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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader had a high school girlfriend who was a size queen…

When I was in high school, my very first girlfriend used to frequently make fun of my penis whenever we argued. It was her go-to insult that she’d use to hurt my feelings. I tried brushing it off as her just being a bitch, but after we broke up, I found out that she had been telling all of our mutual friends that I had a small dick for months.


This reader discovered the myth of girls being sugar and spice…

I had sex with a woman I went to high school with. After we graduated she told me, “It was good but (name of guy we went to school with) is way bigger than you.” I still don’t know why she said that. It was really out of the blue and I didn’t know how to respond. I just sort of stayed quiet and we never spoke again.


One reader lived the ‘cute dick’ curse…

I asked one girlfriend what she thought of my dick once and she told me, “You have a cute dick, I suppose.”

Which I know she meant as a compliment, but god, did that just tear a hole in my self-confidence for a while.


Another reader learns you can never trust your friends…

The worst experience I had by far was when I had a party at my house a few years ago. My friend and I decided to make a beer run, and I left my phone at the house. At the time I didn’t have a password on it. Yes, I know, this was dumb and you should always keep your phone locked up. Lesson learned. My friend was in the store buying beer and I waited in the car. I saw his phone light up with a text that said it was coming from my phone.

Curious, I opened it.

It was a nude picture of me I had sent to a woman a few days ago. Apparently, a group of girls at the party found my phone, went through it, found my nudes, and started sending them out to everyone in my phone. Then they showed the whole party my dick. When I got back, everyone kept telling me I had a baby dick and laughed at me. They even wrote “BABY DICK (my name)” all over my coffee table in permanent marker.

Probably the most humiliating moment of my entire life. I had to sit there and laugh with them because as anyone who has gone through something like this before knows, trying to fight it will just make things worse. You just have to sit there and grin while you’re dying inside.


One reader suffered terrible bullying in college…

I have bladder exstrophy. Look it up. But it left me with a short, scarred, and deformed but very functional penis. I broke up with a college girlfriend and she told everyone about my penis, it’s size, it’s deformity, etc. one night at a party a group of guys and girls held me down, stripped me, hog tied me while they poked me, ridiculed me, pissed on me and dumped booze all over me. I was left this way for hours. Pretty terrible ya. But it’s a badge of courage for me now. It helped form who I am and instead of letting it destroy me, I used it as fuel. Met my wife a few months later and it’s been great ever since.


A reader tells of a sexting mishap…

So here we go, I’m sexting with this girl and she loves it, one day she said let’s exchange pictures of our junk and I replied OK. She sent me hers first, then I sent mine.

She texts: It looks nice. What is the size?

I replied: 5 inches

She texts: LMAO It looks like a kid’s dick!!

I replied: dafuq, that hurt me you know

She said sorry, but she told me it’s still turning her on. I got burned when she said it was like a child’s dick, but she thinks it’s a good dick. Don’t be bothered so much about our size, they may joke about it when they see it but they still want the D Brothas!


One reader discovered he had never given a woman an orgasm until…

As a young man I had small penis anxiety, but put it out of my mind with the typical rationalisation of “grower, not shower” and careful avoidance of the ruler. Though less than 4″ erect, I told myself I was about 6″, which I heard was average.

I was married, but unsatisfied with the unresponsiveness of my wife. I pursued many outside avenues for sex. I compulsively sought sex in affairs and with prostitutes without finding anyone much more responsive than my wife. I blamed everything but by dick: the women, my technique, my lack of masculine aggression, inability to perform repeatedly, etc.

Finally, I started fooling around with a new secretary at work, a tall elegant Black woman. One day at the office when no one was looking while we flirted she embraced me and kissed me with her large mouth and lips, pushing a surprisingly long tongue deep into my mouth. I was captured.

After work we went to her apartment, had cocktails and sex. We shed our clothes and she started sucking my already hard dick. I was distraught that her mouth dwarfed my dick. She even engulfed by balls inside her mouth. I never felt that way when being sucked. I quickly recovered and forgot about it by giving her head. I was pleased to find an over-sized throbbing clit. I decided it was time to fuck, and though surprised at how big and wet her cunt was, I fucked long and hard, grinding high on her clit which I could feel. When if finally came, filling her cunt with cum, I collapsed on her, pretty proud that I had finally got a worthwhile response from a woman.

But, she had other ideas.

She said, “Give me more head so I can cum too.” I was humiliated and stunned, but started to go down on her. She said, “Don’t be afraid of your cum. Eat it out.” That restored my hard-on and I dove in. She continued with her hot instructions, “Let my hear you swallow.”

I obeyed, glorying in the feel of her ever more engorged clit.

Next she got on top, grinding my face, switching forward to back, making me eat out her ass hold as well as pussy. She began smothering me in both positions, orgasming powerfully, when I was desperately gasping for air. Finally, I became acquainted with female orgasm.


One female reader dishes on her boyfriend…

I love my bf dearly but my god is his penis tiny! He’s 2.5 inches soft, and a pathetic 4.5 hard! The first time I saw it I was honestly disappointed and unfortunately (for him) I showed I was! :/ lol I even asked him, “where’s the rest of it!?”

He had pubes that were bigger! Seriously! So I asked if I could shave his little willy. Desperate to impress me, he agreed so I got to work. As soon as I was finished I realised my mistake straight away and burst out laughing. It looked like a small child’s! So tiny!

The only pros about his tiny penis is its easy to suck as it’s impossible to gag on it! And anal doesn’t hurt. AT ALL!


One reader has a mom who was just trying to be helpful…

My mom barged into the bathroom telling me to get out of the shower just as I already was. She saw my small shrivelled penis in all its one inch glory. She had a shocked look on her face. She stepped out, but then through the door she said, “Don’t worry son, I know all about shrinkage.”


This reader also has a close encounter of the family kind…

My uncle saw my penis when I was 16. He eidn’t comment at first, but waited until the evening when he proceeded to discuss it with my mother and his wife. His exact words were, “I don’t know how he’s going to be able to please a girl if he gets one one day”. Not exactly what a 16 year old needs to hear.


One reader thinks life is only about pleasing size queens…

I realised something like 90 percent of men will have penises incapable of satisfying size queens. Judging by the fact that there’s no hope of a solution to the problem, would you feel guilty for being responsible for your sons small penis? I know it’s not our fault we inherited this gene, but passing the buck along to my kids makes me feel like total crap. I dont want anyone, not even my worst enemy to suffer the psychological torture I went through. Knowing secure relationships are a struggle and constantly having to think about something incurable is torture. Anyone with no confidence is likely to fail in all other aspects of life. There are countless examples of women breaking up perfectly healthy relationships due to small penis. Trying to compensate by working infinitely harder and fixing fixable flaws will never fully make up for a small penis. This is the cold hard truth we have to face.


A reader describes his journey to enlightenment…

I am a 43 year old guy and I am still a virgin. Until recently I blamed my tiny useless penis. I have a very mild form of hypospadias , also I can’t give a measurement right now. I’ll explain that in a sec. But the last time I seen my erect penis I was 28 and it totally disappeared in my hand when I masturbated. I would estimate 3-3.5 inches erect. And 1″ when flaccid. The penis is not the problem though. I am. Around the age of 13 I knew I was very different from other boys. I was shy and refused to go swimming at public pools fearing the showers, I skipped out of gym class at school. I actually got suspended for it several times.

I hated interacting with people as well, especially girls. My Favourite hobby was to go fishing at a local lake in the middle of town. It was a solo hobby. I was getting chubby. I figured out less kids at school talked to me. By the time I graduated high school I weighed 300lbs. Now in chef school I could befriend women safely because of my weight I felt secure and actually preferred women as friends over guys. It was during cooking college days I got relaxed smoking weed with my room mate and a couple girls we used to hang out a ton with but never did anything more than dry hump.

I almost got brave enough that night when she started initiating foreplay on me but I chickened out when she went to pull my jeans down. I still kick myself for that today, she knew how big I was, we had dry humped many times and she’d felt me up often. It Was all my brain and my irrational fear of actually being seen or touched. I kept avoiding things and kept eating. Eventually I ended up in hospital at 560 lbs. even that didn’t stop me. Over the next ten years I lived like a hermit and hit 600 lbs.

I am so fat my belly has enveloped my junk and I have not seen it in years. I don’t really know why but around 3 years ago I decided I just didn’t care any more. My joints hurt too much carrying the weight so I decided to loose weight. I entered into a bariatric surgical program locally. It is not just surgery, I went through a full battery of tests and hoops to jump through. The process takes 1-2 years to complete before one is granted surgery. One of those hoops is seeing a therapist.

She made me realize I was eating to hide from society and it is true. Once the therapist had me on the right track and continues to see me monthly something just clicked. I have dropped over 200 pounds and I still have not had the surgery. Its due any day now. I have tunnel vision. Finnish weight loss, skin surgery, find someone to love. Rejection is part of that. The only way to conquer shame is through vulnerability. When I quit caring if I get rejected over something like my tiny innocent little penis I lost my fear of looking for and finding the girl of my dreams. I firmly believe having a great attitude is a big part of projecting confidence.


Another reader explains his ring of confidence…

I’ve suffered throughout my life from concerns that my penis was too small, premature ejaculation, and since I’ve hit mid-forties, some erectile dysfunction: The triumvirate of men’s sex issues. Ugh.

Last year I happened to try cock rings for the first time. I bought a set by Screaming O called Ring-O x3. This is a set with of three different rings: one that goes behind the cock and balls, and two rings of differing constriction strengths that can be used at the base of the shaft (I tend to use the one behind and the more restrictive one on the shaft simultaneously). These instantly made my dick the hardest and thickest I’ve ever seen it. I’m pretty sure anyone browsing this wants to be their biggest. This has significantly reduced what I call Small Dick Psychosis.


This reader says his life maybe shit but the sex is still OK…

Hey guys – first, let’s get it out of the way, I’m 4.7 inches length bone pressed at max hardness (after I inexplicably grew from 4 inches) and <4.4 max girth (my girth changes a bit along my length and at it’s thinnest, it’s like 3.8). Used to be moderately muscled, now extremely skinny, with less than 12% body fat.

So I used to post on sdp semi-regularly. Since then, I lost my virginity to a working girl, then started getting laid in college (including a pseudo-threesome) – I’ve since left university (hoping to go back) but am still in a happy open relationship (something which remains little used, but has been mostly to my benefit) with a girl I met there.

I’m posting because I remember how much of an achievement it seemed back then for a small guy to have sex without getting rejected; my relationship is not without it’s issues, but sexually, it could not be better. I can semi-regularly make her cum with just PIV sex and easily with fingers (having trouble with oral). I seem to be a better fit for her than anyone else has been (and she’s apparently had some monster cocks), and early on, she has repeatedly expressed her shock at how well we match sex-wise. The last girl I slept with (who wasn’t my girlfriend) was a much, much worse fit, but no negative comments were made, we messed around a little more later down the line, and we’re actually still pretty good friends.

I’m struggling with anxiety (it came back very, very recently), job troubles and relationship doubts – but my sex life is pretty great.


One reader shares a fantasy with us…

I was the perfect guy, handsome, young, and great body. I was ripped. I was 23 In college still a virgin if you can believe it. One day I was at a store and I seen this really sexy black girl who was in my psychology class. She had a light blond weave, jeans shorts, and a crop top. She would always check me out. One day we started talking and she was completely in to me. she was always flirting with me and bending over in front of showing of her nice fat round ass. I invited her to my room and we were chilling.

She was all on me until we both got horny and I was unbelievably nervous when she stripped down to her bra and panties. She said, “It’s your turn.”

My face went all red, but I said, “OK.”

“Aww… Are you shy?”

So she slowly pulled my pants down then my basketball shorts, then she slowly ripped down my boxers and was completely surprised by what she saw.

She giggled.

“Omigod, its so tiny,” she said.

She started laughing and talking down to me, to humiliate me.

“You have a tiny dick. You have a tiny dick,” she said over and over. In awe, she said, “Look at the little tiny, baby dick. hHw could such an attractive man be so tiny between his legs? It’s because you’r not a man, your a baby… awww… Little baby dick! Oo, are you getting horny? Look at that little baby dick, did you think you were going to put that little thing inside me? Too bad, but don’t worry from now on your my little weenie boy and I’m your goddess. You will worship my nice gorgeous fat ass.”

I said, “Yes, goddess!”

She would grab me by my baby dick and make me squeal and squirm like her little weenie boy. She would humiliate and torture me all day and I loved being her bitch boy


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