The Long Way Home (Gay SPH)

By CyanideT.

When I woke up, I felt dizzy and disoriented. The last thing I remembered was that I had approached Sami, the loser from high school, at the bar, and though we had barely seen each other ever since I left for college, I knew he would never forget me. He was nervous when I suggested he should invite me a drink for old times’ sake since I was back in town for the summer, and he agreed after some ‘persuasion’ on my part, just like I used to. I couldn’t remember much more after that other than brief images that flashed through my mind… we kept drinking… we walked out of the bar together, me leaning my 200 pounds of solid flesh against his weakling body… and then… and then?

I looked around. Green was everywhere around me, and I was lying on the floor, completely naked. The absence of any clothing immediately raised alarms on my head, and even though I searched desperately, I wasn’t able to find a single piece of clothing; there was only one explanation: that four-eyed freak had taken them with him. The thought terrified me because if that had been the case, it meant that he had undoubtedly seen… my little secret.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been very physically active, my interest in sports encouraged by my family: tennis, basketball, baseball… but football has always been my favorite. I was one of the first ones in my class to start puberty and started working out to grow my muscles from early on. To me, it was a matter of pride, some kind of sign of my manhood; I started picking on whoever I thought was the smallest, least developed kid and even got into fistfights with some older kids while trying to prove what a man I was. But there was one area in particular that had not developed like the rest, and that caused me a deep shame that I kept hidden to absolutely everyone: my penis had not grown significantly in these years.

It certainly had grown since puberty, but not as much as I had hoped. During high school, every day after class I locked myself in my room as soon as I got home, grabbed a ruler and after getting hard I obsessively tried to find if I had made some progress, waiting anxiously for the day that it would reach the fabled number ‘4’ in the inches scale. Even today, I’m still waiting for that day.

That was my ‘little’ secret. At the age of 21, not a single soul knew, not even my multiple ex-girlfriends, although I acquired fame among them as a very selfless lover who was a pro in the art of the female oral sex. But now… that little freak knew. I grimaced, thinking of the face Sami must have made when he took off my boxers while I was unconscious and saw my manhood for the first time… I had some consolation in the fact that because it was flaccid, it might have looked like a normal-sized one.

Or so I thought! I was surprised when I looked down and saw how hard I was. Any man knows it’s not unusual to wake up with a woody, but this was something else… I was so hard it hurt a little; my 3 and a half inches were completely perpendicular to my body and refused to go down despite the unpleasantness of the situation. The erection was unusual, though… as unusual as the strange aftertaste in my dry mouth. A foggy memory from the night before surfaced among my thoughts, that of a weird taste in my drink. Was it possible that the loser had spiked it?

Only then did I really start to realize the gravity of my situation. I was completely naked in an open field, lost and without any way to contact anyone. A woody area surrounded me, but I wasn’t able to recognize any of it; the town was surrounded by many green areas, and I wasn’t familiar with all of them. A quick check confirmed that my phone was also gone, so I was on my own with nothing more than an erection on me. I was horrified at the thought of finding someone like this, I didn’t want my legacy as one of the star players of the football team to be stained like this, I would be damned if I were to be known as the player with the fun-sized dick.

Nervously, I investigated the surrounding area. Nothing seemed quite enough to cover my naked body, although I was able to identify my general location: I was on the lookout on top of a hill on the south side of the city, which could be seen below my feet. I would have to walk a long way through an old dirt road to reach the town and then scurry through some backstreets to reach my old folk’s place, where I was staying for the summer, but luckily I would be able to avoid downtown and Main Street, so that was something. I knew the way.

Not too far from where I woke up, I found a pathway that I knew led to town. It was probably the same one Sami took when he brought me here, although I couldn’t possibly imagine how he was able to drag me all the way up here all by himself, even if I had been half-walking in my drunken stupor. Few people took the road, but it wasn’t completely abandoned either… I decided I would walk through the undergrowth on the side of the road to ensure I followed the right way and still have an opportunity to hide in case I ran into someone on the way, although I would have to be careful since I was barefooted.

Half an hour later, I was still slowly making my way down the road. I hadn’t heard a single sound of civilization at that time and was starting to reconsider walking in the middle of the pathway when I heard a sound in the distance. I held my breath and tried hearing what it was… and I realized it was someone’s footsteps, rapidly approaching me!

I immediately laid down on the underbrush, praying that whoever was approaching hadn’t heard the rustling on the leaves. By keeping completely immobile, I was able to hear the person approaching more clearly… each heavy step was made in quick succession, and judging by its rhythm it appeared to be a jogger; I held my breath once more and stuck my head to the floor without daring to look up. Tap, tap… tap, tap… tap, tap… each step sounded closer and closer. What if the brush was not enough to cover me? Perhaps the jogger would be able to see my white ass on the side of the road, and then no doubt he would think I was some sort of pervert, especially considering the goddamned erection I still had.

He was close… very close… just next to me… I squeezed my eyes even more…

Tap, tap… tap, tap… the footsteps started sounding farther and farther away. The jogger had passed me without stopping. He hadn’t even slowed down, so I was certain he hadn’t seen me. I exhaled and relaxed my tense muscles. I had probably been stressing about nothing.

Suddenly I heard the grass rustling behind me, and I was paralyzed once more; had he come back? I couldn’t raise my head, couldn’t move my body even though I could feel his presence right next to me, standing and looking me over. Even without looking at him, his gaze was piercing, unbearable. I felt even more naked than I had been up to this moment.

And then he licked my ass.

I yelped and jumped to my feet, startled. My mind went blank. I completely forgot about my efforts to keep quiet and turned around to see a dog, a Labrador, to be more precise, who had a stupid, goofy look on its face. The dog panted happily, staring at me with a curious expression. We stared at each other for a moment before the dog started to bark; that was enough to snap me out of my stupor.

“Rocko? Hey, Rocko! Where are you?” I turned towards the direction of the voice; the jogger that had run by just a moment ago was coming back, looking for his dog. I once again dropped to the floor, but this time the stupid dog kept sniffing at me, ignoring my gestures for it to go away. I quickly realized the dog would guide his master towards me, even if I ran deeper into the woods.

Without thinking, I made a snap decision. I got on my feet and ran into the road instead, trying to make the most out of the advantage I had; I was out of sight from the jogger, for now, thanks to the crooked path but he was close by, in no time he would appear right around the corner and see me in all my nakedness. I ran downhill as fast as I could, trying to get as much distance between him and me as possible while his dog ran alongside me. We must’ve been about a hundred yards apart when I heard him somewhere behind me.

“HEY! HEY, YOU!” he yelled at me, surprised.

I didn’t turn around to face him. I was sure he would see me, but I was hoping he would not recognize me while facing away; of course, all of that would have been for naught if he caught up to me, and while I was confident in my running abilities I was definitely in a bad position, running barefoot in the woods as I was – not to mention with an erection! My dick slapped against my legs with every step, making a wet, obscene sound of flesh against flesh. Even when the dog started to lag behind, I didn’t stop running, praying I wouldn’t find anyone else in my way; I finally stopped when I had stopped hearing them completely.

I took deep, shallow breaths while leaning on my knees. While I’m definitely in shape, the terror I felt had gotten to me; my whole body was covered in a thin layer of cold sweat, and it took a while before my heartbeat returned to normal. I thought of the runner and how I would have looked to him: some guy running naked in the woods; since all he had seen of me had been my back and my ass, I was confident he hadn’t recognized me.

When I finally had my breathing under control, I resumed my way down the hill towards the town, which wasn’t all that far away now. That’s something positive that came from my mad dash: I was so much closer so much quicker, but other than that, I still felt restless, perhaps even more so than before (if such a thing was even possible). There are many in this world who are quite comfortable in their own skins, but I was not one of them; that’s the price you pay when you start giving so much weight to the size of your manhood.

It must’ve been at least another solid half-hour when I arrived at the edge of the woods, the place I had been itching to arrive and yet feared so much. The trees and shrubbery started becoming thinner and shorter, there were quite fewer places for me to hide and so I started moving slower and more cautiously until the dirt of the road ended abruptly to give way to cold, hard pavement.

Hiding from behind a bush, I looked at the road. Here’s where the town started, a small street lined by big, modern houses that had very tall fences. That last detail worked in my favor, as I would remain unseen by those at home when I crossed the street. The town has grown quite a lot in the last decade, and those houses right next to the woods were the most recent addition to the urban sprawl. I didn’t know anyone who lived there, but I certainly wouldn’t take my chances.

The big question was how I was going to make my way forward. I had been dreading this moment when I would have to leave the relative security of the woods to enter the town, and I still had no answers as to how I would do it. There was no doubt in my mind I would have to press onward, as waiting until dark was out of the question: my parents had organized a BBQ in my honor with some family friends, and if I didn’t show up before they did they would start looking for me until they found me nude as the day I was born. I shook my head, horrified by that prospect, and forced myself to think how to continue.

To arrive home, I would have to make my way through the streets of the city, that much was unavoidable. It was a weekday, so I expected fewer people on the way, which was something that worked in my favor; I could also avoid many of the busiest ones, making my way through mostly deserted alleyways.

From my hiding spot, I started observing my surroundings and planning my next steps. I could see mailboxes on every corner, some carefully trimmed shrubberies, and some big trash containers on the front yard of most homes. All of those offered little protection, but the street was currently deserted, so they would have to do for now. I had no other option.

Yet ten minutes later, I was still glued to the same spot. At that time, I saw no-one passing by the street, but to be fair, this road only led to the woods, so there was little to no reason for most people to take it. It took me that time to gather my courage but eventually decided to bite the bullet. I got up and made a beeline towards a very small topiary, crouching behind it and scanning my surroundings as soon as I arrived. When I was confident there was no-one else around, I made the jump towards a garbage dumpster, then under a bench, another bush, and a mailing box.

I might have mentioned this before, but my hometown is quite a town. The good news was that meant little transit at this hour, but the bad news was that most anyone I saw was at least familiar to me. On the corner of the street, I clung to the wall and peeked out just enough for my head to stick out, and I saw the first of many pedestrians I would find on my way, an old man with a cane walking a small, puffy dog. He saw me sticking my head out and raised a friendly hand.

“Ho! Hey, arentcha the Simmons kid? Didn’t know you were in town! I used to see ya play, you got some good arm on you—hey, where’cha off to?” I didn’t stay behind to hear the rest of whatever he was going to say, I ran back the way I came and hid on the entranceway of one of the houses. Moments later I heard the old man passing by walking down the street I saw him, wondering out loud where I had gone to. He continued on his way.

I felt something heavy in my stomach as if I had swallowed iron, and as soon as the sounds of his cane hitting the floor disappeared, I continued on my way, more apprehensive than before.

Crossing the street was no simple task, either. There were simply no possible places to hide, and it seemed as if every minute a car passed by. There was no timing to it either: one minute it was car after car, the next one the street was deserted… until right before I started running across. After waiting for at least five minutes, I decided I was going to cross no matter what when the next group of cars passed by, which in this case happened to be a string of four of them. When the last car speeded away, I covered my groin and ran as fast as I could, feeling the burning hot asphalt at my feet. I made it all the way to the other side… only to be honked at by another passing car. I turned around, but it was already speeding away; I didn’t linger.

And so I continued my way through backstreets and alleys avoiding people as much as possible. I did encounter quite a few pedestrians, many more than I would have wanted, and though some of them saw me, I was quite careful to avoid them seeing my face and my erection, in that order. Despite the horrible feeling of being exposed, my dick was still stubbornly hard, perhaps due to its small size.

As I made my way into town, the big houses on the outskirts started disappearing to give way to older, unkempt homes. This was an area I was quite familiar with, having spent many of my younger days with friends playing hooky, and for that exact reason, I feared to find a familiar face around here. It was, however, a necessary risk if I wanted to get home, which by now was quite close.

It occurred in one of those alleys. I was keeping a sharp ear in case I heard anyone approaching while I made my way as silently as possible to the other side; I was getting impatient and more than a little emboldened, taking more risks and advancing without looking for places to hide if necessary. I quickened my pace and almost arrived at the end when I heard footsteps right around the corner.

I looked around anxiously. This was a narrow alley flanked by big buildings with little to no place to hide, it had been a mistake to take it in the first place, but it was too late for regrets now. I had to act, and I had to do it now. I ran away in the direction from which I came.

Ever had one of those dreams where you run and run, and yet you don’t seem to advance at all? That’s how I felt at that moment. The long corridor seemed to stretch on forever. I ran as fast as I could, knowing I would probably be heard but focusing all my strength on getting to the other side. In the end, there was a white, wooden fence that must have been at least 5’7”, and I knew what was on the other side. At the speed I was running, I wouldn’t be able to pivot around the corner, so instead, I used my momentum to jump as high as I could, crashing into the fence and grabbing on to it for dear life. I clung to it and tried as hard as I could to get to the other side, but I just couldn’t get the necessary impulse until my foot connected with a small hole in the wooden fence. It was only thanks to it and the adrenaline that I managed to get to the other side, landing on the ground with a hard thud, and not a moment too soon.

I could hear many running steps coming in my direction, so I pushed my back against the fence and tried to catch my breath to avoid giving away my position.

“Who was that? I know it came from around here,” judging by his voice, I guessed they were freshly out of high school.

“Maybe a cat…,” said someone else in a slow, bored tone.

“No, it was someONE, I’m sure of that! I heard him running when we approached. I think he was running away from us… that was weird.” I could hear them right next to me on the other side of the fence. I closed my eyes and tried holding my breath to no avail since I was still too agitated.

“Dude, let it go, let’s go, man,” a third voice said.

“I just want to—hey! Dude, what the fuck! He’s in there, he’s naked!”

If anything was going to freak me out, it was hearing that. I looked terrified at the fence and saw a spying gray eye in the hole that had helped me cross to the other side. The eye moved from one side to the other very quickly, as if scanning my naked body, and suddenly disappeared as its owner was pushed aside by one of the other guys who also wanted to take a look. The new eye widened in surprise when it saw me.

“Man! He’s not only naked, but he’s also hard! Hey, perv! What are you doing there?” his eye squinted at me as if he was analyzing me.

‘He didn’t call me by my name,’ I absentmindedly thought. From the position of the hole, I don’t think they would have seen my face, but they now knew I was there. With my back still firmly planted against the fence, I started scuttling away until I was far away enough from the hole. I then took away in direction to the old house in the middle of the abandoned lot.

I mentioned before I knew what was on the other side of the fence, and this was it: the old house was dilapidated and long-abandoned; it had been that way for much longer than I can remember. The house had been used as a hideout for my friends and me when we used to sneak into it to drink and get high, entering through a small opening on one of its old concrete walls. Now, it would be used by me as a hideout once more.

As soon as I found the hole in the wall, I jumped into it. It was a small hole below my waist of about 20 inches wide that my friends and I had made ourselves years ago. When I was younger, I had been able to easily slither my way inside, but my body size was quickly proving to be a problem here. Squeezing my shoulder blades together, I moved from one side to the other, slowly making my way inside like a worm into the dirt. My head was already on the other side, but my arms were preventing me from advancing further, immobilized to my sides. Panting, I tried pushing myself forward but discovered, to my horror, I was completely stuck.

The lower half of my body was still exposed on the outside while my torso was stuck in the opening. I desperately moved my legs, trying to get myself free until a sudden stinging pain in my ass stopped me.

“Hey dude, you’re way too old to be playing hide-and-seek, dontcha think?” another sharp pain, and I realized one of the punks from before was spanking my butt as if I were a small child. The other guys around him hooted and cheered him on while I kicked around in desperation.

“Hey, hey! Calm down, man! No reason to be like that!” one of them said, avoiding my blind kicks.

“Dude, look, Ron was right: he’s hard!”

“Jesus, what the fuck, man? Do you like that, you fucking pervert?”

“Oh my God… look at the size of that thing!”

My face was burning in shame from their comments. I hated to hear them talking like that about me and the size of my wiener as if I wasn’t even there. Their voices sounded distant through the wall as if I was far away, and it seemed like there were three or four of them. If my drink hadn’t been spiked, my dick should’ve surely shrunk away into nothingness… outside, they continued to argue.

“Of course, mine is double the size, that’s easy money!”

“I mean, of course, his is mega tiny, but still…”

“And I’m telling you… hey, Ron, you got a ruler on your backpack?”

My silent protests began earnestly once more, kicking right and left. No fucking way was some young kid gonna touch my dick, no way in hell. My left foot connected with someone’s leg.

“Bastard…! Grab him, Aron!”

Between the two of them, they grabbed my legs, but by then, I had stopped putting up a fight. Aron? Did he say, Aron? Was it really him? My brother must have been about the same age as these punks, but still… I had a hard time believing he was out there, tormenting me, although unknowingly.

Aron was as obsessed with sports as I had been at his age. Unlike me, however, his passion was soccer, meaning he had strong legs and a leaner body. Other than that, he’s the spitting image of me. We fought over every other thing as any brother would do, but I knew he looked up to me. He certainly would never do anything like this if he knew I was on the other side.

An unknown hand firmly grasped my dick, startling me. The cold hand easily covered my entire junk, something the rest of the fuckers were quick to point out, and then set something beside it (which I assumed was the ruler). I dropped down my head, humiliated. What if it was Aron himself grabbing me by my privates?

“3 inches!” an unknown voice announced. That motherfucker… it’s three and a half, not three! I wanted to yell at them but restrained myself, thinking Aron would recognize me.

“What did I tell you? Not even half of mine…”

“Big deal, you’re comparing yourself to a baby,” the guy with the bored voice said. My pride was hurt and bleeding because of these kids. They started discussing among themselves once more, bitching about who was bigger until they decided to settle it once and for all.

I heard the sounds of unzipping pants and mocking comments among them, followed by an awkward silence and the unmistakable sounds of beating the meat. It’s obvious they wanted to be at their very best when they faced off between them.

In the end, the one with the biggest dick ended up being none other than my own brother. As if I hadn’t been shamed and embarrassed enough, this truly took the cake. How was it possible that someone who shared my own blood had been blessed in such a way while I had been left out to dry? Had he perhaps robbed me of my missing inches, giving him an unusually long dick even at a younger age? I felt anger and resentment towards him as if somehow it had been his fault that my own member had betrayed me and kept me from being the man I should have been.

The other guys reluctantly accepted Aron’s victory, and so decided to follow whatever plan he had stored for me. He lowered his voice and told them something that went unheard by me, and one of them started rummaging in his backpack under his instructions. He must’ve taken something out because the next thing I knew, I felt something wet and cold on my ass, not unlike a dog’s snout.

I felt uneasy and focused on identifying whatever that thing was. It started moving around, forming a circle with my butthole as its center, and then another, smaller one, and another, and another… it finally hit me that they were using a marker to draw circles on my ass for who knows what reason. I didn’t suspect a thing but feared it.

A few minutes later, the ‘artist’ finished his artwork. He, along with the rest of his friends, left me behind to my surprise, chuckling on the way. Were they finally going to leave me alone? I wasn’t going to complain about it, but I would be lying if I said I expected it. Something was off…


The strike in my rear took me by surprise; I wasn’t able to contain my howl of pain, surprised as I was. Something had hit me in my ass really hard, and since I was unable to move, I had received the blow in full power.

A minute passed, and I felt the pain once more. Another one followed, and another and another… every other minute, I was hit by an unknown force with varying intensity, and not every one of those strikes had been on the ass. Some of them had been on my legs, and some missed me entirely and hit the wall instead, reverberating in the house.

I started to guess the nature of the game these sadistic freshmen were playing, and my brother’s sport of choice was key to that: they had drawn a bulls-eye on my butt and used it as target practice for their power shots.

Ever since I received the first hit, I had tried escaping once more, trying unsuccessfully to cover myself with my feet. Those fuckers gave me no respite and threw shot after shot with great precision, sometimes hitting me on my left cheek, sometimes on the right one, sometimes right in the middle. The pain was starting to become unbearable, and I wished I could at least use my hands to rub myself.

I don’t know how long I was there on the receiving end of their shots, but it felt like an hour when they finally stopped. My ass felt like it was on fire, both cheeks were tender and sore like they had been when I was a kid on my father’s lap.

My four tormentors approached me. I winced when one of them touched me on my ass.

“Holy shit, that’s raw. Look at that!” one of them said, more in awe than in concern.

They buzzed around, excited. I had the impression they had only stopped because they were tired of the game and not out of any sense of remorse. I was tired, sweaty, humiliated, sore, and all-around miserable. I prayed for the moment they left me alone, and from what I heard, I was about to get my wish.

“It’s almost 12. I gotta run, I still have to shower before going to the restaurant.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“Mm, no use staying here on our own, I guess. Are we going to leave him like that?”

“Yeah, he’ll get out on his own. Although… maybe one last thing for him to remember us by,” Aron laughed to himself. His laugh sent shivers down my spine. It sounded so unlike him. I heard him rummaging in the ground until he found something, which he pulled with a grunt. “I think he’ll make one hell of a flower vase, don’t you think?”

He grabbed me by my ass cheeks and pulled them apart. I didn’t think it was physically possible for me to be more mortified, but this was definitely doing it. No one had ever seen such a private area, and now my kid brother was doing it? Out of this world.

“Fucking gross, dude!” one of them complained. Aron ignored him and proceeded to insert the stem of the plant into my hole. It felt cool as the thin steam easily made its way inside me, to my discomfort.

Everyone on the outside laughed hysterically. The sight of a red ass stuck on a wall with flowers coming out of it must’ve been comical to anyone, not to mention with a stubborn hard-on of a pathetic penis. I closed my eyes tightly, wishing my nightmare was over. This group really knew how to denigrate me more and more, especially when I thought it impossible.

They finally left me on my own when they tired themselves of mocking me, but not before each one of them gave me a hard swat as they walked by. Still, I felt elated that my torment seemed to finally be at its end. How wrong I was.

I waited a couple of minutes to ensure I was on my own and afterward focused on getting my arms and shoulders unstuck, trying to backtrack as much as possible. The stupid flower clung stubbornly to my backside until it finally fell on its own. It would only be a matter of time before I was out…

A noise somewhere in the area made me freeze. Someone was around.

There was no mistaking it, the footsteps were approaching me. Had they come back or… was it someone else? Once again, I felt the nerve-wracking feeling of vulnerability that I had before. I tried squeezing into the opening once more, but I knew it was too late, the person was already behind me.

The new visitor stood there, in silence. They made no comment, nothing about finding a naked man stuck on a wall, no nothing. They just stood there, silently, as if judging me. It drove me mad.

Suddenly I felt one of his (her?) hands touching my still sore ass. Something about it felt off, and it chilled my blood to think of this person’s intentions.

The stranger caressed them. It wasn’t a simple touch; it was very deliberate, somehow sexual. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me, my ass was being groped as I had done with so many women in the past. I thought I was going to be sick. While I had moved violently before, it was nothing compared to the way I trashed about now, trying to escape that bad touch. This pervert had me in exactly the way he or she wanted.

My tormentor wasted no time in getting to where they wanted. With a single hand, they grabbed an asscheek and, for the second time in the day, exposed my asshole. He (and I was suddenly sure he was a ‘he’) spat in their hand and clumsily rubbed it against my hole, using a fat finger to probe around my butt. I was seething, this is what finally pushed me to the edge.

“I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU, YOU SON OF A WHORE!! DON’T YOU FUCKING TOUCH ME!” I finally exploded. I didn’t care if he recognized my voice, I was mad. My voice echoed throughout the house. The stranger stopped on his tracks, one of his fingers halfway inside me, but just as quickly started moving it again as if he hadn’t heard anything.

One finger became two fingers, well coated in saliva. It was awkward and painful; I had never had an experience such as this one and never had the slightest inclination of having it, not to mention this stranger was far from being gentle. I continued to yell obscenities in his direction, but he ignored them completely, focusing on what he was doing. I felt a deep hatred within me, not only against him but also towards me. Why did I have an erection? How was it possible that my own body betrayed me in such a way? I was aware that it wasn’t my fault, it was the drug’s, but I still felt I should have been able to fight it in some way. Maybe the fucking faggot even though I was enjoying it.

When he removed his fingers, I felt no relief because I knew what it meant. And just as I thought, the thing I was dreading occurred: something way thicker replaced the fingers, taking its place in between my cheeks. I grunted and clenched them, determined to prevent him from entering me. He would not be able to, no way…

The man behind me started moving his hips with my asshole as its objective. My efforts did nothing to deter him; on the contrary, it seemed he was even more determined to fuck me. I had no chance of escaping; it was only a matter of time before I succumbed, but I would die before I made it easy for him. Little by little, his dick started making its way in between my tight anal passage, his thick head hurting me as it entered. I clenched my teeth.

And he was inside me. And it hurt like hell. I wish I could say I remained stoic, only grunting due to the discomfort like the alpha male I am, but that is simply not true. What did happen is that I broke out in tears almost instantly, partly due to the pain but mostly due to the humiliation? I was being sodomized by a stranger, and with that, I could feel my manhood slipping away from me. I no longer was that strong, proud alpha player; I was a sobbing mess that was full of insecurities inside of me, insecurities that I had carried deep inside me for a long time. That man was fucking me as if I was less than a persona, nothing more than an object to be used for his relief. And so I was there, a grown man crying his eyes out.

I’m unaware of my tormentor was aware of any of that, but if he was, he certainly made no sign of it. He picked up his rhythm, his hips slapping into mine as if there were no tomorrow. The pain was horrible. I felt I was torn in half and that I would never be the same (and in a sense, I still think that). His hard dick kept entering and exiting me at great speed, and I was sniveling like a fucking child, trying to get my breathing under control.

He picked up his pace, even more, grabbing me by my hips and moving my body in time with his, back and forth, back and forth. By now, all resistance had left me. My body was nothing more than a puppet for him to move around and use as a cock sleeve. With one final thrust, he entered deep inside me, making me howl in pain. He himself growled like an animal, after which I felt, to my horror, his seed filling my insides. The feeling that I was going to be sick returned tenfold.

And as suddenly as it started, it was over. Barely ten minutes had passed since he began fucking me, yet it felt like an eternity to me. Panting, he stayed for a few moments inside of me before he took it out with a disgusting wet sound.


A single word. That’s the only thing he said to me, and that single word was the most horrible thing he did to me. Because if he had kept quiet, I would have lived the rest of my living thinking some random pervert had done the nasty to me, and that would have been it. But he did say that word, and I felt someone had punched me in the gut when I heard it because now I would have to live the rest of my life knowing that my younger brother had bred my ass like a cheap whore without him even knowing it.

His seed (my brother’s seed!) started slipping through my hole and into my legs. I was numb.

I don’t know how long I stood there, alone and motionless, nor do I know how long it took me to get out of the damned opening in the wall, but by then, the semen in my leg was long dry and there was no-one around to be seen.

I didn’t spend too much time there afterward, I wanted to get away as fast as possible from the place I had lived a nightmare. I was still naked, but somehow I cared less than before, I ran the rest of the way home taking only minimal precautions, and while I did encounter people on the way, I was mostly successful in staying undetected by them.

My ass was on fire, every step reminded me of what had happened to it. At least there was one silver lining, which was that the drug effects were finally wearing off, and my dick was shrinking down to its usual, petite size.

Half an hour later, I was finally making my way to my parents’ place. I had to be extra careful around it to avoid the neighbors, but I had the advantage of knowing the place perfectly, so I knew where to hide. Taking a hidden key that they kept inside a flower pot, I was finally home.

The first thing I did when I arrived made a beeline to the bathroom, where I took a very long and very hot shower. I still had at least half an hour before anyone was home. I felt unclean, and it wasn’t only due to the dirt; it seemed every time I closed my eyes, visions of Aron came to my mind. Aron and his enormous dick, Aron putting flowers on me, Aron fucking me and coming inside of me. I clenched my fists and hit the wall, frustrated. I simply couldn’t get those thoughts out of my mind.

Half an hour later, I was walking out of the bathroom covered in nothing more than a bathroom towel around my waist. I headed to my old room, but a hand on my shoulder stopped me.

“Hey, Owen,” Aron said to me, his voice as calm as ever as if nothing had happened between us. He had arrived earlier than I thought, but I should’ve known he would. “What the hell happened to your back? You’ve got scratches all over!”

“I fell,” I replied curtly. My mouth felt dry.

“Fell where? Jesus, man, you got bruises on your arms, not to mention in your lower back and…”

He suddenly was silent. Neither one of us said anything for a long time. I turned around and looked him in the eyes.

And I knew based on his expression that he now knew who his victim had been.

The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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