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We are just looking to see why you guys come back here. Maybe content that isn’t liked we will phase out and content that is liked we can try to increase what we have on the site already. You can tick multiple boxes on the poll. Thanks for participating.

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You will need to refresh the page if you’ve done the first question. Then you’ll be able to do the next one.

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08/11/21 – OK, going by the results so far, I’ve put all the sissy/gay captions on their own page. That way those who don’t like that content don’t have to see it. We won’t discontinue these galleries because our other stats show they get a lot of visits. But I respect that some straight men feel uncomfortable with gay content, so we’ll keep them apart.

I’ve also decided that SDC will no longer post male chastity photos as even our page stats say none of you are very interested in this fetish. We may even remove the current galleries altogether. – Microman66


08/15/21 – What we’re going to do with the small dick pics is the latest ones will only be seen on the free dicks pics page, we won’t put that gallery on the archive page until we have a new gallery to put on the free page. We had been doing both at the same time but feel this will save us some time. So from now on, to see the latest dick pics go to the free page, to see all the archive dick pics buy a member pass.

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