Becoming a Sissy Cuckold (Gay/Bi Scenes)

By Pantieslave.

Beth and Dan were married very young, just 20 years old each. As such, both were virgins when they married. Beth wasn’t an outstanding beauty but very attractive with a nice body and breasts, 36D. On the other hand, Dan was rather feminine looking and wore his hair long, in a ponytail. Being slightly built, on more than one occasion, he was mistaken for a girl not just from behind but when meeting face to face with people who didn’t know him.

Being virgins when they got married, Beth had no idea how under-endowed Dan was and found out on their wedding night that Dan was barely three inches fully erect. This was certainly disappointing to Beth as she had heard from her girlfriends about their men being more endowed with fully hard cocks of eight inches or bigger. Beth loved Dan, so she felt she could deal with his undersized cock. Over time Beth found her sex life lacked excitement, and on many occasions, after they had sex, she would sneak into the bathroom to play with herself until she had an orgasm. She never complained or said anything to Dan as she didn’t want to hurt his feelings or confidence as a man.

They lived in an apartment building they liked until Jerry moved in. Jerry lived in their apartment, and they shared a common wall. Jerry played music with the volume turned up, disturbing Beth and Dan. Jerry was pretty much the opposite of Dan, he was bigger than Dan, and it was clear that Jerry worked out regularly at a gym. Beth couldn’t help but notice Jerry and especially at the pool. On more than one occasion, Beth couldn’t help but notice the bulge in Jerry’s swimsuit, which looked quite large even though he wasn’t hard and had started to wonder how big it would be erect and what it would be like to have sex with someone so well endowed. Beth never said anything to Dan about it for fear he would hurt his feelings.

Around a month after Jerry moved in, he played his music very loud later than usual. The music was bothering Dan, and he complained about it to Beth. At one point, Beth said, “You need to knock on his door and tell him to turn it down.”

Well, the mere thought of confronting Jerry was too much, and while he wanted to go over and do just that, he was far too scared of Jerry. Finally, Beth had enough and said, “Either you tell him to turn it down, or I will.”

Dan just froze, unable to do as Beth said, and Beth simply looked at him and walked out the door.

Dan felt terrible that Beth had to do what he was afraid to do but figured she’d only be gone a few minutes. After 5 minutes, he began to get worried. The music was turned down a bit but still loud. Dan kept hoping Beth would return, but after 20 minutes, he knew he had to go next door and find out why she wasn’t back. Dan knocked on the door, and Jerry’s friend, Sam, opened the door.

Sam looked at Dan, pulling him inside, saying. “We’ve been waiting for you, little man.”

As Dan walked in, Sam grabbed him and held his arms behind his back. Dan couldn’t believe what he saw. Beth was completely naked in front of Jerry, sitting in a chair, with no pants or underwear on, and his huge cock was rock hard, which Beth was holding, and it was obvious from her position that she had been sucking his cock.

Beth said in a commanding voice, “Dan, you got to do whatever they tell you to do.”

Dan, despite being held by Sam, Dan blurted out, “What are you doing to her? You have to stop.”

Sam simply laughed at Dan, saying, “You going to stop us, little man?”

There was no way Dan could do a thing about it.

And then Jerry said, “Beth been telling us all about you, little man. We want to see it for ourselves. Take off all your clothes right now.”

By now, Dan’s arms were aching, and there was no way for him to resist. As he removed his clothes, Sam let him go, and Beth started to suck Jerry’s huge cock again. Dan got down to his underwear and stopped, and Jerry said, “All of them, little man.”

Dan pushed his underwear down and off and tried to cover his cock with his hands, but Sam pulled his hands away. Dan was now completely naked, his dick exposed to them.

Jerry laughed, as well as Sam, with Jerry saying, “Oh my God, Beth told us you were small, but no way did I think you were that small.”

Sam was laughing too. Then Jerry said, “It’s not a cock at all. It’s more like a clit. That’s what you have. You have a clitty, not a cock.” Beth was looking at Dan while sucking Jerry’s cock. And then Jerry said, “We need you to cover up your clitty, little man. Pick up Beth’s panties and put them on.”

Beth stopped sucking Jerry’s cock long enough to say, “Do it, Dan, put my panties on.”

And so, Dan picked up the panties and stepped into them, pulling the pink lace panties up over his cock. Dan’s little dick instantly got hard, tenting the panties, to which Jerry laughed, saying, “Well, look at that. His little clitty is excited by the pretty panties.” Jerry then said, “Now here’s what’s going to happen. Let your pretty wife suck on my cock for a few more minutes, and then I will fuck her. And here’s the catch, you get to decide where I’ll fuck her, either in her pussy or her ass.”

Beth immediately said, “Oh God, not my ass. You’re too big. Fuck my pussy.”

Jerry looked at Dan, asking, “So what will it be, her ass or her pussy. Beg nice, and maybe I’ll fuck her where you ask.”

Dan knew there was no way Jerry could fuck Beth’s ass with his massive cock without hurting her, so Dan said, “P-please fuck her pussy, sir. You’ll like how it feels. I’m so small I’m sure it’ll be tight and feel great. Please, sir, please fuck her pussy.”

Jerry smiled, saying, “That was good, little man. OK. I’ll fuck your wife’s pussy, but you need to know a few things before I do. Because you’re so small, her pussy will be tight, and when I put my cock inside her, it might hurt a little, but that won’t last long. After about a minute of fucking her, it’s going to feel good to her, better than she can imagine. She’ll start to get into it and tell me what a great cock I have. She’ll have at least two or three orgasms before I cum inside her. And you know what else, she’ll like fucking my cock so much she’ll never fuck you again. So are you sure you want me to fuck her pussy.”

Dan hung his head in shame and said, “Yes, sir, please fuck my wife’s pussy.”

Dan watched as Jerry had Beth get up off her knees and turn to face Dan, and then Jerry pulled her onto his lap. His huge cock pointed straight up, and then Beth took hold of it, placed it at her pussy lips, and slowly impaled herself on it. Beth moaned as his cock slid in her pussy inch by inch, getting louder with each inch entering her.

Finally, Beth had Jerry’s cock entirely inside her. She sat for a few seconds, getting used to the size, then moved up and down on it. Jerry looked at Dan, saying, “Your wife is my slut now. She’ll do anything to be allowed to fuck my cock. Isn’t that right, slut Beth?”

Beth breathlessly said, “Oh yes, Jerry. I’m your slut. You own me. I’ll do anything you ask. Just keep fucking me.” And just then, Beth screamed, “Ohhhh God, fuck me. I’m cumming. Fuck me. YESSSSSSSSSSSS.”

Dan had never seen nor heard Beth have such an intense orgasm. As soon as she stopped coming, she began to move up and down on Jerry’s cock. Dan watched his wife fuck Jerry’s cock for another 10 minutes, during which she had two more orgasms.

Jerry finally said, “Get ready, slut. I’m about to cum in your pussy.”

Beth said, “Yes, do it. Cum in my pussy.”

Dan watched as Jerry’s cock throbbed and his balls contracted.

Jerry said, “Yes, oh yes.”

Over and over, he could see Jerry’s cock shooting a massive amount of cum in Beth’s pussy. Finally, he stopped coming. Beth sat on his cock for another minute and slowly stood up, letting Jerry’s cock out of her pussy.

Dan watched as Beth held her hand under her pussy, catching Jerry’s cum in her hand. When the cum stopped dripping, Dan watched his wife bring her hand to her lips and lick up all of Jerry’s cum. When her hand was clean, she knelt again, took Jerry’s cock, and started to lick it until it was clean, with Jerry saying, “that’s it slut, that’s a good slut. Clean my cock.” Dan starred in total belief to see what his wife was doing.

Beth cleaned Jerry’s cock and got up to put her dress back on. As she did that, Dan started to take off her panties, but Jerry said, “No, little man, keep the panties on. From now on, you wear panties all the time. If you had a cock you could wear boxers, but you don’t have a cock. You have a clitty, so panties only.” Dan was humiliated but left the panties on and got dressed. As they were going, Jerry said, “I want you both back here tomorrow at nine. I’ll want my slut to suck my cock and fuck her pussy again.”

Beth and Dan returned to their apartment. Beth said she was exhausted and went straight to bed, not talking about what had happened in Jerry’s apartment. Dan didn’t want to talk about it either and went to bed.


After his shower, Dan entered the bedroom in the morning to get dressed. Beth handed him feminine pink panties with a lace leg opening, a lace waistband, and a satin bow, saying, “I think Jerry will like these on you. They’re so pretty.”

Dan didn’t even try and object, taking them from Beth and pulling them on over his little dick, which got hard immediately. Beth didn’t say a thing, but she smiled seeing Dan’s hard little dick in the panties.

While Beth was a little sore from the previous night, she couldn’t stop thinking about Jerry’s large cock and how great it was to be fucked by him. She even wondered if he might invite some of his friends over to fuck her, and if he did and wanted her to fuck his friends, she was more than willing to do it.

On the other hand, Dan was happy for the first time. He had a small dick, but all he could think about was the fact that he was wearing panties, which kept him very hard.


That evening after dinner, Dan watched as Beth redid her hair and makeup. It was clear to Dan that Beth was looking forward to being with Jerry again. Beth had put on a dress that Dan had never seen. It was very low cut, barely covering her nipples with most of her tits. She walked over to Dan and did a little twirl that caused her dress to go up, making it easy to see she wasn’t wearing panties.

She asked Dan, “What do you think? You think Jerry will like how I look?”

Dan could only respond yes and then asked Beth, “Is it true what Jerry said? That you’ll never have sex with me again?”

Beth ran her hand over his cheek, saying, “Yes, Dan. As soon as I started sucking on Jerry’s cock, I knew we would never have sex again. And then once he started fucking me, God. And did you see how hard he made me cum? God, his cock feels so great; I just got to fuck it again. And if he has friends over and tells me to fuck them, I must do it. I mean, he owns me now, you too. We’ve got to do what he says.” Beth said, “I think it would make Jerry happy if we dressed you up.”

Dan immediately said, “You mean as a girl, in girl clothes?”

Beth responded, “Yes. I’m thinking of my white blouse, with the bra that matches the panties you’re wearing, a little short skirt, with some hold-up, lace top nylons, and some heels. I’d do your hair and makeup and paint your nails. Admit it, Dan, you’ve wondered what it would be like to wear girly clothes.”

Dan said, “Well, yes, but most guys have.”

And Beth said, “Well, maybe guys like you, sissy guys. But not Jerry. He’s all man. He’s big, strong, and has a cock that any woman would want to fuck and suck. And I’m sure as he sees a pretty girl walking down the street in cute clothes, he thinks he wants to fuck her. He’s not thinking about wearing the clothes she has on. But you do. You’re wondering if you’d look good in the dress she has on.”

Dan didn’t dispute what Beth said. Over the next 30 minutes, Beth had Dan shave his legs and then dress him in a semi-sheer white blouse that showed the pretty pink lace bra through it. A lace top, hold-up nylons, pink panties, and a very short skirt with heels. She styled his hair, including some bangs, did his makeup, and then painted his nails pink and matching pink lipstick.

Beth stood back and couldn’t believe her eyes. He made an adorable girl. She made Dan walk around to get used to the high heels. She then told him to wait. She had one more thing to add to his outfit. She brought out a box, and Dan looked inside the box, not believing his eyes. It was a pink chastity CB 6000S, tiny, with a lock and two keys.

Beth said, “I bought it today, at lunch. It’s the smallest one they have and look. It’s pink. Perfect for a sissy. Now that we aren’t having sex, you’ll probably want to play with yourself all the time. This will stop you from playing yourself, and tonight you can give the key to Jerry so that he can decide when you can let you little clitty make squirties.”

Dan was worried that Jerry would never let him cum, so he asked Beth, “Please, can I make myself cum before you put it on.”

Beth said, “Absolutely not. Jerry needs to know that he has total control over you now, that you’re desperate to cum, and you’ll do whatever he says for the privilege of having a sissy cum.” And Beth attached the chastity device to Dan’s little cock. She put the lock on and said to Dan, “Now you close the lock.”

Dan reached down and pushed the lock closed, hearing it click shut. Beth put the keys in a small handbag, saying to Dan, “You can give Jerry the keys later tonight. And you make sure if he wants to see it, you’ll hold up your skirt and push your panties down to show him.” Beth then said, “One more thing. You should ask Jerry if you could suck his cock.”

Dan was shocked by what she suggested saying, “Suck his cock? No, I don’t want to suck his cock.”

Beth replied, “Well, do what you want. But I think you should. You look so damn cute that he might just want to fuck your ass.”

Dan was shocked, asking, “Really? He’d want to fuck my ass. No way. No way can his cock would fit in my ass.” Beth simply smiled, and Dan said, “You’re right. I’ll do it. I’ll ask him if I can suck on his cock.”

It was time to go.


Beth knocked on the door, and Jerry called, “Who’s there?”

Beth responded, “It’s your slut Beth and sissy Danielle.”

Jerry said, “Come on inside.”

He was sitting in the same chair the night before, and Beth and Dan walked over to him. When Beth got in front of him, she twirled around, allowing her dress hem to go up so Jerry could see she wasn’t wearing panties. Dan simply stood, not saying a word.

Beth asked, “Would you like me to take off my dress?”

Jerry said no and had her move closer to him. He then placed a hand on her thigh, moving it up, inserting two fingers in her pussy, which was already extremely wet. Jerry commented, “You are a slut, aren’t you?”

Beth said, “Oh yes, sir. I’m your slut. I’ll do whatever you wish. You can fuck my pussy. I’ll fuck your friends if you want anything. Anything that’ll make you happy.”

Beth was grinding on Jerry’s fingers. It felt so good. Jerry turned to Dan, asking, “So, little man, what do you say? Are you going to tell me to stop?”

Dan immediately said, “No, sir. You can do whatever you want with my wife. You can fuck her pussy, have her suck your cock, anything at all.”

Jerry laughed at him as Beth continued to grind away on Jerry’s fingers.

Beth was rapidly approaching orgasm. Jerry said, “Slut, you don’t have permission to cum yet.” Beth groaned as she slowed down, trying to delay an orgasm. Jerry asked her, “Do tell me how often your little husband made you cum when you had sex?”

Beth blurted out immediately, “NONE, not once. I never had an orgasm with him. After he would cum I would sneak off to the bathroom and rub myself, making me cum. Yours is the only cock that has ever made me cum.”

This was the first Dan had heard this, and he was humiliated by what Beth had said.

Beth then said to Dan, “Danielle, don’t you have something you want to give to Jerry?”

Dan moved closer to Jerry, opened his handbag, and handed Jerry the two keys, saying, “The keys are for the lock to my chastity device.”

Beth was quite surprised. Without Jerry asking, Dan lifted his skirt and pushed his panties down to show Jerry his cock all locked up.

Jerry reached out, taking Dan’s locked dick in his hand, saying, “You are tiny. This would never satisfy a woman, especially a slut like your wife. It’s good to think it’s locked up. You won’t be needing it anytime soon.”

Dan said, “Please, sir, maybe once a week you could unlock me so I can play with my clitty.”

Jerry laughed, saying, “Once a week, sissy? No way. I might unlock you once a month or every other month, or maybe never.”

Dan said, “Once every two months would be generous, sir, thank you.”

Jerry smiled, saying, “Let’s see how well behaved you are, sissy Danielle. Danielle is a good name for you, a sissy like you.” Beth was smiling at Dan, still grinding on Jerry’s fingers in her pussy. Jerry looked over to Beth, saying, “You have permission to cum, slut.”

Beth simply said, “Thank you, sir.”

Jerry moved his hand so two fingers were still in her pussy, but also his thumb began to rub her clit. Beth was looking directly into Dan’s eyes as she started to moan.

Jerry said, “Watch your wife, sissy. She’s going to cum on command.” Beth kept grinding on his fingers as Jerry started to count down from 10. Beth could feel her orgasm building with each number. Jerry finally said, “Three, two, one,” and precisely as Jerry said ‘one,’ Beth exploded into a massive orgasm.

When her orgasm stopped, she looked at Jerry, saying, “Oh, thank you, sir. Thank you for allowing me to cum.”

Beth then turned to Dan, saying, “Danielle isn’t there something you’d like to ask Jerry?”

Jerry was still holding Dan’s cock in the chastity device as he said, “Please, sir, I would, ah, ah, like to suck your cock, if that would make you happy with me.”

Jerry looked at Dan, smiling, saying, “Sure, sissy. You can suck my cock.”

Beth moved aside so that Dan could get between Jerry’s legs. Beth wasn’t sure he’d do it and watched as Dan reached up, undid Jerry’s belt, buttoned his pants, and pulled down his zipper. Jerry lifted a little bit off the chair, and Dan took hold of Jerry’s pants and underwear, pulling them down his legs and then off completely. Dan looked at Jerry’s cock, not remembering how big it was. Dan reached out, took hold of Jerry’s cock, and slowly jerked it up and down.

Beth watched, placing her hand behind Dan’s head and pushing him forward. Dan opened his mouth and started licking Jerry’s cock, starting at the head, moving down the shaft, and then to his balls. As Dan licked Jerry’s cock, Jerry said, “That’s very nice, sissy. Do a nice job. Keep on licking.”

As Beth watched, her hand went up under her dress and began to slowly finger her pussy and clit, amazed that her husband looked like he was enjoying licking Jerry’s cock.

After around five minutes of licking, Dan looked up and asked, “May I now suck your cock, sir?”

Jerry smiled, saying, “Yes, sissy. Suck my cock.”

Dan opened his mouth wide and took Jerry’s cock into his mouth, moving up and down. Beth was getting more turned on by the sight of Dan sucking Jerry’s cock, and now she pulled her dress up, removing it and leaving her nude in front of Jerry.

She started back again, feeling her tits and fingering her pussy, with Jerry saying, “You like this slut, don’t you? You like seeing your sissy husband sucking my big cock.”

Beth almost breathlessly said, “Yes, he can’t fuck, his dicklette is so fucking small, but he’s a good little cocksucker.”

While this was the first cock Dan had ever sucked, he worked on Jerry’s cock, doing the things that turned him on when Beth used to suck his cock, moving up and down, using his tongue on the big head, and feeling his balls. Beth was surprised by how much Dan seemed to be getting into sucking Jerry’s colossal cock, and she smiled when she noticed Dan’s little clitty hard inside his pink chastity.

Jerry finally pushed him away, saying, “That’s enough, sissy. I need to fuck your wife.” Jerry had Beth move around so she could sit down on his cock, facing Dan. Jerry asked Dan, “Would you like me to fuck your wife’s pussy now?”

Dan said softly, “Yes sir, yes. Please fuck my wife’s pussy. My clitty is too small to fuck her. Please fuck her pussy.”

Jerry said, “Then put my cock in her pussy, sissy, so that I can give her a good long fuck.”

Dan took hold of Jerry’s cock and started moving it back and forth over Beth’s pussy lips. Beth was so excited, she said very demanding, “Do it, Danielle. Stick that big cock in my pussy. Do it now.”

And so, Dan guided Jerry’s cock into Beth’s pussy. Beth moaned as his cock entered her, “Oh, God, yes. I love your cock. This is so fucking good, fuck me. Fuck my pussy.” It took Jerry only about fifteen seconds of fucking Beth to start cumming. “Yes, I’m cumming. Fuck me, fuck me with your big cock. Oh God, yesssss!”

Dan could only watch as Jerry’s cock kept going in and out of his wife’s pussy, causing her to have massive orgasms.

Jerry said, “Come on, sissy. Get your tongue in there. Lick your wife’s clit as I fuck her.”

Dan moved forward and began to do his best to lick his wife’s clit, but she was moving up and down on Jerry’s cock so much that he was licking Jerry’s cock and balls more. Jerry liked it, saying, “That’s it, sissy. Keep doing that. Lick my cock, my balls, and your wife’s clit.”

Beth had two more orgasms, and then Dan could tell Jerry was about to cum. He groaned, and his balls tightened. Dan could feel Jerry’s cock throb as he sent his cum deep into his wife’s pussy.

Jerry’s cock slowly slid out of Beth’s pussy, and then Beth looked at Dan and said, “Clean his cock.”

Dan took Jerry’s cock into his hand and then began to lick up and down the shaft, taking it into his mouth, cleaning Jerry’s cock, tasting his wife’s pussy juices and some of Jerry’s cum.

When Dan finished with Jerry’s cock, Jerry asked Beth, “I think it’s creampie time for you, sissy. Has he ever cleaned cum from your pussy?”

Beth said no and then said to Dan, “You heard him. Time for your very first creampie.”

This wasn’t something Dan wanted to do, and he tentatively started to lick Beth’s pussy. Beth took his head, pulling him into her pussy, demanding, “Come on, Danielle. Eat that cum. Get your tongue up there and eat all of Jerry’s cum.”

It took Dan a good 5 minutes, sticking his tongue all the up her pussy, pulling Jerry’s cum out, and swallowing it.

Like the previous night, Beth and Dan went home, not talking about what had happened but right before Dan got into bed, Beth said to him, “There’s another present for you I bought today. It’s on the dresser.”

Dan opened the pink box, and inside was a sheer pink baby doll nightie, trimmed with pink satin bows and ruffled pink lace. The panties matched the baby doll top, sheer pink with ruffled lace waistband, lace trimmed leg openings, and a pink satin bow right in the middle of the waist.

Beth said, “Put it on, Danielle.”

And so, Dan put it on and felt his little dick swell inside the CB 6000s. Beth smiled.

“Very pretty. Sweet dreams.”

Poor Dan had the most challenging time sleeping that night as he relived everything that happened that evening and wondered what the future would be like with Jerry controlling everything.


Beth was now fucking Jerry every two or three days, and each time they had sex, Dan was required to be dressed in girly clothes and made to watch them and video them. Beth loved watching the videos with Dan on those days when she didn’t have sex with Jerry. Dan was also required to suck on Jerry’s cock, getting it hard so that he could fuck Beth, and Dan was always needed to clean Jerry’s cock after cumming and clean out Beth’s pussy of his cum. This had been going on for two months, and Dan’s tiny clitty had remained locked in the pink CB6000s the whole time, except for once a week Jerry would have Beth unlock Dan’s cock for maintenance.

Maintenance of Dan’s little clitty was the removal of the CB6000s; of course, he got hard instantly. Jerry directed Beth to first wash his cock, and then she would slowly jerk Dan’s little dick. Dan was very excited by this, but Jerry said, “Do not cum, sissy. If you cum, I’ll fuck your ass with my cock and make you a real girl.”

There was no way Dan wanted to fucked by Jerry’s cock, so for the better part of an hour, Beth kept Dan right on the edge of an orgasm, and Dan always pulled away from her hand to prevent cumming, and sometimes he would beg Beth to stop. This went on for a full two months.

While Beth had offered to fuck Jerry’s friends if he wanted, this had not happened in the two months they had had sex. Then, one night, Jerry said to Beth and Dan, “You’ll be hosting a football party this Sunday for myself and two friends in your apartment. Beth, you’ll be available to my friends and me, while Danielle will serve us food and drinks and attend to anybody’s request should Beth be occupied. Beth, make sure you’re looking your slutty best and purchase Danielle a very sissy outfit.”

Beth was extremely excited about the party, so she shopped for herself and Dan. Dan was quite apprehensive about the football party. He still hadn’t been allowed an orgasm in over two months, and while Dan was wearing panties 24/7 and wore girl clothes whenever Jerry and Beth were fucking, being exposed to two other people as a sissy cuckold scared him. But he also knew he had no choice because Beth was so excited about fucking Jerry’s friends.

“Jerry said both his friends have cocks almost as big as his. Can you believe it? Three nice big cocks for me to fuck and you to suck.”

Dan was not allowed to watch his wife get dressed for the party. With his eyes down, Beth finally said, “OK, Danielle, you can see now.”

Dan slowly lifted his head, and Beth’s outfit was revealed as he did. She wore her “fuck me” black 5-inch stiletto, sheer black lace top nylons, and an extremely short pleated skirt that barely covered her panties. Her panties were red lace. His eyes traveled up to see she had on a completely sheer white blouse that left her red lace half-cup bra exposed. The bra didn’t cover her nipples, so they were obvious. Bright red lipstick and a perfectly made-up face.

Beth smiled at Dan, asking, “So what do you think, slutty enough?”

Dan could barely talk as he knew that the three guys would be having unbelievable sex with his wife, so he could only say yes. It was now time for Dan to get dressed, and he had not seen what Beth had purchased for him to wear. Until this point, he had only unraveled some of Beth’s clothes. And so when he saw the very short French Maid outfit, complete with frilly petticoat slip, lace top nylons, sheer white ruffled panties, and black high heels. Not believing his wife would make him wear it in front of Jerry and two male friends.

Once dressed, Dan looked at himself in the mirror. The hem of the dress barely covered the bottom of his panties, the petticoat causing the hem to flair out, leaving the top of his nylons exposed. The panties did nothing to conceal his pink CB 6000s. The top of the dress was very lacy. Beth did his hair, with tiny curls and ringlets framing his face. Bright pink lipstick completed his very sissy look. There was no doubt he was a sissy male.

The guys showed up shortly after, and the three walked in. Jerry put his arm around Beth, saying, “This is slut Beth. She’s a great fuck, excellent cocksucker, too. Are you ready to take care of us tonight slut?”

Beth gushed, “Oh yes, sir. I’m more than ready. I can’t wait to fuck all three of you and suck on your big cocks tonight.”

And then Jerry said, “And this is sissy Danielle. An excellent cocksucker, he’ll clean off your cocks when your done and suck your cum from his wife’s pussy. Are you ready for a good night, sissy?”

Dan responded yes.

Jerry said, “One more thing, Danielle, take this.” Jerry handed him a blue pill, which Dan assumed was Viagra and was confused when Jerry said to Beth, “Remove the sissy’s panties and unlock his little clitty.” Beth did as she was told, and Dan’s tiny cock got hard immediately. Jerry laughed, saying, “Excellent. Now, sissy, you’re not allowed to touch your little clitty, and no one else is going to touch it but be warned, it better not cum because if it does, well, you know what will happen.”

Dan did. Jerry would fuck his ass.

Dan went to get beer for the three guys, and when he returned to the living room, Beth was sitting on the couch between two of the guys. Beth’s hands we in their laps, feeling their cocks, and she smiled at Dan, asking, “Would you like to see these big cocks that are going to fuck my pussy, sissy?”

Dan bowed his head and softly said yes. Beth got up, removed both guys’ pants and underwear, and released two huge, hard cocks. Beth moaned, saying, “Oh my God, Dan, look at them. They are so much bigger than your tiny clitty.”

And with that, Beth knelt in front of them, going back and forth, licking and sucking on one while jerking the other cock. She kept switching back and forth between them, and then she got up, removed her blouse and panties, got down on her hands and knees, saying to them, “Danielle, put a cock in my pussy and one in my mouth, NOW!”

And so one guy got behind her, and Dan rubbed his cock over her pussy lips and then guided it into her pussy. He did the same with the other guy, rubbing his cock over Beth’s lips and then guiding his cock into her open mouth. Dan stood by, watching as his wife was now getting fucked at both ends. Beth immediately orgasmed, screaming, “Yes, oh. God, yes, I’m cumming.”

The guy behind her pounded her pussy with his big, thick cock and said to Jerry, “Oh man, this is such a nice cunt.”

The other guy was enjoying her mouth, saying, “That’s it, slut. Suck my cock, just like that. Keep sucking, slut.”

Dan was unaware Jerry was standing behind him, his huge cock out, and said, “Sissy, suck my cock.” Dan turned around, dropped to his knees, took Jerry’s hard cock in his hand, started to jerk it, and then took it into his mouth. Jerry said, “That’s it, sissy. You’re an excellent cocksucker.”

Dan heard Beth say, “Fuck his mouth, make that sissy suck your big cock.”

Dan heard one of the guys say, “Oh yes, I’m cumming.”

Dan figured the guy was cumming in Beth’s mouth because Beth moaned a few moments later, “Oh God yes, fuck my cunt, cum in my cunt. Do it.”

The guy was moaning as he was cumming.

Until this point, Jerry had never shot his cum into Dan’s mouth. Beth wanted more than anything had always wanted to see Dan take Jerry’s cum in his mouth, so she started saying, “Suck that cock, sissy. Suck it well. Make it cum, sissy. Suck that cock and make it cum in your mouth.”

Dan was sucking him, holding Jerry’s balls in his hand, and feeling them. Jerry started moving his cock faster in and out of Dan’s mouth, moaning, “That’s it. Suck it, you little sissy.”

Soon Jerry’s cock exploded in Dan’s mouth, and he did his best to swallow his massive load of cum, with just a little bit leaking out of the side of his mouth.

Dan’s little dick had been rock hard the entire time watching Beth getting fucked at both ends and sucking Jerry’s off. The frustrating part was that with every movement Dan made, his little dick was rubbing up against the petticoats, causing him to be on a constant edge of an orgasm. Dan had to pick up the hem of his french maid dress and petticoat so as not to cum, but it left his little dick exposed to the three men and Beth, who humiliated him, saying, “Such a tiny little clitty. That little clitty couldn’t satisfy any woman.”

Beth held onto Jerry’s cock, saying, “This is a real man’s cock. I love fucking this cock, and I love to suck and fuck real cocks simultaneously.”

Beth was insatiable as she fucked all three men over the next two hours. As she fucked one of the guys, she would say to Dan, Sissy, I want that cock next. Start sucking him, get him nice and hard for me.”

Dan did as Beth said. And if one of the guys came inside her, she simply spread her legs, and Dan knew he had to clean her pussy of all the cum so the next guy could fuck her. She enjoyed Dan cleaning her up, saying, “That’s a perfect sissy, eat that cum. You’re nothing but a cum eating, cock sucking sissy.”

When the three men were done and Beth was satisfied, Jerry looked at Dan, saying, “OK, Danielle, time for your sissy squirts. ”

Dan couldn’t believe his ears. It had been over two months since he had cum. Jerry handed Dan a glass saying, “You can cum in this, and once you’re done cumming, pour it into your mouth and clean the glass with your tongue.”

Even though Dan had sucked Jerry’s cock until he came in his mouth and cleaned out Beth’s pussy of cum three more times that day, the thought of eating his cum was not something he’d like. But he was so incredibly frustrated from not cumming that he took the glass from Jerry and put it in front of his little cock. The three guys and Beth watched as he began to jerk his cock, with Beth saying, “Such a good little sissy. Make your little clitty squirt, sissy. Do it.”

It took barely 30 seconds for Dan to start cumming. Over and over, his cock sent cum into the glass, with the onlookers clapping as he came.

After he stopped cumming, he brought the glass to his mouth and poured his cum into his mouth. It was the largest amount of cum he had ever shot for Dan, but Jerry said, “Look at that. It’s been over two months since the sissy had an orgasm, and he barely shot any cum. That’s why I fuck your wife, to make her happy, something you’ll never be able to do with that sissy clit of yours.”

Dan finished cleaning out the glass of his cum, and then Jerry made him lock his cock back up in the CB6000s. Beth, still completely naked, kissed Jerry, let the two other guys feel her tits and pussy, and said, “Feel free to come back anytime, guys. Happy to fuck you whenever you want.”

Dan would end up watching Beth fuck them many more times.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed. The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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