Our Reader’s SPH Experiences: A lesson from my EX

By Anon.

Warning: This story is not for sexual titalation, but chronicles an extreme experience of public humiliation. This site does not condone the actions of the people in this article. If the themes of extreme public humiliation and torture might upset you, then please do not read any further. You have been warned.


My ex-girlfriend Nadia and I were together for six months before she left me, as I always made excuses regarding sex. The truth was that I have a tiny penis, a silver member hard at best, and have been dumped before by girls for being too small. Nadia was unique, and I didn’t want to lose her, so every time she tried to initiate sex, I would make excuses and get out of it. She felt my dick once while making out, and I guess she knew that was why I was avoiding sex. Ultimately, she gave up, dumped me, and moved on.

I didn’t see her again for a couple of years. I had a few girlfriends since her, but they all failed for one reason, mostly over sex. One day I was out shopping, and I bumped into Nadia’s best friend. And I asked her about Nadia, and judging by how she was smiling at me, she knew all about my tiny dick. I gave her my number and asked if she could give it to Nadia. I want to speak to her. I found her friend’s Facebook profile (she had changed her surname after marrying), and from her profile, I managed to see Nadia’s Facebook account (she was using Nadzz as her name. That’s why I never found her before).

I won’t go into too much detail, but for the next eight months, I was constantly messaging her, turning up at her workplace, etc., trying to talk to her. She told me she had a boyfriend and wasn’t interested in meeting or talking to me. But I kept harassing her until she agreed to meet me one day.

Her tone had now changed. She was flirting with me. I thought my persistence had finally paid off and possibly would get back together again. We texted each other daily and spoke a few times on the phone, but it was limited as her boyfriend was always around. But I could text as much as I wanted. She finally suggested we meet to finish our unfinished business, hinting at sex. I came clean that I avoided sex with her when we were together because of my tiny dick size.

She replied, “Size isn’t everything, and it was silly of me to let that get in the way of our relationship.”

We arranged to meet up for sex at an empty house decorated by her brother’s company which works as an estate agent. She said, “It’s empty in the evening after the decorators leave, so we can meet there and have sex.”

Two days later, I had a haircut, shaved all my body hair, including pubic hair, and put on my best casual clothes, all geared up for my date. I had a wallet full of condoms and cash. I set out to the address. I got there early, and I waited outside 15 minutes later. Nadia walked around the corner, and she looked terrific. I got out of the car and hugged her. She smiled and said, “Let’s get inside before someone spots us, as I’m scared of my boyfriend finding out.”

We went inside. The house was messy, with decorating material all over the place, cut-up wallpapers, and empty paint tins everywhere. We went to the bedroom, sat on the bed, chatted for a bit, and she looked nervous. I was nervous. Eventually, she asked to see my penis, and after a bit of forceful persuasion, I got up, undid my trousers, put my hands down my pants, and rubbed my dick to wake it up. Then I shakily pulled down my underwear and let her see it. She tried not to laugh and nodded, saying, “It’s nice. Strip off so we can finally put it to some use.”

I took off all my clothes, got on the bed, and started kissing her neck and putting my hands on her boobs when I heard a noise. Suddenly, the bedroom door flung open, and several guys charged into the room shouting. I quickly got up, slipped, and fell over, and the guys were kicking and stomping me. Nadia shouted, pulling the guys off me and saying, “Stop it. I told you we weren’t going to do that.”

I lay on the floor, looking up, trying to figure out what was happening. The guys were trying to get to me, but Nadia stopped them, then I recognised her brother and her boyfriend and realized I had been set up. I wasn’t sure who the other five guys were, but I knew I was in serious trouble. Once Nadia had the men under her control, she turned her attention to me. “Surprise,” she said coldly. “Did you think I wanted to sleep with you? You had that chance years ago, and you blew it. How many times did I tell you I didn’t want to see you, but you kept harassing me with many phone numbers and fake Facebook accounts. You’ve been following me at work. Sending flowers. Do you not understand what know NO means?”

I just lay on the floor, silent. There was nothing I could reply to. I knew some of the things I did I should not have done and should’ve given up long before I was in this position. She was so angry she said to her boyfriend, “What took you so long? I fucking let him feel my boobs?”

He replied, “Sorry, babe. We couldn’t find the right key to open the door.”

She turned to me, “STAND UP.”

I slowly started getting up. “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again. I won’t message you ever again,” I said as I got up with my hands on my crotch.

My leg was hurting, and I had a massive bruise on my thigh.

“Move your hands,” she shouted at me.

“Please don’t do this to me.”

She aggressively said, “Move your hands, or I will set the boys on you. It’s your choice.”

I stood still, covering up, and she gave the signal as soon as they all moved in my direction. I put my hands out. “OK, stop. Please don’t hurt me.”

She signaled them to stop. “Look at his pathetic dick. It’s so tiny.”

They all stood making fun of me. Making videos and taking photos. I kept pleading for my clothes. eventually, she said, “OK, get dressed.”

I stood frozen on the spot, unsure if it was a trick.

“Go on then, put your clothes on. I don’t want to see that clitdick anymore.”

She picked up my clothes and threw them at me. I started getting dressed. Nadia was looking at her boyfriend. They were smirking at each other. She walked out of the room. I felt so scared being left with seven angry men, but she was back in a minute, and I was fully dressed.

“Can I please go now? I won’t ever call you again,” I asked nervously.

She smiled and then whispered something to her boyfriend. She said, “Yes, sure you can go,” with a big smile. “Boys, let him go,” and they stepped aside.

I was scared. Thinking, is it a trick? I slowly moved forward. I kept saying sorry as I walked toward the bedroom door. Suddenly I got slapped from behind, and they all grabbed me. Her boyfriend shouted, “Get him on the bed,” I was manhandled onto the bed seven against one.

I had no chance against them. I got carried onto the bed and held down by them. I looked up, and Nadia was holding wallpaper scissors and she laughed, saying, “Did you think you were going to get off with a couple of hits. Hold him, tight boys,” and she started cutting my clothes. I begged her to stop, and she said, “This is how I felt every time I asked you to stop, but you kept harassing me.”

She cut my clothes into small squares until I was again naked. She then had me turn over and stretch my arms and legs to each corner of the bed, and she took her boyfriend’s belt and started belting my back, butt, and legs. I couldn’t move at all, and she kept hitting me till she had released all her anger on my naked body. She then let her boyfriend take over, and the pain I felt in every hit was too much, and my screams proved it. Nadia stopped him after about fifteen hits, and they let me go. I just curled up in pain, crying. I was crying a bit more, hoping they’d take pity and let me go. But they weren’t done yet. They wanted to throw me out naked and let me go home.

But Nadia said, “That’s not wise. If cops see him, we’ll be in trouble, and his clothes are cut to pieces.”

They had my wallet and found my driver’s license, so they knew where I lived now. They took my cash and just had me standing naked, making fun of me, calling me names, and using a tape measure to show my erect size, saying, “That’s pathetic, and I should be claiming disability benefits for having such a tiny dick.”

They then got me into a car naked with Nadia, her boyfriend, and another guy and drove me home to ensure I lived there. The whole drive to my house Nadia kept looking back at my tiny dick laughing at it. She kept saying, “Open your legs more,” and threatening to burn my dick with the car cigarette lighter.

She was taking selfies with me naked in the background.

When we got to my house, Nadia got out and swapped places with the guy in the back with me. She put her hand on my leg, digging her nails in, and said, “If you ever, ever, call me again or message me, I’ve got your nude photos. I will send them to everyone, and I will mess you up so bad your life won’t be worth living. If you see me in the street, you better fucking cross over and go the opposite way, you fucking understand, clitboy?”

“Yes,” I said. “I will never call you again.”

“Hand him his wallet, phone, and keys,” she said to her boyfriend.

As I grabbed my items, she reached down, grabbed my tiny dick and tiny balls in her one hand, and squeezed them as hard as she could till I screamed in pain. She eventually let go, got out of the car, held the door open, and shouted get out of the vehicle. I looked in front, but there was nobody on the street. I couldn’t see behind me, but she was shouting get out, and I got out of the car and started running for my door. I didn’t look around to see if anyone was about. I ran to my door while Nadia followed me, trying to kick my butt. However, she kept missing, but she slapped my butt a few times as I unlocked my door, went inside, and closed the door.

Nadia kicked the door a few times, shouted, “DICKLESS LOSER,” and then got into the car and drove off.

My housemate and his girlfriend came running to see what was going on, thinking the house was getting robbed, and saw me naked and even saw my penis even though I was covering it. I accidentally moved my hand, and they saw it. I realized they had seen it as his girlfriend broke into a big smile. I got some clothes on and told them I had been mugged, and they took my clothes, but they knew I was lying because I wouldn’t let them call the police. I said they had taken the car but still had the car keys. So I told them everything, and my roommate’s girlfriend said, “You deserved it, and good for her. That’s what every stalker deserves.”

At the time, I was hurt and didn’t want to hear it, but she was right.

The next day, I asked my flatmate to get my car from the house because I didn’t want to go. I haven’t seen Nadia since then, and it’s not how I had imagined my first time naked with her would go. But a wiser me now looks back at that younger idiot me, and I now agree I had that treatment coming, and perhaps I got off lightly. It could have been worse if she had let the lads beat me up and let me walk home naked. But it’s changed me for the better now. And most of my friends now know I have a tiny dick, thanks to my flatmate and his girlfriend.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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