened status of undersized men, Heather and Pete were happily married for years. She was a social climber, and with her help and training, he climbed the ladder rapidly. Which is why Pete would be comfortable paying for his sister’s trip, no problem.

They weren’t in the 1%, but they were comfortable and loved their life. Until that is, Heather felt the itch and cheated on him. With a partner at his law firm, no less. A partner Pete knew to be bigger where it counts: Harry Pendling. Just prior to Heather’s betrayal, Pete suspected Harry would seduce her. Not unprompted, because he overheard Harry say he was going to fuck her. But Pete let it go when he failed to catch her in the act and kicked himself for doubting his wife’s virtue. Little did he know. But Harry was Heather’s only lover, and they only fucked once. She enjoyed the idea of a larger partner, and Harry was a more experienced lover, though not more attentive.

But the Procedure ensured that even at his size Pete filled her up, and she didn’t want to risk losing her social standing. That standing was threatened by Gail’s own infidelity, inadvertently. It went like this: Gail’s friend Jordyn informed on Gail’s horndog significant other, Drake. In retaliation, Gail slept with a previous one-night stand of Jordyns. A one-night stand with a monster-cock. (Jordyn had always been a size queen.) In front of Jordyn, which was a first for Gail. That monster-cocked instrument of revenge happened to be Harvey Stone, a client of Pete’s law firm and a cruising buddies of Harry’s. Seeing Pete’s sister with Harv Stone lent Harry ideas about rekindling the fire with Heather. No woman had ever slept with Harry just once. When he called on her–discreetly but not discreetly enough–at a firm event, she rebuked him. He mentioned Gail walking off with Harv, either to demonstrate to Heather that all girls are like that or out of pure frustration. Who knows?

Heather and Gail hadn’t been friendly for a while, especially since Pete’s suspicions convinced Gail that Heather had cheated on her brother. Not that Heather was aware. She was aware of Gail’s cold shoulder, however, and delighted in news of Gail’s unfaithfulness. If Heather had to guess, she’d say Drake was a cheater. So he deserved whatever he got. But Drake’s stepping out wasn’t common knowledge, and Gail would be denied the sympathy due to her should it come out that she two-timed Drake. And it came out soon. Heather saw to that. Like many a mean girl before her, Heather spread news of Gail’s assignation with the gross, old lecher, Harv Stone.

Gail didn’t exactly occupy Heather’s circle, but she was connected to Pete, of course, and Pete’s dirty sister became a topic of conversation around him. He defended his sister with the weight of his reputation, but Harv confirmed. Everyone knew, anyway. Pete’s social standing suffered, but not as much as Heather’s eventually did. Gossip trains are difficult to slow down and impossible to turn around. Halfway down the track, Heather was content with her labor when suddenly her reputation was along for the ride. Harv wasn’t adept at keeping secrets not involving his company’s inner workings. Pumped up on the credit to his reputation after news of his night with Gail spread, he started telling people Harry was as much a pussy-killer as he.

Why Harry took down Mrs. Good Vartan Girl herself: Pete’s wife, Heather. She who guarded her reputation closely and made sure everyone knew just how small a cock her husband had. This circulated only amongst the boy’s club at first. Wasn’t long before the women were in on it. Harry wanted no part of the gossip and denied up and down that Heather was anything but a good Vartan Girl. (How else did he expect ever to get inside her Vartan pussy again?) But the harridans of the firm’s wives’ circle knew the truth when they heard it. Heather was unceremoniously cut off. She found herself excluded from committees, frozen out of lunches, and rejected in general.

No one returned her calls. All of which Heather could handle, because the family secured a comfortable living. The firm wouldn’t deny Pete his partnership based on his wife’s crumbled reputation, though he needed her social skills to rise in the first place. If the wives ordered he be ostracized, which they never would, his partners would have to buy him out. And Heather knew Pete was a diligent worker capable of landing on his feet anywhere. The real concern was whether Pete would throw Heather out on her ass, so to speak. (She’d retain the house, she figured. But how much else?) Regardless of her fling with Harry, she genuinely loved Pete and didn’t want to be spurned.

For all the advantage she took of Pete’s sexual submissiveness–partly inborn, partly learned from years of being ordered around by previous girlfriends–this was a new era when small-dicked men had a leg up. The recent trend among younger girls away from the Procedure and back toward large cocks notwithstanding, Pete was not only fashionably small, but he was also small and rich. He could land another woman if he desired. Above all, Heather couldn’t stomach Pete seeking revenge, like his sister Gail had upon Drake. In the immediate aftermath of the infidelity bomb, Heather was an emotional wreck, waiting for Pete’s response. None came. Or rather his non-response was his response. They lived in separate rooms. He didn’t touch her for months. Pete was a robot who worked, ate, and slept. Heather remained chaste and didn’t even masturbate on her own time. Feelings abandoned Pete. He was empty. His long-suppressed suspicions confirmed by his wife’s treachery, Pete surprised himself by the boredom he experienced. He was simply bored with talk of sex, sex, sex. He wanted nothing to do with sex for a while.

He certainly didn’t want to think about Heather having sex with another man. (Harry Pendling! Grr!) Not that he didn’t care, but he didn’t cry or throw a fit. He didn’t so much as raise his voice. He accepted it, put his head down, and drove forward. Heather was put to the side. Pete only made time for work and basic human necessities, because that’s what he had the energy for. Then came his mom’s engagement. Heather was as aghast at the disintegration of Beth and Martin’s marriage as Pete and Gail. No secret was made of the fact that their mother was remarrying for the sex. It was sordid, but oddly not sordid enough. Why couldn’t Beth do what Heather did and find big dick on the side, instead of getting divorced and remarrying at her age?

Why not just get what she needed from this Nick without the ceremony and commitment? Heather was resolved not to attend the wedding until Pete left her a note saying not to come. Then she desperately wanted to go and cried herself to sleep. Thoughts of revenge haunted the dark corners of Pete’s mind when he discovered it would be a destination wedding. Perfect opportunity to step out on Heather, without her there. If he wanted it. He shouldn’t have to worry about gossip, though no one in the firm’s social circle would blame him. How many willing women could he find at the resort? Not much time, with a full schedule of events.

Plus, he had to bring work with him. (Not Harv Stone businesses, thank God.) Most importantly, he’d share a room with Gail. Does the sock on the doorknob signal would work with women? She’d understand better than anyone, of course. Both because she’d been there with her man, and because she sided with Pete way back when Heather cheating was a figment of his imagination.


The pair unpacks. Gail wore a sensible outfit on the plane, saving a fetchingly flimsy summer thing for after she showers and detoxifies from the ordeal of travel. Pete watches as she lays out her dress and takes off a few superficial items of clothing. He doesn’t know whether she expects him to leave the room before she gets ready in earnest. More pressingly, he wants to broach the subject of possibly cheating on Heather this weekend, though he doesn’t know how she’ll take it.

“Hey, sis, let me ask you,” says Pete.


“About this weekend…”


Pete stalls, not sure how to start. He’ll back into the subject. “Do you, uh, have any Harv Stone-sized plans this weekend?”

He knew she’d have no qualms about him bringing up her not-so-secret fling. They’ve discussed Harv before.

Gail chortles, “Harv-size plans are no small matter.”

He belatedly understands her joke. “Ha, not what I meant…Is there any chance you’ll invite someone up to our room?”

The first shower was claimed by Gail earlier, so it’s not entirely out of the blue, but Pete nevertheless is surprised as she pulls her blouse off over her golden, curly hair, now standing before her brother in a translucent white slip over pink bra. Her ample bust sways as she continues removing items from her bag and placing them around the room.

“Ha-ha, no. Hadn’t planned on it. Don’t think I’ll be in a romantic mood, watching mom marry not-dad.”

“No, I suppose not.”

Gail continues disrobing in fits and starts. Her socks first, then as she moves her toiletries into the bathroom, her jeans. She walks around in front of Pete bottomless, with pink panties to match her still-covered bra. Not very different from what she wears swimming, Pete tells himself. Her plump ass jiggles along with her shapely thighs, he can’t help noticing. Nothing as hot as this occurred between the siblings since the bathroom incident. But watching his sister strip down to what added up to a little more than her usual beachwear didn’t carry any particular significance, did it? Gail wasn’t showing off. There was something wrong about seeing your adult sister jiggle around a hotel room in her underwear, however.

“Why do you ask?” She says.

“Oh, nothing. I just thought maybe…”

“What, you thinking about bringing some chick to our room? Don’t want me cramping your style, or is it you think you need my permission?”

“No, I don’t know…”


“What?” “I said good,” Gail reiterates. “I told you Heather oughtta be dead to you. And this is your room, really. You paid for it.”

“I don’t know…”

The conversation is going as Pete realizes he secretly wants it to. Gail is thinking for him and providing him with every excuse. “Tell you what. I’ll be your wing woman. We’ll get some hot little number up here to help you forget that bitch wife of yours.”

Gail’s language concerning Heather always rankles Pete, especially considering they used to be friends. But it’s reassuring to have a sister who’ll take his side. He doesn’t thank her because he forgets about anything else as Gail of a sudden comes close to hug him. She smells of saltiness from travel sweat, and he gently squeezes her woman folds.

“There, there, bro. We’ll get you some action,” she adds playfully.

With that, Gail heads to the shower. The bathroom door stays an inch ajar, and Pete finishes unpacking while he listens to the sounds of his sister bathing. Then it’s his turn. He passes his towel-clad sister on the way to the bathroom, her golden hair matted wet against her shoulders. He emerges as she puts on her face in the mirror beside the tv, wearing a fresh slip and bra, towel around her waist. Her attention distracted, Pete opts to dress with his sister in the room. Heck, she’s seen what he has to offer. (For all it amounts to.)

He drops his towel and jumps into his tighty-whities gingerly, almost disappointed that Gail’s attention remains stuck to her face. When he’s nearly finished, she asks him to turn around so she can dress. What a dress, a slinky red thing with obscene cleavage. Aside from that time way back when her bikini malfunctioned, Pete has never seen so much of his sister’s tits. The dress is backless, bare down to where Gail would have a tramp-stamp if she were that kind of girl. Which she wasn’t. There’s no tats on her. The playful possibility of nudity between siblings is getting old.

Pete just wants to move along to the dreary rehearsal dinner looming over them. Party to which are the two of them, their mom, her fiancee, his father, and mom’s best friend. Big crowds are daunting to Pete, but intimate dinners can be disturbingly claustrophobic. Turns out to be not that bad. A bit stiff and informal, with awkward silences. But conversation flows along for the most part with superficial charm. Afterwards, Gail suggests to her brother that they hit the bar so she can pick someone for him, but he declines. He’s tired. Long trip, too many drinks at dinner, and the wedding is tomorrow.

Gail says, “Suit yourself. I’m on vacation,” and pecks Pete goodnight on the cheek.

He is growing to love those kisses. He falls asleep almost immediately up in their room. Gail stumbles in an hour and a half later, startling Pete awake. She smells vaguely of cigarette smoke, and Pete senses she’s loaded. But he doesn’t indicate he’s conscious, and she passes out in her dress without saying a word. Next morning, Gail can’t stop talking. All about her hangover, the crummy service at the resort, a guy who hit on her by bragging about his tiny dick (no offense), thinking she was a typical Vartan Girl.

Which Gail emphatically is not. On the contrary, she was ahead of the curve on younger girls switching back to preferring big clocks. Mom’s betrayal of dad was also a topic of Gail’s nattering, the state of her dress, and the fact that she probably wore too much make-up yesterday. Funny thing, her voice, which normally possesses that world-weary low crackling quality young girls have taken to affecting, this morning has a girlish sing-song quality. Pete finds that charming. They dress casually, as Beth requested of her children on her big day.

The wedding is a small affair, less formal than last night’s dinner. The ceremony ends early, 3:30 at the latest. Beth and husband #2 have plans to hop on a ferry to a hopefully romantic nearby island. The kids and other guests–with whom the kids have no intention of being around another second–are free to spend their evening as they see fit. Gail sees fit to practically order Pete into a nearby club. A few drinks, a bit of dancing with two random ladies, and Pete is ready to call it a night. They have an early flight tomorrow. Gail is faux-livid at Pete, swearing not to allow him to ruin his vacation. Pete reminds her he has work to do before he returns to the firm day after tomorrow.

Gail recriminates her brother for being a spoilsport and accuses Heather in absentia of having bewitched him, with ungodly power over his sex life even after her betrayal. Pete knows Gail’s half-joking and intuits that she’s actually glad her brother is a spoilsport. Leaves her extra time to get up to whatever it was she got up to last night.


That doesn’t happen. At 8 o’clock, his work spread before him on his twin bed, Pete’s head shoots up when he hears the door click. It’s Gail in her sexy red dress, mascara running. Wordlessly, she enters the bathroom, slamming the door behind her. Something’s wrong. Pete vacillates between tacts to take when she comes out. Brotherly concern? Nonchalance? Sounding board? What does she expect of him? Not more than 5 minutes later Gail opens the door, heads over to the minibar, takes out a few mini-bottles, and plops down on her bed. She’s still wearing her dress.

“Don’t even ask, bro.”

“Okay, but if you need..” Pete starts.

“Don’t, I said. Drop it.” The bottles are empty in no time. Pete resumes work, but all his attention is on his sister in his peripheral. Finally, she relents. “Fine, you wanna know?”

“Okay, if you want to tell me.”

“Fine. I’m at the bar. There’s a thin crowd, too old for me.”

Pete briefly thinks Harv Stone wasn’t too old for her; how could this crowd be? Did a bus from the old folks home take a wrong turn on the way to the casino? But he doesn’t say any of that out loud. Gail isn’t in a joking mood.

“I let ’em buy me drinks anyways. I flirt, the usual. Nothing heavy. This guy, Randall–ha, don’t know why I even remember his name–tall, dark, and 60 maybe. He chats me up for like 15 minutes…this boring you, bro?”

Pete’s attention has drifted to the opposite corner of the room, but his mind isn’t wandering. He’s paying as close attention to Gail as possible. “No, I’m listening.”

“Anyways, he starts rubbing up on me, which I won’t have. So I tell him to back off. But he’s all ‘Babe, you’re making me hot.’ Do guys actually talk that way or just Randall?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never heard…”

“Shut up…sorry, I didn’t mean to snap. But you interrupted. That was rhetorical. Anyways, I’m ordering from the bartender when Randall says I made him hot, so my head is turned. When I look back at him, he has it out! Right there in the bar, in front of everyone!”

Oh God, so it’s one of those stories. Pete is mildly disgusted that part of him is excited to hear about his sister in a sexual situation, even one that’s criminal. Plus, if Randall doesn’t mind showing off, maybe he has a big one. Pete is used to feeling humiliated on account of penis size in front of his sister and hasn’t felt it this acutely since the bathroom incident.

“Gross, Gail,” says Pete. “Was he arrested?”

“Well, it wasn’t really in front everyone. His back was turned to the crowd, and we were sorta off in a corner. Still, what gets into guys’ heads? Why would he think I’d wanna see that?”

“I have no idea. Was he showing off?”

“I just said he was.”

“No, I mean, was he…big?”

“Oh, ha-ha. Of course, that’s where your mind’s at,” says Gail. “I wouldn’t say he was small.”

Pete doesn’t want to push the issue, but long as they’re on the subject of penis size, he asks, “How big is not small?”

“You’re a curious boy, aren’t you,” asks Gail. She’s brightening up, if only because teasing her brother gives her pleasure. “Instead of comforting your traumatized sister you want to know what the flasher was packing.”

“Hey, when I tried to be sympathetic earlier you shut me down,” Pete says and starts getting ready for bed.

He slept in his tighty-whities last night, and he intends to do so tonight as well. Gail pays no discernible attention to her brother’s strip show. “Don’t worry, I’ll indulge. He was smaller than Harv Stone, that’s for sure. Bigger than you.”

Pete lets the comparison to himself slide for now. “How big is Harv?”

Pete sits on the bedspread wearing nothing but his undies. Gail still doesn’t seem to notice.

“You don’t know?”

“Huh, well, he never showed it to me…I never flirted with him at a bar, though.”

“Cheeky, bro,” says Gail, who rises and begins preparing herself for bed. “I just assumed you knew, like you knew about Harry’s, you know.”

“That’s because Harry and I have showered together in the locker room. Captains of industry like Harvey Stone don’t shower with legal peons.”

“Oh. Sorry, wasn’t aware of the shower hierarchy.” Gail wiggles out of her dress and leaves it in a clump on the floor.

Then she wipes make-up off her face in the common area mirror, clad in nothing but a powder blue strapless bra and pink panties. There’s no indication this is at all weird. The siblings continue their conversation as if they commiserate in their underwear all the time.

“Well…” says Pete, admiring Gail’s plump ass, which shakes back and forth as she works.

“Didn’t I ever tell you? He has a monster cock. It’s scary, actually,” Gail says, giggling. She’s all lightness now, her tears and running mascara a long-gone memory.

“But you let him…”

“Yeah, I think I told you once, bro, I err on the side of size. Anyways, the Procedure works.”

“Then why aren’t you with this Randall guy, if that’s what you’re after.”

Her hands slapped down on the dresser. Gail’s briefly pissed but composes herself. “I didn’t say he had what I’m after. I just said he’s bigger than you.”

Ouch. Pete unconsciously covers his lap with his hands.

“Doesn’t matter. Nothing gives him the right to whip it out like that. As if I’d be so impressed. ‘Thought young girls were into this sort of thing.'”

“That’s what he said?”

“Yeah, word for word. Thinking of Natural Girls like Jordyn, no doubt, who make a show of going for big dicks.”

Pete is curious about Gail’s pretty friend, Jordyn, whom he had met but once. “Really? Jordyn never had the Procedure?”

“No, she’s a Vartan Girl, only she’s a size queen and stands with the naturalists. Hairy bush and everything.” Pete can’t help imagining Gail’s friend with a hairy pussy. “Oh, stop drooling. The point is, just because a girl prefers a real man doesn’t mean she’ll fuck whoever shows her his big dick.”

“No, I know,” Pete lets go of the implication that he’s not a real man. “But it’s confusing these days. I knew Heather, for instance, wouldn’t be into me for my size alone, but I had the urge to show her on our first date.”

“Like you showed *me*?”

That throws Pete momentarily. “No, not like that.”

“I know, silly,” says Gail as she sits next to Pete on his bed.

He can see the tops of her puffy pink nipples above her barely-there bra. The flawless, bright white skin on her full thighs brushes his thin, hairy legs. He is fully hard, covering his shame with his hands. Why is Gail doing this? What is she up to?

“Anyways, you knew better. This guy doesn’t. Makes me wonder…”


“If Drake does that sort of thing.”

“Oh, I don’t think so. The office where he worked, they would’ve slapped him with a harassment suit.”

“If not there, then picking up skanks at a club, or wherever.”

“Wouldn’t know.”

“It’s disgusting.”

“Yeah.” “So entitled.”

“Yeah.” Pete plays it sympathetically, but all he can think of is putting one of his sister’s tits in his mouth.

Which is wrong, and infinitely more disgusting than Drake hypothetically or Randall, in reality, flashing their cocks to strangers. He hopes Gail hasn’t noticed his leering. But if she has, why would she still be sitting next to him?

“I think I hate big-dicked men. Look what they made Heather do.”

“She did that by herself, far as I’m concerned,” says Pete.

“No, yeah, she’s responsible for her own actions, and a bitch. But that asshole Harry is a known player, and you told me he has a nice one. He musta used it.”

“I said he had a nice one? I don’t think so. I never saw it, you know, hard or anything.”

“Whatever, you know what I mean. He’s not like you. Small guys are nicer, even after the Procedure gave them an advantage.”


Gail looks Pete directly in the eyes. Hers are glistening, almost crying, though she seems happy. “Listen, bro,” she says, stroking his leg. That causes an explosion of sensation in Pete’s body. What is going on? “I think I have to try a small one, at least once. See if I can move on from guys like Drake to a guy like…well, like you, I guess.”

Pete squirms and pushes his sister’s arm off his leg. He stands up. “This is weird.”

“What’s up with you. Calm down.”

“Why were you touching me like that?”

“Pete, please listen. I think we should fuck.”


“I know you want me. You have for a long time. Maybe always, but definitely since that night in the bathroom. I never should’ve done that to you. It was too much for you to handle. Ever since then, I’ve had the sense you were trying to get close to me. You know, that way.”

“Gail, come on, look…” Pete sputters, pacing around the bed.

“Sit down,” Gail says, pulling her brother down on the bed. “Calm down. Let this happen, and I swear it’ll be out of your system. You can move on, maybe back to Heather preferably to a girl who deserves you. But I don’t think you’ll ever truly move on if you don’t get me out of your system.”

“I don’t want that. It’s wrong.”

“Wrong is what mom did to dad. What Heather did to you. What Drake did to me. How could this be wrong? We love each other.”

“Not like that!”

“As sister and brother. But we can’t be normal with each other long as you want to fuck me.”

“I don’t! Stop saying that!”

“But you *are* attracted to me.”

Pete hesitates to answer. He doesn’t want her to know for sure, but he has to finish this uncomfortable mess of a conversation. “Yes, yes, of course. You’re sexy, obviously. But we can’t.”

“See, right there. You called me ‘sexy’ when you could’ve said ‘beautiful’ or whatever. Know how many times we’ve talked about sex since that night in the bathroom?”

“I don’t know. A lot.”

“And how many times did we talk about it before?”


“Never. The answer is never, duh.”

“Okay, but what does that mean, really?”

“Forget about meaning. Just do this for me. I have to know what smallies feel like, and you can’t go this entire vacation without getting your rocks off.” With that, Gail puts her dainty hand on her brother’s crotch. “I see the little guy is interested.”

“Gail, please,” pleads Pete, but he won’t stop her.

At this moment he wants her more than he ever wanted anything. She leans back, unclasps her bra, and throws it across the room. Pete sees his sister’s tits in their full glory for the first time since the bathing suit incident years earlier. They’re bigger but just as perky. They stay suspended in air, swaying back and forth. A world of difference from Heather’s virtually flat, boyish chest. Pete hasn’t seen a real womanly pair of tits for years. Gail’s pink nipples are slightly less puffy now, somewhat harder. She gets on her knees to slip her panties off. Underneath is the smoothest, barest pussy in the world. Pete detects a whiff of his sister’s girlish scent, and it’s the sweetest pussy he’s smelled.

“So you’re not a naturalist like your friend,” says Pete.

“Shut up,” she brushes off his comment. “Let me see him again,” she says, pulling off Pete’s tighty-whities. His stiff little member comes into view. “Hello, soldier.”

Her condoms are in a bag on the other side of the room. Drats, Gail doesn’t want to break the spell by retrieving them or asking Pete for his. Instead, she climbs on Pete’s lap to start without protection. His only sexual partner for years has been Heather, Gail is well aware. Despite the recent round of slut-shaming, far as everyone knew Heather only cheated on Pete once. Plus, Gail is on birth control. No reason he can’t enter her uncovered, except the obvious one. But Gail won’t allow herself to worry about that. Pete leaned in to kiss his sister, but she’ll have none of that.

“No kissing,” Gail says. “This isn’t about that. Let’s just do it.”

Pete lies back, looking up at her pale, white body. He can’t think. His mind and body have parted ways. This is not something he ever imagined doing. But here he is, about to fuck his sister. As she shifts her weight on her brother’s lap, for the first time in her life, a small penis penetrates Gail’s pussy. It’s not much to accommodate length-wise, but Pete feels as full inside her as Drake ever did. The Procedure indeed works miracles. She is as tight as anything Pete has felt. Not as slippery as Heather normally gets, but wet enough for comfort.

He can’t believe he doesn’t cum immediately. It occurs to Pete that he’s inside his sister with no protection. Perhaps that allows him to last longer. Gail rocks back and forth above him, as he thrusts up according to her rhythm. Her eyes are closed and her mouth puckered as she breathes deliberately. If Pete didn’t know better, he’d say she was cumming already. He doesn’t know orgasms come quickly and easily to Gail in penetrative sex. She, in fact, cums within seconds, accompanied by little-squeaking noises.

Pete can’t believe her alacrity. Heather, his only recent comparison, seemed to take longer and longer each time they were together. Her bouncy right breast finds its way into Pete’s mouth while she cums. Gail didn’t want to get all kissy-kissy. This was supposed to be more of a controlled science experiment. But she lets her brother have his sensuality. What could it hurt? She briefly wonders whether it reminds her of mother’s, which he sucked years before. That makes her giggle. Pete wants to know what’s so funny but doesn’t ask because that familiar feeling rises up inside him.

He’s going to bust soon. It’s going to be over in a mere 3 minutes. With her tit in his mouth, eyes now open, Gail looks down at her brother and can tell he’s about to cum What a cute little guy. After two grunts, he sprays himself in her unprotected womb. She collapses next to him, wanting to ask if it’s out of his system, but stays mum. Pete looks down at his shrinking member, then at her moist womanhood. Gail still smells sweeter than Heather ever did. He wants to kiss her but remembers that’s not allowed.

Gail thinks to herself that small penises are so bad. Thus ends a brief and intense tryst between siblings. Part revenge, part science experiment, part just getting some rocks off. Pete doesn’t know if this exorcised his sister-lust, or made him want her more. Whether she’d ever get off with Pete again, well, she planned definitely not to. But she never planned to fuck him in the first place. At least not before Randall flashed her. So who knows?

To be continued…


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