By madelinemasoch.

Benjamin was a stout man. Well, plump might be a better way of describing it: plump and soft and fat. His arms were stubs of flesh like those of a T-rex with ten times the fluff and less than nothing in the way of muscle. His sh0rt legs were the same way. His gut hung down like a snow bank without the solid constitution of one.

He contemplated this predicament as he stared himself down in the bedroom mirror, having just finished his evening shower after work. As there was no one else in the room, he allowed his white towel to fall from his body and stood there in utter nakedness before the mirror without a drop of shame. He had always been this way; body image was no stranger to him, nor was it an issue any longer. He had resolved this problem with the help of some of his friends.

Benjamin’s inadequacies were bare in his reflection… Inadequacy was the perfect word to describe these bodily features, especially the little flap of skin sticking up upon his low-hanging balls that some people still erroneously called a ‘penis.’ It stung just a little more than it should as the thought passed through his mind, but he knew that sweet resolution was wading up to him like a maiden in a lake, recurring every night his wife’s wiles took her over.

Even if this was the only thing keeping them together, it was worthwhile to see her happy and pleasured. ‘Happy wife, happy life,’ he thought to himself, his eyes not leaving the reflection of his inadequacy. She could never be happy if he contained her to this shameful and embarrassing creature he saw in the mirror. It was only common sense, not some moral failing, though they kept their dealings with friends so discreet that the general public was none the wiser.

Benjamin had burned through so much shame with her help that he wouldn’t even feel embarrassed had people come to know their secret dealings. She would’ve been embarrassed to even sleep with him, however, and so their lives churned onwards towards this secret goal. No children of his seed were in his future, only the responsibility of those of another’s, perhaps several, had she seen fit to do it that way. He had no qualms about continuing his responsibility as a provider towards not just his beloved wife but her children, as well, even though they were sure to be legitimized bastards.

The thought of it actually made him crack a smile. The kids would surely inherit their mother’s beauty and charm, and the virility and handsomeness of their native fathers. It was no sad consolation but a happy premonition for him at that point. His limp little dick twitched at the mere thought of her just as she burst through the door and into the bedroom.

Rosie Sweet was a beautiful redhead with a bountiful figure, fit with bubbly tits and ass and all. Her tousled strawberry hair fit her heart-shaped face with perfection. She was always blushing naturally, always smiling brightly, always happy around him–especially around him nowadays. She entered, bouncing with a giggle at the sight of Benjamin’s inadequacy.

“Honey, you know I can’t help but laugh at that babydick,” she said, her voice actually coming out as sweet in spite of their denigrating nature. “Put it away if you don’t want more torture.”

Benjamin turned to his wife and said, “I love the way you torture me with a smile on your face.”

Looking her over, Benjamin couldn’t help himself but pop a chubby boner. Her big white tits almost burst out of her low-cut fuchsia dress, its frills exposing her milky thighs at the bottom. Her cleavage and her thighs could equally swallow him whole, but her heart was what he cherished the most, knowing she would never leave him so long as he kept her happy.

“Looks like your little guy is getting a little happier,” she tauntingly remarked, her smile never leaving her face.

“Can’t help it,” Benjamin said. “Not with you around, looking so sexy like that.”

“You know, it’s not for you,” Rosie declared to her husband with strength in her tones. “It’s all for Jon. He’s coming over very soon. We expect you to be on your best behavior, hun.” Her denial was sweet to Benjamin’s ears, as he had grown familiar with it across many years of her play.

“Of course, my love,” he said, looking into her crystalline blue eyes, shining brighter than his own.

She looked truly enlightened on that day, with even more excitement than he saw in her on their wedding night. This did not draw him towards anxiety; any nerves he felt pulling on him, he repurposed for his wife’s excitement like an expert.

Rosie only giggled and said, “Good.” She turned towards the door, tugging at his heartstrings like a musician plucks the strings of a guitar. With her hand on the doorframe, she added, “Don’t forget your coming duties.”

“I could never,” Benjamin rejoined her.

He felt the strongest of compulsions to drop to his knees and worship her beneath the frills of her dress right then and there, but she hadn’t asked for it, so he waited his turn humbly. Eagerly awaiting that climax, he stood there with humility. How could he not, standing there naked with all his inadequacies exposed to the love of his life?

Rosie exited the bedroom and descended the steps without another word. Benjamin wondered whether he should get dressed, or simply remain naked. Which one Jon would prefer, he hadn’t a clue. Instead of merely wondering, he took the initiative to dress himself in more intimate wear.

Benjamin opened the secret drawer of his wife’s dresser, the one that held all of his sacred yet debaucherous uniforms for nights such as these. He removed a frilly, short, pink babydoll gown. Benjamin thrust it over his head, carefully ejecting his arms into its sleeves and letting it fall over his fat belly. He returned to his reflection and did a little twirl in it, all his most inadequate parts swirling, too. The babydoll left enough room to expose his little excuse for a penis, the perfect humiliation for his wife and her lover to enjoy wholeheartedly, and he knew they did.


Only two hours later, Jon was already at their doorstep. Rosie greeted him at the door with a kiss on both cheeks, as the two of them were longtime friends before Benjamin had ever met her. He returned each kiss on each of her rosy cheeks, and then she let him inside.

Jon was a magnificent specimen of a man, the perfect, almost platonic ideal of masculinity. His muscles ripped through his army green shirt so deliciously that Rosie almost gasped at the renewed sight of him. Her lust was uncontainable–Benjamin’s surrender, the same way.

Rosie and Jon walked hand in hand across the length of their elegant white entryway and through the living room, all the way up the bright steps in Benjamin’s lavish house towards the bedroom, where their sacred play had always taken place.

Benjamin was waiting there in his night-dresses, a bright pink babydoll gown that covered his fat gut–if barely–and left his entire bottom half pathetically exposed, micropenis and all. The contrast between Rosie’s husband and her lover was stark and distinctive, even deeper than the contrast between her own white, pale flesh and Jon’s dark, swarthy complexion. It was immediately obvious who the real man in the house was, now.

“Down on your knees,” Jon ordered Rosie’s husband. “Show some proper respect.”

Benjamin dropped to his knees without a second thought, the obedient husband that he was. Rosie knew he would never refuse her any pleasures at that moment, for they were necessary for their relationship to thrive, not some extraneous accessory added on to an already fulfilling marriage.

By her own volition, Rosie stripped herself of her fuchsia dress, revealing all that was to be revealed about her voluptuous figure, save for her bra and g-string thong, both colored in black. The bra pushed up her tits gloriously so they looked even bigger than they were until she reached behind her back to gracefully unhook it and let it fall to the floor, as well. Both husband and lover alike were in awe at the sight of her naked beauty, especially when she bent down to remove her skinny little thong from her bubbly white butt.

Rosie’s pussy was pink and sweet, like a rose in itself with tender folds of purest flesh. As Jon stripped himself of his army green shirt, revealing his massive musculature in all its manly glory, wetness already gathered within her and seeped down her inner thigh. Benjamin watched this with full knowledge that the real show was about to begin, trembling with the arousal of his own at the sight of his wife.

Right before his watchful gaze, Jon rubbed up on Rosie’s wet pussy with his right hand and drew her forth with his left. Their lips met in a kiss more passionate than any Benjamin had ever received from his wife or otherwise. When their lips unlocked, they only came back together again. A full-blown make-out session transpired right in front of Benjamin, down there on his knees where he was told to be, in nothing but his soft pink babydoll dress, his inadequacy exposed for their amusement alone.

It would be a lie to say that he wasn’t enjoying himself, too, as indicated by his ever-stiffening micropenis. The lovers took no notice of that, yet, however, being too busy sucking each other’s faces off. Lost in such sweet passion, Rosie finally descended to bring down Jon’s pants. However, his bulge was already apparent to her. His boxers, she sent down and away just as swiftly.

The natural arch of her back and the scrumptious curves of her pale thighs made up the greatest part of the image for Benjamin, but Jon’s magnificent cock stole his attention for just a moment too long. It stood strong like a tower, a pulsating dark snake of wonder dazzling both he and his wife each time they laid their eyes upon it. Its width, but especially its length, was phenomenal; Jon was truly a freak of nature in the best of ways.

Benjamin found his palms sweating in spite of Rosie’s adoring gaze in Jon’s direction–he was more than a little intimidated, as he found was normal for him in such circumstances. Jon had never brutalized him, though he could get rather rough while in the bed with his wife, leaving countless handprints throughout the years on her pale, round ass. Benjamin licked his lips and sat back on his hands as Rosie welcomed Jon’s cock into her own.

As Rosie began sucking his big cock, Jon turned his gaze to Benjamin and said, “Enjoy the show, loser boy.”

Wordlessly, Benjamin nodded in assent and acceptance of his position of inadequacy.

Jon turned back and looked down at Benjamin’s naked wife, slurping up and down on his cock already. Her icy blue eyes gleamed up at his brown ones with a passionate desire that Benjamin could tell was reserved for Jon alone, her favorite of lovers by far. He could also tell that she was savoring the manly taste of him before the real action began.

Rosie could fit just about all of Jon’s lengthy cock inside of her throat after so many lovely years of practice. “We’ve been doing this since before you even knew her,” Jon taunted Benjamin as if he could read his thoughts. “Remember that, you babydick cuck and stay in your place,” he ordered his inferior subject.

Though his words burned and stung Benjamin’s heart, he acceded to his master with gratitude. “Thank you, Sir,” he respectfully said. Such was the necessary price to keep his beloved wife around and happy.

Jon chuckled a bit and grabbed a tuft of Rosie’s red curly hair, only to push her into deepthroating his massive cock. She didn’t even choke or so much as a gag on it, a true expert in sucking bigger dicks than her pathetic husband could provide. Flashing her gaze towards Benjamin, then, she could see he was too intimidated and humbled even to touch himself. However, his tiny excuse for a dick was as rock-hard as it could ever achieve to be.

Jon thrust his magnificent cock out of Rosie’s throat, a motion accompanied by her lusty gasp. Still looking at Benjamin, she said, “The real fun is about to begin… but not for you, my little cuck.” Her smile was ferociously bright, her desires untamed and voracious. Benjamin knew just what was coming next.

Rosie stood on her feet, only to traipse over to their marital bed with sweet seduction in her step. Benjamin watched her ass bounce with glee all the way there, but Jon was the one to follow her. Soon enough, it was out of his view as she got onto her hands and knees atop the bedspread, spreading her holes wide for her lover.

Jon knelt behind her and placed both of his hands firmly on either one of Rosie’s hips. When he made his entry into her pussy, she squealed out a high and effeminate moan, her pink lips wide open in both senses.

“How does it feel…” Jon began taunting Benjamin once again. “To know your wife wouldn’t even be able to feel your babydick inside of her?”

Benjamin didn’t know how to respond to his master then feeling weak as ever in his skin. He looked into Rosie’s glittering blue eyes, bursting with passion for her lover and never for him in the same way. He looked up at Jon again and answered him in a murmur, “It hurts, Sir.”

“Good,” Jon said, landing a smack on Rosie’s right ass cheek. “It should hurt, knowing you’re an inadequate loser.”

Benjamin savored the sting of his words before replying, “Yes, Sir.”

The pain somehow only made them all more aroused. Benjamin started to play with himself, though looking down, he couldn’t even see his tiny little microdick below the fat of his belly. His eyes quickly swerved back up to meet his wife’s as she got fucked by the real man in her life.

Jon’s thrusts were strong, manly, and passionate, the canvas of his muscular body, honed for the task, beautiful in its way. Rosie slithered her big ass back onto his cock, smothering it into her pussy so that he could slam into her even harder in the end. Her mouth became agape with one sweet, high moan of lust and pleasure.

Her whole wet, pink pussy was enraptured by Jon’s magnificent rod of pleasure. The sound of flesh slapping on flesh and the sight of his wife’s glorious lust completely consumed Benjamin’s senses and mind. His heart was as cracked open as his wife’s pussy was by her lover’s cock. Several minutes of lust later, Benjamin had already shot his pathetic little load right into his hand. Jon laughed heartily at that, and Rosie followed with her dark giggles.

“Clean that shit up, cuckboy,” Jon ordered. Benjamin summarily licked his palm and knuckles clean of his cum. “Can’t have you making a mess in here.”

The sight of their love-making was just too much to bear for someone like him—not without busting his nut. It was so deliciously beautiful the way they fucked together that Benjamin began to weep tears of joy. The sight of his wife being pleasured–more than he could ever hope to do himself-—was the most divine thing in the world to him. Jon was fucking Rosie so artfully, so graciously, that Benjamin couldn’t help but feel grateful for him in that moment. He had ensured their relationship would last forever, as Benjamin was simply incapable of satisfying his wife all on his own.

“Thank you, Sir,” he said in one loud mutter.

Jon only laughed at his expense once more. “Thank you for what, babydick cuckold?” He just kept on fucking his wife, regardless. “I want to hear you say it.”

“Thank you for fucking my wife the way I never could, Sir,” Benjamin clarified.

Jon laughed ever harder at that meek admission. “You’re welcome, loser,” he said to him with a smile. “The pleasure is all mine.”

It was just another casual day to him, but for Benjamin, this meant everything in his world had fallen into place. He sniffled his tears of joy back and smiled into his wife’s eyes while she took Jon’s dick in the deep places within her in which he could never hope to reach. Their hearts made a crackling connection as the act played out as smoothly as her pale skin was soft.

Rosie came and squirted all over Jon’s cock, her legs shivering with arousal beneath it in one final climax of glory and purest lust. Jon pulled out slowly, allowing her limber body to collapse into the bedspread below them, fully satisfied for the night. His strong and godly cock was still standing at attention, rock-hard and soaked in Rosie’s delicious pussy juices. He had outlasted both husband and wife, and Benjamin didn’t know what to expect next.

Thankfully, Jon only started stroking himself, hulking over Rosie’s crumpled yet gorgeous form. Her ass was his open canvas, and he painted her pale flesh with white-hot liquidy cum, as was his right in Benjamin’s bedroom. It all squirted out of his big dick tip like a fountain of vitality.

“Come lick it up, little dick bitchboy,” he said so tauntingly to Benjamin, still kneeling before them on the floor in his silly pink dress.

Jon moved away to make way for Benjamin to crawl up onto the bed behind his wife and start licking away his entire cumshot, without speaking so much as a word. The silent language of obedience in lust was all he needed, then. Benjamin slurped, licked, and sucked every inch of Rosie’s ass, from her hole to her cheeks, all to clean her lover’s cum off of her, his wife. Her pale ass was so delectable, even when covered with another man’s fluids. The taste was only enhanced by it.

“I love you, honey,” Rosie breathed so sensually before him.

“I love you, too, Rosie, my sweet wife,” Benjamin replied.


The End.


*This story has been edited by AI to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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