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Bronze Members of The Small Dick Club 4.1 inches (10.3 cm) to 5.5 inches (14 cm) erect length. These members fall in that small margin between Average and small, and we refer to them as “Below Average or Average.”

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  • Mel

    I submitted pics last week. How long does it take to post them?

    • SDC Webmaster

      Pictures that have been approved for the site are added once a week every friday night (US Time).

    • Michael

      I,got a,tiny cock

      • Ronald martella

        Hi Michael! Since that one statement is all you wrote, may I presume that you’re new to telling anyone? We presume that since you wrote anything at all that you have a small penis & that’s great that you’re here. I am so glad that I am not alone!
        Welcome in the new year loud and proud!

  • Ronald martella

    I though mine is smaller until I read that he’s got a hard on. I’d like to spend an entire evening showing him the many ways of my appreciation and then sit in it!! I could spend hours just looking at it!!

  • T Jefferson

    If a member pass is purchased with a credit card, what name will appear on the bill? I would like to purchases a pass but need to know for privacy reasons.


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