Mr. Karl Plays Rough (Gay SPH)


I was 19 years old when I returned home from college in the summer of 1976. A lot about me had changed in the nine months I had been away, both physically and emotionally.

Leaving home the previous August a pudgy kid who had spent his teenage years unsuccessfully chasing girls, I was now a fairly well built young man who had discovered a new world when seduced by an older man, and had enjoyed several other relationships with men during that freshman year at college.

Now I was back home, where finances were to force me to stay for the rest of my education, and eager to continue to explore my new found desires.


Chapter 1. Realizing what I liked.

When I opened the door of the bar and walked in, it felt like every eye in the place was on me. Part of this was my own paranoia, walking into a gay bar for the first time in my life. Another part of it was real, because I was getting looked over by a good percentage of the crowd.

I was fresh meat, I suppose. I also didn’t look bad either. Nervously I looked around and hurried to the far corner of the bar, where there was an open stool. I ordered a beer, and already had my ID out when the bartender asked for it, giving it and me a careful look before serving me.

That I was used to, having a young looking face. My having transformed my body from the pudgy 18 year old I had been when I left my hometown this time last year, to the fairly well built 19 year old I had become, made me seem more my age.

In the dimly lit bar here, I was definitely one of the younger patrons, and the first couple of guys that came up to me were my age or slightly older. I was polite but distant, and not only because I was nervous.

My first experience with another man had been with somebody much older, and there were parts about that time that excited me a great deal. There was something about being with an older man that I wanted to experience again.

Tentatively, I looked in the mirror and the people in the crowded establishment. As I did, my eyes locked in on someone who was engaged in a conversation, but had been staring at me all along.

My first instinct was panic, as I realized who it was behind me. Being seen in a gay bar by someone I knew was a shock, and the feeling only lessened when I realized that, after all, he was there too.

It was WHO it was, that was the greatest shock of all. Never in a million years would I have imagined seeing this man in the place. Perhaps it wasn’t who I thought it was, I thought to myself. Possibly just someone who looked like that person I was thinking of. After all, it had been years since I had seen him.

All doubt was gone as I watched the man excuse himself from the conversation he had been in. The familiar gait as he walked was the giveaway; slow and simian-like, it had been one of the reasons he had been ‘blessed’ with his nickname, along with his incredible physique.

I felt the beefy hand on my shoulder a second before I heard that deep bass voice resounding in my ears, removing all doubt from my mind who it was. The Apeman.


Chapter 2. The Apeman.

Paul Karl was his real name. Mr. Karl was what we had used in his class, out of respect and fear. He was the wrestling coach and an assistant coach of the football team at our school after the school day ended, and a gym teacher the rest of the time.

A more imposing figure you could not imagine, especially considering that he was only about 5’8″, a good couple of inches shorter than myself. It was his body that got him all the respect and fear. He didn’t have a bit of fat anywhere on his outrageously well developed body, and from the inhumanly thick neck down he was chiseled like a statue. Mr. Karl’s arms hung down low, and his slightly bowed legs gave him an ape-like look when he walked, but I never knew of anybody who ever had the guts to call him by his nickname.

“Timmy, is that you?” Mr. Karl asked as that hand clamped down on my shoulder, swiveling me around on my stool to face him whether I had planned to or not.

“Mr. Karl!” I answered, and my hand disappeared inside of his.

“Well, I could ask what a boy like you is doing in a place like this,” Mr. Karl bellowed over the jukebox.

“I guess I could ask you the same thing,” I said timidly as Mr. Karl slid into the space next to me.

“Been a while, hasn’t it?” he asked, and I agreed that it had been about five years since my traumatic experiences in his class.

In retrospect, it had not been that bad for me, especially compared to some of the less athletic kids in the class, who suffered the brunt of his abuse. I was average enough at sports to get by, and so that part of the class wasn’t so bad. It was at the end of the class that things turned horrible for me.


Chapter 3. The showers.

For some reason, the school was gung ho about kids taking showers after gym class. I thought it was absurd, because after you got changed into your gym clothes and got to the field or gym, there was little time left to work up a sweat.

How I dreaded walking that walk into the shower room, which was so bright and completely wide open. Everybody could see everybody else, and there was nowhere to hide. Mr. Karl would be there at the outside of the drying area, checking off names as we went in.

I remember the first time I was stuck taking a shower with the rest of my classmates. Being so young and ignorant, I assumed that I was like all the other boys. As I casually glanced around me, I noticed that was not the case. There was certainly a difference.

All my classmates were walking around naked and unashamed, their cocks swinging around wildly, and me there staring in awe. Some guys had bigger ones than I did. Other guys had much bigger ones than I did. Then there was me, and maybe one other kid hiding as best we could.

Shame, envy, anger – every emotion you could think of ran through me. Ever since that day, I had done my best to avoid exposing myself in situations like that, even getting a medical waiver to skip gym one year. Anything to get out of that public humiliation. It was only now that I had come to grips with my situation. I had a small penis, and would have to play the hand I was dealt.


Chapter 4. Conversation.

Mr. Karl asked me what I was up to, and I explained to him that I had just finished by freshman year of college out in Colorado, but was going to continue my education around here because of the financial situation.

“Wow, going to be a sophomore?” Mr. Karl exclaimed. “Time sure flies. What are you, 20?”

“Nineteen,” I corrected him.

“You look much younger,” Mr. Karl added. “You have filled out quite a bit though. Lifting weights?”

“A little,” I said glancing down at the hand that had dropped down onto my forearm. The meaty paw with the thick, stubby fingers squeezed my arm, and as my eyes traveled upward to the arm that was incredibly hairy, richly veined and bulging with muscles, I felt a surge go through my entire body.

The idea that I was well built was amusing, I thought to myself, especially when I looked at Mr. Karl, who had to be close to sixty by now. He was wearing a form fitting shirt that showcased every ripple of his muscular body, and the flaming red hair that sprouted from the neck of his shirt was speckled with grey.

Mr. Karl’s head was shaved smooth, and I recalled that he had been going bald even back when I was in his class. The shiny dome made him look even more imposing, and revealed more of his ears, which were a little flattened and damaged around the edges. A momento of his collegiate wrestling days, no doubt, and only served to make him more intimidating to me.

“So, would you like to go to my place and talk some more?” Mr. Karl asked me, and as he spoke the hand that was on my arm dropped down to my thigh, causing me to jerk in response. “Talk about the good old days maybe?”

Mr. Karl’s hand slowly worked his way up my thigh, kneading and squeezing as it went – searching with his fingers while he watched my face for reaction.

“I didn’t know you would even remember me,” I said in a trembling voice, his hand now in my lap. “I wasn’t on the teams or anything, and I kinda kept to myself and all.”

Now Mr. Karl’s hand had finally found what he was looking for, and I felt him squeeze my stiff dick through the pants fabric. Oh well, I thought. I only hoped he didn’t laugh out loud, and I looked over to him the minute his hand found my dick.

“Oh, I remember you Timmy,” Mr. Karl said, and although his face registered a little shock at first, the look on his face after that was not one of amusement, or anything close to it. “I remember you very well. I recall something about you that always stuck in my mind.”

Mr. Karl was rubbing and pulling on my little stem almost as if he was trying to make me come, and I looked at my reflection in the mirror behind the bar, the shock on my face clearly evident as Mr. Karl’s hand worked underneath the bar.

“You like what I’m doing to your cock, Timmy?” Mr. Karl asked me while leaning over toward me, and I nodded as my trembling hand reached out for my beer, my throat suddenly dry as a bone. After a sip I set the beer down and brought my hand down to his forearm, which was attached to the hand that was milking my dick. My fingers slid up and down the rock-hard forearm, the crinkly hair feeling so exciting to me. It was almost like Popeye was jerking me off, and if he didn’t stop soon I was going to cum, and that’s what I whispered to him.

His response was to squeeze and pull at me harder, and my dick finally erupted in my pants while I tried to not let on that I was having an orgasm at the bar. Finally Mr. Karl stopped his manipulations and brought his hand down to my thigh.

“Did you like that Timmy?” he said calmly while my shaky hand went back to my beer bottle. “Did you cum good?”

“Yes,” I squeaked, smelling the unmistakable aroma of semen drifting up from my lap, which had to have a massive stain on it.

“I’ll bet you’ve got a couple more loads left in you, and I know a couple of places I want to put them,” my old gym teacher said calmly. “Finish your beer and let’s get out of here.”

I did as I was told and walked out of the bar behind Mr. Karl, trying to hide what proved to be a pretty large wet spot covering my crotch. It was easy to hide behind him, I noted, watching the impossibly broad back, rippled shoulders and narrow waist clear the path for me as we navigated our way out of the bar.


Chapter 5. Mr. Karl’s apartment.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but Mr. Karl’s apartment was very modest in appearance. I was not there to be a judge of interior decorating, however, and my heart was beating so fast that my head was spinning. I was led to the bedroom, and after I walked in behind him, he moved me against the wall, his hands yanking out my shirt from inside my pants and tugging it over my head.

Mr. Karl let out a groan as his hands ran over my hairless chest, pinching my nipples before nibbling them a little, his knee that rode between my legs almost lifting me in the air. I felt my belt coming undone and then my pants followed, falling quickly down to my ankles, leaving me in my messy underwear.

Not for long though, as Mr. Karl was yanking them down as well, kneeling before me as he helped get the collection of clothes off my feet. I looked down at my little stem, erect again and twitching, and watched it disappear in Mr. Karl’s meaty fist.

He yanked my dick upward and leaned forward, taking my balls in his mouth, capturing the pair of cherry tomato-sized nuts with one swoop, and my knees buckled as I felt my sack being sucked savagely by my old gym teacher. His fist yanked hard on my dick, jerking it briskly while my balls were subject to the most incredible churning imaginable. It felt so good, despite the fact that it was so much rougher than I had ever experienced before.

Mr. Karl let up on me just as I felt I was going to cum, and ran his hand all over my hairless crotch. He seemed to enjoy the absence of pubic hair, a feature I had taken to removing because of how little I had actually been blessed with. The tiny tuft above my dick and the modest little wisps of hair under my arms were less embarrassing being absent than being there, and I had discovered that guys seemed to like it that way.

“Damn, you’re so smooth!” Mr Karl muttered as he got up from his knees. His hands rubbed over my chest and then, lifting my arm, buried his head under my arm, licking and biting all around my hairless armpits while his other hand squeezed my dick.

I had one hand free, and so I tried to pull off Mr. Karl’s shirt, but it was so tight on him that I could barely budge it. He let go of my other hand so I could get a better grip, and I worked the shirt off of him.

Mr. Karl naked from the waist up was even more intimidating than before, and my hands very tentatively reached out for his massive pectorals, the coarse reddish grey mat of hair sending a shiver through my entire body.

I found his nipple through the rich mat of hair and bent down to take it in my mouth, and Mr. Karl groaned as he reached up and pulled my head tighter to him. My teeth nibbled the bud before his hand brought my head over to his armpit, grinding my face into the thick tuft of hair which I kissed and licked happily, while my hand slid down his rippled stomach and down the front of his pants.

I felt his hardness almost right away, and slid my hand down the bulge. And slid. And slid some more. My hand was halfway down his leg when I looked up to him in shock. Mr. Karl was smiling at me and my reaction; one that I was sure he had to have gotten many times before. Shock. Awe. Lust.

“You like what you found Timmy?” Mr. Karl said hoarsely, and I nodded with a gulp while my hand kept probing the bulge that didn’t seem to have an end. “You like my cock, son?”

Mr. Karl moved me backward over to the bed, and I fell onto it when the backs of my legs hit the edge of the mattress. I watched as Mr. Karl pulled his watch off and set it down on his dresser before turning around to face me, slowly unbuckling his belt while he looked down at me.

“Play with yourself,” Mr. Karl said, and when I looked confused he repeated himself. “Play with your cock for me. Your balls too.”

Obiediently my hands went between my legs, grabbing my twig with one hand and my berries with the other as I sat on the edge of the bed under Mr. Karl’s watchful eye.

With a painful slowness his belt came undone, and he pulled it out of his slacks deliberately before unbuttonning his trousers. He had been wearing loose fitting tan pleated slacks, and as they came down my eyes took in the lower half of his body.

I could say that I was looking at his bulging thigh muscles, partially hidden under ivory colored cotton briefs that went down almost his knees, and the equally thick muscled calves, but that wouldn’t be quite right. I could say I was speechless staring at a man that had to be pushing 60, yet had a body on him that defied logic, but that wouldn’t be totally accurate either.

Because my attention was diverted by the bulge that snaked down the inside of the leg of his briefs. My legs were shaking as I kept jerking my dick, never feeling both so inadequate and aroused at the same time before. Mr. Karl had a smirk on his face as he grabbed the elastic of his briefs and slowly tugged them down, realizing that he had my undivided attention, and was putting on a show of sorts.

The burnt orange trail of hair widened as the briefs came down, and then stopped just before the base of his cock came into view. The thickness at the base was inhuman. No man could possibly have such equipment, I thought to myself, thinking that my eyes must be playing tricks on me.

The shaft tapered a bit as more of his cock was revealed, but not by much. A fat meandering vein rippled down the length of his manhood, and I made a choking sound as the briefs kept coming down, causing Mr. Karl to chuckle as he watched me watch his performance. Finally, his cock was fully exposed, and it swayed from side to side as he stepped out of his underwear.

“Like what you see, Timmy?” Mr. Karl said, reaching down and cupping his member and giving the flaccid hose a couple of tugs. “You okay Timmy? You have been with another man before, right?”

I guess I must have looked like I was going to faint or something, so I nodded as my eyes took in all of Mr. Karl. His uncircumsized cock hung between his legs like an elephant’s trunk, and even though he was a short man and his thighs were bowed, it was still an impressive sight to see a man whose cock hung down almost to his knees.

His hands almost did too, and the old nickname Apeman was certainly earned, and must have been given him by someone who had seen him naked. Now Mr. Karl was walking toward me, still perched on the edge of the bed with my own dick in hand, and he stopped just in front of me.

“If you’ve been with a man before,” he said as he held his cock up to my face, “then you must have some ideas as to what to do with this.”


Chapter 6. Reaching out.

Mr. Karl held the base of his cock with his left hand, while pulling back his foreskin with the other, revealing the pink bell-shaped head of his manhood. I reached out and grabbed the rubbery hose and brought the plum-sized crown to my mouth. It was difficult to hold his cock with just one hand, so I grabbed him with both hands and began sucking on the musky bulb.

What would this thing look like when it got hard, I wondered to myself, as I tried to get more than the head of this monsterous tool in my mouth. My fists worked the shaft, jerking and pulling on it as best I could, and I could feel him start to get aroused as I did.

Mr. Karl grabbed my head and began forcing me farther down his cock, and my jaw was already aching in protest. With a fist full of my hair he brought me down to my knees before him, and took his cock away from me.

“Work my nuts Timmy,” Mr. Karl instructed, lifting his cock to reveal his balls, which were a comparatively modest sized pair. I did as I was told, sucking on his eggs alternately, while running my hands up and down his muscular, hairy legs as I gobbled his nuts. I felt him drop his cock on the top of my head, in a sight that must have been comical, and he grabbed my hair and rubbed it around his tool.

Mr. Karl soon held his cock in both of his fists while I sucked on his balls, slowly pumping his cock which seemed to be getting harder with each stroke. I reached my hands around him and grabbed his firm ass tightly, getting a satisfied grunt from him in response to my fingers squeezing in between his ass cheeks and stroking his anus gently.

“That’s nice Timmy,” Mr. Karl said. “That seems like a good idea. Here.”

He helped me up and rolled onto the bed on his back, motioning for me to climb on top of him, straddling his head with my legs and facing his feet. I felt my nuts disappear into Mr. Karl’s mouth as I leaned down toward his cock, which was arched back onto his sixpack.

My tongue slid up and down the underside of his cock a few times before I grabbed his stiff cock in my fist and held it upright. Amazingly, it hadn’t gotten longer as it got hard; in fact it may have even gotten shorter, but everything is relative. This smaller version was still the biggest cock I had ever seen, and even with both hands wrapped around the shaft, there was still much more exposed than I could fit in my mouth.

As I went down on Mr. Karl, his mouth let go of my balls, which were aching from being sucked on so hard and so long, and I felt his tongue slide under my sack and between my ass cheeks, which he was spreading wide. His tongue found my anus, and after some gentle licking of the ring, it entered me hard.

I shivered from the excitement, but with that pleasure came a great deal of concern. Was he actually going to want to…? The next shudder was that of fear. I had experienced a big man before, but not like this. My hands could barely reached around the middle of his cock’s shaft, and as for the base – what would that feel like? It would rip me to shreds!

In the meantime, Mr. Karl was chewing my bottom up, and I was loving it. His stiff cock was much easier to handle than the flaccid version, and I could tell that he loved my lips going up and down his exposed head. Even hard, his cock had a rubbery feel to it that made it very pliable. He finally pulled it out of my mouth and rolled off of the bed, rummaging through the drawer of the night table.

His body looked like a Greek statue, glistening with sweat, except I had never seen one with and enormous erect cock swinging wildly in front of it. What my old gym teacher pulled out of the drawer was something that looked a little similar to that cock of his; a long rubbery looking dildo that he obviously had educational plans for.

Mr. Karl had a tube of lube which he applied liberally to the dildo before kneeling down next to me on the bed and rolling me on my back. He reached down and, grabbing my dick between his thumb and index finger, began jerking me off hard.

“Don’t cum!” he said gruffly, and I bit my lip to fight back the urge.

Mr. Karl’s other hand reached lower, and I felt an oiled finger graze against my butt before being slammed into my ass roughly, causing me to recoil in pain and shock. Mr. Karl’s finger churned and twisted inside of me for a few seconds, and then I felt him try to get another finger in there as well. Those thick stubby fingers were spreading me out wide, and I cried out in pain until he gave up.

“You got a tight one on you Timmy,” Mr. Karl said. “We’ll loosen you up though.”

With that, Mr. Karl took his finger out of me and brought the rubbery dildo over, having me spread my legs and relax, something that was easier said than done. I felt the greasy tool penetrate me, and then he began sliding it in and out of me, getting a little more in with every thrust. He finally got about half of the foot long wang into me when he stopped working it around inside of me, leaving it in me and going back to my dick.

Mr. Karl seemed upset that I had lost my erection, and his mouth attacked it with a vengance, swallowing it and then pulling on it hard with his mouth. I was hard in no time again, and when he was satisfied, climbed on top of me like he was a gymnast, and I was a pommel horse.

Wordlessly, the sweaty behemoth straddled my crotch, reaching down to grab my dick and lowering himself onto it. Without any lubrication, my dick still slid into his ass with little trouble, and he began moving up and down on me.

Mr. Karl got a little upset at first when my modest stem fell out of him a few times, before he adjusted his movements to take into account my size. Soon he was rocking hard and fast on me, his ass muscles clamped down tight around my dick. Mr. Karl’s cock was bobbing crazily as he moved up and down on me, his cock repeatedly slapping against my stomach and then springing back up again with each movement.

“Don’t cum yet!” he muttered between pants and grunts. “Wait until I tell you.”

I bit my lip and tried my best to hold off my orgasm, and the sight of that cock waving in front of me was no help. Finally Mr. Karl began grunting and moaning wildly, his hands on his thighs digging into his own skin.

“CUM!!!” Mr. Karl bellowed, and amazingly I did as he ordered, my dick spurting seed into his ass.

While I came, Mr. Karl made an unearthly sound; part yell, part moan and part who-knows-what. His eyes were rolling back in their sockets as he howled, and to my amazement, his cock began squirting cum all over my chest and neck. This despite him never having touched himself.

This sight had my own dick spasming in delight, and Mr. Karl’s muscles ass clamped down on my stem savagely while it twitched inside of him

before withering away and falling out of him limply.

Mr. Karl only then grabbed his cock for the first time, giving it a series of long and hard pulls, squeezing out another stringy rope of cum which joined the puddle on my upper torso. With his cock in hand, he worked the pool of his spunk around with his weapon like an artist using his brush, until climbing off me and falling onto his back.

“Now get me hard again,” Mr. Karl said, wiggling his now flaccid member around idly.


Chapter 7. Again?

I thought he was joking, but when I looked over to him I realized that wasn’t the case, so I rolled over toward him. The dildo was still halfway up my ass, but when I reached back to remove it I was stopped by Mr. Karl.

“Leave that in there,” he commanded, and had me kneel beside him.

As I leaned over to lick the underside of Mr. Karl’s limp hose, which was laying back on his stomach, he began to move the appliance in and out of my ass slowly.

“You like the way that feels Timmy?” Mr. Karl rasped as I licked his cock, feeling his seed grow cold and crusty on my neck and chest. “Like the way it goes in and out of you? What a beautiful ass you have on you. Just looking at you will make me hard again in no time.”

Seeing how this senior citizen Adonis was pushing sixty, I figured that he might be kidding, and so I was surprised when I felt his cock start to stir after a few minutes of me licking and teasing it. I straightened up and looked at Mr. Karl for approval.

“Pull on it,” he said, and I complied, or so I thought.

“Come on Timmy – really pull on my cock!” Mr. Karl demanded.

With that I gave it a savage yank, expecting him to cry out in pain. Instead, he groaned with pleasure.

“That’s it!” Mr. Karl said approvingly, and so I began pulling on his cock as hard as I could, stretching the skin at the base of his member wildly as I yanked at his rubbery manhood with enthusiasm.

The elasticity of his cock was surreal to watch, and it must have been good for him, because ever so slowly his cock was getting a little stiffer. His breathing became more rapid, as was the thrusting of the tool Mr. Karl continued to probe me with. Harder and deeper he penetrated me with it, causing me to gasp out in pain as he tested my capacity.

“You like that, don’t you Timmy?” he said knowingly as he nodded toward my dick, which was hard again. “Fun being young and full of cum, isn’t it? Here… climb on top of me.”

My mentor had me mount him so that our crotches were aligned, and he held his cock upright with his hand bracing the semi-erect tool.

“Rub your dick against mine,” Mr. Karl said as he pulled down his foreskin and held the base of his tool tightly with his fingers, the richly veined beige weapon swaying lazily in his grip.

My dick next to Mr. Karl’s cock looked absurd. It was almost as if we weren’t even the same species, I thought to myself as I touched the head of Mr. Karl’s cock with my boner. My pale and puny dick was dwarfed by his enormous cock, and excitement raged through me as I recognized how much this excited me.

A tiny bead of semen was on the tip of his dick, and I rubbed my dick into it, sending a shiver down both of our bodies. This caused cum to ooze out of his raised slit, and I worked my crown all over it.

“Mmmmm… that feels good, doesn’t it Timmy? I love the way we look together, don’t you?” he asked as he watched our cock heads caress, and I nodded in response.

“You like my cock Timmy?” Mr. Karl asked with a smirk. “I had a funny feeling that you really liked the big ones. Is mine big enough for you?” he asked and got another nod for an answer.

“You want this cock inside you, don’t you Timmy? You’re gonna like that aren’t you?” he asked me. “You like the way this feels right now I’ll bet, our cocks rubbing together. I’ll bet you want to cum right now.”

My thumb and index finger worked up and down my dick, under Mr. Karl’s watchful eye, as I rubbed the sensitive openings of our organs together.

“That’s it Timmy – work that pecker of yours,” he said gruffly. “Shoot your load all over me.”

Straddling Mr. Karl’s muscular thigh, I felt his hairy leg rubbing against my balls and crotch as I humped him, and I found myself cumming fast. I groaned as I tried to cum where he wanted me to. It wasn’t much of a load, already having cum three times that evening, but I squeezed out as much as I could onto his cock as he worked it into his skin.

As my dick went limp, Mr. Karl took my hands and put them on his cock.

“Jack me – hard!” he bellowed, and my hands began working up and down the pliable shaft.

He told me to squeeze him harder, and to jerk him off like I meant it, and I did the best I could, even though it seemed like it would be painful. As I stroked him, he applied some lubricant to himself, and my hands were soon working hard and fast up and down the shaft.

“Don’t stop,” Mr. Karl said gruffly and he fiddled with something that looked like a watchband, putting it around the base of his cock and making it incredibly tight on him, cutting into the skin deeply.

His cock was soon as crimson as his face was, and then without a word he moved from beneath me and threw me down on the bed face first. I felt him yank the fake cock out of my ass, and as he mounted me, I heard myself ask – beg Mr. Karl.

“Please don’t hurt me.”

I’m not sure whether the sound he made was a grunt, or a chuckle, but after I felt the head of his cock tear into my anus, it really didn’t matter.


Chapter 8. Inside me.

I was shocked at first, when I felt his cock penetrate me. It didn’t hurt as much as I had thought it might. Perhaps it was because although Mr. Karl was certainly erect enough to get inside me, his cock still had a very rubbery feel to it. It was almost as if a cock the length and thickness of his simply could not get that rigid, blue-steel type of hardness, and that was a good thing too.

As my insides gave way to accommodate his girth, I tried to relax and enjoy this unusual coupling. Mr. Karl had mounted me in the same rough manner he had been using right along, and the feel of his sweaty, hairy body clmaped around me was exciting enough as it was, but when he began thrusting into me with increasing speed and force, he began making noise. A lot of noise.

With every thrust into me, Mr. Karl would grunt gutturally, and soon these grunts turned into moans and growls. I felt like I was being taken by some savage beast, whose sweat sprayed over my helpless torso with every probing jab, and I was loving it.

On and on this went; and my body was being tossed around to suit his fancy. Even though I was taller and about the same weight as he was, Mr. Karl threw me around like a rag doll, putting me into different positions and continuing his onslaught into my aching orifice.

I was soon on my back with my butt elevated, and I got to watch as Mr. Karl fucked me. His face and neck were a brilliant beet red color, and he had a look in his eyes that was positively feral. Sweat sprayed over me like a shower as he had me hold my legs open so he could work unimpeded.

His fingers grabbed my abused dick and I winced as he pulled on my flaccid tube, stretching it to ridiculous extremes, and I was too scared and excited to ask him to stop, no matter how much it hurt me.

Once again my body surprised me, because even though I was limp as a noodle, I felt a numbing sensation in my dick, and soon found myself squirting out a little cum that felt good in a way that was almost painful.

The sight of me cumming drove Mr. Karl wild. He began savagely thrusting into me, the slapping sounds of his body against mine sounding like thunder to me. I was tossed onto my stomach and he resumed this relentless attack. How long had this been going on? I had no idea, but it seemed like an hour at least, even though that would have been impossible. How much longer could he go on?

More importantly, how much more could I take. My insides felt like they had been destroyed. I had passed the pain stage quite a while ago, and I was now somewhere else, hoping and praying for him to cum, while the rhythmic slapping of his body crashing into mine echoed like thunder in my ears.

Mercifully, he did cum soon afterward, clutching me tightly in a bear hug as he fell into me, impaling me with what felt like the full length of him, which caused me to cry out in pain. The ensuing blasts of his seed that his cock spewed inside of me were soothing, and I enjoyed his manhood jumping inside me with each spurt until his orgasm finally ebbed.

I felt the heat of his body against me as his cock finally was pulled out of me, and even though he was not inside me, it still felt like he was. Eventually he got out of bed and helped me up as well, saying we were going to take a shower.

My legs refused to cooperate however, and I had to lean on Mr. Karl as he led me into the shower.

Chapter 9. Comforting.

It occured to me as I stepped gingerly into the shower stall with Mr. Karl that I was walking just like he was. The aching reached from stem to stern, as my dick, balls and ass were all throbbing uncomfortably.

The discomfort took a great deal away from what would have been a great experience, getting to scrub his magnificent body instead of meekly rubbing the soap on him as I leaned against the wall of the shower. Mr. Karl sensed that I was in tough shape, and so he tenderly cleaned my genitals, taking special care as the soap burned my bottom.

After the shower, as I awkwardly walked out of the bathroom with him, Mr. Karl suddenly reached down and gathered me up in his arms and carried me down the hall, almost like I was a child. I protested a little but it also gave him a chance to display his incredible stength, as he brought me into another bedroom, having destroyed the one we had been in.

He put me face down on the mattress gently, and in a minute I felt his hand between my ass cheeks. I started to protest, because I knew that I could not take any more of it, but he quietly told me to relax, and as his finger gently slid inside me, I felt a soothing coolness envelop me, taking away the pain that I had been experiencing.

After finishing his treatment, he covered me with a sheet before crawling in next to me and holding me close. I fell asleep shortly afterward, totally exhausted from the entire evening.

I awoke later, the faint night light of the clock telling me that I had slept for quite a while. The throbbing of all my private parts was still there, and so was Mr. Karl. He was laying on his side with the head propped up with one hand, and his other hand gently stroking the smooth skin above my dick.

As my eyes adjusted to being awake, I looked down to see that my dick was starting to get hard despite the fact that it was discolored and sore. I followed the hand up to his owner, who smiled at me when our eyes met.

“Sorry if I woke you up, but I couldn’t help myself,” Mr. Karl said softly as his fingers applied pressure around the base of my dick without touching it, and my dick got rock hard as a result.

“Unbelievable!” he said as he looked down at my dick. “You’re such a virile young man that I just can’t believe it. How I envy you.”

I thought he was making fun of me for a second, but the look he was giving me was sincere, and he got up to his knees and moved down the bed. His lips slowly encircled my dick and slid slowly down, the warm moistness soothing me as he swallowed me.

What followed in the next ten minutes or so was the most tender and caring treatment I had ever experienced in my life. Mr. Karl’s lips and tongue made love to my dick in a way that was so unlike what had come before that it seemed impossible this was the same man who had savaged me earlier.

My hand slid over his back and down to his ass while he made love to my penis, softly masssaging his rock hard torso as his mouth worked magic, and I couldn’t resist reaching down between his legs and grabbing his flaccid member, holding onto it as he eventually brought me to a teeth-rattling orgasm.

When I finally stopped erupting into his mouth, Mr. Karl crawled back up to join me, wrapping his beefy arm around me and holding me tight to him, until sleep returned to me.

The End.


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