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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader gives his coach a peek…

When I was in high school, I played football. One of the coaches, who was probably 25-30, was spotting everyone to do their max bench press. When he got to me, I laid down on my back on the bench with him in front of me, and I looked down to see my thin little button dick poking straight up about an inch. He chuckled and said something like, “You should probably fix that,” as I was adjusting my shorts. It was so freaking hot to me that he knew how little my dick was.


Another reader was outed, and he liked it…

When I broke up with my ex, she got super pissed and went on her Instagram story, saying how she couldn’t believe she had dated a guy with such a tiny dick and was so bad at sex. We had many mutual followers together who knew we dated, so they all found out. It was the hottest thing ever, and I still jerk off to this day. Even my sisters and cousins followed her at the time, so they all found out I had a tiny dick. I wish I could get outed like this again. It was the hottest thing ever.


Meanwhile, this reader got a kick out of public nudity…

So, I was at a hotel for a few days and went to the gym. The changing room was open plan. After a workout, I was changing for the shower when I noticed that all the men were hairy. I had just shaved the night before, and my little bald dick was going to be on display. I decided to brave the naked walk across the changing room. My tiny penis bobbled as I walked over to the showers, only to find that there were three shower cubicles but no doors on them and a sign that said, ‘Shower before using the pool.’ So, as I stood showering completely naked, multiple men walked past in their swimwear to shower briefly before their swim. It was an embarrassing thrill to be exposed like this, especially as I was shaved, and they weren’t even naked.


While this reader has a shrinkage problem…

This is a completely true story. I had to take a trip to Orlando. I was staying at a middle-of-the-road hotel that happened to have a pool and hot tub. I didn’t bring any swim trunks, but I had a pair of compression shorts I wear to work out at home. It was November, so not cold but not warm outside, especially at night. I went down to the pool to swim but didn’t. The pool wasn’t heated and was way too cold. So, I hung out in the hot tub for a while.

When I went to get out, I found the towel rack completely empty. I was a little annoyed, but it is what it is. Then I went to leave the pool area, and my key didn’t work. I was much more annoyed. I ended up calling the front desk to unlock the door while I was standing there in a pair of very thin, wet, and clinging red compression shorts, dripping wet.

The dude let me through but said he didn’t have a towel. I had to wait in the lobby while other people walked through and stared at me while he made me a new key.

My room was on the third floor so I then needed to wait for the elevator. Three guys were also waiting for the elevator. One guy started to snicker. I ended up taking the stairs. Once I turned my back to walk away, all three burst out laughing. I could hear one say it was the smallest dick he had ever seen.

At that point, I was totally frozen from being wet in the lobby and extremely embarrassed. And yeah, at that point, it probably was the smallest anyone had ever seen.


This reader overthinks the semantics of it all…

Busted naked by my younger sister (Late 40s) a few weekends back when she arrived unannounced while naked in the backyard. It’s not the first time, but the first time she’s got a full frontal. Only realized she was there as I looked up, hearing her say, “Put that little pecker away.”

Never heard her make a lot of references to nudity. Still, when she does, she uses ‘donger’ in reference to men’s cocks, and in the case of her seven-year-old, it’s simply ‘Pecker.’ It seemed, in my case, she subconsciously needed to use the word ‘Pecker’ and added ‘little’ as an adjective. Being totally lacking in pubic hair may have made the word ‘pecker’ the natural first choice.


Another reader’s shunning kicks off his kink…

When I was 19 and horny one afternoon, I started jerking off on the unmoderated section on Omegle (good old days). I was about 10 minutes in and still hadn’t found any girls. I saw some other guys jerking off, and most of them were bigger, but I didn’t really think much of it. I always knew I was on the smaller side of things, though I used to think I was on the smaller side of the average. Well, that’s the day I learned that my ‘dick’ is not enough to satisfy a woman. Also, the day it clicked, the reason my ex cheated on me was I could never make her cum, so she kept fucking her hung ex on the side.

So I finally connected with a girl, and she was a smoke show. Beautiful perky tits, fit, long straight hair, looked like a model, honestly. She was topless at first, but after just a couple of seconds, she covered her tits and did the 🤏 sign to the camera. She then wrote, and I quote, (this was my first ever instance of SPH, and the words stuck with me forever) ‘Not big enough, I don’t like babydicks,’ and skipped me.

That’s it, she disconnected, and that was that, but I was so fucking hard afterward. I never knew I would be into that, but that was the moment I realized my place, and I started going down the rabbit hole of SPH.


Meanwhile, this female reader catches her friend’s dad…

Once, I was at my female friend’s place. We both met each other at University. We ended up becoming close, and I was always at her place. So I was in their house and I was making a sandwich. Her dad’s phone was on the countertop. At first, I didn’t mean to pry, but his notifications were going crazy. My curiosity got the better of me, and I checked his phone (this man did not have a password 🤦‍♀️).

He had messages from women who sent rude or mean messages and made fun of his small dick. I was pretty shocked. I went into his gallery, and he had an album of his small dick and women reacting to it. It was pretty wild. He really had one of the smallest dicks I’ve ever seen. It was tiny!

I heard the sliding door open, and we both made eye contact as he walked in from the garden. I guess he figured he just casually came and took his phone, and I made up some excuse, saying the notifications were too loud. I was just putting it in silent mode. It was awkward, and he walked away.

Everything was normal for about a month until last week. I noticed my friend’s dad would leave the bedroom door open from where I sit I can see inside. He would walk butt naked or lie on the bed, and I got a full view of his small dick. I figured he was flashing me and wanted a reaction. So anytime I saw him, I gave him a smirk or had a chat, I would emphasize words like ‘small’ and ‘tiny’ and throw them in as frequently as possible in a conversation. From his facial expressions, he wasn’t stupid. He figured out what I was doing and going with it.

Over the days, we addressed this openly and had a conversation. My friend’s dad and I text now, and I kind of like the whole dominating and giving him the SPH part. The problem is my friend has no clue about any of this, and it better stay this way.

Note: as for how I already knew about SPH. When I was in grade 10, my friends just started checking up on weird fetishes, and one of my friends told me about it. And well, my teenage hormones made me a curious girl, lol, so I checked it up, and though it didn’t become my fetish, I knew what it was. It was only after my friend’s dad I got a chance to explore it.


While this reader has a special dance party…

Me and my girlfriend have been together for three years, and since I’ve known her, she has had a gay best friend (Alex). He is a nice guy, and I have no issues with him. I’d go as far as to say that he and I are pretty good friends. Anyway, my girlfriend and Alex have always had sleepovers, and they’d change in front of each other, shower together, and whatnot. It’s never bothered me. He is not attracted to her in any way, so I never had an issue with this.

One weekend, we got a hotel at a casino and spent a three-day weekend drinking and having a good time. The first night, we all got wasted. I was definitely the most sober, as my girlfriend and Alex were plastered. We went back up to the room, and we were all dressed up nice and my girlfriend wanted to get out of her dress. She had on she removed the straps off her shoulders and the dress fell to the floor. She didn’t have a bra on, so she was naked beside a thong.

She, being wasted and naked, started dancing around and being goofy. Alex followed her lead and began to change. Took off his pants, boxers, and shirt and was completely naked. He yelled, “Dance party,” as he started dancing around naked. I’m a bronze member of the small dick club (hard) and pretty thin. When soft, I’m about two inches. Alex looked to be about five inches soft and really thick.

He and my girlfriend were dancing around, and his big cock was swinging all around her. At one point, she even turned around and began twerking on him as his big soft cock rubbed up against her ass. Alex yelled for me to join, and I said, “I’m good.”

He tried a little convincing, and my girlfriend, in a close-to-blackout state, said, “He’s probably worried cuz his dick is so small.”

She had never said anything about my size before, but due to her drunken state, she let it slip out. It got me really horny, and I felt my dick getting hard from her saying that as she was dancing around with her friend’s big cock.

I said, “What the hell,” and stripped off, and my dick became rock hard. It was so hot to be next to Alex, who had a bigger soft cock than my hard small dick, as my girlfriend was able to see us next to each other.


This reader had some fun in the showers…

I was at the gym pretty late at night, so it was fairly empty, and after my session decided to try out the showers. I usually never use the showers, but this time thought I’d give them a go. Went in, and it was all open showers. All on the wall going around in a rectangle. It was empty, so I was going to go for it. I stripped down and made my way in, took the furthest head from the entrance, and started showering.

Naturally, from the warm water and soapiness, I started getting a little hard. I continued showering and not playing, lol, as I was scared of being caught, haha. After a few minutes, I’m now bone hard, trying not to pay any attention to it. My silver member boner was standing proud. Then, another guy enters. I try to hide it best I could but he must have noticed.

“Enjoy yourself there,” he said as he took the shower head a couple away from me. I was in line, so a simple head turn gave him a full view.

“Apologies, haha,” I said, “must be the warm water.”

“Happens to all of us, man, don’t worry,” he said back.

I carried on washing myself only to catch a glance over and he was now also hard. And hard he was, must have been eight inches of throbbing man cock.

He looked at me a few times, my only response being, “I can see it happens to all of us, haha.”

Nothing further happened, but I get the sense he might have wanted something, too. Or he was just in the mood to show off his huge cok after seeing my small boner.


Another reader has a problem all SDC Members have…

I had been drinking a lot of water, so I had to use a public restroom. And, maybe because of the pressure, pee didn’t go in a single clear line. Instead, an additional line went straight down and, of course, on my pants.

My dick is really small already, but it’s especially small when it’s flaccid. Maybe it’s not related, but I thought that it wouldn’t happen if I had a longer dick.

So I pissed myself because I have a tiny dick, lol. The universe telling me to pee sitting down like a woman 😅


Meanwhile, this reader can’t satisfy his girlfriend…

Recently, my girlfriend and I were playing with our sex toys. I started fucking her with our 7.5 dildo (for context, I’m a bronze member of the small dick club on a good day and quite thin) as I was eating her out.

She started moaning so damn loud our neighbors must think I’m really hung (if they only knew). Anyway, she creamed all over the dildo, which she’s never done on me, and came like four times, which, again, she’s never been able to do with my small dick.

After I’d made her cum several times, I pulled the dildo out. She got on all fours, so I got behind her and, after taking a second to admire her gaping pussy, which was open wider than my dick, I started rubbing my dick on her clit and lips. After teasing her for a few seconds, I slid my little guy in slowly without thrusting her. I then reached around to play with her clit with my hand, which is when she said, “Stop teasing me and put it in already.”

I was speechless and so damn aroused. I just pulled out and went back in and started fucking so hard I came in like 30 seconds. The whole time, she was just static there. She didn’t even moan at all.

Afterward, we had a chat, and she made a reference to how big the dildo was, and I said, “Yeah, looks great with your pussy gripping it tight.”

To which she said, “That’s what it does to you, too. Well, maybe not as tight…”

I asked her if she’s sometimes just in the mood for a big cock. She said, “Oh yeah, sometimes mama needs it,” and giggled before continuing with, “You have no idea how many times I’ve been here all alone while you’re at work, and I get horny, so I play with it (the 7.5-inch dildo) that’s why sometimes when you get back from work I’m not in the mood anymore.”

We talked some more, and she kept talking about how sore and raw her pussy felt with this dildo, which got me hard as a rock again in no time. Still, she denied me as she was already sore and satisfied. She told me to go put my chastity cage on, so I stop bothering her.

Like, we’ve had sex for hours on end, and she’s never sore after. It makes me feel really inadequate as a man. 😝


While this reader had a one-night stand with a coworker…

Twelve years ago, I took a job in a commercial kitchen. When I started, I was the only man working there. I got to know four of the women quite well: Jill, Kim, Lisa, and Tia. About a month went by, and the manager, Susan, hired an African immigrant named Philippe. I’m 5’8” and at that time about 200 lbs. Philippe was the 200 lbs, but 6’2”, very athletic, avid soccer fan and player. I got close enough to the women that they invited me to the bar for happy hour once in a while.

It was a hot summer, and Tia brought up going to a park at a local lake for some games and fun in the water. I knew from experience that all the women had been athletes in school. Tia and Lisa softball, Kim and Jill volleyball. We all brought in high school pictures, and I brought in the best wrestling picture I had. I was trim 130lbs, but I never realized how my small dick club gold membership was displayed until the women started to tease me about my ‘kinda small package.’ I actually liked the attention and teasing from them. It reminded me of the attention girls gave me in high school.

Well, they decided to meet on a Saturday afternoon. It was 95 degrees. I looked forward to seeing the women in their swimsuits, as I often fantasized about all four. Tia and Jill had model-good looks and were 5’5” and 5’3”, very athletic still with b/c cups. Kim was 5’7” with a fuller figure, I’m guessing 34b-28-40, and Lisa was 5’9” and fuller-figured, too. Her breasts were enormous, F cup? and 42-34-36.

When I got there at one o’clock with my six-pack of beer, I was surprised to see the four women were the only ones there, sitting on a table under a tree, passing around a joint! Surprised, I said:” I guess anything goes here!” They all laughed, and Tia told me it was only the beginning. And boy, it was, I hadn’t realized but Philippe had just pulled up too. He started to walk up; the joint was gone, and the women agreed we’d play some three-on-three volleyball. We got to the court, and everyone else started taking their clothes off. I just stood there dumbfounded.

Kim said, “Didn’t you know this is a nude beach?”

I got a lot more nervous as Philippe undressed, revealing his at least six-inch long, flaccid, uncircumcised, black, two-inch thick member and balls the size of walnuts. I was really uncomfortable that the women had invited me and that they were going to see my little sack and flaccid innie. Still, I took my clothes off, too. We only played a few points and Tia took Philippe by the hand and told the rest of us to play two on two. She led him to the edge of the woods and got on all fours!

I started to feel my dick move, and it got about one inch hard. Kim noticed and smiled, saying, “ I think you’re going to like this!”

Philippe stroked his cock and got himself to his 8 or 9 inches hard and started to fuck Tia! The ball hit me in the head, and Lisa teased me about my lack of concentration. Well, he only lasted about five minutes with Tia, who came back and replaced Jill, who was next. I couldn’t believe it, he fucked all four of my coworkers, and I just stood and watched! Kim was last, but when she came back, she took my hand and led me to the edge of the woods.

Her pussy gaped from Philippe’s massive member, and my little micropenis was rock hard but just kind of licked her pussy like a knife in a jar. I tried and tried, but I couldn’t cum. After about 10 minutes, we just went back and had the beers that I had brought to the table. The whole experience only lasted about 90 minutes, but it changed my whole work relationship with everyone involved.

That winter, we were all supposed to meet at a bar for drinks on a Saturday night, but only Kim, myself, and Kim’s drinking buddy Gina showed up. Gina and Kim hit the drinks hard, and I just sipped my beer, knowing I had a 30-minute drive. There was a band playing, and Gina and Kim got drunk enough that they started to flash the band. I couldn’t believe it.

After about three hours, Kim was so drunk she could barely walk, and I told her it was time for ALL of us to go home! I told her I had only two drinks and I would drive her to her duplex that was 10 miles away. I helped her in and asked if I could use the bathroom. She said she had to go first! Ugh, I waited for a few minutes, and she finally came out. I relieved myself, but when I came out, Kim was sitting on the couch naked!

I was pretty sure what the plan was. I went over and undid my pants, my flaccid innie took a few strokes from Kim to wake up, and then she got me to my full micro dick length with a minute or two of oral. She bent over the couch, and I was barely able to enter her pussy. It was surprisingly tight, given that she had had four kids naturally. I wasn’t getting much more than an inch inside her and asked if I could fuck her big beautiful ass.

It was round, with 40 or 42-inch hips. Kim said yes, got some lube, and I fucked it for less than five minutes and came all over her back and butt cheeks. I got a towel and cleaned her up. We kissed passionately as I left, but we were never together again over the rest of the year that I worked with her.


*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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