Our Readers SPH Experiences 144

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader is embarrassed at the urinal…

I’ve never talked about this before, but one of my earliest SPH experiences came from two high school teammates (guys) who are both a year younger than I am. We’d been scrimmaging in practice, and our coach gave us a quick break, so the 3 of us headed to the locker room. The stalls doors weren’t connected to the ceiling, so they had that gap on top. The other two guys were washing their faces outside and talking while I went to pee in the stall at the end.

At this point, I have full shrinkage, and my dick looks super unflattering, like a little Malteser (but not black) sitting on top of my balls. I put my index finger and thumb on it and leaned forward a bit so I wouldn’t piss on the seat and started relieving myself. As soon as I started, the taller guy came and jumped up a bit, held onto the top of the stall door, and looked down. Mid-pee, I was helpless to cover myself, and I had pulled both my balls and dick out of my underwear to pee, so everything was on display.

He instantly started laughing loudly and shouted, “It’s so small!”

I finished my pee as quickly as possible and pulled my shorts up. When I opened the door, I found the taller guy pinching his two fingers less than an inch apart from the other dude, and they were both giggling their asses off. Thankfully never got mentioned explicitly, though. I wonder if they told our other teammates.


Another reader gets some election blowback…

One day Anna (a cheerleader) and I were walking after class, this was like 3 months after we stopped hooking up, and we started to argue.

We were going to lunch, and I was teasing her about Obama beating McCain since she was a die-hard Republican. She took it super personally, and as we got to her friend group, she blurted out, “How can you be such a big dick when yours is so small?”


About 10 seconds later, her friends started giggling. Her friend Emily basically yelled, “How small is it,” and Anna turned around and held her fingers about two inches apart.

I was mortified/ I just walked away.

But don’t worry, Emily was curious and a few weeks later asked me to see it. After school, I brought her down to my car, whipped it out, and she said: “God, that is small. My ten-year-old brother is bigger.”

That was how my school found out about my tiny dick.


Meanwhile, this reader’s panic causes exposure…

Just a small story that happened last night. It was around 2 a.m. when the fire alarm in our complex went down because of a tiny kitchen fire (no one got hurt, and the firemen literally extinguished it with a small extinguisher). I sleep naked and panicked a little bit. I just picked up my cats and my keys and ran the fuck out of there. I was the first one to get out. You gotta know that my cats have never been outside since I live on the third floor, so I couldn‘t just sit them down and cover my shriveled up innie penis.

I wasn‘t thinking about that either I just thought about the danger and my stuff (I didn‘t know how big the fire was). A few minutes pass by, and a few more people run out. There are 8 apartments in the building, so we were around 15 people. After a while, the fire department arrived and started to unpack and go in. That‘s when I realized that I was naked, scared, and cold.

My dick and balls were GONE, nonexistent, not to be seen, all sucked up into my body… the girl that lives directly underneath me came up to me and asked if I wanted her to take care of one of my cats. I gave her the smaller one, and she just pointed down at my tiny peepee and said, “You might want to cover that thing up now, haha.”

She winks at me, laughs a little, and takes the cat. I excuse myself and cover up with one hand while trying to keep my other cat under control. I was still shaking and scared, so I didn‘t even realize the humiliation. When the firemen got out and told us that we could go back in, my neighbor followed me to my apartment because of the cat. We walked up the stairs, and I had to open my door while giving her another gooooood view.

I got in, put the cat down. She did too. I thanked her, and she left with the biggest smile, saying, “See you and your little guy around.”

Now that I‘m calm down and everything, I‘m beginning to realize how hot this was and how much of a size queen she is.


While this reader enjoyed the Olympics…

With track events starting in the Olympics, the wife and I watched the 100m heats where the full-on sprint combined with the tight compressing shorts leave little to the imagination. Note my wife (27) has only ever been with me and doesn’t go out of her way to explore more than that (like watching porn and such). So my Bronze Member dick is about all she knows.

Now, we watched one of the semi-final heats, showing the post-race slow motion with the runners running towards the camera. The US runner (Ronnie Baker) immediately stood out. Her eyes opened wide, and she just looked at me and looked back, followed by, “His cock is huge!” You could see his very thick junk swing down to what looked like 6+ inches and jerk back up.

I haven’t pushed my SPH fetish too hard on her, so I took the opportunity to say I bet you like that, don’t you. She was pretty much speechless, so I went ahead, taking advantage of the opportunity, and quickly searched up some huge dildos, showing the one of the Shane Diesel molded one, which is like 6 of my dicks (in volume). Asked her if she thinks she could take a huge one?

She was like, “What the fuck? That is an actual guy’s size?”

This led to some sexy time and conversation about dick size and how much bigger guys can be than my small one. With me revealing, I’d love to see if she’d love taking a bigger dildo than my dick and actually seeing that how big that sprinter was than me. She’s totally up for it.


This reader discovers that the girl of his dreams can also be from his nightmares too...

I’ve wanted to tell this story for a while. For the record, it’s all true. I’ll include the good and the bad. But most importantly, I hope my story can be of some use to you all.

Let me tell you where I’m at right now. I’m in a long-term relationship. We’re very vanilla. I enjoy our sex. She’s a great girl. I only occasionally jack off to sph vids. But for the most part, I’d like to think it’s out of my system.

However, there was this one girl I dated. Short, Asian, big tits, and she probably had BPD. But she was the only one who could indulge my fetish. We played around with it before college, but I could tell she wasn’t THAT into it. But then we discovered Adderall. The first night I tried it, I noticed my dick was looking pretty small. I showed it to her, and she reacted like any person with an sph fetish would want a girl.

Then we started getting more Adderall. We’d watch a movie we liked. Explore a little. We were both horny on this stuff, but I had to basically tell her my dick was out of commission because it was shrinking flaccid. But she knew I was horny because of it, and I think she enjoyed that.

We eventually developed a ritual when we got hooked up with a Vyvanse plug: we would take the Vyvanse, watch a movie, she’d put on something sexy, I’d put on a g-string thong, and we’d drink and shoot the shit all night.

This was a release for me. I actually felt comfortable being subordinate and talking about the sph stuff. The fucking craziest part is that my dick actually seemed to get smaller every time we would do it. But we’d talk for hours. She’d talk about big dicks. We’d talk about hot girls. Idk. And she looked so hot. She’d smoke these long cigarettes. And occasionally, she’d want to pull my thong down and see my dick, and I’d have genuine anxiety about how small it looked, and she’d be shocked as well.

The bad: she was a terrible person and was cheating on me. It wasn’t hot at all when I found out because I thought I trusted this person. I will say, she gave me some heaven for a little bit. Those nights of doing Vyvanse and putting on her underwear while she donned some sexy lingerie, I’ll never get back. But it turns out she sucked. And IDK if I’ll ever find someone like that again. all I have is sph porn videos. But they never come close to the exhilaration I felt those nights.

I wish you all the best.


Another reader has become the butt of his girlfriend’s joke…

Long story short, my gf has a thick ass, and I’m a silver member of the small dick club. Whenever we would have sex, I could really only get it in if I was spreading her ass cheeks. Even then, it was mostly the head. She likes doggy best, so that’s mainly how we do it. We’ll anytime I’d let go of her ass cheeks to thrust, I’d end up slipping out and just thrusting between her ass cheeks, which to me feels almost the same as her pussy.

At first, she would tell me and help me put it back in, but after a while, she stopped telling me and would just let me thrust away, and she would keep moaning like it was in. Imagine my surprise when I’d cum and pull out, and it’s just on her ass cheeks, lol.

Now when we have sex, she intentionally keeps me away from her pussy and has me fuck her ass cheeks, she says so I don’t make a mess in her. I’m fine with this since it feels the same, and I don’t have to keep fighting to get it back in. She’s also getting dick on the side, but that’s another story, lol.


Meanwhile, this reader has an awkward moment with his mom…

My mom and I are sitting on the couch, my mom is on her phone on TikTok, and I’m browsing tv to find something to watch.

Recently my mom downloaded TikTok because one of her friends said how their daughter makes videos there. So out of support, my mom follows her there.

So she has the volume up on her phone, and I can overhear the video she’s watching until that one song, “Teeny weeny shriveled little short dick man.”

I felt my face turn hot and probably blushed red from embarrassment seeing my mom be exposed to that song.

I’m not sure exactly what video it was or what it said, but it prompted her to watch it a couple of times. Where she then smiles, giggles, and looks at me, laughing between her words. “At least you and your father don’t have to worry about your size like that, huh?”

I looked at her very nervously and didn’t say anything.

There was an awkward pause.

Her smile slowly faded away, one eyebrow raised from concern, and her eyes slightly widened.

She continued to look at me and said, “Uhh, right?”

After that, I extremely fast replied, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, of course, of course.”

I’m a silver member of the small dick club.

Once I replied with that, both her eyebrows raised, and her eyes now completely widened and awkwardly looked back at her phone. Her mouth opened, showing that her teeth were clenched together, making a cringy frown.

My mom’s only reply to this was, “Oh, that’s fine too.”

I took a glance at my mom a few moments after that uncomfortable exchange, and I saw that she had her lips tightly pursed together and her eyes still widened, glued to her phone to avoid any further contact.


While this reader comes up short in a comparison…

My girlfriend and I go camping with a couple of friends (Lamar and Bri). A little about ourselves, we are both Asian, and they are both black.

Nothing crazy happens. We just drank talked the night away. My girlfriend went to bed, and Bri went to the woods to go to the bathroom.

Lamar and I down our drinks and decide to put the fire out the ole fashion way (peeing on it).

Bri comes out of the woods, sees both of our cocks out, and yells, “HA!”

I look over and see Lamar’s like six to seven inches soft and twice my girth. I’m a bronze member of the small dick club, and my dick soft is only about 2 inches long and thin. I just put it away and went back to my tent. My girlfriend asked me what Bri was laughing about.

“She saw my penis,” I said.

“That’s funny,” she said. “She saw your little baby pee-pee.”


This reader learns his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend is a hung stud…

So I and this girl dated very briefly last year before we had to stop dating because she had to move for work. If she would have stayed in town, we might still be dating since she was so nice/so pretty. We’ll talk and catch up now and then, and it’s always a nice experience.

Today we were catching up as usual, and she brought up that she has been talking to a new guy she just met a few weeks ago. I didn’t think much of it because she was always such a catch. I knew she would never stay single. She told me about their dates and how unsure she was about dating at this point in her life, and we talked about it for a while. She asked me if I was still into cucking during our conversation and then quickly changed the subject. I had to beg her to explain why she had asked me that. She is so innocent (which made it like x1000 hotter) that she really didn’t want to say why.

After a while of prying, she eventually admits something to me. The new guy she’s dating reminds her of me. (In the way we spoke, not physically) I’m a little flattered but confused. She then admits that on their first date that she was thinking about me here and there. So eventually, they got back to his place, and they immediately get frisky (this made me very jealous because I had to wait a while before we did anything)

She then told me that when he pulled out his cock, it was the biggest she had seen. Even bigger than her ex before me (let’s call him Tim. She would love to compare my size to Tim’s. It was like he was our pretend bull), so hearing that put me over the edge. I begged her to tell me how big he was, but she is so bad at that.

She just kept saying, “I don’t know.”

Eventually, I asked if she gave him a handjob.

She said, “Oh yeah, I used my hands,” and I was just so taken aback.

“HANDS!? As in multiple?” I whimpered.

And she just giggled and embarrassingly said, “Yeah, and there was still some leftover.”

At this point, I had barely started jerking, but I came instantly. But I tried to be as unnoticeable as possible.

She then told me how big and perfect his cock was. She pretty much was lusting after it, which was so hot. When she said, “I gave him a blowjob and a handjob at the same time. I was gonna lose it again. I couldn’t even do that with Tim!”

This was so incredible. I had to beg her to tell me more, but she happily agreed. Then she told me that they fucked like 2 times, and he got another hand job. I was so jealous. I asked if he wore a condom or not, and she got super flustered. But after a while, she confessed that they did for the first time and no condom for the second time (I was also pissed/jealous because she would never let me do that). She even told me that he lasted way longer than I could ever. Then I told her that I came at the beginning of the story, and she thought that was super cute.

She wants to try to date this guy, though, and told me that this would be the last time I would hear about this. It was so hot hearing her say that she wanted to cuck me one last time and how thrilling it is to know that this was like our cuckolding fantasy come true. Super glad I had that experience, but I definitely felt a little pathetic after


These incidents happened to me at summer camp…

FIRST- This first event happened at the beginning of the camp. We had bathrooms for all boys and all girls. In ours, we had 3 showers. Because I was one of the oldest kids there, I went to shower last with the leaders. When I got there, I saw one of the leaders (martin). I placed my towel on the bench and greeted him. He turned, and I saw his huge flaccid dick. It could have been 6 inches long. I saw him look at my 1-inch flaccid dick, and then he turned back and minded his own business, but from this day, he always called lil dude.

SECOND- After every day we spent in the forest, we had to get examined if we do not have any ticks. We had to be in underwear, and the group leaders would examine us, but one day our nurse was examining the boys which I was in the room. We had to examine the areas around our penises ourselves, but unfortunately, I got one right next to my balls. I told the nurse, and she leads me to the nursery. She was 23 years old blonde, with an outstanding figure, but she also was Martin’s gf. She got on her knees with tweezers, and I pulled my underwear down. I could see her giggle when she saw my 1 inch long flaccid dick. She then pushed my dick and balls to one side and got the tick off. She then got disinfection and sprayed it on the place where the tick was. At this point, I got rock hard and showed her my 3-inch erection (her bf was bigger flaccid than me hard). I turned red. And then she told me that I could go, so I put my underwear back on and headed to my room.

THIRD- one day, we played a game where we had to run to some point using a map and then use a fix to mark that we were here. There were 10 points, I think. But because we were in the mountains, and unfortunately, it started to rain. We somehow finished the game and rushed to camp. While some people were showering, I went to talk with some girls next door. I knocked, and they let me in, but I stayed in the door frame. We were discussing the game when my friend came behind me and pulled my pants and underwear down. It revealed my dick to all of the girls. The worst part was that my 1-inch dick shrank to a flaccid inny because of how cold it was outside. Some girls looked away. Some dropped their mouths, but one started laughing really hard. I got pulled them back on and rushed into our room, where I joked about it with the friend.

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