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Member Pass Disclaimer

Member passes are not subscriptions. They are not renewed when they expire. If you want to continue to access our archive content after your pass expires, you need to buy a new one. That’s why it’s stupid to cancel one. There’s no refund if you cancel your member pass. You’re just giving us free money (thanks). Member Passes also include access to the free content by default, and once a member pass expires, it reverts to a free account only.

The member passes are just for accessing the archive content (pictures and Max Swan stories), not the free content on this site. You don’t need to hold a pass (or become a subscriber to the WordPress blog) to access the free content on this site.

Copyright Info:

All logos and trademarks on this site are the property of The Small Dick Club. The comments and stories are the property of their respective authors. All the stories appearing on this site are 100% fictional. The Small Dick Club takes no responsibility for the imaginations and literary creations of authors whose stories appear on this site. Many stories are added from other free sites, which is legal as these stories are public domain.



The Small Dick Club is not responsible for the content on sites we link. Although we had checked these sites when we first added the link to The Small Dick Club and found them clean of malware or viruses, we’re not responsible for any you may encounter on these sites if they now exist. We are not responsible for any damage to your PC/laptop/notebook/tablet/phone (or any other media device) if you visit these sites. You do so at your own risk.


Why is my story on your site?

If you have posted your story on this or any other free site (e.g. Reddit, ASSTR, XNXX, Literotica, etc), then your work is considered public domain. Therefore we are legally allowed to post your story here as long as we post the story with the author’s name and contact details if supplied. We do not need to seek your permission to publish your story on this site under these conditions as your story is public domain. This is a legal determination we sought long ago.

We do not publish ‘public domain’ stories in our member’s area. Your name (and email, if known) should be bold above the age warning on the post. We even link your name back to the source to give you traffic to your other stories if we know it. You may not have posted your story here, but the views and traffic we give your work are something to be appreciated. Of course, we will remove stories if authors request us to, but consider the exposure that the thousands of readers of this site give your story.

We will never stop searching for good public domain content on this site as we want this to be a one-stop place for this kind of content.



It is our guarantee to you that any email address will not be disclosed to any third party. We strongly suggest you create a gmail/hotmail/yahoo email you can use if you’re worried about people discovering you like this site. This way, your privacy will be maintained. We do not send email notices except for registrations and password resets, so you don’t have to worry about others seeing our site in your inbox. We collect stats, including IP address, country of origin, and browser information. None of this data is available to third parties. We also suggest you use a VPN service or the Tor Browser to visit this site as government security agency monitoring the internet is a fact of life these days.


Smashwords eBook Ads & Sales

This website only receives an affiliate royalty of 11% (often a mere 20 cents per sale) for any eBook sold through this affiliate account. We can assure you we make very little money from this. These kinds of stories are not exactly huge sellers. It’s a very niche market. We put the Smashwords ads in our stories because it is not about making money off them but about advertising some excellent authors who do great stories in the genres featured on this site (and there are not many). Most of the money from a purchase on Smashwords goes to the actual author of the work. This is the standard affiliate program with smashwords.

Any purchases, therefore, will be handled by Smashwords, so any issues with bought eBooks should be reported to Smashwords, not us. We strongly encourage everyone to support indie authors as much as possible. Placing ads in our stories is how we are supporting these authors.


Comments Rules

We do not allow people to post email addresses, social media aliases, or any kind of personal information in comments to posts. We will remove it before approving a comment on a post. Also, we do not allow people posting links to other SPH content or dick pics in comments. If you want to add your dick pic to the site then use the Submit Page. All comments are moderated before they appear on this site. Abusive comments will be deleted and never see the light of day.


Please use the comments box below to contact us about any problems with the website.


  • bambiegirl

    how come there is no sign-up form for paid membership

  • don johnson

    Thank you. Love your site. BTY. Does the webmaster have any pics on here

  • don johnson

    I have tried several times to submit pictures but it says my pics are too large. I’m taking pics and sending with cell phone. Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong. I really want to see my small dick on the site as I definitely qualify.

    • I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems. I’m afraid our host sets the limits on file sizes, so it’s something we can’t change. Maybe you could create an account on imgur.com and upload them there. Then use the story submission form to submit the links. Then I can download them and adjust the size to appear on the site. Or if you already post them on other sites, send us the link and we can get them for you. Hope that helps.

  • don johnson

    This is the first place I’ve ever posted to. If you received any of my pics feel free to post them anywhere you want. I’d love for my dick to be all over the internet.

  • don johnson

    Downloaded a photo resizer app and looks like my pics went through. App seemed to hurt quality though. If I made them too small let me know.

    • yes, the images are too small. Can you please make the longest side 900pixels, not 400? If I enlarge the images you submitted, they will lose quality again.

  • Drew

    If I purchase a membership with a credit card, will TSPC appear on the credit card bill, or a more neutral sounding name.

  • Smoothbutt

    How can I join the site


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