Sally’s Childhood Friend

By petewilcox.

The main event in this story took place three years ago. My wife and I grew up in Bozeman, Montana. We started dating when she was still in high school. She was eighteen, and I was twenty. I knew most of her friends, but she didn’t have all that many. She thought her classmates were immature.

My wife’s name is Sally, and she is 30 years old. She is a very conservative and classy lady, 5’6″ tall, thin build, with light brown hair cut about four inches below her shoulders. She has firm perky 34B tits with big pink rubbery nipples and really sexy, long legs. I’m Jack, 32 years old, 5’9″ tall, with an average build, and not in great shape.

This is kind of a cliche, but I took Sally’s virginity on prom night. She was very naive, as she had only kissed and had some titties play with the boys before she met me. The dumb guys had never even sucked her tits.

After prom night, we fucked every opportunity we had. Sally loves sex, the kissing, fucking, sucking my cock, and she really loves it when I eat her pussy. She loves to orgasm, and my mouth does the trick. I never bring her to climax when we fuck. I don’t like to admit it, but I blame the little guy. I have always been self-conscious and embarrassed by the size of my dick. My lack of size even led to humiliating comments from more endowed classmates in the showers after high school gym classes.

My penis, when hard, is four inches long and about the same girth as a hot dog. When soft, it’s tiny, about the same size as my thumb. I don’t think Sally had ever seen another penis before mine. At least she has never mentioned it. I have always wondered if we would have wound up together if she had experienced other men. I wish she would have fucked other guys before she met me. I feel guilty that she accepted my dick without knowing the feeling bigger cocks could give her. The other issue I have is I don’t last very long. About two to three minutes, and I can’t hold off any longer. I am not fulfilling all of my wife’s sexual needs and wish I could do something about it.

For the first five years or so, I could go multiple times. Two or more times a night was common. Sally really liked getting me hard and making me cum. I had to learn to be okay with the taste of my cum, so I could lick and suck my wife’s smooth, shaved pussy to orgasm after we had fucked.

We lived in Lake Havasu, Arizona, and moved here about eight years ago. We have a nice big house, perfect for having guests. It has a lot of windows looking out to the patio where the pool is located. There’s a barbeque, a table with chairs, loungers, and an outdoor shower with three walls and one open side. Our house is on a couple of acres backed up to the desert, so it’s very private.

We have a good and comfortable life, and we really love each other. I think if either of us had a complaint, it would be the same as any other married couple. The frequency of sex has slowed down. We both still love sex but just don’t get around to it as often, and when we do, it’s the same routine.

I’m a building contractor, mainly houses and small commercial buildings. Sally works in a small real estate office. We don’t have any kids yet; however, my wife just went off the pill a couple of months ago.

We spend a lot of our spare time out by the pool, swimming, lying around, drinking wine, or maybe a beer. If we don’t have company, we don’t wear swimsuits. Sally put up a sign by our outdoor shower; ‘No Bathing Suits Required.’ I really like watching my wife’s naked body as she swims or lounges around. Those are the nights we have the best sex.

We are very close to each other and have never developed a lot of friends. We both still have friends from before we got together, but they all live a long-distance away. Sally keeps in touch with her friends on Facebook; I use the phone or email.

Twice, her best friend Megan and her husband Frank have come to visit, and we had a good time taking the boat out on the lake, and spending time by the pool, visiting. My best buddy, Mike, and his wife, Ann, visited for a week, and we had a great time.

After a day of watching my wife’s naked body as she was lying in the sun and swimming, we had gone to bed, and I asked her, “What kind of fantasies do you have?”

She said, “What do you mean. Like having kids or going on vacation?”

I said, “No, like sexual fantasies.”

“I don’t think I have any fantasies,” she said. “Do you have fantasies?”

I didn’t really believe her about not having fantasies, as she tries never to hurt my feelings. I was nervous, but I said, “Yeah, I have some fantasies.”

Sally turned on her side and leaned on her elbow, looking at me inquisitively. I was nervous, but I figured I might as well go for it.

“Well, when Megan and Frank were here, and we were all out at the pool, you and Megan were in your bikinis, swimming and sunbathing and walking around. I noticed that Megan had a really nice ass, and I started wondering what she would be like in bed.”

Sally looked at me and said, “Megan does have a nice ass, and I understand why you would wonder if she would be a good fuck.” Then Sally punched me in the chest and smiled.

Sally then leaned over and kissed me and said, “I didn’t know you meant those kinds of fantasies. Occasionally, when I’m daydreaming, I guess I have wondered what it would be like to sleep with a different man.”

I reached out, pulled her to me, and we kissed hard, deep, and more passionately than we had in a long time. The little guy couldn’t wait. My wife spread her legs as I moved between them. When I put my cock to her opening and pushed it into her pussy, it was soaking wet. I fucked her hard and didn’t last long. I grunted out, “Oh fuuuuck, I’m cumming,” as I pumped my load into her pussy.

As I came down from my orgasm, my wife’s hips were still moving, and she was breathing hard. I slid down her body, putting my hands under her legs, reaching up and squeezing her tits, and pulling her nipples. I started licking her clit and reaching my tongue down, and slurping up our juices. She was thrusting her hips, pushing her pussy into my mouth and moaning, “more, more, more, ahhhhhhhhh I’m cumming.”

We had both just had very intense, powerful climaxes. Stronger than we had experienced in a long time. I moved up her body, we hugged and kissed hard and deep, and told each other how much we loved the other and how fun that was.

For the next week, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. I think we fucked every night. One night, we climbed in bed and were kissing softly and running our hands over each other. I asked Sally, “Is there anyone man that you fantasize about?”

She said, “I think we should be careful what we tell each other. I would never want to hurt you or make you jealous.”

I thought for a second and replied, “This past week has been the best and most fun sex we have had in a long time. I would never want to hurt your feelings either, but I want this new excitement we’ve found to continue. Let’s make a promise to make our fantasies off-limits to jealousy or anger, and if one of us does get upset, the other one promises to say something, and we must be sincere. So, I asked you a question, is there any man that you fantasize about?”

Sally said, “I can’t say there is a man I think about, but there is an incident I think about that makes me hot. When Mike and Ann were here, and we were all at the pool, you and Mike were swimming, and Ann and I were lounging. When Mike walked out of the pool, his trunks were wet and were stuck to his body, outlining his bulge, and it looked big. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. When I quit looking at his bulge, I looked up, and Mike smiled at me. I was so embarrassed and couldn’t look at Mike again until we were all dressed.”

I moaned, “So seeing and thinking about a big cock turns you on?” My dick was so hard I thought it might split open. I got on my knees, moving between my wife’s legs, and put my cock in her soaking wet velvety feeling pussy and made about five thrusts and grunted out, “Oh fuck baby, I’m cummmming,” and let loose a huge load in my wife’s pussy. I lay on top of her for a minute, then rolled off and onto my back.

Sally didn’t hesitate a minute. She spun around, climbing on top of me to 69, and said, “Eat me.” She pushed her leaking pussy onto my mouth and grabbed my half-hard dick in her mouth. In less than a minute, she was cumming on my mouth. Her hips were thrusting out of control, and she was moaning, “Fuck me, Mike, oh fuck, oh Mike, oh fuuuuuuuk!”

I kept licking, keeping her climax going until she pulled her pussy away and just lay on me with her face beside the little guy. Sally lay on me for a few minutes, then rolled off, spun around, put her head beside mine, hugged me tight, and said, “Oh Jack, I am so sorry, oh Jack, I love you, please don’t hate me, I’m so sorry.”

I lifted her head, looked her in the eyes, and said, “Why should you be sorry?”

“Because of what I said,” she exclaimed, weeping, the tears were running down her cheeks, “I am so sorry, I love you.”

I kissed her lovingly, gently rubbing her back and shoulders. “I love you, babe. I always will, and I’m not mad or upset. Now go to sleep, and we will talk in the morning.” Sally went to sleep in the crook of my arm, with her head laying on my shoulder. I smiled to myself and went to sleep with sweet dreams.

In the morning, we had coffee outside by the pool, and I asked my wife, “Why won’t you look me in the eyes.”

“Because I am so ashamed of what I did and so scared I hurt you. I’m so sorry. Will you ever forgive me?”

“Okay,” I said, “I need to tell you how I feel. I love you, and I always will. There is no reason for me to forgive you, you did not hurt my feelings, and you should not be ashamed. When you said, ‘fuck me, Mike,’ that maybe was the most exciting thing I have ever heard in my life.”

“Sally looked at me and asked, “Do you still love me?”

I replied, “More than ever, I will always love you. I have even fantasized about watching you fuck other men. I really don’t mind if you fantasize about fucking Mike or any other man.”

I have never told my wife that I am always fantasizing about a man with a lot of stamina and a big cock, a sexually superior man, taking my wife away from me and fucking her to the most amazing multiple orgasms and filling her with his cum. Then when he is through satisfying both their needs, he gives her back to me with her used and stretched pussy for me to clean up and give her all my love.

Sally was on Facebook one night, catching up with her friends. When she closed her laptop, she said, “Do you remember Mark?”

I looked at her quizzically.

“Mark, you met him when we first started going out. He and I went to school together, from kindergarten through graduation. He was always such a good friend.”

“Was he that tall skinny kid that seemed so uncoordinated, six foot five, a hundred pounds?” I asked.

Sally said, “Don’t be mean, but yes, that’s him. He was always so nice to me. On Facebook, I saw that he would be in Havasu City next month, on business for a week or so. I haven’t seen him in eleven years. I was thinking about sending him a private message and inviting him here for dinner one night so that we could catch up on our lives.”

I said, “You haven’t seen him in eleven years, why don’t you invite him to stay here. I wouldn’t mind. I think you would enjoy getting to know him again.”

A couple of days later, Sally said, “Mark will be here on the sixteenth.” I thought Mark who.

Weeks later, Sally said, “Remember, Mark will be here today.”

I looked at her with a confused look.

“Geez, Mark, my friend from my childhood.”

When I got home that afternoon, there was a black Navigator in the driveway. Then I remembered Sally’s friend Mark was showing up. When I walked into the house, Sally had heard me drive in and met me at the door. She was happy, smiling, and seemed really excited. She grabbed my hand, pulling me towards the living room. “Come meet Mark,” she said.

When I walked into the living room, a man stood up, a good-looking man, a big man, still 6’5″, but this man weighed like 240 lbs., no fat, broad-shouldered, built like a wedge; he looked to be in perfect shape. I went over to him, putting my hand out, “Hi Mark, nice to see you again.”

He shook my hand, which seemed small compared to his huge one, “Hi Jack, it’s been a long time.”

Sally seemed to be bouncing around and said, “Mark is a land developer. He’s looking at a piece of land near here, 3,000 acres, to build a golf course and a housing development.” When Sally is nervous or excited, her mouth starts running, and her mouth was running.

I said, “Hey honey, have you offered Mark a drink?”

Sally exclaimed, “I’m sorry, I don’t know where my manners are. Mark, what can I get you?”

Mark smiled, “A glass of red wine would be great.”

As Sally headed to the bar, I said, “Sally,” she stopped, turned to me, “I will have one of those, too, please.”

Sally brought us our wine, went back to get hers, then came back to sat down. I asked Mark about his project.

“Well, as Sally said, I’m working on purchasing that property, and it should close in the next week or so. Sally told me you have a construction business, so tell me about your business. As I move forward and I get to the construction stage, maybe you could come to work for me.”

I said, “I’ve been in business for eight years, I have seven employees, and I build custom houses and small commercial buildings.”

Mark smiled, asking, “Would you like to be bigger?”

I got a weird feeling. We had been talking about my business, but the way he smiled, it felt like he was talking about my little guy.

Sally said, “Mark, tell Jack about your college years.”

He answered, “Jack doesn’t want to hear about my jock years.”

“Sure, I do,” I said, somehow knowing he wanted to tell me about college.

Mark started, “I stayed in Bozeman and went to college there. In high school, I was really skinny, but I was always a fast runner. The summer after I graduated, I got a job cutting timber. I put on weight and developed some muscle. I ran into the football coach in town one day, and he said he recognized me from when I ran track, and since I had filled out, I should try out for football. I did turn out for the team and working out every day, and eating right, I put on over 100 pounds, and I’ve managed to stay in shape ever since.”

Sally piped up, “Doesn’t he look amazing, Jack.”

Mark continued, “Jack, there were a couple of guys on the team that was in your class. They said they remembered you, then with a smile, especially from gym class.”

I got up and walked towards the bar to get us some more wine. I know my face was red. I was totally humiliated. This arrogant bastard, a guest in my house, had just let me know that he knew I had a little dick. I took my time opening another bottle of wine, so I could settle down and let my face return to its normal color.

When I returned to the living room to refill glasses, my wife was blushing, and she was giggling. I poured hers, then Mark’s.

“I was just telling Sally that growing up, I always thought she was the prettiest girl in school, and now she is even prettier and sexier than she was then.”

Sally looked at the clock, jumped up, and headed into the kitchen. Mark said, “Growing up, I always thought Sally and I would wind up together. Then you came around and took her away. When I was invited here, I thought to myself. I think I’ll take her back.”

Mark stood up, grabbed the bottle of wine, and filled our glasses.

In less than an hour, he had told me maybe I could go to work for him, that he knew I had a small dick, and that he planned on fucking my wife. The little guy was hard as a rock. My wife yelled from the kitchen, “Dinner’s ready!”

Mark and I took our wine into the dining room, sitting down to a nice casserole for dinner. The flirting continued through dinner, my wife instinctively flirting with an old friend. Mark was flirting with his next conquest. Something occurred to me during dinner. Of the three people in that room, two of them knew that Mark would fuck my wife this week. She was the only one that didn’t know it.

After dinner, we stayed up talking and had some more drinks. We all went to bed around eleven. My wife wanted to talk about Mark, of how in the old days he was so mellow and now he seems so self-assured and powerful. My wife was really horny, and she wanted to fuck. I could even smell her arousal. I told her I had too much to drink, and I was exhausted. In truth, I wanted to leave her horny and wanting.

In the morning, we got up and headed for the kitchen for our morning coffee. I had gotten dressed; Sally was still in her robe. I left the bedroom before Sally and went through the living room. I looked out to the patio and saw Mark; he was out there working out, only wearing a pair of spandex shorts that did not hide anything.

That man had the biggest cock I have ever seen. Sally came out of the bedroom behind me, saw me looking out the window, and turned her head to look. She stopped, her eyes got big, and she gasped, “Holy shit.”

After about five seconds of staring, I headed for the kitchen. It took almost another minute for Sally to appear. She looked dazed, her face was flushed, and she was even breathing deeply, then she looked at me and blurted out, “Did you see the size of his cock?”

Sally made coffee, and we sat at the table, drinking it. Mark’s room had an outside entrance, and he joined us in about ten minutes. Sally smiled at him when he walked in, but then she had a hard time looking him in the eyes. I could smell her arousal, and I know Mark could, too. Sally left in about five minutes and headed in to get dressed.

After she left, Mark smiled and said, “Did your wife like what she was looking at?”

I just looked at my coffee.

Then Mark said, “Do you think she is going to enjoy taking my cock inside of her.”

I just looked at my coffee.

Then he asked, “Do you think you’re going to enjoy watching me fuck your wife?”

I looked up at him and quietly answered, “Yes.”

We all headed out of the house to work for the day. All-day, I couldn’t stop picturing my wife and Mark together. I kept thinking that the two of them were having the same thoughts. Sally and I arrived home at about the same time, around five o’clock.

Sally said, “It’s a beautiful day. You want to go for a swim?”

I said, “Sure, that sounds good.” We had company, so we put on suits; Sally put on a sexy white string bikini, and we headed for the pool.

We swam and floated around in the pool and talked. Sally said, “I can’t believe how much Mark has changed. He’s so big and powerful,” her voice drifted off, “and sexy.”

I said, “I could tell you have been attracted to him, and I could tell how excited you got when you saw the size of his cock. I have been thinking all day of how exciting it would be to watch you and Mark fuck.” As I told my wife this, I was so embarrassed, humiliated, jealous, and yet excited; the little guy was so hard that it hurt.

Sally smiled at me and said, “You pervert. I could never do that, I’m a married woman, and I love you too much to ever cheat on you.”

“It would not be cheating, as I would be right there beside you. I want you to fuck Mark and have a chance to experience his cock.” Just then, the living room door slid open.

Mark stuck his head out and said, “There you are. Do you guys mind if I join you?” We both gave him a wave to come in. Mark said, “I’ll take a shower and be right there.”

“There’s an outside shower over there,” Sally said, pointing.

Soon, the shower started, and in a couple of minutes, the water went off. Mark yelled, “Hey is this sign right? I don’t need a suit?!” Sally and I looked at each other. We were shocked silent.

In a few seconds, Mark came around the corner with his huge cock, hanging down, swinging back and forth; and underneath that cock was a sack hanging down holding a set of balls to match his cock. As he walked toward us, my wife let out an audible gasp. I watched my wife, her eyes never left his cock, as he walked over to the pool and down the steps into the water. When he was in the water, my wife looked up at his face. We were all standing in waist-deep water.

Mark looked her in the eyes, with a big smile on his face, truly enjoying her reaction, and asked, “Do you like it?” With an incredulous look on her face, my wife just looked at Mark for what seemed like forever, then slowly nodded her head up and down. My wife looked at me dumbfounded and then back at Mark.

Mark walked through the water to my wife, lifted her chin, and gently kissed her; when he pulled back, she looked at me. No one spoke, then after about a minute, Mark stepped forward, wrapped his arms around her, and kissed her harder. My wife hesitated, then wrapped her arms around him and kissed him back, then they kissed hard, passionately exploring each other’s mouth with their tongues.

I had never seen my wife kiss another man; the emotions running through my mind were incredible: jealousy, embarrassment, humiliation, lust, passion. I wanted this to happen so much and was totally scared that it was going to. When they broke their kiss, they moved apart. My wife looked at me. Our eyes met and held. We continued looking at each other.

Mark said, “Sally, take your suit off and hand it to me.”

She didn’t move; my wife and I kept our eyes locked.

Mark said, “Your husband wants you to be naked for me.”

My wife reached behind her back and untied her top, handing it to Mark, exposing her tits, with her stiff swollen nipples for his first viewing.

“Sally, you have perfect little tits. Now take off your bottoms.”

My wife pulled her bottoms down and then off and handed them to Mark, who threw them onto the deck. My wife’s eyes had never left mine. Neither of us had said a word since we had seen Mark’s cock.

Mark reached his hand out. Sally looked at Mark, then took his hand, being led out of the pool. He stopped at the top of the stairs. The thought crossed my mind that I watched Adam and Eve about to consummate human nature’s mating ritual.

Mark looked at me, smiled, and asked, “Are you going to come to watch me fuck your wife?”

I followed them. Mark did not take her to his room. He led her to the master bedroom, with me following.

I sat down in a chair and watched fascinated, and excited beyond anything I had ever felt or even imagined in my life. The emotions were so mixed up; I wanted this to stop, and I deeply wanted it to go to its natural conclusion—the sexually superior man mating with my beautiful wife. The little guy was painfully swollen and throbbing, and so was Mark’s monster. His cock was huge. It reminded me of a stallion’s cock, ready to mount his mare, swollen and angry looking, with its huge purple plum-sized head pointing up towards his chest, precum glistening at its tip.

Mark and my wife kissed with incredible lust as he grabbed her ass, pulling their bodies together, their midriffs pinning his huge hard cock between them. The head of his long cock was almost between her tits. They were both moaning into each other’s mouths as their tongues were exploring every detail of the other’s mouth.

They lay down on the bed together, hardly breaking their kiss or embrace. As Mark groped my wife’s tits, she reached down and grabbed his extremely hard and heavy cock, stroking it wildly; she cried out, “Oh my god, I want your cock.” There was no tender love in their actions. This was totally uncontrolled lust; I had never witnessed my wife like this.

Mark moved his head to my wife’s titties, mauling them with his mouth. Sliding his hand down to her mound, pushing his middle finger, which was almost as big as the little guy, deep into her wet, dripping pussy, vigorously finger fucking her, then sliding his slickened finger up her slit to manipulate her engorged clitoris. Sally was moaning and desperately thrusting her mound into his hand. The foreplay didn’t last long here. Most of it had already taken place in the mind games that had taken place in the pool. My wife moaned, then cried out, “Fuck me, Mark!”

Mark moved his body on top of my wife. She spread her legs wide, her body aching for his assault. Placing his cock against her pussy, and pushing forward, his cock found its target, penetrating her tight and what must have felt like a virginal pussy for a cock of his size. As Sally wrapped her legs around his back and locked her ankles together, I noticed that I could hardly see her body as his huge body almost completely covered it.

Mark’s instinctive desire was to now drive his cock deep and hard into my wife’s cunt, but Mark had fucked lots of women, he hadn’t kept track, but hundreds of them, mostly married women. He loved taking other men’s wives away from them, and he had a sixth sense, recognizing the men that wanted and needed him to fuck their wives.

Mark knew that he was much bigger than most women had ever felt, especially my wife, who had only experienced the little guy. He now had to settle down and ease his cock into her hot, wet, wanting pussy.

My wife wanted his cock so badly. Her hips were thrusting, her pussy trying to devour his cock, each of her thrusts building her sexual tension. Mark lightly lifted his pelvis off of her and let my wife fuck herself onto his waiting cock. Each thrust she made pushed her pussy deeper onto his cock, stretching her vagina to accommodate his extraordinary girth.

As my wife fucked herself on Mark’s cock, her pussy was stretching and experiencing completely new nerves being aroused, nerves she didn’t even know existed. My wife was moaning and begging for more, she wanted Mark to drive his cock into her and fuck her hard, but he knew his patience would pay off. He knew she would soon have his cock to the end of her vagina, and when women get a chance to experience a big cock hitting the end of their vagina, they will never forget that feeling and forever want to feel it again.

My wife’s nerves were so wound up as Mark’s cock grazed her cervix, pushing beyond her body’s natural boundaries. Her body was reaching the ultimate goal of all human sexual activities: climax. She was throwing her head side to side. She dug her nails into Mark’s back, her body stiffened.

She screamed out, “Fuck me, fuck me, oh fuck, I’m cuuuuummming,” her first-ever vaginal climax!

Mark took over the thrusting, pounding into her keeping her climax at its peak, then he slowed to allow her to come down from the peak for a minute or so, then he fucked her hard and fast again, bringing the peak of her climax back again, causing her to lose control and scream out again.

“Ooooh fuuuuuuuuk, ooooh fuuuuuuuk, ooooh fuuuuuuuuk.”

This climax was not as powerful, but it sustained at its peak for minutes.

Mark set a steady pace to his long deep thrusting; my wife’s pussy had stretched enough to accept his entire cock now. With each deep stroke into her tight pussy, which was stretched tight around his thick cock, his heavy balls would slap her ass. Mark’s cock was so thick that with each inward stroke, it would pull her clit down so that his cock would rub against it, and his cock would push against the back of her vagina. With each outward stroke, it would pull her inner lips out, clinging around his cock. Mark’s incredible fucking ability was stimulating every nerve in her pelvic region. My dick was so hard as I watched my wife and her new lover mating with unbridled passion and lust.

My wife’s hips were thrusting against Mark’s cock. She was moaning, “Fuck me, fuck me, Mark.”

The sexual tension deep in her core radiated out to every nerve in her body, her impending orgasm building to an incredible high.

Mark’s nerves had, of course, also been building sexual tension. He had planned on making the sex with this woman last for an hour or so, but this previously quiet, demure woman underneath him had turned into a wild fucking animal. This droves Mark’s deep instincts to pound his cock hard and fast, deep into her cunt. His balls were pulling up to the base of his cock, preparing them for the job nature built a man for, sending his sperm deep into a woman.

Her orgasm had built to the max. She yelled, “Fuck me, you bastard, fuck me with that big cock.”

Her whole body was thrashing, her hips were humping, lifting Mark’s pelvis, and then the wild slut screamed, “I’m fucking cumming, you motherfucker, fuck, fuck, fuck, ooooh fuuuuuuuk.”

Mark drove his cock deep, his whole body stiffening, his grunting coming from deep in his chest, his cock spewing his huge load of cum, rope after rope throbbing directly into my wife’s fertile womb, their orgasms went on and on. I groaned quietly as I was cumming in my swim trunks, just from watching the incredible fucking my wife had received.

Mark finally settled on top of my wife. He laid on her for a long time, his cock finally softening and slipping out of her, the final uncoupling of that incredible fucking I had just witnessed. Rolling off of her and onto his back, his cock was covered with my wife’s foamy cream, the product of her orgasms that she had given up for him. Her pussy was leaking his thick, white, sticky cum.

Mark said, “Jack, will you go get us some water.”

I headed to the kitchen, thinking that I had just been cuckolded by a powerful, sexually superior man that was so capable and deserving of giving my beautiful sexy wife the most intense sexual experience of her life. He had given her what I never could and had always wanted her to have complete sexual satisfaction. I was so proud of my wife. Somehow I finally felt complete.

I grabbed a couple of bottles of water, taking them back to the bedroom. The room smelled strongly of sex. My wife was now lying on top of Mark, and they were kissing, and I could see her gaping, swollen red pussy, dripping his sticky cum onto his belly.

I told them I was going to fix dinner and it should be ready at seven. I put some potatoes in the oven, prepared some steaks for the barbecue, and heated some green beans. Mark and my wife came to the dining room at seven, both wearing T-shirts and underwear.

My wife came over to me, kissed me on the cheek, and said, “Thank you for that. I love you.”

Everybody was kind of quiet at dinner. The two new lovers couldn’t stop smiling at each other. I asked Mark how his deal was going. He said he thought they were getting close to a deal.

After dinner, we sat in the living room and drank some wine. My wife snuggled up against Mark’s side with his arm around her.

I said, “I’m going to move into the other bedroom for the rest of the week, so you two can enjoy each other whenever you want.”

I grabbed some of my clothes and moved to the bedroom next to the master bedroom while Mark moved his belongings to the master bedroom. Until that night, I had never realized I could hear almost every sound between those two rooms. I heard my wife screaming out in climax four times that night. Then once again in the morning.

In the afternoon, when Sally and I got home from work, we sat down by the pool with some drinks and talked.

I asked, “How are you feeling, sweetheart?”

Sally said, “Jack, I love you so much, and I hope with all my heart I have not hurt you, but the sex with Mark last night was incredible. I didn’t know I could ever feel like that or climax like that. My biggest worry, even though you helped push me into it, is that you will hate me and divorce me.”

“Sally, I have always loved you. What happened last night and what is happening with us is the most incredible feeling I can imagine. From the first time, we ever made love, I have felt like I was lacking. Now, I feel that I have been a part of helping you reach your maximum enjoyment and sexual satisfaction. As your husband, I feel like I have finally taken care of your needs, even if I need Mark to help accomplish it. I love you, I always will, and I will never divorce you.”

Then we heard Mark in the driveway. He came outside a moment later, kissed Sally, and sat down with us. Sally got up and brought him a drink. The three of us chatted about our day at work. When Mark finished his drink, he stood up, took my wife by the hand, and led her to their bedroom to fuck.

I went into the kitchen and fixed dinner. I prepared dinner and smiled to myself as I listened to the sounds of their mating, the moaning, the screaming from my wife as she orgasmed, and finally the deep grunting from Mark as he deposited his seed deep within my wife’s womb. They showed up about thirty minutes later, in their now customary T-shirts and underwear, and smelling of sex. Dinner was ready, and we had a nice meal and chatted.

After dinner, we sat in the living room, had some wine, then we all headed for bed, and I listened to my wife most of the night. I lost track of how many times I heard her scream out in ecstasy. Another one of her screaming orgasms woke me in the morning. The little guy was getting rubbed raw.

The next day, September 1st, Mark closed his land deal, and he took Sally and me out to dinner. When we got home, we sat in the living room, having wine.

Mark said, “Now that I bought the land, I will be coming down here every other month to check on the progress. I will be staying a week or two, each trip. Jack, I will call you a few days before I’m going to get here. Whenever I am here, and you want to watch me fuck your wife, you can come into our room and watch.”

My wife and I had a beautiful baby girl that year. Her birthday is June 1st. She turned three this year. Her uncle Mark still comes to visit four or five times a year. I have a crew of twenty-five men building houses and clubhouses, or whatever they need at the golf course. My wife is always so thrilled. She and I have a wonderful life together, and we really love each other, and I still have a little dick.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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