We have fixed a few things

Hi All,

We have been using a new membership plugin recently and realized today that we had the setting a little too tight, making it impossible to read the free content without logging into the site. We have fixed that now, so you don’t need to be a subscriber to see the free content anymore. We apologize because our promise when we moved to the new server was that we would no longer do that. We also found that the login page wasn’t working as well, which made it even harder to view free content. Talk about software glitches. We have fixed it all now so things are back to normal again.

The Webmaster.


  • lildick455

    I am a member and I haven’t been able to login for quite some time due to the glitch I guess. I am able to login now, but if I try to look at member pass only content, it sends me back to the home page.

    • Sorry to hear you’ve had problems. I have added a free month to your membership and sent you a password reset link. Hopefully, that will fix it. If you have further trouble let me know.

  • pitzhhh

    I cannot access member pass contents. It always sends me back to the homepage.

    • Thanks for letting us know. Hopefully, it should be fixed now, and we’ve added a month for the inconvenience. Make sure you log out and clear your cookies before trying it again.


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