More SPH Vignettes from WAJohns

By WaJohns.


I was in wrestling, and Sarah was a cheerleader. My singlet left nothing to the imagination as to my flaccid innie micropenis. Sarah dated a guy named Mike. Word got out that Mike was only 4 inches. Well, he was bigger than me! I’m 2.75 inches hard. A few years after high school, Sarah and Mike were still together, but she slept around, advertising the fact that Mike didn’t satisfy her. There was a party at the house next door to me and lo and behold Sarah and Mike were there! Sarah is really cute, 5’6”, with a pretty face, a nice athletic body, and B-cup breasts.

Mike went on a beer run. Sarah approached me and told me she always had the hots for me. Sarah was quite drunk, but I told her I lived next door. We went outside and smoked, and she said she wanted to fuck me! I was absolutely ready, and we went to my place. We started to undress, and she exclaimed, “Oh my God, you’re even smaller than Mike!”

I was rock hard, and she was right. She held my penis in her hand and stroked it a few times, she lay back on the bed, and I slid in her. She didn’t make a sound. I pumped her hard and fast and came inside her pussy after about five minutes. She blurted out that she didn’t know that anyone could be smaller than Mike and then went and puked in the bathroom.

We lay on the bed together for a couple of hours, and I woke to her sucking me hard again. She rode me cowgirl til I came again. I lasted at least ten minutes this time. She got dressed and left. We didn’t reconnect again until the social media era, but we’re friends now.



Lyndasy worked in the office at my work, I was a driver, and she was a dispatcher. Lyndasy is beautiful and has a bikini model body she likes to show off. I got to know her little by little and began to flirt a little bit. Lyndsay had a really good job managing a bank but found it stressful and quit. She made enough to pay for her house and buy some cars. She had a classic full-size Jeep, a Lincoln SUV (new), and a Camaro (new). I finally got the nerve to ask her out after work.

We took her Camaro to a bar and talked for a few hours closing the bar down. We went to the car, and she looked me in the eyes. I moved forward, and we kissed passionately. She started rubbing my groin. My 2.75-inch micropenis was already rock hard. She fumbled with my fly and then just stared at my exposed erection.

“Oh my god, you’re so small!” she said. “It’s barely the size of my son’s!”

She had caught her adolescent son masturbating. She had told me this story at the bar. I said nothing and started stroking my dick. She undid her blouse, exposing her perfect c-cup breasts. I came shortly after I felt her up. I felt bad about ejaculating all over the front dash of her car. We said goodnight after she dropped me back at my car. Things were never quite the same between us. I’m still friends with her on social media.


My best friends sister…

I was spending the weekend at my best friend’s house. We played outside, it was hot, and I had to go to the bathroom. Someone had left the privacy door open and was taking a shower. It was my best friend’s oldest sister! I tried to go as fast as I could, but I could see her through the glass, and my penis hardened. At that point in my life, my penis didn’t really even have a shaft, maybe a quarter inch. The head got rock hard, though, and made it impossible to pee.

I got the bright idea that if I jerked off and came, my erection would go away, and I’d be able to pee. DISASTER! I was standing there stroking my less-than-one-inch microcock when she got out of the shower. She gasped when she saw me. I just stood there, still stroking the head of my penis, looking at her beautiful body. She started to towel off, and I stopped and pulled my pants up. I shut the privacy door, but things were never quite the same between my best friend’s sister and me.


The sampling procedure…

I had to have a vein sampling where they were going up to my kidneys through a vein in my leg. I arrived on time, and the main nurse escorted me to a room and gave me a gown to change into. I undressed, the gown was short, way short. I’m 5’8”, 290 lbs., with a pretty good-sized belly. The gown left my flaccid innie exposed when I lay on the bed. The nurse came back in and had a surprised look on her face, and half smiled while her eyes were drawn to my microcock. She gave me some instructions and information but kept glancing at my tiny flaccid penis.

She left, and when she did, she left the door open. I could hear her tell the other nurses, “He’s tiny!”

The main nurse and two others came back in to put in my IV and shave my groin. All three were constantly looking at my tiny penis. After they got the IVs in, two left, and the older one stayed and said it was time to shave me. She asked if I wanted to be covered up, and I said it didn’t matter to me. She took a piece of gauze that looked to be about one inch by one inch and set it over my baby penis, saying: “ I think this is big enough,” with a grin on her face. Then she shaved me, and they knocked me out for the procedure.


The full-service chiropractor…

I’ve seen chiropractors for years for various issues. My current one is Dr. P, and she is a beautiful and athletic 5’10”. She is mixed race, her father white, and her mother Asian. I went in for a rather embarrassing problem: I had pulled my hamstring having sex with my wife! I didn’t know how to tell Doctor P how this happened. I tried telling her it was light exercise, but she pressed the issue. I divulged a little too much when I told her that we were trying a different position and that I had a hard time penetrating my wife.

She asked if it was my erection, if it was firm, or if I had impotence. Reluctantly I told her it was because I have a small penis. Her eyebrows raised, she paused and said she was glad that I was comfortable enough to share all this information with her. I listened as she explained the adjustments she would make, and I got up and moved to the table. She said I would need to take my sweatpants off.


I didn’t have any underwear on, but I complied, and when she looked up, she stared at my flaccid innie for about 30 seconds. She told me to move to the table. I started to get hard when she adjusted me. I guess she noticed. She asked if I wanted a massage. I said sure. I assumed she was going to rub my thigh, but she wrapped her hand around my now fully erect 2.75 inches and, for about two minutes, gave me the most amazing hand job of my life.

I came hard, and for about a minute, I lost track of how many times I ejaculated into her hand. She gave me a towel, and she cleaned her hand up. It was amazing. It was like nothing had happened to her, and she went right into scheduling my next appointment.


Greg and Gypsy…

In my first year of college, I worked at a pizza place. A girl who worked there was named Gypsy. She was 100% Italian, 5’1”, with an athletic body and long hair. She dated the assistant manager named Greg. We all hung out and partied together. One morning, after class, I went to Greg’s house and he was home watching a game show. Where I was sitting, I could see the kitchen. To my surprise, a naked Gypsy appeared in the kitchen to get a drink. I felt uncomfortable, especially when Greg noticed me staring at her beautiful body.

He got up and went to Gypsy and kissed her passionately. They went back to the bedroom. I sheepishly followed, hoping to catch a peak of more! When I peeked around the door, they were both standing there as if they were waiting for me. Greg was undressed now, and his cock was huge! It must have been over two inches thick and over 6 inches long, and he wasn’t even hard! Gypsy got on her knees and started to suck him hard with slow long strokes. My tiny penis started to get hard.

I’m a gold member of the small dick club, 2.75 inches hard. At work, the girls had started a conversation with the guys asking us what we named our cocks. Gypsy stopped sucking Greg’s now eight or nine-inch cock and said she wanted to see my ‘starter kit.’ I had told them that’s what I called mine. I pulled down my jeans, and she started laughing loudly. Greg grinned. She said she didn’t think that my dick could start much!

She crawled onto the bed on all fours, and Greg moved over and started fucking her doggy style. I stroked my dick a little, not sure what would happen next. After about five minutes, Greg grunted, and I guess he was done.

Gypsy looked at me and said, “Come over here. I want you to know what a REAL MAN feels like.”

I looked at her gaping pussy, and she told me to stick my ‘starter kit’ in her, and I would know what she meant. Her hollowed-out pussy made me cum after about two strokes, though. I was so turned on. She laughed and said she didn’t even feel me! She constantly teased me about my small dick the rest of the time we worked together.


The End.


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