Some sporadic posting over the next few weeks.

Hi Everyone,

The posting of free stories will be sporadic over the next few weeks due to some real-life issues taking up my time. I will keep posting galleries as per the usual schedule for the members, but for everyone else, you may only get a couple of stories a week until the middle of July.

Also, in other news, Max Swan/soloman_aus has decided to set up his own patreon page for his stories and captions and therefore we will no longer be featuring his content here at the SDC. We are sorry to see him go but if you want to continue to follow him here’s the link: Max will allow us to post the SPH Captions he posts on Reddit into our regular SPH Captions library. Max also has a few free stories which we will move to our story category pages. So there will still be some content here.

Max tells us he’s finally writing the completion to The Stepmother which you will be able to read on his patreon page.

Thanks for your understanding.


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