Bad Boy’s Mistake

By Nslait.

Alicia and Cecelia just finished Sharon’s house, and they were both exhilarated by the experience. Their camel toe tights were still slightly damp from the erotic excitement.

“Our next stop is Katie’s house. I hope her creepy son is not there,” said Alicia.

“I wish he was not so obvious as he stares at us while we clean.” Cecelia paused, “Do you think he has had any girlfriends? I overheard Katie say that he is going to college in a couple of months.”

Alicia looked up, puzzled, and said, “The way that little guy keeps staring and following us around makes me think he is desperate.”

Alicia and Cecelia were identical twin sisters and managed a cleaning service. Their family immigrated from Mexico, and they shared a two-bedroom apartment. They were 30 years old, 5 foot 4 inches tall, and very pretty. Alicia had long dark hair, while Cecelia kept hers at shoulder length. Their beautiful dark-skinned bodies were identical, weighing 110 pounds each.

They arrived at Katie’s door, and she let them both inside. With a big smile, Katie said, “Hi, ladies, it’s good to see you. I need to run a few errands and will be back late in the afternoon. Jack should be studying in his room, so just go about doing your great work.”

Alicia responded, “Thank you for the kind words. It is our pleasure to be here. We will get right to work.”

Alicia and Cecelia smiled kindly at Katie as she left the house.

They started in the bedrooms, making the beds and vacuuming as usual. Jack walked by them in the hallway. He did not say anything but turned his head around and took a good look at Cecelia’s ass.

Jack was only 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighed 135 pounds. He was nerdy-looking, very skinny, with brown curly hair that was never brushed, and he wore thick glasses. Jack only had on a tee shirt and gym shorts.

Jack was being weirder than usual. He walked up and down the hallway, almost surveying them as they worked. He slipped into his mom’s bedroom before they entered. A few minutes later, Alicia walked in and started cleaning the master bathroom. Alicia bent over the cabinet right across from the walk-in closet.

Cecelia came into the master bedroom and started on the bed when she noticed the sliding closet door moving slightly. She saw something move inside the closet.

Cecelia quickly opened the door and shouted, “What the fuck are you doing?”

Jack was in the closet beating off while watching Alicia’s ass. Cecelia quickly took out her phone and snapped a bunch of pictures of Jack stroking his tiny hard-on.

Alicia jumped up, put her hand over her mouth, and yelled, “You little pervert!”

Jack turned beet red with embarrassment and pulled up his shorts. “I’m sorry,” he said, looking down to the floor.

They stared at him with anger. Alicia said, “This is going to stop right now. No more spying on us and being a little pervert!”

Cecelia said, “I’m going to show these pictures to your mom, and you will certainly be punished.”

Jack cried, “No. No, please, please don’t tell my mom. She will kill me. She might even take away my college funding!”

“You should have thought about that before beating-off in the closet,” said Cecelia.

Jack was desperate. He cried again, “Please, I’ll do anything you want. Please delete the pictures and don’t tell my mom. I am very sorry and promise to be good.”

The sisters looked at each other with a vengeful nod and grin.

Alicia said, “We will think about it, Jack. But you will be punished for your perverted little act.” She paused and then said, “Take off your clothes and lie down on the bed with your butt facing up.”

Jack looked shocked and said, “What? Are you kidding?”

Cecelia said, “Not kidding, do it right now, or we will talk with your mom.”

Jack stood in silence. He took off his shirt. His bare, thin chest had tiny little nipples, and there was no muscle on his arms. He slid off his shorts, and his tiny dick shriveled to less than a one-inch little nub. They both smiled and laughed.

Alicia said, “Go to the bed. It’s time to get spanked.”

Jack lay face down on the bed, and they took turns spanking his little ass until it was shiny red.

Alicia said, “Get up and face us.”

Jack slowly stood up in front of them. He tried to cover his tiny dick and balls, and they told him to put his hands behind his back. They did their best not to laugh.

Cecelia said, “You are going to come to our house and clean for us. That should be a good lesson for you. And you will do whatever we say…no questions asked.”

Jack nodded in agreement.

Alicia said, “I’ll text our address to you. Be there at 7 pm sharp tonight. If you do exactly what we say, we won’t tell your mom.”

Jack nodded again and asked, “Can I get dressed now?”

Cecelia said, “Yes, go to your room and stay there until we leave. See you tonight.”

Jack was worried all day. He hoped they would not tell his mom and delete the pictures. He was ready to do whatever was necessary.


Jack arrived at their place right on time. Cecelia opened the door and let him inside. They both wore tight, sexy dresses with high heels. Their bodies were amazingly identical. The dresses were very short and showed much cleavage. They both had beautiful legs and tight round asses. Their bare legs were beautiful, and their nails were painted flaming red.

Alicia said, “Jack since you acted like a pervert today, you can take off your clothes and put these little panties on.” She held up a tiny pair of lace pink thong panties.

“You want me to wear those while I clean your place?”

Cecelia said, “No questions, Jack, just do what we say.”

Jack stood in the middle of the family room, and they sat on the couch.

“Strip and put these on now,” demanded Alicia.

Jack turned red and started to remove his clothes. He started with his shoes and socks, then his shirt. He unsnapped his pants and took them off. He stood there with his shorts.

Cecelia said, “Keep going, little man.”

He was so turned on by the sight of their tight dresses and cleavage that his tiny boner pointed straight up when he pulled down his underwear.

“Oh my, look at that tiny hard-on. Come over here,” said Alicia.

He walked to them, and they fondled his boner and tiny balls and teased him for a while.

“Put the panties on,” said Cecelia as she smirked.

Jack put them on, and his little boner peaked through the top of the panties. They took more pictures.

“You look so cute, Jack! Swirl around.”

His ass was exposed with the thong panties, and his little dick was about to explode.

“Since you like to jerk off while looking at us, give us a beat-off show. Jack-off with the panties on.”

Cecelia crossed her legs, and her dress rode up to her hips. She was not wearing any panties, and her pussy was in full view. Jack started to beat off while staring at her snatch. He did not last long and shot his wad. He came all over the panties and his belly.

Alicia said, “Now that you are relieved, you can start cleaning.”

They showed him to the bathroom, and he washed up.

Alicia continued, “Hang up the panties after you clean them. You will always be naked when you are in our apartment.”

They showed him the two bedrooms and the kitchen.

Cecelia said, “After cleaning the kitchen, come to my bedroom first and then Alicia’s.”

About 20 minutes later, Jack finished cleaning the kitchen, and someone knocked on the door. Alicia yelled from her room, “Jack, go see who is at the door.”

Jack froze. He did not know what to do. There was another knock, and Alicia screamed, “Jack, answer the door right now!”

He had no choice. He walked to the door and opened it slightly, hiding his body behind the door. There was a young black woman with a cup in her hand.

“Hi, is Alicia or Cecelia here? My mom needs a cup of sugar.”

She smiled at him, wondering why she could only see his head. She was very petite with long black hair and very pretty. She wore shorts that barely covered her ass, with a tube top so tight, he could see the outline of her nipples.

“They are not here now…please come back later,” said Jack.

Cecelia came out, opened the door, and said, “Hi, Lorna, come in.”

Jack hid behind the door, facing the wall. Cecelia said, “Jack, don’t be rude, come meet Lorna.”

Jack turned around and extended his hand. He recognized her from high school. They were both seniors, both 18 years old, and both going to college in the fall. Lorna smiled and stared at his tiny dick and little balls. Jack turned beat-red.

Lorna said, “Oh my, I guess I came over at a bad time?”

Alicia came out of her room and said, “Jack is doing a little cleaning for us, and he likes to be naked, don’t you, Jack?”

“Yes, I do,” said Jack in a very soft tone as he stared at the floor.

Cecelia said to Lorna, “Jack can help you with the sugar. He knows his way around our kitchen now.”

Cecelia patted Jack’s ass and said, “You two go in the kitchen and get whatever you need. Jack likes his little weenie squeezed, so help yourself.”

Cecelia played with his dick with her fingers in front of Lorna.

Jack walked into the kitchen, and Lorna followed him, watching his little butt.

Jack asked, “How much sugar?”

Lorna smirked and stared at his little dick. She put down the cup and stroked his tiny dick.

Jack immediately got another boner.

“Wow, that was quick,” giggled Lorna.

As Jack reached for the cup and filled it with sugar, Lorna snapped some pictures of his tiny boner.

Jack screamed, “More pictures!” Then he walked to the door quickly.

Lorna was almost out the door, then turned around, gave one last stroke to Jack’s boner, and said, “I’ll be seeing you at school, ‘little’ guy!”

Alicia said, “That was a nice surprise. Hope you enjoyed it.”

Jack ignored her comment and said, “I’m done with the kitchen. What is next?”

Cecelia said, “Come with me for some special cleaning.” Cecelia took Jack’s hand, went into her bedroom, and closed the door. “I hope you like licking pussy.”

Cecelia took off her dress. She was naked, except for her high heels. Her tits were dark, firm, and the perfect size. She laid down on the bed and spread her legs wide. Her pussy was beautiful. A small dark patch, close to the skin, well-manicured and very moist.

“Come lick me.”

Jack had never seen a pussy that close, let alone licked one. He put his head between her thighs and just started to lick everywhere. He must have done something right because Cecelia was moaning and squirming.

“Go deeper with your tongue,” she whispered.

Jack’s tongue went deep inside her moist snatch, and she moaned even louder. Cecelia wrapped her legs around him, squeezed, and then pushed his face harder into her pussy. He licked her harder and faster, and then she pulsated and climaxed.

Cecelia said, “Good job for a ‘little’ nerdy guy. Now go into Alicia’s room.”

Jack opened the bedroom door, and there was a red glow in the room.

Alicia said, “Come closer, ‘little’ man.”

Alicia was on the edge of the bed, under the blanket. Jack got right next to her, and she grabbed his dick and balls together and applied pressure. It was beginning to hurt, and then she said, “So you like to beat off to my ass, you little perv!”

Jack felt the anger in her voice.

Jack screamed, “I’m sorry. It won’t happen again!”

Alicia said, “You will do exactly as I say, right?”

“Yes, of course!”

Alicia released her grip and then said, “Good ‘little’ man. Lick my ass.”

Alicia turned around on all fours and lifted her ass high in the air.

Jack got on the bed and started to kiss her butt cheeks.

Alicia pushed her ass in his face and said, “Spread my ass and lick it.”

Jack put both hands on her firm cheeks, spread them, and put his tongue in her asshole and licked.

Alicia moaned and screamed, “Deeper, ‘little’ guy. Deeper!”

Jack’s tongue fucked her asshole while he squeezed her tits.

“Good little perv,” Cecelia moaned.

After he tongued her ass, she said, “Stick your little boner in there.”

Jack was hard and ready. Jack wiggled the head of his pecker in slightly and then shoved it all the way in.

Alicia screamed, “Fuck me hard!”

Jack stroked in and out of her ass and then came after a few more thrusts.

Alicia said, “You are a good little ass man. We look forward to your next cleaning service before you go off to college.”


On Monday morning, Jack arrived at school and was on his way to biology class. He tried to read while walking down the corridor and then heard his name called in the distance. He looked up in shock and saw Lorna and another African American girl waving him over.

Jack slowly made his way to them while dreading what to say or do.

“Hey Jack, nice to see you again so soon,” Lorna said with a sassy grin. “Meet my friend Robin.”

Robin was also a senior but 19 years old. She stayed back a year in middle school, because of all the classes she cut. Robin was tall at 5 foot 10 inches and incredibly attractive. She had long black hair, dark brown eyes, and a sultry expression on her sexy face. She wore a very short shirt that was tied just below her perfect tits. Her jeans were so tight, every contour of her shapely ass and legs just screamed out with sex appeal.

“Hi, Jack,” Robin said as she stared down at his eyes with intimidation.

Jack’s heart stopped as he stood there in fear with nothing to say.

“Cat got your tongue, Jack?” said Lorna with more sass.

“Oh, I’m late to my class…see you girls later.”

“Not so fast, Jack. Come with us for a minute,” Lorna demanded in an authoritative tone.

“Come where?”

Lorna put her lips to Jack’s ear and said, “Do as I say and follow me, or pictures of your tiny boner will be shared with everyone at school.”

Lorna and Robin walked into the women’s bathroom. Jack had no choice but to follow them. Two girls were washing their hands, and they quickly left after seeing Jack. He followed Lorna and Robin into a bathroom stall.

Lorna said, “I just loved meeting you the other night, Jack. I told Robin all about our little adventure, and she just had to see you up close and live.”

“I really must go now. I’ll be late for my biology class,” Jack said in a very worried voice.

“Biology, that is interesting. Let’s have a little lesson right here,” Robin continued, “Give me your shorts.”

“Do it now, and our little secret stays with just us,” Lorna said in a very firm tone.

Jack turned red as a tomato but knew he had to comply. He put his backpack on the toilet and took off his shoes and then his pants.

Robin said, “Give me your shorts.”

Jack slid them off and handed them to Robin.

Jack’s tiny dick was exposed, and the girls giggled out loud.

Robin cupped his balls with her large hand and played with his tiny head with her thumb.

“I told you he had a babydick, just like in the pictures,” said Lorna as she snickered.

“Let’s see if we can get his little dick hard?” said Robin.

Robin looked into Jack’s eyes and smiled with a sexy grin. She licked her long fingers and stroked his tiny shaft. Robin untied her shirt, and it dropped to the floor. Her firm tits were rubbing against his lips, and his boner sprang to life.

Lorna said, “Go ahead and beat off. I heard you like being a little pervert.” Lorna paused, “Jerk it off now!”

Jack stared at Robin’s tits and stroked his boner. He looked at Lorna as she rubbed her crotch and then back at Robin’s boobs. Jack beat his little dick faster and faster. He could not hold back any longer and climaxed.

“Thanks for the little show,” said Robin as she put his shorts in her purse, tied her shirt back on, and walked out of the stall.

Lorna said, “My mom is working tomorrow night. Come to my place at 7 p.m., and we can have some more fun. Remember, it’s our secret if you do as I say. I live next door to Alicia and Cecelia in apartment 2B. See you tomorrow night, ‘little’ guy.”

Jack was in a daze. He cleaned up and scooted out of the bathroom undetected. Jack was able to make the last 10 minutes of biology class. Still, he was only thinking about how he got himself into this mess: his horny stupidity.


It was Tuesday night, 6:55 pm when Jack parked his car and walked to apartment 2B. In the past few days, he squeezed and licked more naked women than he thought possible. Jack was both scared and thrilled at the same time with his pending visit with Lorna and Robin. But he had no choice if he wanted to avoid widespread embarrassment.

Jack knocked on the door, and Lorna opened it.

Lorna and Robin stood there bare-naked.

The young women were smiling at Jack. They were stunning. Their tits were firm, and both had shaved their pubic hair. They were smooth and silky. Lorna was 7 inches shorter than Robin but with bigger boobs and a plumper ass. Robin looked like a model.

Jack was stunned.

Lorna said, “Come in, Jack, and take off everything.”

Jack hesitated for a second and then snapped out of his daze, walked inside, and stripped as Lorna demanded.

Jack was red with embarrassment, but his little boner was like a flagpole.

The girls giggled and whispered to each other.

Robin stared down at Jack and said in a condescending tone, “Jack, I’ve got a bet with Lorna that your little dick is less than 4 inches. She thinks it might be a little bigger. Who is right?”

Jack was speechless. He just stood there in silence, looking at the floor.

Lorna said, “Well, Jack, who is right?”

“I don’t know,” Jack sheepishly said.

“We all know that boys measure their dicks.”

“I’ve done some research,” said Lorna as she took some string and a ruler from a desk drawer in the family room. Lorna performed as she described the process: “We place one end of the string at the base of his dick at the pubic bone, and the other end at the tip of his tiny head.” She looked at Robin and said, “Mark the string on these two places.”

Robin grabbed the base of Jack’s dick and marked the string, and then rubbed the tip of his head while putting another dot on it.

Jack stood in the middle of the family room while Lorna and Robin laughed and fondled his little manhood.

Robin giggled as Lorna measured the string with the ruler.

“You won, Robin… It’s only 3.75 inches,” Lorna said with a big grin.

Robin got very close to Jack, cupped his balls, stroked his dick, looked down into his eyes, and said, “Let’s get this little thing in a tight place.”

Robin signaled Lorna for the baby oil and then smeared it all over Jack’s stiff hard-on and rubbed some in her tight little ass. She bent over the couch, and her beautiful cheeks were spread.

“Fuck my ass.”

After his ass fucking session with Alicia the other night, Jack knew what to do. He slid his dick between her ass cheeks and massaged her asshole as he stroked back and forth.

Lorna was watching in amazement and slid her oiled fingers all around her smooth pussy lips.

Robin felt the tip of his dick begin to penetrate her little pink hole. Jack slipped it all the way in, and Robin moaned.

“Fuck me harder!”

Jack rammed his little dick in her ass hard. His strokes became faster and faster.

Lorna’s two fingers were sliding in and out of her snatch, and she got more excited watching Robin getting fucked in the rear.

Robin’s moans turned into rapid gasps as Jack pounded her ass. He was about to cum, and his strokes became slower. His hands made a sandwich between her shiny black flesh and his little boner. Jack pressed with intense pressure…and finally climaxed between her cheeks.

Lorna was closer to finishing, and she screamed, “Jack, come here and lick my pussy!”

Lorna laid on the carpet and spread her legs. Jack knelt between her thighs and licked her smooth pussy. His tongue was probing deeper and deeper into her wet, hot tunnel.

Robin watched with excitement as Lorna got licked. Jack’s little ass was up in the air. Robin took her left hand and cupped his balls, and placed her right oiled finger in his ass. Jack’s dick was hard once again.

Jack licked Lorna’s clit with intensity and persistence, and she moaned with ecstasy as she climaxed.

“What the fuck is going on!” screamed Lorna’s mother after she unlocked the front door and saw the threesome naked on the floor.

“Oh shit!” yelled Lorna. “Why are you home so soon!” Lorna screeched with shock.

All three of the teenagers jumped up and stood there naked in front of Lorna’s mom, Kayla.

“The equipment at the shop broke, and the manager sent us all home,” shouted Kayla. She stared at Lorna and said firmly, “Go to your room now.” She then looked at Robin and said, “Go home.”

Lorna ran to her room and slammed the door shut. Robin quickly put on her clothes and left the apartment.

Kayla glared at Jack, looked down at his tiny boner and grinned, then asked, “Who the fuck are you?”

“My name is Jack, and I’ll be leaving now.”

Kayla and Cecelia were friends, and then she remembered Cecelia’s story.

“So, you’re the little pervert!”

Kayla took out her phone and snapped a few pictures of naked Jack.

“Not again,” Jack murmured to himself.

Kayla said, “Give me your cell number.”

Kayla keyed the number into her contacts and said, “Get dressed and get out. I’ll be in touch soon.”

After a few minutes, Kayla went into Lorna’s room. The room was dark, and Lorna was under her blanket.

Kayla said in a calm voice, “I know you are an adult now…but really…all three of you on the family room floor?”

There was silence.

Kayla asked, “Did he cum in your…”

Lorna cut her mom off and said, “No…he just licked me…I swear. Besides, you know I’m on the pill.”

“Thank goodness for small miracles,” said Kayla as she closed the door.


Jack avoided Lorna and Robin at school. He arrived just in time for class and then left immediately after class. He spent his breaks and lunch hidden behind books in the library. So far, it worked until he received an unexpected text from Lorna’s mom.

The text read, ‘Jack, come to my apartment this Saturday at 7 p.m. sharp. No excuses, you little pervert!’


Kayla was a 40-year-old widow. She lost her husband in a car accident when Lorna was only eight and her eldest daughter, Stephanie, was 13. Kayla worked two to three jobs to support her girls. She was extremely protective of her youngest daughter. Now that Lorna was going to start college soon and Stephanie was making a living on her own, Kayla could think about a new phase in her life.

Kayla was so busy working and being a single parent that she rarely had time for men. It was especially difficult at night, in her bed, alone and very horny.

Kayla kept herself in good shape by working out and eating healthfully. Kayla was only 5 foot 3 inches and weighed 110 pounds. She had shoulder-length black straight hair but never wore make-up or fancy things. However, she was a very sexy woman under her clothes.


Jack was at Kayla’s place at 7 pm. Kayla opened the door, stared at him, and pointed her finger inside the apartment for Jack to enter. They were the same height, and Kayla continued to stare straight into his eyes. Kayla had a stern look on her face, while Jack was nervous and did not know what to expect.

Kayla demanded, “Sit on the couch.” She stood in front of him with her arms crossed.

Jack looked around, waiting for Lorna to pop out.

Kayla said, “We are alone. Lorna is spending the weekend with Robin.”

Jack looked relieved and began to speak, “Mrs…”

“Call me Kayla.”

“Okay, Kayla, please let me explain…”

Kayla cut him off again, “Explain? That you hid in your mom’s closet so you could jack off to the cleaning lady’s ass! That is what perverts do! Then you were stupid enough to get caught and have pictures taken on your little…your little, tiny dick!” Kayla paused, “and then you get mixed up with my daughter and her friend…having an orgy in my family room!”

Jack just looked down at the floor in silence.

“Does that sum it up, Jack?”

“I guess so.”

“You guess so? Well, little perverts like you need to pay a price. Your bad boy’s mistake will cost you.”

Kayla sat down on the couch next to Jack. Kayla had on a large gray sweatshirt and loose shorts. Her short black legs were silky smooth and firm.

“Pull down your pants and get over my lap, little man.”

Jack knew she was dead serious. He pulled his pants down to his ankles and bent over Kayla’s thighs.

“We don’t need these on,” she grabbed his shorts and yanked them down his legs.

Kayla felt his tiny wiener against her thighs and then spanked his little ass. Kayla whacked him hard, and his butt cheeks were bright red. Jack squirmed around and let out a couple of yelps.

Kayla’s slaps began to get lighter, and then she squeezed his ass. Jack’s dick was getting stiff on her bare thighs.

Kayla said, “Turn over, little man.”

Jack was face up, and his little boner was rock-hard.

Kayla lightly stroked his tiny shaft with a single finger, teasing him, and said, “I hear you are talented with your tongue.”

It’s been a long time since Kayla felt a boner, even if it was tiny. Her pussy was wet, and she needed attention right now.

“Take off everything.”

Jack got up and stripped. Kayla pulled off her sweatshirt, exposing her large firm tits. Her nipples were dark and hard. She pulled her shorts and panties off and kicked them to the floor. Kayla spread her legs on the couch. Her little bush was jet back, and her pussy lips were swollen and dripping.

“Lick me.”

Jack’s little dick was aching, but he placed his head in her crevice and licked her moist lips. The sensation drove Kayla wild. She moaned as Jack worked his tongue deeper inside her pussy. Jack spread her lips with his small fingers and pushed his tongue further up to her hard clit. Kayla moaned louder, arched her hips up, and then finally climaxed with a sigh of gratifying relief.

Kayla looked down to see Jack’s aching boner. He was about to pop. She put her arms around his back and pulled him up so his hard-on was between her beautiful firm tits. Kayla squeezed her boobs together while Jack stroked between her firm mounds. Kayla gave him an intense wicked stare, and he exploded his creamed wad over her chocolate-colored tits.

“That was my little going-away gift. Now clean me up and get your little ass out of here.”

Kayla continued, “Also, here is some advice, little man: don’t be a pervert, comb your hair, get contacts, and make good use of that talented tongue with the young college women,” Kayla said with a firm tone and a wink.


The End.


*This story has been edited by AI to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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