Little Buddy (Gay SPH)

By Max Swan.

Luke never pictured himself being a park or bathroom pervert.  He much preferred the dance of online dating, where he could meet guys with his kink.  See, Luke loves small dick males.  He doesn’t even think of them as men, more like males stuck between boyhood and manhood.  They look like a man with clothes on, but they become submissive once you expose that little dicklette, that boy-sized penis. A couple of years ago, Luke found himself in a slump.

It became harder to meet baby dick beta males online as most of them were too embarrassed by their pathetic clitty dicks.  They tended to stay celibate, choosing to jerk their little gherkins to porn.  Luke could find no other way of access to these baby dick beta males he so desired.  So, it was with a frustrated cock that he decides that until he can find something better, he’ll head to the local park and get some anonymous cock to play with to pass the time.

So, it was a Saturday in the middle of summer when Luke decides to take his first try at random fun.  The buff white man goes to his local community park, which boasts a playground, sports fields, and a pool with changing rooms.  The hot weather kept most people away from the park itself, and they mostly were at the pool cooling off.  The park was mostly empty, but Luke decides to hang around for a little while, hoping that somebody would make it worth his time.

He starts by strolling around the park scouting the place out for potential conquests.  The man had been at the park maybe half an hour when he decides to sit on a bench near the playground, and it was there that he saw him.  The male looks young, which does give Luke cause for concern, he isn’t into that.  He was riding his bike around the outer circle of the playground.  The male had longish dirty blond hair sticking out from underneath his bike helmet.  The blue cotton shorts he was wearing went to his knees, exposing slender colt-like legs as he pumps away at the peddles of his bike.  After only a couple of minutes of watching the guy circle the public bathrooms, Luke hopes this guy is a frustrated tiny dick beta hoping anyone would play with his clit.

The male circles the playground for a good ten minutes, just peddling away.  While the guy’s circling, Luke’s trying to figure out a way to get him alone.  But then he’s struck by a stroke of luck.  After completing another circle of the public bathroom, the male stops at the bathroom on the other side of the playground from where Luke’s sitting.  The skinny guy leans his bike against the building and then goes into the men’s room.  Slowly, not to arouse any suspicion from anyone, Luke stands from the bench and goes around the playground to the toilet building.

When he enters the restroom, it seems to be empty.  The two urinals against the wall are unoccupied, and he stares at the stalls and notices a shut door at the cubicles.  ‘My guy has to be in there,’ he thought.  Luke turns back outside to make sure no one is gazing in the direction of the bathroom, then shut the door and locks it.  He pulls a mask over his face and stands waiting by the door as he hears the toilet flush.

The door to the stall opens, and the male Luke had been watching emerged, still wearing a bicycle helmet.  He sees Luke standing by the door, and his eyes go wide.  The guy gazes at the big man but then goes to the sink to wash his hands.  Luke watches him wash his hands with soap, then he grabs a paper towel and carefully dry them.  The entire time the skinny male pays no attention to Luke as he remains standing by the door wearing a ski mask.

Luke begins to wonder if perhaps the male is slow or something.  It’s when he goes to leave does he pay Luke any attention.  He gazes up at the big man as Luke stands there, blocking his exit.  Quickly the expression on his face changes to one of confusion.

“Hi there,” Luke said.  “Can I ask you a question?”

“Um, yeah, I suppose,” the skinny guy shyly said as he continues to stare up at Luke, the same confused look on his face.  “But I don’t have much money on me if you plan to rob me. There’s maybe ten bucks in my wallet and no credit cards.”

“That’s not what I’m after.  How old are you, little buddy?”


“Wow, you look so much younger than that,” Luke tells him as he sees the outline of his nipple through his shirt.

“Everyone says the same thing,” the male said, rolling his eyes.  “I can show you my ID if you don’t believe me.”

“OK, show me.”

He digs his wallet out of his shorts pocket and produces a driver’s license, and hands it to Luke, who stares at it for a moment. He takes note of the name and address. ‘This bitch is dumb,’ Luke thought.

“My, aren’t we the big boy then,” Luke said, handing the license back. “Nice to meet you, Mark.” The short wimpy male shakes as he puts the license away. “I’m sure you have something I want,” Luke said calmly. Gently Luke puts a hand on the short man’s shoulder, which only makes Mark frown. “Don’t worry, little buddy, I’ll let you leave,” he said. “But first, we’re gonna have some fun.”
“We are?” he asks and grimaces.

“Yes, we are,” Luke said as he runs his hand down from his shoulder over his cotton-clad chest. “Wouldn’t you like to have fun, little buddy?”

“I guess,” he said wide-eyed and with a shaky voice.

“I’m sure,” Luke said as he let his hand linger over his right nipple giving it the gentlest of pinches. “Don’t be afraid, Mark. I’m not gonna hurt you. I just wanna play with your little dicklette, that’s all.”

“In the toilet?” he asks, which causes Luke to chuckle.

“Well, I think it’s as good a place as any,” the big man said. “Unless you want to come with me to somewhere really private.”

“No,” Mark said quickly.

This guy is not as slow as Luke had initially suspected. Mark knows what’s going to happen, and for some reason, that gives Luke’s big cock a sudden charge. ‘I think I hit the jackpot,’ Luke thought. ‘I hope his dick is really, really small. I love those little micro clits.’


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