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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader forgot his jocks…

I’m in my first year of college and recently had an awkward moment with my roommate. I’ve never shared a room with anyone so the changing situation has been kind of new for me. I usually put my underwear on in the shower before I come back to our room, but that night, I forgot to bring a new pair with me, so I just came back in my towel.

When I got back to my room, I thought it would be fine if I just changed really quickly, so I dropped my towel and pulled on my underwear. I did it so fast that I didn’t even think my roommate saw it, but then he started laughing.

He said, “Damn, dude, you’re kinda tiny.”

I know I’m not huge, but I wasn’t really expecting another guy to say anything because I feel like we all know about shrinkage from the shower and stuff. I just feel kind of embarrassed now that he knows how small I am.


Another reader was wiped out at the beach…

I will never forget my first real SPH experience. I was 17, and I was at the beach with a friend (female, more like a sister though, and she did not do waves, so I went in the water alone.) And while I was in the water, out of nowhere, I got rocked by a huge wave and like blacked out for a second. And I came to the beach, and there was a bunch of 20-something-year-old people (all pretty attractive) laughing. And at that point, I was so confused, so I stood up, and then I realized I was butt naked. Then, eventually, the girl who gave me a towel to cover myself went to hand it to me. I went to grab it, and she pulled it away quickly and hit me with the 🤏🏻. Like, please just give me the towel, woman. My friend who was standing on the shore got a kick out of it too but did end up telling her best friend, who was like my number one crush of all time, that I was packing a tic tac, so I think that’s why we never ended up dating 🤷🏻‍♂️.


Meanwhile, this reader found it fit like a glove…

I was dating my ex for a while in high school, and we had done things like me fingering her discreetly at a basketball game at school or things like that. We finally decided to have sex. My girl came to my house after school, and my dad wouldn’t be home for many hours. We started making out, and it got very passionate. She wasn’t on birth control at the time, so she managed to get a condom from somewhere and gave it to me to put on because, by this point, we’d been kissing and fondling each other and had finally removed all our clothes.

I took the condom out of the wrapper and put it on, thinking it was really, really long and how I had to move so much of it to the base of my penis. We ended up having very passionate sex. It felt like it lasted a while, but in reality, I think it was over in a few minutes. We both ended up cumming.

We were both still horny, and we didn’t have any other condoms, and we were both afraid to go bare at this point. So I grabbed a latex medical glove and stretched it over my penis (I used the middle finger). It fit pretty well and didn’t break, and we ended up having passionate sex again (I also think this was short, looking back).

So I’m bragging to my friends the next day about how I fucked my girlfriend and how I finished really quickly (not realizing at the time girls typically want the opposite), and how we wanted to go again. I had to use a latex glove as a condom. This kind of took everyone by surprise, and they didn’t understand how a penis could fit in a glove like that without it cutting off circulation or breaking and laughed at the idea I could somehow use a globe as a condom.

It was at this point I realized that I had accidentally revealed how small my penis actually was and that I was cumming really fast, so I quickly changed the subject.

I was my girl’s first, too, so we didn’t realize I had a much smaller penis than many other guys. I still think about this and how humiliating it was to announce how proud and innovative I was at using a latex glove as a condom by putting my dick in one of the fingers of the glove 😳.


While this reader isn’t feeling the brotherly love…

When we were young, my now-wife had the same group of friends, and she knew my brother well. About six months before we started going out, she gave my brother a blowjob at a party we were at. Nothing else happened after that. Like all guys in this situation I was desperate to know who was biggest! She really doesn’t like talking about it, probably because she knows I am on the smaller side, a silver member of the small dick club rock solid! Anyway, a while back, she reluctantly told me how big he was, but I knew it wasn’t the truth! Last night, she finally admitted his real size—seven inches hard and around 5 inches soft! My younger brother’s cock is twice as big as mine hard, and his soft cock is bigger than my hard cock. Fuck.


This reader has a close shave with a nurse…

I was admitted for a minor surgery. There, I discovered that my pubic area needed to be shaved bald for the operation. Late at night, a nurse arrived and asked if I had shaved, but she already brought her tools for safety. She was a woman of about 30 short. I said no, and she started taking off the sheet and asking me to lower my pants, which I promptly obeyed. As a nurse, I think she had seen it all and was not impressed by the set of contracted balls, curly hair, and a little head almost immersed in the belly.

She quickly made her foam and applied it to me. Very carefully and delicately, holding the head with two fingers, she began to shave the hair, pubis, and sac, as well as part of the belly and thigh. I just looked and commented on the coldness of the room, and she responded with kindness and a slight smile. When it was finished, she looked satisfied, and I even noticed a certain admiration because it looked really cute. It looked like a baby’s penis on an adult (I was around 20 years old). She smiled, handily handed him a towel to dry, and left. I never grew my hair again after that, and the whole scene still turns me on.


Another reader has a demanding wife…

My Wife and I haven’t had penis-in-vagina (PIV) sex in months because she doesn’t like my penis (it’s too small for her). Anytime we have sex, I use her favorite dildo with a strapon harness (the dildo is 10in long, 6.3in girth, and 2.2in thick).

She wants to get pregnant, so we finally had PIV sex last night. First, I used her favorite dildo. She came three times. Then I was able to use my penis, but I was numbed with lidocaine so that I couldn’t feel anything.

It is super hot that I will make her pregnant, and we will have a kid together without me actually feeling it. I won’t ever feel what it’s like to have PIV sex with my wife or anyone again. She’s only using my penis for one thing—to impregnate her—not because she enjoys it. She says that since she doesn’t enjoy my penis, I’m not going to feel any pleasure from PIV sex either. During her entire pregnancy, I won’t be allowed inside her. Sex will consist of her fucking other guys, using her favorite dildo, or using my tongue.


Meanwhile, this reader lost his virginity to a size queen…

This happened when I was 23 and met a really cute 18-year-old girl online. We ended up meeting, and after it turned out we were both into each other and got closer, we ended up talking about prior experiences. After she had told me about some stories with guys she had been with, I had to confess to her that I had actually never had sex before. To the question if that was weird at my age, she just replied, “Kind of,” which I feel made me blush harder than ever before in my life.

A few weeks later, I ended up losing my virginity to her. After she asked me how I liked it and I told her that it was great, I asked her back, considering that she was already way more experienced than me. When she said, “Well, it’s not a competition,” I must have blushed even harder this time. She also immediately felt how I got hard again, which she also noticed since we were still snuggled up to each other.

From this point onwards, she brought up the topic more often. Once, she told me, “It may feel good, but it’s really not a good sign that I can so easily put the whole thing in my mouth,” or even, “I’ve never really had problems with this before, but I don’t think I can have an orgasm with you.”

From that point onward, I started using my mouth and fingers more and more. As she told me that way, she could actually feel something. Still, it wasn’t enough.

One day, she sat me down and told me that she had talked to her friends about the whole thing. She was a person who shared almost every aspect of her life with her two best friends, but still, hearing that her friends now knew about my size and how bad I was in bed made the extreme blush come back for what felt like must have been the millionth time since I had gotten to know her. She told me that it just didn’t work for her, never really feeling satisfied – because it just wasn’t like the previous experiences she’d had. And that maybe it would work better if I tried to find somebody who didn’t have something to compare me against.

The whole thing was humiliating, but I can’t deny that I also kind of loved it.


While this reader gets lost in the grind…

I went to a concert recently and was just vibing and dancing. I was in the middle, so it was very crowded. During the concert, a girl and a group of her friends pop up next to me. I’m just dancing, having a good time when they start to move in front of me. The one girl starts dancing right in front of me and proceeds to grind on me. I usually tend to chalk it up as everyone is in a crowded area, and she probably isn’t trying to grind on me. She stays there for a few minutes, but eventually, she starts talking to her friend, gestures 🤏, and then, a few seconds later, she moves up in the crowd.

For background, I’m probably around 1/2-2 inches flaccid, and you can’t really feel it when it’s lying flat over my balls, and I’m wearing pants with the little zipper flap. Usually, I would stick it to its side so they can feel it but I wasn’t even really thinking about it. Super hot but also frustrating.


This reader also had an encounter with a nurse…

I was in the hospital, reading in bed without a gown on. I didn’t have enough underwear with me, so I had to wear hospital underwear, which doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination. Anyway, one night, when a nurse entered my room to check my pulse, I was sitting up without the blanket on. So, I didn’t have any coverage over my midsection. When she entered, she asked if I wanted her to come back, and I said no, it’s fine. So she walked over and started running the BP machine. She started giggling, and I noticed you could see my entire penis, which was completely flaccid. It was all head and no shaft so it was barely protruding from my body. I looked at her, and the giggling stopped. It only lasted a couple of seconds, but she looked away and couldn’t stop smiling.

She came in the next night while I was sleeping, and after waking me up, I said I was sorry for the night before. I didn’t know the underwear was see-through. She smiled and said it was okay. It was super sexy, knowing she couldn’t help but laugh at me in a professional environment. It was my only real-life experience with SPH, but I think about it often.


Another reader gets a ski job…

I was hanging out with my best friend and his girlfriend. Let’s call her ‘Sam’ and call my friend ‘Joe.’ Well, we are all very close friends, and my friend Joe convinced Sam to give us a ski job (handjob stroking us both). So we both eagerly took off our shorts, and when Joe took off his shorts, I saw his cock. Wow! He would always say he had a big cock, but I never believed him. Well, I saw, and now I believe. Sam started getting us hard by rubbing our flaccid cocks. Joe got hard instantly. When I saw Joe’s hard cock it was huge and thick and looked to be about an 8-inch cock. As she was stroking us, I was hard but a bronze member of the small dick club.

Sam then looked at my cock and said to me straight to my face, “Is that it?”

I said, “Yes.”

She then started laughing so hard and said, “I can’t believe it’s that small, fully hard. Wow, I need to take a picture and show my friends.”

Sam then takes a picture of her holding each of our cocks in her hand (Sam is 5’2, about 115 pounds, skinny white girl with long brunette hair)

I’m just completely shocked and humiliated, but somehow the way she did it made it so fucking hot to hear my little dick get humiliated. After taking a picture of our cocks for comparison, Sam then continued to jerk us off.

Halfway through, she stopped stroking me and said, “Sorry, I prefer big cocks.”

She then stopped jerking me off, focusing on Joe and started blowing him until he blew a load in her mouth. I watched her swallow every drop. After watching her swallow a load, I was stroking my dick, and I asked Sam if she would stroke me or blow me at all.

Sam replies, “I guess I’ll finish you off.” From being so horny and getting my dick humiliated when Sam grabbed my cock after three strokes, I shot a small load all over her hand. Sam looks at me and says, “Wow, tiny dick and a tiny load to match. Not surprising.”

Later in the week, it was Sam’s birthday, so we were all hanging out at her house and she had invited some friends over. When I was there, I noticed her friend group looking at me and giggling all the time. At first, I thought nothing of it, but they kept doing it, so I had to ask Sam what they were laughing about.

Sam replies to me, “I showed them a comparison photo of you and Joe’s cock and how tiny your dick was, and I told them how fast you came when I jerked you off.”

My heart dropped, but I also felt my cock grow hard, and that’s when it hit me. That’s when I discovered my SPH fetish.


Meanwhile, this reader has a close encounter at the gym…

So, I was at the gym before closing hour. And the worker who is there always checks if the lockers are empty right before closing. That day, the worker was female. I took my shower and went to my locker to dry off. I stood there naked for some moments to check my phone.

Suddenly, the female gym worker came right around the corner and saw me in all my glory. I have quite a fit body, so my dick looks even smaller. Especially after a gym shower, it’s like one inch soft after that. Unfortunately she immediately turned around and said sorry. It was still hot. I’m sure she saw my tiny dick. I hope to see her again, and I wonder if she will remember me.


While this reader would make a good statue…

The Statue of David is pretty well known here. A few 3D prints sitting about, as well as a couple of my Nude Photos of that pose, rendered in Stone with Photoshop. A small handful of people regularly see them. A few days back, something my wife scrolled over on her phone brought on this brief exchange.

“You would have been famous in the Renaissance. Small Penises were considered superior back then,” she said.

“Yeah, I know,” I replied. “Big Cocks were considered evil like Priapus was considered Evil.”

She wasn’t aware of Priapus, so I showed her a few pics on Wiki.

Going back to her phone, she pondered a bit, then added, “You’d make a much better Statue. It’s just as small but has a neater-looking head. Would be better for sculpting the way it’s all so smooth.”


This reader is easy to please…

I’d been seeing a girl for a few weeks. We’d been out on several dates, and we’d even had sex a few times. She never complained about either of my ‘little’ problems. This evening, we were on our way home from eating, and she just couldn’t wait. She was horny, and she’d been teasing me all evening. Little kisses here, little touches there, teasing her straw with her tongue at dinner. All of it had made me horny as ever.

We barely made it out of the parking lot, and she was leaning over my center console, kissing my neck. My cock was hard as a rock in my pants, but it was hard to tell. She rubbed my dick through my pants and had me leaking pre-cum. Now, if you’ve never had road head, there’s a slight logistical issue when you have a small dick. My date soon realized this issue. As I drove down the road, she unzipped my pants, reached her hand in, and began to stroke me.

As she leaned over the console more, she lowered her head to my lap. She began to pull my dick out of my zipper, but only the head would poke out. She kind of giggled a little, but not in a humiliating way. It was more of an awkward ‘How do I make this work?’ way. She unbuttoned my pants and pushed them down a tad. Doing this freed my dick, but seated the way I was, it still only stuck up from my lap an inch or two. She didn’t seem to mind as she leaned down and started sucking the head of my dick.

She tried to work the shaft with a couple of fingers, but she kept shifting around. As she was readjusting, I felt myself building. I asked her to slow down. She leaned up and kissed my neck. She kept two fingers on my dick, stroking me.

“Are you gonna cum already again?” she teased.

I nodded back. “Mmmm,” I moaned, trying to hold it together.

She kept stroking with two fingers on my small dick and whispered, “Do it… Cum for me, Daddy.” I couldn’t hold it in anymore, and she knew it.

After maybe a minute of head and stroking, I let out a loud moan. I exploded all over myself and her fingers. I came a big load as usual, and she stroked me with those two fingers until I shit every last rope of cum out of me.

She leaned down, licked it all up, and sat up smiling. “You’re fun. It’s so easy to make you bust,” she giggled as she sat back in her seat, feeling accomplished.


Another reader runs into a coworker at a nude beach…

I was working in a small IT firm at a mid level. My boss, who was a female, had a beautiful and sexy personal assistant with her. She was super hot with 34’’ tits and a round ass. She wore clothes that revealed her assets and sometimes even her camel toe. She used to be my fantasy.

One day, I asked her out and she straight away declined. Post then, she has been giving me a perverted look. Once, I was over on a nude beach. It was a cold day, and my dick had retracted to one inch maybe. I was coming out of the water when I saw this sexy girl. I couldn’t take my eyes off her body. She was so hot. She was with her friend. She immediately recognized me and burst out into uncontrollable laughter.

She told her friend that I was the pervert who used to ask her out at work. Her friend told her that she did the right thing to decline. Hearing this, she again started laughing. She told me, “See you on Monday at work.”

At work, she used to giggle every time after that and called me ‘tiny.’ I guess she also told my boss about it, as I have seen her eye my crotch every time I am with her. She never saw me as a man and considered me as a laughing stock. She had a ball at my expense.


Meanwhile, this reader gets caught by his mother-in-law…

I went out with some friends on the Thursday before St Patrick’s Day. We had some drinks and danced for a few hours. Nothing crazy happened, but all the booze definitely caused some shrinkage down there. I’m usually around 2.25 inches flaccid, but with the drinks and cold weather, I had gone down to 1.5 inches.

Flash forward to when I walked home and got in the door at two am. I’m half asleep and not seeing straight. I decide to take a shower, and I strip down nude in the doorway of my room. Taking off my layers, shirt, and socks. Not realizing the noise I was making, I hopped up to get my pants and boxers off, exposing my 1.5-inch flaccid dick sticking out straight with shrinkage into my balls. In a quick moment, my mother-in-law opens her door across the hall, getting a full view of my little guy.

She only said, “ I’m sorry!” and closed her door.

The next morning, she told me it was my fault that she caught a glimpse of my ‘wee-wee’ at the door and I should close my door and be quieter next time. She also said something later that morning about acorns and their size when it came up in conversation. I knew she was referring to something else with the size of an acorn.

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