A Night Full of Surprises for Mia

By Nova.

It was Friday afternoon, and like any other ordinary student, I was looking forward to the weekend. Lucky for me, I had a party planned at my friend Peter’s apartment near the school. He lives with two other guys from college, so I pretty much knew what to expect: a bunch of guys sitting around, a keg of beer, a few bottles of hard liquor, a few skanky girls, and probably some grass. Usually, I wouldn’t be too excited about a night like this, but tonight was completely different. Tonight, I was planning on finally catching a guy I’ve wanted for all semester, Jake.

Jake is approximately 6’1″ tall with dark brown hair and blue eyes. His father is American, and his mother is Italian, so he has a great mix of skin colors. Jake seems to have a perfect bronze tan all the time, but that’s just how he is. Oh, and did I mention he’s a football player? The first time I saw him at football practice without his jersey on, it was instantly humid. I don’t really like big, strong, jock-type guys, but Jake’s body is to die for. His body is completely well-toned, and his muscles aren’t the type that is obvious and so big that they end up looking disgusting. Everything is just hard enough to look strong and sexy at the same time, from her gorgeous, tanned legs to her perfect, flat chest. If you stand near him, you can see a solid six-pack just starting to appear.

My history with Jake goes back to last semester when we met in a critical social theory class, and we both hated the professor. We talked and flirted during breaks, but nothing more. During winter break, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I had fun thinking about his smile, the way he pinched my arms and stomach when we flirted, and spending a lot of time imagining him south of the border. So, I concluded that Jake was the perfect guy for me to date. While most guys who talk to me pretend to be too cool or are just too nervous or awkward, Jake is sweet, confident, and gorgeous.

Now, a little about me: my name is Mia James. I’m 5’4″, have 34 B breasts, weigh 115 lbs, and am very firm all over. I have curly brown hair and green eyes. I wouldn’t consider myself the hottest girl in school, but I’m definitely a tight little package. I dated a few guys during my sophomore year at school and a couple more guys during my first semester, but nothing serious. If things go well tonight, I think Jake might be the guy I take seriously.

So, for the record, I get back to my room around 6 p.m. I had shopped all day for new black pants and a sexy yet stylish top that cut just below my belly button. A short skirt would be perfect for the occasion, but it’s quite cold. Besides, it’s not like I’m going to shout, ‘I’m a slut. Fuck me, Jake.’ I took a long, hot shower and shaved my legs to make sure they were smooth as silk. I wasn’t expecting any action that night, but a girl can never be too careful. I even made sure to shave my entire pussy the day before to avoid any possible irritation marks today. After that, my roommate helped me with my hair and makeup and waited until 10:30 p.m. The party was supposed to start at 9, but it’s never much fun being the first one.

So I walk a few blocks to the party and already the scene is pretty much what I expected. A few big guys greet me at the door, and the living room is pretty much noisy and unpleasant. Chips and cans of beer cover the table, trashy posters of girls in bikinis adorn the walls, and a funky smell hangs in the room. The music in the room alternates between very bad reggae and popular mainstream rap. I look around the room for Jake, but I can’t find him. I head to the bar and start making myself a vodka and tonic.

“Can I help you with your sexy?” a voice asked.

I turn around, and it’s Peter. Peter is a 5’6″, slim, sort of preppie boy with brownish hair. I met him at orientation my freshman year, and we’ve been friends ever since. He’s a sweetheart, but I’ve never been sexually attracted to him. He’s the kind of guy you’d have a crush on or want to kiss, but you wouldn’t necessarily look at him or think about sleeping with him right off the bat. He is very respectful, too. He would be more likely to try to hold your hand instead of feeling your ass or breasts.

“Hey, honey, happy birthday!” I kiss the side of his face.

He looks at me furiously and says, “Wow, you look great! Too bad I already have an appointment.”

He smiles and chuckles as he tells me this. His comment makes me think of two things. First, Peter still loves me. He’s always complimented me since the first day we met but tries to pass it off as a joke—it’s lame but sweet. Second, like I said, Peter always compliments me, so I don’t really know if I look good or not.

As always, I try to make him forget about me. I ask Peter who his date is, and he points to a cute, petite first-grade girl named Kelly across the room. “She’s cute. I’m happy for you.”

He thanks me and approaches her. For the record, I really think she’s cute, and I hope it works for Peter. I doubt he’s ever done anything with a girl, but he always has this innocent way of doing it.


Twenty minutes pass until I finally see Jake. He enters the room wearing black jeans and a dark black button-up shirt with a few buttons open, revealing some of his caramel-colored chests. My nipples snapped to attention instantly. I couldn’t believe how much of an impact this guy had on me. So I hid in the hallway that connects the bedrooms and living room and waited for about five minutes until I saw him having a drink and standing there.

I approach him very casually and pretend to be surprised when we finally see each other. He looked at me and smiled. If only he knew what was going on inside my panties when he looked at me like that. We went straight into our usual friendly, flirty routine. We talked about the class we had together, what we did on vacation, etc. Not counting the numerous interruptions from some of his friends, everything was going like clockwork. We smiled at each other all the time. He kept making us drinks, too, which relaxed us both a bit.

After he brought the third round of drinks, I asked him what he had planned after the party and Jake told me he was tired from soccer practice and was probably going home. Him. To my surprise, he told me he lived in a studio apartment a block from my dorm. So I teasingly asked him what his room number was so I could surprise him one day.

“Number seven,” he said to me.

I smile and wink at him, and just like that, his facial expression changes. I wondered if I was too strong for him until I realized what was happening. A few seconds later, a girl walks up to Jake and kisses him on the lips. She says, “Hey, baby.”

Jake’s face turns a little red with embarrassment. He held her hand and said, “Mia, this is my girlfriend, Jenny.” He told me this with an impassive face.

‘Girlfriend? Girlfriend? What an asshole! How could he not tell me he had a girlfriend?’ I wondered.

He says: “We started going out at the end of last semester, right before our course ended.”

My heart sank deep into my chest. I started to run out of air, but I wasn’t going to let either of you know that.

I say, “Oh, that’s great. You make such a cute couple.”

Although it was hard to admit, they really were a cute couple. Jenny looked beautiful. She was about 5 feet 10 inches tall, had tan skin, large round breasts that were at least a C cup, and nipples whose shape you could make out just by looking at her dark bareback. Her jet-black hair went down to the middle of her back. Her eyes were large and dark brown, and her lips were full and puffy.

He told me: “She’s Italian, just like my mother.”

‘Great,’ I thought. There’s no way he likes my pale ass. She only made me feel worse when she started looking me up and down. His gaze can be quite intimidating. She looked older than me, too. I asked them how they met, and it turned out she was an assistant to one of his teachers. She was an elderly person, so my suspicions were correct. I felt like a child around her, and I just couldn’t stand it, so I left.


My first instinct was to leave the party, but I didn’t want to seem too obvious, so I went to get drinks instead. I poured myself a large glass of pure vodka and downed it in three gulps. With the amount of alcohol I had previously consumed, I was a little dizzy. I decided to sit for a while and wait at least half an hour before leaving. Little by little, more and more people began to leave. As I was about to walk out, I noticed Jenny looking at me from across the room. She kept whispering in Jake’s ear and giving him kisses. She obviously knew I had a thing for him. It all became too embarrassing, so I headed for the door. I wanted to cry, but I wanted to wait at least until I was in the street before doing so.

When I got up, my head was spinning. My legs were shaking. This is what people mean when they say, ‘I feel like shit.’ As I reached the door, I saw Peter alone in the hallway. He was crouching on the ground, his head resting on his knees. I went to see him to see what was wrong. He looked at me. His eyes were all red. I didn’t know if it was because he was so drunk or if something had happened. He smiled when he looked at me, and as he spoke, I was able to put the tequila on his breath.

He says, “My night is so fucked, Mia. My night is so fucked up. I hate this shit.”

He kept saying his life sucked, so I did my best to drag him into the bathroom and splash water in his face.

When we arrived, I could barely stand and used my hands to hold myself up on the sink. Peter was just sitting there on the toilet. He looked like he was going to cry.

I ask: “What is this?”

He tells me he was making out with Rachel in his bedroom, but she freaked out when he tried to touch her between her legs. He said: “I don’t understand, she let me feel her breasts through her shirt, but she didn’t let me touch her pussy. Don’t girls like it when you rub their pussy, Mia? You don’t like that?”

His question made me a little uncomfortable. Peter had never been this direct with me before, but in his state, I thought it best just to respond. I say, “It depends on the guy. How long I’ve been with him, how much I like him…but yes, I do.”

He said, “So she doesn’t love me?”

I did not know what to say.

Then Peter looks at me and says, “Do you realize I’m still a virgin? I haven’t seen a single girl naked in my entire life except in porn! Can you believe this shit? Do you know how embarrassing that is?”

He started crying, and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. I walked up to him and hugged him. He put his arm around my waist, and his face about two inches from mine.

“I masturbated so much to you, Mia. I’ve thought about you naked a million times and all the stupid things I want to do to you. I want you, Mia.” I tried to pull away from him, but his grip was too strong. “Can I see you naked, Mia? Please.”

This time I really push him away and manage to get up. “Peter, what’s wrong with you?”

He said: “I’ve never seen a real-life vagina, Mia. I’ve never seen one. Everything I know about a pussy is from the internet and videos. I want to see one. Can I see yours, Mia? Please, I want to jerk off while watching you.”

He starts to unbuckle his pants, and that’s when I tell him to stop everything. I stagger out of the bathroom and head towards the door again, and that’s when I see Jake and Jenny kissing heavily in front of people. I felt tears streaming down my face, and they made me think of Peter. At least Peter was honest with me. At least he had the balls for that. And then I started wondering, ‘Who cares if he sees my vagina? Other guys have seen it, and it’s not like Peter is the worst possible person for me to show it to.’ So I decided to go back to the bathroom, and Peter was still sitting on the toilet.

“OK, you can see it, but just for a minute or two,” I said.

His eyes lit up like firecrackers. “Really?”

It’s funny how a guy can get really nervous when he gets what he wants. I could see Peter’s hands shaking as he unbuttoned his pants. If he’s never seen a vagina, then he’s definitely never shown his dick to anyone. Besides, maybe he has a cute one. Who knows? He pulled down his pants to reveal himself, and already I could see a small bulge in his boxers.

I said, “Show me.”

He looks at me with scared eyes and says, “Take off your pants too.”

So I unzip my pants and pull them down very slowly. Peter was already breathing a little harder. I leave my pants down around my ankles and reveal my black satin thong, which is very low cut and fights quite tight. I look at myself and try to imagine what he sees, and when I look back, his boxers are already at his feet.

Peter’s cock was definitely below-average size. His small penis measured only about 2.75 inches when erect and wasn’t very large at that. Its head was just a small, compact piece of pinkish-colored flesh. His balls were also very compressed and did not hang very low. His dick was completely shaved, like a little boy. I felt so sorry for Peter.

If men measured their masculinity by the size of their penis, then it’s no wonder Peter was so insecure. No wonder he always tried to be so nice. He was trying to make up for what little he had to offer. It was the smallest dick I had ever seen. So, I would never want a boyfriend with a micropenis unable to satisfy me, especially since I am still a virgin. I would really like at least an average one to make me deflower.

I’m trying to make him feel better, so I say, “Oh, that’s cute.”

He holds it in his fingers and says: “Your turn.”

So I put my thumbs around the waistband and pulled down only the front part of my thong to reveal my pussy. Peter starts pumping his little penis nervously. Behind him is the bathroom mirror. I surprise myself with it and see what he sees. I see my completely shaved pussy, which looks very smooth. I would say my outer lips are a bit big and puffy, so you can’t really see much of my inner lips if I’m standing.

Peter said, “Open it.” He said this without even looking at my face. I can feel his eyes licking every inch of my pussy. He said, “Please, I want to see your clit.”

At this point, Peter looks really pathetic. Her right fist pumped his little dick, and he started to sweat profusely. I pull my thong down to my thighs and use both to spread my pussy for him smiling. Part of me feels like a bad bitch for doing this, and it’s really exciting. I look in the mirror and see my pink pussy open in the mirror. My small, reddish inner lips are well exposed, and my love hole has opened a little. I feel the air rushing into me. I use my index and middle fingers to spread the top of my pussy and show Peter and the erect clit.

I was very proud of my newfound confidence and my assertive attitude to humiliate Peter. I was very angry with Jake, so I decided to give my virginity to Peter if, of course, he managed to deflower me with his little dick, so I leaned over and pointed her now completely exposed butt at him.

“Well, little Peter,” I say, smiling. “Surprise me.”

He took a deep breath and nervously placed his hands on my ass and spread them slightly. Looking at my vagina, he must have thought it looked incredibly huge haha. I think he even started to wonder if he could really do it. My bravado was starting to fade.

Saying, “Are you going to do something with your micropenis, or am I wasting my time?”

I was tapping my fingers impatiently. Peter took a deep breath, then pushed his hips forward. His little dick was immediately engulfed in the slippery heat of my pussy. Still, suddenly he couldn’t go further than the entrance to my pussy. My hymen blocked him.

“Come on, when are you going to stop slapping my ass and fucking me?” I said to him, glancing at him. “Oh, don’t tell me you already put it in?”

He took yet another deep breath. Then he furiously thrust his hips as far as he could. Poor thing, I felt the tip of his cock touch my hymen, but without being able to break it like a real man, the throbbing walls of my vagina remained inaccessible to him. He continued to pound his hips back and forth several times without any results or even feeling that a man was fucking me. Worse, after a dozen thrusts, I had to pick up my phone to answer a friend, and looking at him always tried to deflower me.

That’s when he really started to panic, so he started pumping quickly in and out of my pussy but still being unable to break my hymen. Then he started to grunt in pleasure, and a wave of pleasure washed over him. He orgasmed, and his penis tightened repeatedly as he pumped a small load of cum past the entrance to my pussy. Immediately after he came, his erection faded, and his small dick shrank into his foreskin.

I let out a deep breath, then said, “Oh, so you went soft, Peter.” Adding, “Look at my hymen. It’s still intact. You failed to make me a real woman, and you’re supposed to be a real man. I think any man with a penis less than five inches is not really a man. I think you should abandon the idea that you can ever please a woman with this thing. And I think it’s both the saddest and funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Since your little dick looks more like a clitoris than a real penis of a real man, in my opinion, you always have to wear panties and thongs like me. They will be more adapted to your size than boxers.”

This is where I see Peter still pumping. He says, “Wait, oh, oh, wait!”

And he begins to unload his burden on himself. His small ejaculations hit his chest and stomach. His shirt is quite stained. He fell to the ground, crying like a girl. It was a sad sight.

I open the door and rush out of the party.

As I leave, I hear girls screaming, “Oh my god!

They probably just got a full view of Peter’s small penis.


This had definitely turned into either the best or worst night of my life. I walked all the way back to my dorm. I’ve never humiliated a little dick in my life, but it was really exciting.

After that, I went to a nearby store, bought some cigarettes, and sat alone on the steps of my dormitory. All I could think about was: ‘How was I going to talk to Jake again? Will everyone find out? Can we still be friends? Do I even want to be his friend now that I know he has a girlfriend?’ I thought about it for an hour before looking at my watch again. Then I remembered he lived nearby. I figured if I could talk to him about it tonight, then maybe I wouldn’t have to be so weird later. What more did I have to lose?

I looked at my watch, and it said 11:30 p.m. I figured Jake should definitely be home by now. I walked to his apartment and rang the bell. When I reached the door to his studio, he was already there, holding it half open. I couldn’t even look him in the eyes and walked straight in.

When I turned to look at him, Jake was wearing nothing but his underwear. They wear tight black cotton briefs that go down and hug his thighs. I was speechless. He acted like it was no big deal, but my god, he looked great. Just looking at him made my stomach feel tingly.

He said, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.”

“It doesn’t matter, does it?” I pretended to be defensive, but he looked so hot in those shorts.

He noticed me looking at his stomach and chest and smiled. He looked down at the bulge in his shorts. His briefs were quite tight, and although they weren’t hard, it was obvious that he had a very large package.

“Do you want to see him?”

I was shocked by his proposal but delighted. However, I didn’t want him to think I was such a slut, so I said, “Why would I ask something like that? Is this what you think I came for?”

“Relax, Mia. I know you’re embarrassed, and I think it’s pretty clear that if we don’t do something about it, we’ll always be uncomfortable with each other.” I could tell by the way he looked at me that he meant it. He said, “So, do you want to see or not?”

I tried to be very casual about it, even though I could feel myself starting to get wet. I said, “Fine, whatever.”

Then, all at once, he lowered his underwear to his thighs. I could not believe my eyes. His cock was big and beautiful. It was in a soft state and hung a little to the left, much larger than little Peter’s when erect, but even then, I could tell it would grow to a considerable size. The skin along his cock looked so smooth, like velvet, and his head was the perfect pink color. His balls were quite big, but not too big. They were smooth, too. In fact, he was very well-groomed for a man. He had no hair around his cock and balls, and the hair he had on top was cut pretty low. It was, and always has been, the most perfect cock I have ever had the pleasure of looking at. This is a real man. I couldn’t help but look at him.

He said, “I’m sorry I couldn’t show you forcefully.”

I said, “How big is it?”

I wanted to know, but I couldn’t believe I actually said it.

“Seven inches. Now, take off your pants.”

It really took me by surprise but in a very exciting way. I remained silent for a moment. He could tell I wanted him.

He said to me: “Come on, don’t be shy. What harm will it do?”

“But what about your girlfriend?” I asked.

He said, “What about her?”

“She won’t like it. Besides, you didn’t even tell me you had a girlfriend. You lied to me,” I accused.

“I didn’t lie. I just didn’t tell you. But you did the same thing to me,” Jake countered.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh, come on, I know you love me. Stop pretending you’re not right now. It’s so obvious.”

On most guys, this would seem totally arrogant, but Jake was so confident. It really made my pussy swell.

He said, “Come on, let’s see it. You know you want it.”

He came closer to me and unbuttoned my pants. I was too nervous to do anything. I really wanted him to be bad, so I let him take over. He pulled my pants down to my ankles and grabbed onto the waistband of my panties. I looked down at him, and he was already semi-erect. My juices began to swell through my thong as I watched his cock get fuller and fuller. He pulled my thong down to my knees, and it just flowed down to my ankles.

He stepped back a little to get a better view. At this point, my virgin pussy was so wet that my lips were swollen and red. I could feel the tip of my clit exposed just a little bit through my love folds. I couldn’t stand it any longer. Just being exposed in front of him burned my insides.

He looked at me for a long time and said, “Wow, it’s so beautiful. You really know how to shave it bare. Most girls leave a little beard.”

Then, to my surprise, he came closer to me and placed his hand on my folds. He rubbed his fingers up and down my lips, not only to feel me but because he wanted to inspect it. And with those words, he parted my lips with his fingers and began to caress my insides, adding that “You have such a meaty pussy.” I blushed, and he said to me. “I see you’re still a virgin. It’s OK, don’t be embarrassed. I love your pussy, and I want to be your first time.”

I lost total control at that moment. My knees buckled, and I put my arms around Jake’s stomach and held on to him. I started rocking my hips back and forth. My breasts felt so good pressed against his upper body. He was so much taller than me that my face only went up to his chest. I pressed my face firmly against her. Feeling all his sweat, listening to his heartbeat speed up. I inhaled as much as I could. His scent, his musty masculine scent, was intoxicating.

I move down his body and put my hand around his cock. It was huge. I look down, and Jake is in a state of complete excitement. His penis must have been about seven inches long. It looked so full and wide. His head was also very swollen. His crown had turned purple and was quite engorged. It was better than I could have imagined and, of course, much bigger than the little thing Peter had between his legs.

I started rubbing him back and forth. I loved feeling my hand on his cock. I loved how soft his shaft was and how soft his crown felt as my hand rubbed over the tip of his cock. However, I couldn’t be coherent because Jake now had a finger on my clit. It was more than good. It was an incredible pleasure. I couldn’t even stand up straight, so I pressed my face against his chest and started licking him. I licked as deep as I could. I wanted as much of him inside me as possible.

He said, “Oh baby, that feels good. Are you having fun?”

At that time, I was so out of control inside that I couldn’t pretend anything. I just told the truth. I said, “Oh, you don’t know how much I wanted this to happen.”

“How much, baby, tell me?”

I felt a small bump on his chest and sucked it in. It was his nipple. I sucked and sucked and swirled it back and forth with my tongue. His finger touched the edge of my clit and began working in consistent circular motions.

I said, “Ooh, Jake, I’ve been masturbating about you for so long. I imagined us doing this in a million different ways. I’ve been wondering for weeks and weeks what you would look like naked. You can do anything you want with me, Jake, anything. I’ll let you fuck me and deflower my pussy. I’m going to lick your cock, your balls, your asshole. All that you want. I am so yours.”

Talking like that made my virgin pussy even hotter, and I started to feel that familiar feeling you get when you know you’re about to cum. I closed my eyes, felt my inner thighs burn, and came all over Jake’s hand.

“OOOOOHHH!” I came so hard I was almost screaming.

For the first time in my life, I felt juice spewing out of my pussy hole. I even heard my juice fall to the floor. But I didn’t care. I started kissing and sucking her neck. I let go of his cock so that I could run my hands all over Jake’s body. I wanted to fuck him so bad. I wanted to make sure that I would please him as he would please me. I was really going to enjoy this. I put my hands on his ass and started groping him like a guy would do a girl.

I felt his cock pressed against my stomach. The bottom of his head was right on my belly button. I really wanted to turn him on and get dirty for him. “Mm, you have such a nice cock. I want to suck him so bad. I kissed him a little more. “I want you to cum in my mouth and face.” I could feel so much precum dripping from his cum slit that I knew he was ready. But when I moved away from him to lean in, I heard a door open and close. ‘This couldn’t happen. Not yet. Not this evening,’ I thought. I closed my eyes and prayed for a miracle.

I finally opened my eyes after a few seconds. My heart started racing. I looked at the front door and there was no one there, but when I turned around I saw Jenny standing in front of another door! There she was, wearing nothing but one of Jake’s t-shirts that barely covered her body. She didn’t have any pants on, so her legs were clearly visible. Her hair was wet, so I guess the door behind her was the bathroom. I was so embarrassed and humiliated. My heart started beating hard in my chest like a ton of bricks. I reached up and pulled up my thong. The whole time, I didn’t know what to say, so I started rambling.

“Oh my God! I am really sorry. It’s embarrassing,” I said.

I pulled my thong all the way up, and my hands were shaking from being caught, and I couldn’t get my pants back up. I stood there in my thong like an idiot, scared and embarrassed for my dear life. That’s when Jenny came up to me, and instead of yelling at me, she gave me a very tender look.

She smiled at me with her big, full, golden lips and said, “Mia. It’s Mia, isn’t it?

“Yeah,” my voice cracked as I responded.

She said, “Honey, don’t be nervous. It doesn’t matter, really.”

I look at Jake, and he’s already pulled his underwear up, but his cock is still hard and poking through the fabric.

He said, “Yes, Mia, relax. Jenny is cool with it.”

I still didn’t know what to say, and being another girl, Jenny probably knew every thought that was racing through my mind.

Jenny said, “Look, Jake told me what happened. I was the one who suggested he show you.”

I could barely get the words out: “Did you do it?”

“Yes. It’s just, I know you’re friends and I didn’t want it to end with something as stupid as that. But I know how girls can be when they’re really embarrassed, so I thought he should make up with you.”

“But what about the other things?” I asked.

“Jake told me you liked him. I already knew. I’m really cool with it. Many girls like my boyfriend. Plus, you’re really cute.”

What did Jenny mean I’m really cute? That’s when Jake puts an arm around Jenny and leans towards her and says, “She has such a cute pussy. It’s all grated and fleshy, and what’s more, she’s still a virgin.”

Apparently, this amused Jenny because she raised an eyebrow and said, “Really, can I see?”

I’m so shocked that my mouth drops open. I have to admit I’ve been a little curious about being with a woman. Still, I’ve never done anything other than fantasize. However, Jenny looked stunning. I couldn’t believe she was asking me to show her. Her big eyes stare at me, and she frowns like a sad, mocking dog.

I try to smile, but my lips can barely move from my shock at the situation. However, Jake walks over to me and pulls my thong down again. I stand there, frozen. Jenny leans over and places her face a few feet away from me to get a really good look. I look at her face and watch her look at me. His gaze makes my pussy feel like a deer in the headlights. My thighs have traces of dried juices from a moment ago.

She says: “It’s so cute Mia.”

“Thanks,” I said.

Little by little, I’m starting to be less afraid of all this. Jenny was so nice to me and really made me feel at ease. She places her middle and index fingers on the upper part of my pussy, my clitoris. She slowly traces up and down my bare surface.

“Look at this waxing. That’s a really good job you did there.”

“Thank you. I shaved yesterday. Anyway, I’m not really hairy,” I said.

“That’s what I thought.”

Jenny continues with her fingers, before finally running her long nails just over my outer lips. My slit looks really slimy because of how wet I got. Jenny finally stops and steps back a little. She looks at Jake and they smile at each other.

She said to me: “Do you want to join us?”

I stutter, “Y-You m-mean with you t-two?”

Jenny knew exactly what I meant. She said, “Yes, with me too.” I told them I’d never done it before, but she said, “Neither have we, but we’ve been talking about trying it lately, and we think you’re perfect. That’s what we said during tonight’s party.”

Now everything has become clear. That’s why Jenny was looking at me at the party. She wasn’t jealous. She was attracted to me. I was about to say yes, but it didn’t matter because Jake came over and grabbed the bottom of my top.

He said, “Here, let me make you more comfortable.”

He pulled my shirt off over my head, then unbuttoned my bra, freeing my 34B breasts. They were so perky and hard from all the excitement from before. My nipples are dark pink, and my areolas are slightly below average size. My erect nipples are not long, but they are proportionately chubby. They almost look like pointy marbles.

Jenny looks at them and says, “Oh, Mia, your nipples are so cute.”

Jake puts one of my breasts in his mouth and sucks on my nipples. My breasts are not my most sensitive area, but I like having them sucked. Jenny comes closer to us and starts to caress my breasts. His hands are so soft compared to Jake’s. She is very delicate, too. She feels them gently and warmly, making sure not to squeeze them too hard. She places my nipples between her fingers and pulls them lightly.

“Your breasts are perfect, Mia. They are so perky.”

I look at his chest and see his chest pressing against his t-shirt. Jenny is visibly excited, her nipples poking through the fabric significantly.

Jake looks at her and says, “Why don’t you make Mia more comfortable, Honey? Take off your shirt.”

Jenny smiled at me as she grabbed the hem of her shirt and took it off. Her breasts were the most impressive I had ever seen. Her breasts were large and full, with only a slight sag, but at her size, no-sag would mean they were fake. I had never seen anyone with nipples like her before. Her areolas were dark brown, very large, and had a much more bumpy and spotty texture. The nipple itself was huge. They went very far, and they were wide too. On my breasts, they would look disgusting, but because she had such big breasts, they looked really sexy on her. This is exactly what I meant when I said Jenny looked like a woman earlier, and she had the tits to prove it. I felt so young with my little pink breasts.

I said, “Wow.”

Jenny and Jake started laughing. Jake said, “Tell me about it, I can suck them all I want.”

Jenny says, “Jake, don’t be vulgar.”

“What, like that’s not true?” He uses one hand to pinch one of her nipples and quickly places his mouth on the other for a 1-second suck. Jenny moaned in reaction. You don’t have to be a scientist to know that her breasts must be extremely sensitive.

He looks at me and says, “I told you so.”

Jenny looks at me again with her big eyes, waiting for approval. I say, “I’m so jealous. I would like to have them. Mine must seem so ridiculous to you.”

She cups both my breasts again and squeezes me: “Don’t say that. I love small, perky breasts. At least people don’t ask you if yours are fake or not.”

I blushed and told him I was going to ask him that question. That’s when Jake stands up behind me and presses himself against me. I can feel his cock, still quite hard in his underwear.

He whispers in my ear: “Do you want to smell them?

“Oh yes, please,” I said.

He grabs my hands and places them on Jenny’s breasts. The first thing that comes to mind is how hard her nipples feel on the palms of my hands. I squeeze them a little, and Jenny moans. Jake lets go of me, and I spend a few moments touching, squeezing, and flicking his nipples with my fingers. I squeeze one of her nipples with my thumb and index finger, and Jenny lets out a soft moan, “Mmm, that feels good.”

Jake stands next to her and says, “Do you want to suck them?”

He removes my hands from her breasts and puts one of her breasts in his mouth. Jenny opens her arms and invites me in. I was a little nervous but excited. My pussy is so wet again that juices are running down my thighs again. I take Jenny’s nipple in my mouth and taste her. It was kind of a new taste. I cup her nipple with my lips and use my tongue to massage it slowly. I squeeze her breast with one hand and start running my tongue in circles around her bumpy areola. I look at Jake, and he gently bites her other nipple with his teeth. I used my tongue to slide them up and down. All the while, Jenny kept moaning.

When I saw Jake stop, I stopped too. The three of us stood there with mischievous smiles. I look down at Jenny’s panties. She is wearing low-cut V-cut bikini bottoms that hug her waist well. Her legs are in full view, but her entire pussy is covered. I noticed a large wet spot right in the center of her pussy. She looks at me and smiles.

She said, “Do you want to see my pussy?

At this point, I’m pretty comfortable with the situation and shout, “Yes!”

Jake walks up behind Jenny and grabs his belt, but she stops him. She says, “I want Mia to do it.”

I get on my knees and slowly pull down her panties. At this point, her pussy can’t be more than a few inches from my face. The smell of her pussy hit me hard and made me even hotter. She had a short, cropped strip of hair above her lips, and the rest was bare. Jenny was obviously a hairy girl because she had a tiny bit of shadow starting to come in. Her pussy was so wet that her outer lips had contracted a little, and her inner lips had stuck out a little. She uses her hand to spread it and take a good look at me. Her clit is really hard and attracts attention. Her love hole also opened. Jenny is not a virgin. I rub my index finger across her slit. Her inner lips wrap around me as I find her hole and slide my finger inside. It was definitely a new feeling for me. Her vagina was a little wrinkled. It was so much more delicate and sensitive than a penis. I used my other hand to find her clit and rub it gently. “Oh fuck, Mia, that feels so good.”

Jake puts his arm around Jenny and starts kissing her neck. Jenny leans over and puts her hand in Jake’s underwear. Jake’s cock got so big that half of it was already out and sticking out of the top of his shorts anyway.

She said, “Do you like watching a girl play with my pussy, baby? She kisses him. “Aw, Papa, do you feel neglected?” Then she looks at me and tells me to take off her underwear, which I do. His cock jumped straight at him. I take it in my hand and start rubbing it. Jenny said, “Well, this is your chance to suck him finally.”

I look up at her, a little embarrassed, and she leans down on the floor next to me and places her soft hand on my face. She says, “Don’t be embarrassed by what you said before when you thought you were alone together. It turns me on to know that you love Jake’s big cock. I wasn’t expecting any more surprises for the evening, but what happened next really took me by surprise.

She grabs my face with both hands, leans in, and kisses me. Her lips were like velvet. Her mouth was just parted, and she gave me the perfect combination of lips and tongue that I had never received. Then she got up and took me by the hand. She led Jake and me to his bed and made him lie down. We both sat down and close to his cock. He was hard and lying flat against her stomach.

She grabbed him by his fingertips and said, “It’s nice, isn’t it?”

“My God, Jenny, you are so lucky,” I said.

“Feel how heavy it is.” As if I hadn’t noticed that already. Jenny said to me, “Go ahead, Mia, do whatever you want.”

I took that as permission to be as naughty as I wanted and planted my face in his crotch. I started running my tongue up and down his shaft, then made my way to his balls, where I took a big whiff of him.

Jenny said, “Oh my god, you smelt his balls too?”

“Yes, I love it.”

And with that, I finally took Jake into my mouth. He immediately tasted pre-cum. I drank all her juice instantly, and at this point, I lost all my inhibitions. I started moving my mouth up and down his pole quickly. I tried to make it look as slutty as possible because I knew Jake was watching. I dropped a big wad of saliva on his cock and started pumping it with my hand. Jake was in heaven.

“Oh shit, Mia.” Don’t stop,” he moaned.

I alternated between my mouth and the handjob. As I did, Jenny came up behind me. I was on my knees, in the air on the bed. You could say I was on all fours. That’s when I felt Jenny spread my ass and start to eat me out.

His tongue started lapping at my slit. Jenny parted my lips with her fingers and found my clit pretty quickly. It was nice that someone understood how important it is to be consistent with a girl’s clitoris. She put just the right amount of pressure. I didn’t know what turned me on more, the pleasure on my pussy or the fact that I was finally sucking Jake off.

Meanwhile, Jake was about to burst. He said, “Oh, Mia, I’m going to cum all over your face.”

Jenny screamed, “NO! Not yet,” and she took me away from him.

She wanted to save it for later. Jenny asked Jake to get off the bed, and she took his place. She spread her legs, showing her soaked slit and love hole, and begged me to eat her out. I pressed my face against her pussy and felt the layers of her vagina against my face. My face started to get covered in her juices. I didn’t know what to do, so I just stuck out my tongue and started licking her slit deeply. Jake’s lips engulfed my face. My eyes were the only things not covered by her pussy. It was weird, but I was fascinated by Jenny’s smell and taste.

I moved back a little and found her clit, so I started playing with it too. Meanwhile, Jake started kissing Jenny, so her moans became muffled. At one point, they both looked at me to watch my performance. This only turned me on more. I even went for her asshole and started licking all around that area, which was a first for me. With Jake sucking her tits and me on her pussy, Jenny was in heaven. At one point, she even placed both of her hands on my head and started massaging my hair. I hated when my ex-boyfriends did that because all they did was make me gag on them. However, Jenny was sincerely caressing me, and it was really sexy.

I felt her hips start to buckle, and that’s when she said to me, “Don’t stop, Mia. Don’t fucking stop.”

I had a finger in her pussy and my tongue on her clit, and I tried to keep it as consistent as possible. Moments later, Jenny came to my face. His tastes were extremely sexy. I got up, my face completely wet. Jake called me, and he ran his hands through my hair and slowly rubbed his thumbs over my cheeks.

He said to me, “You look so hot right now.”

And finally, he kissed me! We locked lips and pushed our tongues deep into each other’s mouths. He wrapped his arms around me and held me tightly against him. I was melting. I felt Jenny coming from behind, and she started running her hands over my back and ass. Jake and I didn’t stop kissing for at least a few minutes. Then Jenny put her hand between my ass cheeks and found my pussy.

Jenny said, “I think she’s ready, Jake. Mia, how do you want to get fucked for the first time?”

I looked at Jake and told him to make me missionary. I just wanted to feel his body pressed against mine and feel him inside me. He threw me on the bed and spread my legs. With one hand, he took his cock and ran the head up and down my slit. It was torture.

I said, “Oh please, fuck me and make me a real woman!”

Unlike Peter, with his pathetic little dick, Jake had no trouble breaking my hymen easily in one go. Still, he was a big enough man to take it easy during the first few pumps. Jake first filled me with about five of his inches and started working me very slowly. He picked up the pace for a while, and I started to feel more and more tense. Jenny lay down next to me and started rubbing my breasts and kissing my neck.

Jake wanted to get naughtier and started encouraging me. He asked me, “Do you like that, baby? You were flirting with me tonight, weren’t you? Did you want this baby?”

I looked at Jenny, and she kissed me again.

She said, “Don’t worry about it. Let’s be honest. It excites me.”

Jake started pounding harder and harder. My hips were rocking back and forth in perfect tempo with him.

I said, “Yes. I shaved my pussy just for you. I wanted you to eat it and fuck it. Oh, Jake, you feel so good.”

I felt that familiar feeling again and knew I was about to cum.

Jenny began to play the role of cheerleader, saying, “Fuck her hard, baby. Fuck her slutty little pussy. Watch as she spreads her legs for you. She’s going to cum on your cock.”

I couldn’t help but burst out at Jake. I started crying in ecstasy. I looked at Jake’s face as we arrived. He smiled because he knew he had won me over. He would always remember my face of complete abandonment with my cum all over his cock.

I could tell he was about to cum because he kept going faster and faster. He looked at Jenny, and she ran toward him.

She said, “Are you ready, baby?”

Jake’s eyes rolled back into his head, and he pulled out of me. Jenny grabbed my hand and pulled me right in front of his cock. Jake grabbed himself and pumped himself into my face. The first trail of cum was long and very hot. It landed just above my right eye and spread over my nose and mouth. I looked down when part of it hit my eye, and the second strand, also long, landed on my hair. He turned to his right, where Jenny was holding her breasts together for him, and he finished spraying all over her breasts. The rest of his sperm came out more uneven and less dense. Jenny made him let go of his cock and put it between her tits. She started to caress him with her breasts.

She said, “What do you feel, baby? It’s good?”

Jake was too exhausted to speak, “Mmm-hmm.”

His cock started to get softer, the tip was red from all the action, but Jenny rubbed it gently and took it in her mouth. She sucked his cock clean of any little cum resting on his shaft. My eye is closed because of the sperm in my eye.

Soon after, Jenny put her arms around me. She said to me: “Are you OK? You didn’t have too much pain.”

“Yes, I’m doing well. Thanks anyway,” I said.

We looked at each other, and something inside me made me hug her. She had introduced me to a whole new world of sex. A world I have cherished ever since. She took my hand and led me to the bathroom, where we both dried off. She left the bathroom first because I had to pee, and when I came out, Jenny and Jake were already in bed under the covers, still naked. They were cuddling. Jake was already starting to fall asleep.

I couldn’t help but feel really sad. I now had to go back to my dorm and sleep alone. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the experience, but sometimes, the best thing a girl can get at the end of a night is a hug. I tiptoed to the pile of clothes in the middle of the room and grabbed my panties.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

I looked up and Jenny had opened some of the covers for me. I said, “Are you sure?”

“Of course, I’m sure. I really want you to stay.”

I got up in the bed, and Jenny moved me into the middle. We got under the covers, and she whispered in my ear, “I heard a rumor that Peter tried to fuck you with his little penis. Is he really that small?”

My heart was racing again. “Yes,” I whispered. “Peter’s tiny, poor guy. He’s only 2.75 inches hard.”

That’s when me and Jenny burst out laughing, and Jake didn’t understand, or maybe he did.


The End.


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