A Manmaid’s Tale (Gay SPH)


I stood in a small room to the side of the altar. From my vantage, I could see and hear the High Priestess. The fabric of the fine white robe felt cool and smooth against my skin. When I peeked out a little further, I could see the congregation. Every seat was occupied, as one would expect on a high occasion like the Spring Offering. Spring was the time for our fertility rite in which the females would be impregnated. The males and females of our society enjoyed sex immensely and engaged in it frequently and publicly. We do not choose lifetime mates in our tribe, so males and females may have sex with whomever they choose. We respond to the other gender’s pheromones, which are secreted when we see someone we are attracted to and have some time to copulate.

Although we fuck often, our females can only become pregnant when they receive both the seed of one of our males and the seed of our God Demius, who materializes in the spring to receive his offering and so his people may reproduce. Each spring an offering is made to Demius. This year, I was to be the offering. We are not a society that engages in sacrificing our people to our God. The chosen one is offered to Demius in a different way.

Two attendants came up behind me. They smiled at me.

“You must be so very excited!” the one on my left said and took my hand.

The other one took my right hand, and the two of them led me out to the altar. The fresh air felt pleasant and smelled of spring blossoms. The bright sun hurt my eyes at first, but when my eyes adjusted to the light, I could see the congregation. I could recognize several of the people in the crowd, men I had gone to school with, cousins, my mother who was beaming with pride. They all sat on the stone benches of the amphitheater in front of the Temple. The attendants led me to the High Priestess and left me there before returning to the interior of the Temple.

I knelt next to the High Priestess and kissed the hem of her garment. She placed her hand on the top of my head and addressed the congregation.

“We gather today as we have since the time before memory to give our humble offering to our God, Demius and to receive his seed so we may procreate and preserve and expand our line. In our Demian culture, each has his or her place and duty. We must hunt and farm to feed ourselves, we must raise our children, we must maintain the Temple, we must educate our offspring, and we must learn and invent for the betterment of our people, and we each must give and receive carnal pleasure with the other members of our tribe. These tasks are all that is required of us,” she told the community.

She went on, “There are always a few males in our midst who do not contribute. It is not that they do not want to work for all of us as we do for them. It is simply that they cannot. It is from these males that we select our offering. The male kneeling here is known to many of you. His name is Iva Littleshaft. Iva has tried in vain to contribute to the group. He has tried to be a hunter, but when he has gone out to hunt, he has become lost in the forest and rescue parties were required to bring him home. He has never successfully killed the game. When Iva Littleshaft tried to farm, his farm produced less than one container of wheat from a plot of land that could have produced over 200 containers. Can Iva teach our children? He cannot. He seems to possess less knowledge than the children he would teach. Has he invented or repaired anything? He is just not clever enough for that. Has he provided sexual pleasure to the females of our society? He has not. His underdeveloped phallus, his diminutive stature, and his physical weakness have prevented any of our females becoming aroused by him. He has attended the Spring Offering festival for eight consecutive years. In that time none, of the females have chosen him to reproduce with.”

She looked at me and said, “Iva, you may rise.”

I stood in front of the congregation. The two attendants who led me to the altar earlier reappeared. One stood in front of me and untied the sash of my ceremonial robe. The other stood behind me and slipped the robe off my shoulders. I stood naked in front of the entire community.

“Sisters and brothers, look upon Iva Littleshaft. He has never participated in recreational copulation, the main pleasure granted to us by Demius. He has never triggered the release of female pheromones. Why would he? Our females respond to masculinity. Iva’s short stature, his underdeveloped muscles, and his dull expression could not trigger arousal in any of our kind. If Iva Littleshaft had been endowed with a large phallus, he would have been chosen by some female, despite his other shortcomings, especially if no other males were present. As you can see, he is not so endowed. Many females have refused him even if no other males were at hand, choosing, instead, to pair with other females.” The High Priestess told her people.

“Although this male lacks the physical strength of the other males and has minimal intelligence and cannot give pleasure to the females, there is still a role for him. By offering him to Demius, we will ensure our future. Iva Littleshaft will be revered by future generations! Let the ceremony begin,” she proclaimed.

In unison, the congregation chanted, “Hail Iva Littleshaft! Hail Iva Littleshaft!”

The attendants led me to a spot on the altar, close to the congregation and had me kneel facing away from the congregation. The High Priestess stood in front of me, with her back to the congregation as well. She began the incantations that would summon our God. Her words were in the tongue of the priestesses and known only to them and to Demius. I, of course, could understand none of it except, I did make out the word Demius a few times. She chanted loudly and spoke. At times her speech was low, almost a whisper. At other times, so loud, that it hurt to hear it. She went on for several minutes.

With the last loud phrase, she extended her arms, apparently imploring Demius to materialize. A dim floating light appeared on the altar in front of the Priestess. It grew brighter and larger, finally growing twice as tall as the High Priestess and too bright to look at. At once there was a loud booming sound and the light shattered as if it were glass. Pieces of it fell to the floor and immediately seemed to melt and disappear like a vapor.

Standing before the High Priestess was a being in the form of one of our people, but twice the height of a normal person. He was naked. His body was perfectly proportioned, muscular and graceful at the same time. His hair looked as if it were made of strands of gold and his eyes were icy blue. Demius wore neither a smile nor a frown, yet one could not help but feel loved by him. While it was hard for the people to take their eyes off his face, it was equally hard to take one’s eyes off his penis.

Demius’ penis was about the same diameter as his ankle. It hung about halfway from his knee to his ankle and swayed slightly with his breathing in its flaccid state. I was filled with fear and awe when I looked at it. Its head was about the size of a grapefruit.

The High Priestess faced Demius and again spoke in their mysterious language. I heard my name uttered with the strange accent she used. Suddenly, I heard a voice in my head. It was the most comforting voice I could possibly imagine. The voice was translating the conversation between God and Priestess. I heard her offer me to him and explain why I was a good candidate to become the offering. He looked at me for a moment and said, “Let him demonstrate his love for me and I will accept him.”

The soothing voice in my head said, “Come, Iva Littleshaft. Fall to your knees and offer yourself to me. If you demonstrate you are sincere, I will allow your people to multiply this year and you will go down in history as a hero to your community. I can feel your love, show it to me and your people.”

I crawled toward Demius. On my knees, I begged him, “Please oh mighty and loving Demius. Take me as your offering. I may not be skilled or clever, but nobody in this tribe loves you more than I do. I give myself to you and no other. You, my Lord, are the greatest of Gods. No God has cared for his people as you have. Take me as an offering of gratitude from a grateful people,” I implored as tears of love poured down my face.

The voice in my head spoke again. “Come forward, Iva Littleshaft, and worship your God’s body.”

I crawled closer until I was at his feet. I began to kiss them, kissing each toe and crevice. I worked my way up, kissing and caressing his leg. Inadvertently, I brushed his penis with my cheek, and he spoke again, saying, “You may worship my body, but not my phallus. That is for the High Priestess first.”

I cried my apology to him and continued to kiss and caress his legs. I kissed my way up the back of his thighs and began to kiss his ass. I was now standing on my tip toes. Before I knew what I was doing, my face was between the cheeks of his ass, and I was licking and kissing my Gods asshole.

He spoke aloud to the High Priestess, telling her he had accepted me as his offering and told me the same. She uttered a reply that I did not understand.

The attendants led me away from Demius, and the High Priestess then stood before him. She untied her robe and let it slip to the floor, to be taken away by the attendants. She stood naked before him. Her body was perfect. Her breath came rapidly. Her skin glowed. She lifted the head of his penis. While she certainly could not take it in her mouth, she began to lick the head. As she did, she ran her hands up and down its shaft. It began to grow although not yet hard, and still hanging down. She spread her legs and placed his cock against her cunt. She began to grind herself on it.

As this was happening, the “offering bench” was brought onto the altar. The attendants helped me up onto the bench and positioned me. They locked all the restraints, leaving me, unable to move, on my hands and knees with my back arched and my ass up in the air. My head was bent back so I could see the congregation. My hands were locked in cuffs in front of me. I had seen this ceremony from the audience many times and had always been focused on the possibility of mating. I had never stopped to consider how the offering must feel. I was frightened, bound to the bench not knowing what the next part would feel like.

Demius’ penis was now fully erect. In this state, it was as big in diameter as my thigh and as long as a tall male’s leg. The High Priestess stood in front of him embracing the massive cock with both arms. She moved up and down, rubbing her breasts and cunt on it. When the God’s penis reached its maximum size, it was a signal to the congregation to undress. All the congregation was naked, and males and females began to choose partners. Once they had formed a pair, they stood together, facing the altar. Most couples caressed each other’s bodies. Males stroked the females’ breasts and the females held and their partners’ impressive penises, gently pulling and stroking.

My bench was now rolled to a low platform on the altar. The attendants turned a large iron wheel in the back of the altar, and the platform began to rise. Slowly it moved upward, stopping when my body was about even with the High Priestesses’ head. She continued to stroke Demius’ penis until the attendants informed her that the offering was prepared.

She prostrated herself in front of Demius and in their language, told him I was prepared and asked him to please accept the offering. The God stepped forward until he was immediately behind me. With the platform elevated, I was even with his phallus. The High Priestess put her right hand into the opening of Demius’ penis. When she withdrew it, her hand was covered with a glistening fluid which, for lack of a better word, we could call divine pre-cum. She spread the liquid on the head of the gigantic penis. Things were moving quickly now. I felt enormous hands on my hips. The head of the God’s penis touched my ass. The fluid felt slippery, and it warmed my skin.

The head of his cock found my little hole and increasingly put pressure there. I was terrified at the thought of this tree-trunk cock penetrating my tiny hole. Again I heard the comforting voice in my head saying, “Don’t be afraid, it will only hurt for a moment.”

His hands then gripped my hips tighter, and he began to push very hard. I felt my asshole open and then suddenly it was stretched beyond its ability to stretch. There was a blinding, searing pain as his divine member tore me open. I screamed. However, as quickly as the pain came, it diminished. An incredible sense of well-being came over me. A pleasant warmth circulated in my bloodstream. Demius held my hips tightly and penetrated my body more deeply. I can only describe the feeling as ecstasy. I looked out at the congregation. All the couples were copulating. I felt the blood rushing to my own little member.

Demius had now penetrated me deeply and was moving in and out rapidly. I felt the beginnings of an orgasm, and when it came, it didn’t stop. Then, to my surprise, I felt Demius’ massive hands on my penis and balls. He held my genitals between his thumb and forefinger. I couldn’t believe that our God was touching my mortal penis. He squeezed my cock and balls tighter and tighter. Suddenly, the orgasmic feeling intensified as I felt even greater pressure. Then, he moved his hand away, and I saw it in front of my face. In his hand, he held my penis and balls which he had pinched off. I felt no pain. He raised his hand to show the congregation, then he lowered his hand, and as the crowd watched he dropped my organs into his mouth and consumed them.

The moans of female orgasms coming from the congregation filled the air. Demius placed his hands on my waist. The attendants then appeared and unlocked my restraints. I felt myself being lifted. With me impaled on his cock, Demius walked to the front of the altar. Holding me in his hands, he pushed me further down onto his cock. He was sliding me up and down on his massive member, faster and faster. I felt a peculiar feeling at the back of my throat and intense pressure. I felt my jaws disarticulating. Everything was stretching. And then, my mouth was filled with the head of our Lord’s cock. Soon his penis pushed past my lips. The congregation watched in anticipation of what was to come.

Demius slid me up and down on his tool as if I were a sex toy. With each thrust, I could feel his cock slipping over my tongue and past my lips. When I looked down, I saw the giant penis extending about a foot past my mouth each time he brought me down to his balls. His pace increased. His big hands gripped me tightly and then with one final deep thrust, the cock sticking out past my lips began to ejaculate. Huge jets of divine semen shot from it. He was drenching the congregation with gallons of his sticky white seed. When the Godsperm hit them, each of the males began to cum. After coming, the males would withdraw, and the females would scoop up handfuls of Demius seed and use their fingers to stuff their cunts full of it. When Demius’ seed touched a female’s sex, it would trigger an intense orgasm the lasted several minutes, during which they would smear his cum on their breasts and bodies which would further intensify the orgasm.

When Demius stopped ejaculating, he lifted me off his penis and placed me on a soft mattress on the altar. As he withdrew, my body returned to normal. I had an extreme sense of loss as his Godly cock left my body. I missed its warmth and the ecstasy it had given me. I touched my anus and found it to be the same as before. When I touched between my legs, I knew that my little penis and scrotum were gone forever. There was only smooth skin from my pubic bone down to my asshole. I did feel a small opening which I assumed was for me to pee through.

Demius still stood on the altar, his semen still dripping. The High Priestess stood before him and caught some of his seed in her cupped hands. She swallowed it and then rubbed what was left on her hands onto her breasts. Almost immediately, she began to grow and within a minute was nearly Demius’ size. She dropped to her hands and knees, and our God mounted her. The congregation exhausted from their intense orgasms and drenched in Godly sperm, watched as he fucked our High Priestess. Her moans and screams of pleasure reverberated through the temple. Demius fucked her hard and fast and eventually gave out a loud yell as he came. When the Holy Semen hit her cervix, she orgasmed with long, loud moans, her body convulsing for several minutes.

When the High Priestess had calmed down, Demius withdrew allowing the congregation the last look at his majestic cock before disappearing in a cloud of vapor. The High Priestess lay on the altar still breathing rapidly. When Demius dematerialized, she rapidly returned to her normal size.

A group of people scurried onto the altar and came up to me. They were naked and appeared to be a bit more male than female, but had no genitals. I realized these were men who had been given to Demius in years past. They took me by the hand and led me to the High Priestess. She was on her back on the altar, and a large pool of the God’s cum had formed on the floor between her legs. Instinctively I knew what the other manmaidens and I were to do. I dropped to my knees and gently began to lick the semen that flowed from the High Priestess’ beautiful cunt. Her vagina tasted sweet and had an intoxicating smell. I felt aroused and, out of habit, reached down to touch my penis before remembering that it was gone. In the weeks to come, all traces of male hormones would be gone, and I would no longer feel arousal. The other manmaidens descended and voraciously began to lap up the divine fluid. As this year’s offering, only I could attend to her vagina. Next year it would be someone else, and I would join the others licking up whatever semen we could find.

When I finished cleaning her, and all the remaining cum had been licked up, we gathered around her and helped her to her feet. She was in a semi-trance as we led her to her chamber in the Temple, and helped her onto her bed, where she would sleep for the next few days. While she slept, the others taught me the duties of a manmaiden, which all involved caring for the High Priestess. We manmaidens bathe her, dress her, feed her, massage her and take care of her bodily waste. Sometimes she will have us orally stimulate her, with one of us at each breast, one at her clitoris, one at her anus and two sucking her toes. Because we don’t feel any arousal, we can do this without any feeling of frustration. If we still had our little penises, they would get hard, but she would never let us touch her with them.

When the next Spring Offering came around, I watched Demius penetrate the chosen one. When his magnificent cock emerged from the mouth of the offering, I remembered the feeling of all his cum flowing to the tip of his penis. I was sad that I would never feel that again. Soon after, however, I was on my hands and knees lapping up Godly cum and felt content.

The End.


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