Smaller and Smaller 1


By degrbi


It had been quite some time since my wife, Lisa, had even thought about having sex with me and with good reason, I was less than modestly endowed. She had always been disappointed in me sexually, even before our wedding. I often wondered what made her go through with it, even though she always told me that size wasn’t important to her. Several times before we had made attempts to have sexual relations, only to be frustrated by my lack of ability to penetrate her. Lisa would laugh it off, saying that I was just nervous, or, things would be better after we were married. Our wedding night was the first time I actually succeeded in getting my abbreviated penis inside of her. She had shaved herself as a surprise for me and this alone had made things much easier.

Her willingness to contort herself, ankles up around her ears, was also instrumental in our successful consummation of our vows. I remember that with each stroke, my little member would completely pull out and then plunge back in, making for a noisy and awkward affair. I came after only a minute of this, leaving her in need, or course. As I was unable to become hard again, I resorted to pleasing her orally. This was the first time she had permitted me to go down on her, but it would definitely not be the last. As my penis shriveled into its bed of hair I found that I was quite skilled at cunnilingus. I was able to get my newlywed wife off more than a few times that evening.

Not surprisingly, Lisa never asked my to make love to her again that evening. Over the years we were surprisingly successful at bringing two children into the world, although my wife thought of it more as an obligation than anything she really wanted to do. Of course my penis never got any bigger and as I began to gain a little weight, it appeared to get even smaller. After our second child, Lisa lost all interest in sex, leaving me with only masturbation as my sole form of release. I had become fairly successful in my business and this was enough to keep my wife happy. as long as the money flowed and the children were provided for, she was happy and content. As the second of our two children left for college, Lisa became even more withdrawn.

It was about this time that I discovered the wealth of of pornography that was available at my fingertips. I soon became an internet porn junky. Each night after my wife had gone to bed, I would retreat to my office and browse the myriad of smut that would aid in my ejaculatory delight. Of course my penis was now much too small to really ‘jerk off’ as it were. Some might call it diddling or stroking with two fingers at most. As is so often the case, I found that I needed increasingly intense imagery to satisfy my cravings. I worked my way through most of the straight sites, bondage and even some sadistic material, which would often leave me wondering if I was losing my sanity afterwards. I was on one of these forays into the bizarre, that I came across a site devoted to small and even tiny penises. Suddenly I was captivated.

I eventually erased all the links to any sites depicting women and became obsessed with the tiny penis. I knew now of course that I was the proud owner of a tiny penis, even measuring it at one point. I was delighted to see that it was two inches fully erect and almost inverted when soft. I also discovered that my penis was special as it compared to most of those online. It was a true ‘micropenis‘.

This thought alone was enough to arouse me and I would challenge myself to find another penis online that as small or smaller than mine. During one of my late night sessions, I came across a local group that was devoted to small and tiny penises. I posted some information and a photo of myself, down there and awaited a reply. The next night I was pleasantly surprised to find I had a message in my inbox from the group. Dear friend, We are excited that you have expressed an interest in our group. We meet the first and third Mondays of each month at a special location. If you are interested in joining us, please get back to me. Also, please fill out the information requested below for a response.

Full Name__________________________________________________ Address____________________________________________________ Phone______________________________________________________ Status______________________________________________________
Yours Sincerely, Phillip D. Borden.

I stared at the email in disbelief. Did they really expect me to divulge all this personal information? I immediately closed the email, the site and shut off my computer. As I climbed into bed beside Lisa, I snuggled next to her, only to be pushed away in frustration. I suppose after a few years of neglect I should have expected nothing more. That night I had dreams of all my kinks being exposed, to my wife, my associates and even my friends. I had visions of Lisa packing her bags and leaving me for good. Over the next few days, I thought more and more about the invitation which had been extended to me and the risks that would be required to join.

Each night I would open the email and stare at it. Subsequently I would revert to scanning the web and play with my little nub until I came. A few days later, Lisa and I got into a huge and fairly intense argument over money, what else. I became enraged with her after she accused me of spending too much on myself, something I rarely did. Storming out of the house, I walked to a local tavern where I partook of more than a few brandies. When I returned home, my wife was all apologies. She had waited up for me, convinced that her outburst was a result of a new antidepressant she was taking.

After I put her to bed, I made my way to my office for my usual nightcap. Turning on the computer, I found myself staring at the email again, only now there was a second one, to follow the first. I immediately opened it. Dear Friend, I hope that I wasn’t mistaken in extending an invitation to you. Judging from your interests and the image you sent, I feel strongly that you would fit right in here. Please reconsider our offer and fill in the required information below.

Full Name______________________________________
Sincerely Yours, Phillip D.

Borden What! How on earth had they concluded that I was married? I puzzled over this for a while until upon re-examining the image I had sent them. There, on the hand displaying my penis, was my wedding ring. I slowly began to calm down, but at the same time a resolve had settled over me. I wanted in. Phillip, Thank you for your persistence and I do apologize for not answering sooner. I am providing the information that you require and look forward to your response.

Full Name: Andrew Will
Address: 2376 White Hill Way, Morley
Phone: 555-5555
Status: Married
Yours Sincerely, Andy

The cursor hung suspended over the ‘send’ button for what seemed like an eternity, but I eventually relented, sending my information in full to the ‘little morleys‘ as they called themselves.


To be continued…



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  • Marcus

    By all means, please do continue with another chapter. Got my interest going. Little Marcus


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