Some sporadic posting over the next few weeks.

Hi Everyone, The posting of free stories will be sporadic over the next few weeks due to some real-life issues taking up my time. I will keep posting galleries as per the usual schedule for the members, but for everyone else, you may only get a couple of stories a week until the middle of July. Also, in other news, Max Swan/soloman_aus has decided to set up his own patreon page for his stories and captions and therefore we will

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Seasons Greetings To All

Hi all, We’ve had a big year this year at The Small Dick Club. We’ve migrated our site to a new host and changed our domain from smallest-dick-on-earth to the-small-dick-club. We’ve posted more content this year than in any other year, so I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Thanks to everyone who has bought memberships and the smashwords eBooks. This helps keep our site running. From the 22nd of November, I’ll be away until after Christmas. This means I won’t be

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New Free Content

Hi readers, Thanks for making The Small Dick Club your favorite small dick fetish site on the internet. We really appreciate you coming here to enjoy yourself. We are releasing some more free content for you all which will increase your enjoyment of the site. We now have a Free SPH/Fetish Captions page in our menu (under Free Videos) that has our lastest SPH, Cuckold, Femdom, & Beta Captions galleries. We will update these as we do with our Free

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We have fixed a few things

Hi All, We have been using a new membership plugin recently and realized today that we had the setting a little too tight, making it impossible to read the free content without logging into the site. We have fixed that now, so you don’t need to be a subscriber to see the free content anymore. We apologize because our promise when we moved to the new server was that we would no longer do that. We also found that the

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Give Us Some Feedback

We are just looking to see why you guys come back here. Maybe content that isn’t liked we will phase out and content that is liked we can try to increase what we have on the site already. You can tick multiple boxes on the poll. Thanks for participating. [poll id=”2″]   You will need to refresh the page if you’ve done the first question. Then you’ll be able to do the next one. [poll id=”3″]   08/11/21 – OK,

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Terms & Privacy

New Member? Having trouble accessing our content? If you have just purchased a member pass and are having trouble accessing some or all of our content, it’s most likely a cookie issue. Log out of the sight, clear your cache and cookies on your device, and then log back into the site. This will fix it.   Member Pass Disclaimer Member passes are not subscriptions. They are not renewed when they expire. If you want to continue to access our

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