Our Readers SPH Experiences: Wedding tradition (Gay SPH)

By sheltrotic.

This is another true story, and I’m no professional writer, so please forgive me if it’s not interesting. It is true.

After graduating high school, my ex-military Dad insisted I join the military or go to school. I chose a tech school with a two-year degree. The school put you in an apartment and found you employment if you wanted. It was located two hours from my home in the biggest city in our state. Coming from a small, rural town was a new experience for me.

Upon arrival, they gave me the address to the apartment they had put me in. They put four students in each two-bedroom apartment. When I got there, two of the guys were there. Introduced themselves as Chuck and Steve. They were new students like me, and we seemed to hit it off immediately. They had already selected one of the two bedrooms, so I put my stuff in the other.

Later that evening, our fourth roommate came in. He was pissed that the school had moved him with only four months until he graduated. The tech school graduates a class every four months. Ken was older than the rest of us. He looked about 23 but later told us he was 22. Ken was blond-headed and of average build. Well, after settling in, we got into our routine. School four hours, work four hours per day. Party on the weekends.

Ken had a fiancé and always went home on the weekends. He never really hangs out with the rest of us. I wouldn’t say I liked having him as a roommate, but I enjoyed having the room myself on the weekends. The next four months went by, and I knew Ken was graduating. I wondered what my next roommate would be like, and was hoping he wasn’t an asshole like Ken.

That Saturday morning, one week until Ken was to leave. I was there alone and decided to take a shower. Ken was always gone home for the weekend, and Chuck and Steve had to work, so I didn’t bring clothes to the bathroom. I got out of the shower, dried off, and hung my towel. I walked out of the shower, and Ken was in the hallway. Omg! Ken was looking at my tiny silver member’s erection.

For some reason walking around naked made me rock hard! He grinned and said, “What’s up? Oh, I see what’s up.”

I was so humiliated! I got dressed and came out into the living room, still red-faced. Ken was watching TV, and I asked him what he was doing there on the weekend. He explained that he was getting married the following Saturday, and he and his fiancé had agreed to no contact until the wedding day.

Later that evening, after Chuck and Steve came in from work, the weekend drinking started. We were getting buzzed along with some other students and my three roommates. Ken was even drinking with us! After he got pretty drunk, I noticed he kept staring at me. I was scared to death he was going to yell out my secret. I decided to call it a night and go to bed, so maybe Ken would forget about me.

I got in bed and went to sleep pretty quickly. Later in the night, I woke up with Ken rubbing his cock on my lips! OMG! My dick immediately become hard! Pretending to be asleep, I opened my mouth, allowing Ken to put his head inside. He had one foot on the bed beside my head while he fucked my mouth! My head was spinning. I had always fantasized about sucking cock, but had never thought about his. I couldn’t fake being asleep any longer.

His cockhead was fat and leaking pre-cum into my mouth! I started moaning and grabbed his ass, pulling him in deeper! I had one hand on his balls. They weren’t slapping my face now and had tightened up, so I knew what was cumming. His ass tensed up, and he grunted, filling my mouth full of hot cum! I swallowed all of it I could. It was delicious!

Without saying a word, he went and got into his bed. I had to stroke my little dick! I shot about ten strokes with my thumb and finger over my chest. Some even hit my neck and face! Now what had just happened hit me as I returned to my senses. Was Ken going to tell Chuck and Steve? I would have to leave school.

The following day, I got up before Ken and the others. I went and showered all the cum off. Took my clothes this time, though! When I went back to the room, I shared with Ken. He was looking out the window, still naked. He turned around, and I saw the cock I had just sucked for the first time. It was about five inches long with a big fat head and a blond bush around it! It was beautiful!

I told him, “I’m so embarrassed.”

He asked me why.

“Because I can’t quit looking at it,” I told him.

He walked over to where I sat on the bed. Ken started rubbing me on the head and gently pushed me to my knees. I didn’t resist—I couldn’t resist— so I put my mouth on that beauty and went to work. Cock drunk again!

Ken started telling me things like, “I knew you were a cocksucker,” and “Does it taste good?”

It did! Then he took it away from me and told me to stand up.

“Take your shorts off, fag.”

I pulled my shorts off with the big wet spot on them.

“Underwear, too, fag.”

I did as I was told. Ken put the head of his cock against my groin. He was twice my size. Seven inches with a big fat head. I’m three and a half, and my head has always been about the same size, if not smaller than the shaft.

Ken said, “You’re just a little boy.”

I was so humiliated and turned on at the same time! Ken pulled my shirt off and started pinching my nipples. He then sucked a damn hickey on my neck while I stroked his big cock! OMG. Am I getting ready to be fucked? Ken then put me back on my knees. Not as gently this time. I kissed the head, ran my tongue around it, and then tried to put it inside him. That’s when Ken asked the question.

“What are you? I said what are you?”

Reluctantly, I said, “A fag.”

“Whose fag?”

“Yours,” I replied.

He then allowed me to service his big, sexy, juicy cock! Same as last night, he gagged me with his huge load. I was hooked! Over the next five days, before Ken left, I serviced him twelve times. Four times one day! He left that Friday evening, and I’ve never seen him since.

But I’ve always been thankful for the silly wedding traditions! After Ken left, Chuck said he wanted to move into my room. I soon found out why! But that’s another story to be told later.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story was submitted directly to this website.


  • bambiegirl

    Oh my, I’d love to hear about you and chuck.
    I’m in the gold group and love sph. Thanks for a great story.

    • don johnson

      Glad you enjoyed! I will share more. Which pic or pics are yours?


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