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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader had a thing for his teacher…

In high school, she was my Math teacher, very young, straight out of college. I was an overachiever, President of my class twice, National Honor Society, Sports Editor of the paper. I was so full of myself. We became kind of friends, and when I graduated, I went to a local college where she lived. We would have dinners, coffee, movies. Well, one night, I got a little drunk and decided I’d make a move. We decided to do it, and when I got undressed, the last thing to come off was my undies.

I had always known I was below average compared to other guys, but she was the first woman I would do it with. When I dropped my undies, the look on her face said it all. A smirk that said, ‘poor guy.’ I stood there frozen, embarrassed. Worse still, I started to get hard to a measly silver member.

She started laughing and said, “I always thought you were hung because you were so cocky in high school. Maybe you were overcompensating for having a tiny dick.”

That’s what started my desire for SPH after that first humiliation.


Another reader gets cuckolded by his ex…

When I was at college, I got together with my second serious girlfriend, Jenny. She was small and cute with tiny tits, slightly tomboyish, and she had never had a boyfriend before. When we were first together, she was sexually inexperienced, having had a couple of short flings that she hadn’t enjoyed. I spent a lot of time and energy helping her to enjoy sex. Though I’m a bronze member in size, she was surprised the first time she saw my cock. She thought it was huge, and after she got used to it, this was something she liked about our sex life. She went from being repulsed by blowjobs to enjoying them and generally became a sexual person.

Then we broke up, but we stayed in contact. Over the following years, we often slept together. But Jenny quickly racked up way more lovers than me, and she started liking to tell me about it, sometimes even when we were in bed together.

At one point, Jenny got an older man while sleeping with me. She then fucked this guy’s best friend, who himself had a long-term girlfriend. This in itself was pretty cruel – she went out with her boyfriend, got his best friend’s number, and then met up with him in secret a couple of days later, sucked him off, and fucked him. The weekend after, I visited her, and she started telling me about this guy.

She started telling me that this guy’s cock had been so big she couldn’t get her hand around it. She said that she wanted to fuck him again, but she thought he wasn’t interested now that he’d gotten what he wanted, and he didn’t need to sleep with her again because “I bet his girlfriend does whatever he tells her to. If I were his girlfriend, I’d do anything he told me. With a cock like that, I bet he never has to ask twice.”

And this is where the meanness started to creep in. She was never mean to me outside of sex, and I never encouraged her to be dominant, but she started humiliating me sexually for fun. First, she began sharing fantasies of forcing my other ex-girlfriends to suck this guy’s cock. She was pretty jealous, and she would deal with it by telling me detailed stories of what she would get him to do to these girls if she ever got the chance. Then sometimes, she would turn me down for sex but explicitly tell me that if this guy ever suddenly decided to call her, it would be a different story.

Later she got a new lover called Rob. At this time, she and I were kind of getting back together, or at least I thought so, but she was sleeping with him at the same time. She came to visit me to work on our relationship, but one of the first things she said to me when we were in bed together was, “Rob likes it when I tell him his cock is bigger than yours.”

I didn’t know how to react. She then loosened her grip on my dick and started jerking me off loosely, hardly touching it, and whispered in my ear, “His cock is much bigger than your little dick.”

One of the last times I ever had sex with Jenny, she was on top, riding me. She lent back, grinding hard against me, and with some frustration, in her voice, she said, “Oh my God, I wish your dick was bigger. It just doesn’t reach good places. Why is it too small?”

When I think of her now, this is what I think of.

I’d never even heard of SPH as a fetish when all this was happening, and I think I probably only like videos with this stuff now because of Jenny. In that sense, she messed with my head. I haven’t seen her for a couple of years now. I guess she’s probably with some very well-endowed guy now, getting fucked every-which-way while I reminisce about her, and she’s perhaps still fantasizing about that first big guy, the one who made her realize I was a member of the small dick club.


Meanwhile, this reader goes to the spa…

I was at a spa with my girlfriend a few years ago, and on the second day there, we decided to have a professional 1-hour full-body massage. I don’t know if it works like this everywhere, but basically, we were taken in a private room (me in one my girlfriend in another), and the masseuse (a 20ish something girl, rather cute) gave me a pair of paper single-use thong thing and left a couple of minutes to let me put it on. Well, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a pair of these things, but basically, there is some room.

A lot in my case, to store your junk, and they leave everything else exposed. It also happens that I’m very slim, so they don’t fit me that well. Apart from a lot of space left down there, the elastic borders didn’t even contact my skin properly. They also give you a small towel to cover yourself when the masseuse is not massaging near that part of the body.

I put it on, and I lay down on the massage table, waiting for her to come back. The massage goes as always. She starts from the head, down the face, shoulders, arms, chest, etc. When she starts massaging my chest, I start feeling a bit aroused, I mean, a cute girl is massaging all my body, and I’m covered with just a paper thingy and a towel. Who wouldn’t get aroused? Anyway, I was sure she would never notice, being a silver member has to have its advantages 😀

Well, to massage my abdomen and thigh, she moved my towel to the side, accidentally moving my thong too and exposing my boner. I didn’t even notice since the space down there was so ample that nothing was touching anyway without the towel, but I heard a very brief stifled laugh, followed by her hands near my crotch adjusting my paper underwear. As soon as I realized what happened, I blurted out, “I’m sorry about that.”

She was very professional. “Don’t worry about it. It happens.”

I could still see she was almost smiling, trying to hide it and smirking in the process, but again, she tried to remain as professional as she possibly could.

A heating unit blew air directly on my crotch area from the side. This made all the wasted space from my paper thong turn into a sail and continuously move away from covering my private area. She would still try to cover it again, and it would move again. It was like the world decided that my tiny penis had to be in perfect view of this poor girl.

When it became evident that the situation wouldn’t get better, she stopped, put the towel back on top of my lower area, took a paper-thong intended for female clients, and said, “Put these on, maybe they’ll fit better,” and left the room.

I felt humiliated, on the brink of an orgasm, and as aroused as I’ve ever been. I first tried to calm down a bit. Just the friction of putting something on would have made me cum at that point. Then I put the female paper-thong on, and she was right. It was a perfect fit. The masseuse came back into the room and finished her massage, not even noticing that I was hard the entire time.

She was good and a professional. I bet it was hard not to make any comment or to act like she did and keep it together. But still, the humiliation of basically giving me women’s underwear was terrific. When we went to pay for the massage, I tried to say I was sorry for what happened in the room, but she said it was her fault. Sometimes it happens when a guy has a petite body that she should have known to give me the appropriate apparel. Trying to steer the situation away from my small penis.

But I could see she was barely keeping it together, and my girlfriend was smiling and shaking her head, already guessing what had happened.


While this reader’s fiancée knows how to turn him on…

I have been a long-time lurker, but I wanted to share the humiliating experience with my fiancé that finally urged me to turn this fantasy into a constant reality.

In the past couple of years, I’ve bounced between trying to be pathetically quick and trying to last longer / finishing my fiancé. I don’t think I’ve ever made her cum with my dick while actively trying sometimes. She indulges in a lot of my desire for humiliation / SPH and loves to tease me with a few of the usuals: “Is it in?”, “Can you just use your hands already so that I can feel something?”, “Does this feel good for you?”, “Just let me know when you’re done,” or straight up laughing when I stick it inside her. I always crave her humiliation, and she knows what put me over.

That said, she seems to prefer more vanilla sex when I’m more dominant and fuck her hard to completion using a strap-on cock. Missionary tends to be her favorite and the most reliable when I actually try and get her there using toys. I’m only a bronze member of the small dick club.

So the last time we had sex before she was leaving to travel for a work conference, I figured I’d try to fuck her just with my dick. Naturally, I get on top and gradually speed things up after a few minutes inside. She’s not reacting to my efforts. I start going into her and fucking her aggressively.

Then she chimes in with, “Awwww, it’s trying so hard for me.” Followed up with, “This is pathetic. Your dick is just too small for pussy.”

I lost it and came HARD immediately after.


This reader comes second to a toy…

I assumed my girlfriend just wasn’t into SPH, so I stopped pushing for it. The other night was her birthday, so we had a few drinks, we were pretty drunk when we started making out, and that obviously led to fucking, to start it was expected, but then she got on top and asked if I was in, which I was so, I said, “Yeah, I’m in.”

She just said, “Oh? I didn’t feel it go in. Maybe I would feel a real cock.”

I was so shocked, she’s only ever given me sph in a mainly jokey way, and she’s never said anything so blunt while we’ve been fucking. I knew this was the perfect time to try and get to humiliate me more. “Do you want a bigger cock?” I asked.

“Anything would be better than your baby dick,” she said.

Throughout the night, she continued to say how she’d prefer a bigger dick, one that could stretch her out and one that could fuck her rough. I was so horny and fucking her as good as I could, but she didn’t stop. I eventually called her bluff. As a bi man, I have a 9-inch dildo she already knew about, so I pulled it out, and her eyes were glued on it wide open.

She’s never used a dildo before, only vibrators, so I lubed it up and started to push. I watched her eyes roll back, her mouth drop open, and a massive moan came out as soon as I pushed it in. I continued to fuck her in different positions using the dildo, doggy, missionary. She even stood it up on my thigh and rode it while playing with my tiny dick. She was in heaven.

After about 20 minutes of hard fucking with the dildo, she said she was getting sore, so I suggested stopping and calling it a night, but no, she wanted me to fuck her again. I pushed my bronze member dick inside her, and I could immediately tell she felt so stretched out compared to normal. She looked me dead in the eye, kissed me, and said, “I can’t even feel you anymore. Now cum, little bitch.”

It only took me about 30 seconds to cum after that. I was so turned on. She kept telling me how pathetic it was and how her ex had a thick cock like that dildo. After I came, she stood my dick up next to the dildo, had a little chuckle, and said, “Time for bed,” in a cute voice like nothing ever happened and turned off the light.

Here’s to hoping this happens again! What made it hotter is that she was doing this on her birthday and thinking about her ex’s cock.


Another reader learns he doesn’t measure up…

Some time ago, my girlfriend and I stayed in her parents’ home for a couple of days. We slept in her old room, where some of her books were still on the shelf. Among them was some educational book about sexuality and other stuff, including images of genitals. I grabbed that book and asked my girlfriend if this book was helpful at all. She replied that she likes how this book refers to a realistic view of sexuality and not as it is shown in porn. Out of curiosity, I took the book out of the shelf and sat down with my girlfriend, and we began to have a look at it.

After some pages and images of penises with different sizes and shapes, I mentioned that one is pretty close to mine.

She just smiled and said: “No, you don’t measure up with him. Look, he reaches his belly button with his dick, and you barely reach behind your pubes. But it is OK. You are more of a petite kind of guy, in every sense.”

I think she didn’t mean to be harsh to me but just said what she thought. Even though it made me hard, which was increased by her comment on a massive dick on the next page, saying while she was laughing, “And you definitely don’t measure up with him either.”


Meanwhile, this reader finds out drugs are bad, mmmmmmk…

I want to share some of my experiences involving my tiny dick, particularly the thrill of the humiliation I have from this. I do want to say that this does include drugs to some extent (cocaine), so I apologize if this isn’t allowed. Still, I would also say that I hope you enjoy reading my experience, and I 100% recommend against ever doing any substance abuse for obvious reasons.

So I have a pretty tiny dick when flaccid, like maybe an inch at most, and I’m uncircumcised, so I think that makes it shrink a little more when it goes inside the foreskin. But when stiff, I’m a silver member of the small dick club, which isn’t too bad, I guess, and girls would never really say anything negative about it unless they were trying to be mean or were an absolute size queen. Not to sound big-headed, but just providing context, I would say I am reasonably good-looking, in good shape, and ultimately never had problems with dating and getting girls. But I always knew I was small and realized I was into SPH from my late teens. I only really got to enjoy SPH in videos, though, never in person because in real situations, the girls just never complained about my dick, and I’d often have to imagine it.

That was until I started taking coke in my early twenties. I had no idea that this would hurt my sexual performance because usually, I was taking it at parties where I was drinking and having fun and not really when persuing the ladies. However, when I was in my mid-twenties, I had a close friend who was part of a friendship group I hung out with a lot which I was really into. She was really hot and exactly my type. The downside was she had a boyfriend, and I guess we were too much in a friendzone situation anyway.

After knowing her for a few months though, I was invited to a big party for her birthday, and she mentioned that her sister was coming to visit because, brilliant, it was also her birthday. So the girl I was crushing on but couldn’t have, had an identical, available twin sister. So anyway, I will cut out the extended details of the evening and skip to the good bit. I managed to get the twin sister into a bedroom, but I was pretty buzzed on coke by this time. I was horny as fuck, but noticed that I didn’t seem to be getting hard while making out. Eventually, I couldn’t put it off any longer, and the clothes started coming off, and I hoped that this would wake up my little guy and give him the go-ahead to perform. Unfortunately, THIS is when I discovered ‘coke dick.’

While this chick was laying on the bed in just her panties, watching me get my kit off, I ended up pulling down my boxers to reveal my dick was not only not hard but had basically retreated into my body entirely and just wasn’t there at all. Like a light switch, the girl’s attitude changed, and she was straight to surprised, then sat up giggling. It is burned into my brain just how funny she seemed to find this. As we were still in the moment, we did try our best to save the situation. She tried playing with it, we tried naked making out, I spent a good while going down on her while trying to ‘fluff’ myself up with my hand, but in the end, we just had to give up. While she didn’t say anything too mean, I could tell that she seemed more amused than disappointed while we got dressed. The cherry on top of that story, though, is that I know that she IMMEDIATELY told her sister about it because she then kept bringing it up with me in almost every conversation, only she didn’t understand that this was to do with the coke but just assumed I had a micropenis with erectile problems and she found it hilarious.

Being that I did secretly enjoy SPH, this whole experience was a dream come true for me, and honestly, I think maybe it was better than if I even did get to fuck the sister.

For the next couple of years, I got hooked on getting SPH by girls after taking coke and suffering the ‘coke dick.’ I would often go on Tinder dates to get buzzed and then fail at sex, just because I would enjoy their reaction so much. I have never been much of a fan of taking coke with someone who doesn’t know that I’m doing it, though, particularly if we meet in public, so wherever possible, I would try to include them if they were the kind of person who did it too. I did this a lot with webcam girls, too – sometimes I would specifically have sessions with dommes from whom I would request SPH. Still, sometimes too, I would do cam2cam sessions with camgirls and get them to striptease and play with themselves for me, all while I’m there rubbing the nub, just so that later when the effect wore off, I would jerk off correctly to the thought of it and cum with the force of a thousand suns.

All of this happened over about 5 or 6 years in my twenties when I had more money and free time than I had common sense. Still, now I have been off drugs and alcohol for a few years and try to live a lot more responsibly (to repeat, I would advise against ever taking illegal/harmful substances, it’s not worth it). I have been trying to find anything that might safely recreate this effect without luck. I’m still pretty small, but of course, now there is no problem with it getting hard, and once I’m at that stage, any girl I’m with is happy to proceed rather than point out it’s still a tiny dick. Still, I am glad to look back on those humiliating experiences with my small, shriveled, impotent dick.

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