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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader’s girlfriend has is all under control…

So I’m a bronze member of the small dick club but have had an SPH fetish for several years. My current girlfriend and I connected over generally shared kinkiness. Still, I hadn’t shared my SPH tastes as she is a bit of a bottom, so I didn’t want to rush my submissive tastes into our relationship.

We’d had sex a couple of times, excellent, so I thought, and she kept coming back. Anyway, on our first whole weekend together, she pointedly asked me to take us to a local sex shop. When we got in, she made a straight line for penis-extending sheaths and picked one for me to buy. I was shocked. What a way to tell a guy his dick isn’t getting it done on the fourth date and then make him buy it?

I was turned on, and that night, after a much better sexual response from her, I laughed and told her about my SPH fetish. She blushed and admitted it hadn’t even occurred, just that she wanted something bigger in her. We’ve grown into much more advanced chastity/humiliation/cuck play over time, but none of that beats those moments where you know it’s 100% true that your dick can’t satisfy her.


Another reader has post-workout shrinkage…

I signed up with my wife for one health/wellness cycling program, a fancy spin bike and all. One thing I did not realize is sitting on a cycle seat is different than a bike seat. Cycle seats push on a rather important nerve in your groin, especially if you’re new and don’t know what you’re doing. I noticed that I was somewhat numb in my balls and dick on top of normal post-workout shrinkage. I am small, to begin with, at an inch flaccid, so in short, I was inverted and unable to fluff back to normal for an hour or so post-ride.

This led to more than one instance of my wife seeing me in this embarrassing state on my way to the shower. She couldn’t help herself and often made comments like looking high and tight today. You’re trying to lose fat, not your dick. I’d ask how it’s hanging, but I’ve got more of a bulge than you right now, or her favorite, how was your workout, girlfriend, oh wait, sorry, I thought you were my best friend, give you don’t seem to have a package right now.

The wife finds me working out hot despite her post-workout teasing. This led to the inevitable. I just dropped my riding shorts one day, and she jumped me. Practically knocked me onto the bed. She began making out with me while she ground against my nub. She said she had to get out of her shorts and undies because she couldn’t feel me. Of course, I’m still not hard and inverted, but I’m hoping for a miracle. Once she jumps back on me and starts to grind again, she reaches down and giggles. I ask what’s up. My wife says I know you said it’s numb sometimes after your ride, but babe, it’s still entirely inside you. This feels like it did in college when my roommate and I would grind our clits on each other to get off. That was too much, and despite my flaccid innie, apparently clit like state, I came. Well, more like dribbled. My jizz was so minimal and clear that she thought she was wet and continued to ride me until she came.

When she got off, she giggled again and said this was like the best of both worlds. I get to have a husband, but the benefits of a lesbian lover. Maybe next time we should use toys. That was way better than when you put your little clitty in me. I don’t know. It took me so long to realize that’s what it was. Here, you should probably clean up. She threw me a towel and said as she headed for the bathroom. Since you aren’t a man in bed, I expect you to have panties on as long as we’re in bed.

Why I went to her pantie drawer is beyond me. Even more shocking is I slipped on a pair. Black seemed the safest. Unfortunately, that meant they came with a little bow on the front. She was ecstatic when she got back in bed. She giggled and said those are the perfect selection. You look just like a woman in them, with no bulge or anything. Have to change up the pubic hair situation, though, if we’re going to share undies now.


Meanwhile, this reader is outed while on holiday…

Years ago we went on a boozy party holiday abroad, and as is the way when you share with mates, the clothes come off. We agreed hotel rooms were safe zones, and nudity was fine. I shared with a mate known to be very large, probably 6 inches soft, MUCH larger than me. One day one of the girls in our group, who was also ok with nudity, came in to check where we were to see us both walking around nude. His cock was swinging freely between his legs. Given his size, he did not rush to put swim shorts on.

Our friend walked in and noted, “Oh… you’re both naked…” before going red and looking at both of us for a moment.

She excused herself and walked out.

This happened on another day of the holiday, and when she walked in and saw me naked and him in boxers, she said, “Huh… Odd that you’re dressed, and he isn’t.”

Cue one or two more events like this, and on the last day, she walked in and saw me scrambling to get my shorts on as he stood there looking enormous when soft, and she said, ‘”Awww, babe, don’t be shy. It’s the motion of the ocean that counts,” and giggled and walks out.

He turned to me and said, “Sorry, are you ok with this because you know?” gesturing to me down there, and I went bright red.

He spent the rest of the holiday walking around naked, and even though I didn’t get all the conversation, I overheard some of the girls one night in their room saying, “Yeah, he was very, erm, different to (a well-hung guy)… not as much there at all.”

I knew she was joking, and I’ve never told anybody how hot I found it that she sized us up.

Another time we were all going naked for a hot tub party, and he got in last, so we all had to see him walk to the tub with it out, and when I got out and got back in again, one of the girls said, “Cold out there, babe?” before a few giggled and looked away.


While this reader loves to roleplay online…

This happened back when I was in high school (I was 18 at the time). It was my second to last class of the day, and I was scrolling through Twitter just having some fun and being excited about the day finally being over. I was and still am an active roleplayer on that platform. I was sending out normal responses when I let slip to a guy that I liked being teased about my small dick size, and man, did it feel good to tell someone about it.

I didn’t expect anything to happen, and after telling him the size of my silver member hard dick, he just went to town. He called me a little dick bitch, his slutty sub, and even a pathetic shrimp dick. I tried to roleplay with him, but I was losing it in class. Once class was over, I rushed to the bathroom, where I reread his messages. He continued and said he would put me in a cage and make me watch him fuck other subs who had more purpose. God, it was so good, and I had never cum so hard in my life. I don’t think anyone saw me, and it was over a year ago, but I still can’t help but think about that day and how good it felt to have this Dom guy hanging shit on my small dick while I was in class.


This reader gets some action in class…

A girl I got a handjob from called Jessi ended up dating another guy named Jason. I didn’t know much about Jason, but Jessi seemed super into him. In history class, we watched a movie in the dark classroom. Jessi and I were sitting in the back of the class, bored out of our minds and not paying any attention since we were graduating in a couple of weeks. I asked her how she and Jason were doing, and to my surprise, she said she caught him cheating. I tell her the usual stuff, “What an asshole, you deserve better, yada yada.”

There was silence for about five minutes as we watched the movie.

J: He didn’t even have that big of a cock

M: Well, then he jokes about the girl he cheated with.

J: Pencil dicked asshole

M: What do you mean by “that big”?

Jessi looks at me and smiles. J: Why do you want to know?

M: Just curious… I like knowing where I stand.

J: I’m sure it doesn’t turn you on at all. (eye rolls)

M: of course not. 😉

J: Well, in that case…

She pulls out her phone and starts scrolling. J: Here

She showed me his dick pic, which was at least three inches longer than mine but slightly skinnier.

M: Whoa, I didn’t actually wanna see it. lol

J: I thought it would be easier to show you.

M: Well, he’s pretty long.

J: Especially compared to you. But you got girth which is more important.

I’m hard as a rock at this point, and you can visibly see my boner tenting my pants. Now when I get hard, I get hard. I adjust my pants.

J: Aw, there’s my favorite little guy. Why’d you move him?

M: I think you know why.

J: Yeah, but it looked good.

M: These jeans are constricting and hurt, so I had to move them.

J: And now it’s better?

M: A little, still uncomfortable.

J: Pull it out your zipper. I want to see it again.

M: We’re in class. I can’t do that. What if someone sees?

J: Don’t be a pussy.

She puts her backpack on our table and pretends to look for something. J: There, the backpack will cover everything.

I’m horny. And against my better judgment, I pull it through the zipper, immediately feeling relieved.

J: There’s the little guy.

She reaches over and grabs the head of my cock while massaging under my head with her thumb.

M: (lightly panting) We can’t do this here.

J: Sure we can. You aren’t very big. Not like anyone would notice.

M: But what about…. The mess?

J: We will worry about that when we get there.

She began stroking my dick slowly for a couple of minutes.

J: You know I’ve hooked up with Michael and Charlie (They were sitting at the front of the room)

M: And?

J: Both have bigger cocks than you. Much bigger.

M: Length?

J: Obviously, and thicker

M: You’re lying.

J: I wouldn’t do that to you.

Her hand goes a little faster. J: You have the smallest dick I’ve ever seen.

M: Bullshit.

J: Charlie was bigger than you in 6th grade. He was my first handjob.

M: Jess, I’m gonna cum soon.

J: About time.

M: What’re we gonna do?

J: We?

She glanced at the teacher who was grading papers, not paying attention. Then dropped her head down and deep-throated my cock in one motion. It took everything I had not to moan loudly. Deep throating my dick, she tickled my nuts with her hand. And that was game over. I unload. I was in heaven and seeing stars. I stopped cumming, and she swallowed, came back up, said, “You’re welcome,” and continued watching the movie as if nothing had happened.

M: That felt so good.

J: You owe me, shrimp dick.


Another reader’s marriage is saved by SPH…

After my wife cheated on me, our marriage had a rough patch. Anyway, even though I was masturbating a lot to cuckold porn, I have never wanted this to happen in real life, not like it did. I wasn’t involved in any decision. Hell, it wasn’t even brought up for discussion. I struggled a lot but decided to forgive her the next day. We had a happy ten-year marriage, and I couldn’t let this ruin it. When I told her I forgave her, I was even more disappointed because I felt she was expecting it. In my mind, she wasn’t sorry enough, and I confronted her about it after a few days. She said she knew that cuckolding was my fetish because she checked my search history. I tried to defend myself and told myself that this was just a fantasy, and I had no intention of making it happen.

At this point, I figured it was the best time to tell her what I was really into. I told her about my SPH fetish, and she was shocked. I didn’t realize how surprising it would be for her. Anyway, she almost didn’t talk to me for the rest of the day. She was walking around the house with a glass of wine, giving me a weird look. I was exhausted, my brain couldn’t follow up, and I decided to have a shower and go to bed. I wanted this day to be over. As I got out of the shower, I noticed she was in the bathroom looking at me. I didn’t want to start another conversation, so I waited to let her make the first move. And she did…

She asked me if SPH was really what turned me on. I admitted it again. (She was drunk, BTW). She replied, “But you are such a confined man. I would never think of you liking being humiliated because of the size of your dick. I don’t even know. How does that work?”

Then I said, “Look, it’s just my kink. I don’t expect anything from you. I didn’t want to lie.”

“Is this why you asked me to give You a handjob with twa o fingers the other time? You liked that.”

I said, “I did.”

She put the wine away, came closer to me, and started apologizing. She hugged me, and I felt how much I loved her again. She said, almost whispering that I don’t have to be ashamed of myself. She told me to relax and started working her finger’s on my dick. She gave me SPH for the first time. She started gently by whispering, “You have such a small dick. That’s why I cheat on you. Your baby dick has never satisfied me,” and my reaction was instant.

I’ve never been so excited before. She did it very slowly and with two fingers only.

She said, “Even your balls are small. It’s like it never grew from when you were five.”

Then she did something unorthodox. She licked my nipple, and I liked it so much I came after just twenty seconds. I was thrilled things turned this way, and for another day, I felt like I was on a second honeymoon. After a few days, I noticed she treated me differently. I wasn’t perturbed until I asked her for sex. She was making all kinds of excuses not to sleep with me. But then she said, “Small dick beta males like you don’t get pussy.” God, I love her.


Meanwhile, this reader is exposed in front of his family…

When I was 15, I watched porn in my room with the sound off. I think my family knew I was watching porn and just turned a blind eye to it and treated it as typical teenage behavior. I’m the oldest child, and I have two sisters who at the time were aged 13 and 11, and a brother aged 10. One evening after eating, I went to my room to watch porn. I stripped off, put on the DVD, sat on my bed, and started masturbating. My sisters were in their bedroom chatting away. I enjoyed stroking my gold member micropenis when I heard my sisters scream, and they came running straight into my room. I was frozen on the spot with my dick in my hand, unsure what to do or why they were screaming. They looked at my dick as they ran in and jumped on my bed.


I had my hands over my dick by this point, and we all looked into the hallway, and we saw the mouse run out of the girl’s bedroom, and they started screaming again .my mum came up to see why they were crying, and she asked, “What the hell is going on?”

She got to the top of the stairs. The girls were shouting there’s a mouse and mum ran into my room and saw me on the bed naked with my sisters holding each other she looked at my tv and saw the porn film playing. She grabbed the remote, switched off the tv, and asked where the mouse was? I said it’s gone in your room. She told the girls to follow her, and she went and grabbed the mop from the bathroom and told the girls to follow her and told me to get dressed, and she will deal with me later. They slowly went into the bedroom, and I got up and grabbed my underwear, but before I could put them on, they saw the mouse. My sisters came running back, and the younger one ran behind me, grabbing my arms and pulling them back, trying to hide behind me, which left me fully exposed to my other sister and mum.

My younger brother had run upstairs as well. Hearing the screaming, they all looked at my soft one-incher. Mum quickly closed the door and looked at me, still scared but laughing at me, standing naked with my hand over my crotch. My sisters started laughing as well, now that they were safe. Mum got onto the bed with my sisters and brother. There was hardly any space for me. My clothes were on the bed, and I went to grab them, but mum stepped on my underwear and told my siblings to do the same she handed me the mop stick and said go deal with the mouse.

I said no and let me have my clothes.

Mum replied no, deal with it first. If I let you get dressed, you will run off, so go and deal with it first, then you can get dressed.

I reluctantly took the mop and walked out of the room naked, leaving the door open in case I needed to return quickly. I went into my mum’s room. I was scared, and I banged around till the girls screamed. I ran back with the mop in both hands, forgetting to cover my penis. They shouted it’s gone into the bathroom .mom quickly went and put clothes into the under the gap of the bathroom door, then did the same for the bedrooms while I put on my underwear and t-shirt.

Once everyone had settled down from their hysterics, the attention turned to me. My mum said that was a bit of a surprise. “Bet you weren’t expecting to be naked in front of the whole family showing that little thing,” she said.

I went red as my siblings giggled. I said, “It’s not that small.”

Mum laughed, replying, “If you say so. But let’s just say for context, your younger brother is better equipped than you, and he hasn’t even hit puberty.”

I looked at my brother, smiling at me, proud that his penis was bigger than mine. My sisters kept saying I had a tiny dick. When dad got home from work, the girls ran to him and told him they saw me naked and how my dick was a gold member hard (showing size with fingers), and it shrunk to baby size, to which my mum corrected them, “Smaller than baby size. I’ve seen babies with bigger dicks.”

My dad smirked at me. I just sat red-faced, listening to them making fun of me. I didn’t want to go upstairs because of the mouse, so I had to sit and listen to them till bedtime.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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