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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader shows even average guys get looked down on…

So I have an SPH kink, but my penis is average length. However, my girlfriend has only had one other sexual partner, and it seems he was much bigger. She told me he was too big. So in comparison, she sees me as being small. I know she has told her friends that I have a small penis. I’ve overheard them talking and laughing, and recently, while using her PC, I saw a conversation she had been having with her best friend, who was joking about how she must need a sex toy to replace my small dick.

Last night after we had sex and while I was still mostly hard, I asked her how big she thought my cock was, and she looked at it and said, “Four and a half inches.

Little does she know that I am more pleased that she is bad at estimating length and underestimated my size, as I’m in the average range. I don’t think she would have given that number to any of her friends yet, instead just vaguely saying that I am small, but I hope she does tell them that. I love knowing that her friends think I have a tiny cock.


Another reader fails the toilet paper roll test…

As all good stories go, one drunken night, my wife asked a recently broken-up friend if he was as big as his now ex-girlfriend said. To keep this short, my wife slid the empty toilet paper roll (which she pointed out I forgot to throw away) over my hard dick easily, covering it completely. She then struggled a little, giving it a little twist to side it to the middle of his soft cock, barely fitting its width and a little cock sticking out both ends. My wife was massaging her breast as she said imagine if he was hard.

My friend said, “Dude, I’m sorry. She needs to stop.”

I looked down, and he started to get hard. It squeezed around his cock a little and then tore right down the side as he got fully erect. My wife took the toilet paper roll off with one hand, held his cock with the other, and said, “Fucking look at that, and it’s so heavy.”

Her hand had dropped the toilet paper roll and rubbed between her legs. My friend said, “I’m so sorry, but I know that look she won’t say no.”

He barely touched her head, and I watched in complete shock as my wife leaned forward and took his massive cock in her mouth.

It was a few minutes before I realized what I was watching and said, “How could you do this?”

My wife took her hand from her pussy, grabbed my balls, and said, “You can’t consider it is cheating if he’s big enough to split the tube.”


Meanwhile, this reader meets Big Tara…

This took place a while ago now. I was 18 and at a New Year’s Eve party. Back then, I was a lot less experienced and didn’t really know how to set myself up for success. I did not masturbate for about two days because I was so excited about this party and thought I’d finally lose my virginity. Throughout the night, everyone was having a great time, dancing, singing, and playing drinking games. A great house party.

After the clock struck midnight and everyone had their final celebrations, the party started to die down a bit. Slowly but surely, some people had left, and some had fallen asleep or passed out. I was still wide awake, though, and realized I had lost focus of my entire evening and hardly made any moves to try and hook up with a girl. I finally lay down on the floor in a sleeping bag in the living room. It was very dark. You couldn’t even see your hand in front of your face.

As I lay down, a girl, a huge girl, think BBW. Then even bigger than that. Let’s call her Tara. Tara was lying beside me on the floor in her own blankets when suddenly I felt a hand brushing my crotch. After no more than two casual brushes over my crotch, I was rock hard. I thought, ‘Do you want to fool around with Tara?’ I could do better than that fat bitch.

As I ask myself this, she unzips my jeans and slips her hand into my boxer shorts! I completely froze. I didn’t know what to do or how to react. She began stroking the head and shaft of my little cock with just two fingers, and before I could do anything else, I was erupting in my pants! To top it all off, she got up right after making me cum to wash her hands and said, “I can’t believe that was it.”


While this reader loses his virginity…

I was in my Sophomore year of high school, and this girl I had been friends with since 8th started liking me, and we got closer. One night she sent me nudes out of nowhere, officially starting our relationship. Soon after, she wanted to fuck, and I was nervous since I had never had sex before and didn’t know how she would react to my small penis. I kept delaying it and pushing it off until I couldn’t anymore, and my horniness overcame. Before we drove, I had to walk a couple of miles to her house in the middle of that. During that whole walk, I was thinking about all the possibilities that could happen. I was excited but nervous.

I finally got there, snuck down to her room/basement, and almost immediately began making out as she climbed on top of me. She moved my hand up and down my stomach towards my crotch and then backed up, making me feel like I was on a roller coaster. She took her shirt off, and I started playing with her boobs as she was grinding on me, almost in the way of trying to find my boner.

Finally, she whispered, “Fuck me.”

She ran her hands down to my waistband and pulled my shorts off, then she put her hand over my underwear where my penis was, and she could tell it was very small, and she snickered. She began feeling it with two fingers and said, “What is this?”

I got so red with embarrassment, and she laughed and said, “Aww, you’re so embarrassed.”

She pulled my underwear down to reveal my silver member hard dick, put her hand over her mouth, and said, “You’re so small. She then looked me in the eye, went down, sucked my dick, and began jerking it off with two fingers. After a couple of minutes of this, she offered me a deal, she would still fuck me, but I had to eat her ass after. And I agreed as I wanted to have sex. So she rode me, but my dick kept falling out, and she would sigh in disappointment. She had enough after about ten minutes and used a vibrator to finish before sitting on my face.

She plopped her ass down on my face and began grinding ass on my face. She was saying eat my ass, eat my ass as I was licking her booty, and her butt cheeks were covering me. She ended the night by taking a picture of her holding my penis to send to her friends, and the next day at school, people were looking at me and laughing. She broke up with me a few weeks later, and then we never really talked too much.


This reader has a breakup to remember…

We hadn’t had sex in weeks. I wanted to fuck her so bad, but every time I tried to advance, it was always, “I’m not in the mood,” or, “Jerk off to my ass.”

If I was lucky enough, I loved when I was allowed to jerk off looking at her ass. It was perfect and round, and I was so in love with it, especially when I’d stick my face between her massive cheeks and sniff her asshole. Anyways Alyssa and I have been dating for three years now. Alyssa was a hot blonde in good shape and had an amazing round ass. Tight pink pussy and perky tits.

By comparison, I wasn’t in good shape (and I’m a bronze member of The Small Dick Club). I barely lasted that long either, usually a few minutes. She also wasn’t a fan of my foreskin. I found this out when I went through her phone, which started all this.

One night we fell asleep in bed together when I got curious and went through her phone (we did this rarely because we trust each other). Anyways I saw that her friend Ashley had texted her, so I opened it, and to my surprise, they were talking about me. It started normally until her friend brought up the size of my cock.

Ashley texted: ‘Girl, you need to break up with him or start cheating because if I were you, I wouldn’t be able to put up with that tiny ass dick.’

Alyssa replied: ‘I can’t cheat on him because he’d find out. I don’t want to hurt him. Besides, I have that old video of my ex fucking me, and I masturbate to that instead of having sex with him. There’s no point in fucking him anymore as he can’t please me.’

The conversation went on for a while. They were comparing my dick to other guys they’ve been with, only referring to me as a ‘toddler dick.’

Then Alyssa texted: ‘It also took me a year to suck his dick because of his droopy foreskin.’

Ashley responded with: “Ewww. You didn’t tell me he was uncircumcised too!”

I was so ashamed and, simultaneously, turned on looking over at my peaceful sleeping girlfriend. I continued reading until the conversation ended with Ashley texting: ‘Next time I go on vacation, you’re gonna come with me, and I’m gonna hook you up with some black cock. That’s why I only fuck black guys. They got the meat!’

“Okay, I’ll give it a try,” Alyssa texted back.

Now I was rock hard with pre-cum dripping off my cock, and with no hesitation, I found the folder with the video of her ex. The video was his pov fucking her doggy style over her bed. She was moaning so loud, which made me jealous, considering she never moans when we fuck. He was thrusting so fast and hard, and she started wiggling her buttcheeks slowly (another thing she never did when fucking me).

After a minute, I cautiously whipped out my dick and started stroking. His dick was bigger, and this caused me to cum all over my stomach. I sat there ashamed that I just came after watching another man fuck my girl, and after I cleaned up, I went to bed and cuddled up next to her.

I still jerk off thinking about the video a couple of weeks after the first incident. We still haven’t had sex. One day after I got off work, I went to her room, and she was with her friend Ashley and some other guy I’d never met before. He was a tall white guy who looked like he was in shape. They told me they had been drinking some flavored vodka the whole time.

Ashley was giving me weird devious smiles, and now I knew it was because she knew about my pathetic excuse for a dick. This caused my little dick to stiffen up. Ashley was also very hot. She was also blonde, had an hourglass figure, had a bigger, more prominent ass than Alyssa, bigger juicer tits, talked and acted ghetto, and resembled Alyssa a bit.

I never tried anything with Ashley because I knew she wouldn’t touch my dick in a million years. Also, I didn’t want Alyssa to break up with me because she was way out of my league, to begin with, and I was lucky enough to sniff her asshole. The mystery guy was giving me weird looks too. He introduced himself as Carl. We hung out for about an hour, and the whole time Carl and Alyssa were staring at each other, and I’m not even kidding. Carl even slapped her ass when Alyssa got up to grab her drink.

I was mad at first, but then my little beta boner began to switch, and then my anger turned into horny I did nothing about him flirting with her, so I drowned my sorrows in vodka, and before I knew it, I was passed out in my seat. When I woke up, everyone was gone, and Alyssa was wearing nothing but her bra and a thong. This caused me joy, knowing I was finally gonna get laid.

“I can’t believe you passed out,” she said, almost annoyed. “Carl had way more to drink, and he didn’t pass out,” she said, still slightly irritated.

I ignored how much that sentence made me jealous, and I began to kiss her working my way down to her pussy. She was wetter than usual, and her pink little pussy had sweeter after 20 minutes of eating her pussy. I flipped her over to a doggy-style position. I noticed her ass had welts on it, which I found odd. I tried to fuck her, but between my tiny cock and her massive cheeks, it wasn’t going anywhere. She seemed annoyed that my dick kept slipping out, so we switched to missionary.

Within a minute, I came. We lay in bed until I asked her, “What’s gotten into you?”

“What do you mean?” She sounded puzzled.

“We went weeks without having sex until now. What changed?”

“I don’t know,” she said, which aroused my suspicions.

“And the bruises on your ass?”

She stammered over her words. “I-I fell in the k-kitchen yesterday.”

I knew what was up, so I said, “Bullshit, just tell me the truth.”

“Okay, okay. So when you passed out, Carl and I kissed, and one thing led to another.”

My heart was pounding out of my chest, and my limp little dick started to get hard. Alyssa took notice of this and said, “Don’t even lie. I know you like it. You’re getting hard!”

I lay there dumbfounded. Alyssa sat up.

“I also know you looked at my phone and beat your tiny ass toddler dick to the video of my ex fucking me!”

By now, my cock was hard as a rock again.

“I fucked Carl because his cock is more than twice the size of yours. He’s like ten inches. You’re not even five. I need a big cock to fill me up.”

I said nothing and began to stoke again, this time lasting longer due to me already cumming.

“He lasts longer. He’s bigger. He still has rock-hard abs and doesn’t have that disgusting foreskin. Carl’s just better than you.”

Im fighting back the tears and was on the verge of cumming, but it was too late. I blew my load once again, and I could tell by the look on her face that my life would be different from now on.

“Peace out, pin dick. I’m going to Carl’s house. See you in the morning.”


I walked into her room a few days later to see Carl completely naked. His cock must’ve been six inches soft, much bigger than mine hard. Alyssa was naked as well.

“Comparison time,” said Alyssa joyfully, like a kid on Christmas. “His cock is soft, and it’s bigger than your boner. That’s so pathetic.” She laughed at me. My face was burning red with humiliation. “You’re not even a man with a dick that small. You’re a boy. You’ve got a boy’s penis.”

I was also completely naked and looked down at my one-inch flaccid dick that was hiding.

“Get on your knees, bitch,” she hissed at me.

I obliged and dropped to my knees. Alyssa gave me a smile knowing that she had me where she wanted me. Carl and Alyssa started passionately kissing, leaving me to bury my face in her buttcheeks, licking her butthole, and then making out with the in-between of her cheeks. This went on for a while until Carl pushed me, and I fell onto my back. My dick was hard as can be now, with pre-cum running down it.

“Your girl is sick of your little-boy dicklette. I own her now, she’s mine, and you won’t do a thing about it, bitch. It’s natural selection, little guy,” Carl said, sounding arrogant and with a cocky look. I wanted to get up and swing on him until he said, “Don’t even think about it, baby dick. I’ll knock you the fuck out and tell everyone that I fucked you up and screwed your girlfriend.”

Alyssa started to laugh, and this caused my anger to once again turn into humiliation. Alyssa was now placed over me in the 69 position, so I was staring at her pink little pussy, and Carl began to fuck her from behind. I got a face full of his big balls (even his balls were twice the size of mine). The whole time, Alyssa was laughing at my dick, jerking it with two fingers and edging me.

Carl made her get up, and then he started fucking her in all kinds of positions. She even sucked his cock, and then he smugly said, “I heard she barely sucks your dick, you poor bastard. You’re really missing out.”

This went on for an hour until he fucked her doggy style. After he was done, he pulled out and came all over her big ass. “Come lick it up, bitch dick!”

“Hell No!” I protested.

“If you don’t, Carl is gonna kick your ass,” Alyssa said.

I agreed to save myself more humiliation, and I began to lick up his cum from off her asscheeks. There was so much cum I had to take multiple gulps. His cum tasted not bad. It was really sweet, and then it dawned on me that when I ate her pussy the other day, I was licking up his cum.

After I was done, Alyssa said, “Good boy. Since you were so good, I’ll give you your yearly blowjob.

She put my dick in her mouth. I could feel my dick barely reach her throat, so she was sucking it without any trouble. I almost instantly came, and she swallowed my cum in one gulp.

“I didn’t cum as much as him,” I admitted.

“Of course, you didn’t. Those tiny balls don’t make much.”

After that, Alyssa and I broke up for unrelated issues, and I found out a couple of months ago she and Carl are happily dating. My friends always jokingly tell jokes about how Carl stole my girl. If only they knew the truth.


Another reader has a breakup at a pool party…

When I was dating my girlfriend, she quickly found out about my tiny penis and wasn’t too pleased, but she stayed with me for some time. But she would often talk about her displeasure and how she was jealous of her friends who had boyfriends with big cocks. She grew tired of my tiny penis and wouldn’t have sex with me for weeks but instead make me eat her ass or hairy pussy.

Her friends knew about my small penis and made fun of me for it. They would tell her to dump or cheat on me, but she didn’t. Until one night, she had enough. We were at one of her friend’s pool with her friends and a few guys I didn’t know. The girls wanted to skinny dip, and I said no, but my girlfriend said, “Everyone knows about your small dick anyway,” and everyone laughed.

So I said fuck it and took off my bathing suit, embarrassed. Everyone got naked, including the guys, and all the girls, including my girlfriend, stared at their man cocks much bigger than my small dick.

That night my girlfriend and one of the hung guys were staring at each other a lot. Eventually, he got out of the pool to use the bathroom inside. And then my girlfriend got out after him and went inside. All I did was watch her big round butt jiggle, and she went inside after him. Everyone knew they were going to fuck. I was so embarrassed; the girls were whispering and looking at me.

One of them said, “She’s busy now. You should leave.”

That’s when they came back out of the house, holding each other. His hands were on her tits, and hers at his waistline. I got out of the pool and confronted him, and he just put me in a headlock as I struggled, and my dick bobbed up and down as all the girls laughed at me.

This was when my girlfriend and I broke up. I said we were through, and she laughed and said, “Good, you’re too small for me anyway.”


Meanwhile, this reader is busted naked…

Hey, so when I was 19, my older step-sister had a best friend that always stayed over and was like a part of the family. One day I was home alone, and I had a shower. I thought no one was in, so I began to walk around butt-ass naked. Little did I know that the front door wasn’t locked, and she let herself in. I was standing in the living room when she entered unannounced.

She burst out laughing and pointed straight at my tiny dick. I’m about two inches soft and was fully shaved down there. I covered up with my hands and ran past her but saw her head turn to see my white butt run up the stairs past her.

She teased me for the next few weeks, showing me her pinky and saying, “You have a package like an acorn.”

I hope she didn’t tell anyone else, but I doubt it!


While this reader reveals all to his kinky aunt…

My Aunt and I have a very open familial relationship. Like she’s told me about her bisexuality, and I’ve told her about my tiny pecker. Anyhow, I was on some medications that affected my dick and balls. It was a vascular constrictor. Meaning my one-inch soft dick retracted into me (to become a flaccid inny). Usually, I’m a silver member of the small dick club, but now with these medications, I’m a gold member hard. We were on a road trip out of state, and I had a few beers. I stripped down and tossed my shirt and pants out of the window. Her first time seeing my dick and balls, they were absent with my pubic hair. She commented I looked like a woman. I ended up riding there and back naked and tiny. A weird three days.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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