Big Brother Has Little Package!

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by anon

It all started one night when my parents where out of town, and Christin was sleeping over. We where sitting in the living room watching a porno tape we had taken from my brothers room.

The past year, we turned 18 and Christin has been obsessed with the male organ. Whenever Christin came over she always wanted to watch one of my brothers porno’s. I don’t know what made her hotter seeing the big dicks on the screen, or thinking about my brother beating off to the same movie she was watching. Christin has been in love with my big brother ever since we where little kids, but most of the time the asshole acted like he didn’t even no she existed. I would always tell her, Fuck him, there are plenty of dicks out there. Still Christin was determined to save herself for my brother. I on the other hand was one of the biggest sluts in our school.

“Stop the tape I think I hear your brother coming in.”

You would have to have been deaf not to hear him. Whenever our parents where out of town he would go out drinking with his friends, and come home all fucked up, and then stager up to his room.

“Lets go say hi to your brother, he’s so funny when he drunk.”

My brother was funny when he was drunk, but it was also the only time he would let us hang out with him, and paid any attention to Christin. So I said…


When we got to his room his door cracked open. I knocked and asked if we could come in. No answer.

“Knock harder”

I did, still no answer. I pushed his door open, it was pitch black. I flipped on the lite and there was my bother passed out on his bed still fully clothed. I called his name really loud, he just groaned, and turned his head to the side. He was out cold. I looked at Christin and said.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“I don’t know what are you thinking.”

“Well, I’ve seen my brother when he like this before, a bomb could go off, and still wouldn’t wake up.”

“Ya so…”

“So hears your chance not only to see a dick up and close, but to see the dick of the guy who has got you wet since you where twelve.”

She was totally shocked

“But that’s your brother.”

“So a dicks a dick and besides I’ve always wanted to know what my big brother was packing.”

A big smile came across her face, and she said…

“OK, what do we do?”

“Get on top of him and un do his pants.”

In a flash she was on top of him and had his zipper down.

“Well you know what to do now”

She grabbed a hold of his pants and pulled them down. Both our chins hit the floor as she exposed his tiny little shriveled dick.

“Oh my god it’s so small. Is it sick or something?”

I started laughing. I laughed at the fact I never realized the only dicks Christin had seen, where in the porno’s we watched together, and all those guys had hardons. She had never seen one in this state. A sad state it was, it was the smallest dick I had ever seen, and in my few years I have seen a lot.

“Why are you laughing, I think it’s really sick.”

“It’s not sick, silly it just sleeping … and very small.”

“Well, what do we do to wake it up and get it big?”

I started to giggle, I knew that little thing wasn’t getting much bigger. It wasn’t even big enough to grab hold of. So I pinched the little stem of his tiny mushroom head, and swung it around in a small circle … and I mean a small circle. In just seconds it was rock hard, and still the smallest dick I ever saw. I had never even seen a guy without an erection with such a small dick. I started to giggle again as I let go of his tiny dick to let us both have a good look.

“How long do you have to play with it until it gets as big as the ones in the movies?”

Still giggling I said… “That’s as big as it’s going to get sweetie”

“But it’s so small!”

I lost it, and started to laugh hysterically. I felt bad as I looked at Christin’s sad face still staring at my brother tiny prick. I realized how bad she must have felt knowing that the guy she had been dreaming of for over six years, was hung like a hamster. Me I couldn’t have been happier, Knowing my asshole big brother, who usually made my life a living hell had a minuscule dick. Now I knew his little secret. It made me wet knowing the power I now had over my big brother. Christin then looked at me and said…

“You’ve seen a lot of guys dicks, where any of them this small?”

“Guys I sucked off in fifth grade had bigger dicks.”

Her face got even sadder as she looked at my brothers face, and then again at his tiny dick.

“Don’t be sad Christin, I Know plenty of guys at school with big dicks who I’m sure wouldn’t mind showing you theirs.”

“I’m not sad, just a little disappointed. I still love your brother, even if his dick is small. The more I look at it, the more I think it’s kind of cute.”

She then reached out and grabbed it. Her small hand completely covered his hard tiny dick. I wouldn’t even Had been able to tell she was holding something, if I didn’t see his tiny head sticking out the top of her hand. Christin may not have know much about male genitalia, But after all the porno’s we watched together she did know what to do to a hard one when she got a hold of it.

She started slowly jerking off his little cock. After only five strokes he shot his load strait up in the air. It landed all over Christin’s hand. Again my big brother surprised me with another first. I had been with a few minute men before, but never a guy who came in seconds from just a hand job.

She let go of his tiny dick to get a close look at her cum covered hand. His dick was all ready shriveling back to nothingness. Again I started giggling. Christin noticed it too, and couldn’t help to also giggle at his pathetic prick. Christin then turned her attention back to her hand. She stuck out her tong, and timidly took a little lick.

“You where right, it does taste pretty good.”

I nodded and smiled at her as she licked her hand until there wasn’t a trace of cum left. Christin then looked back at my brothers tiny shriveled penis, let out a little laugh, and said… “I really do think his little thing is cute.”

“How would you like to play with my brother little dick any time you wanted?”

Her face lit up.

“Not only that, be able to have him do anything we say.”

“How can we do that?”

“Just wait here while I get my camera.”

By the time I grabbed my camera and got back to my brothers room, my panties where soaked. I couldn’t remember a time I had been this hot. Christin was sitting in-between my brothers legs with a big smile, knocking his limp little dick side to side with her finger.

“I see you had no problem keeping your self amused.”

“I just love playing with his little thing.”

As Christin and I took turns snapping shots of my big brothers tiny limp penis, I explained my plan. How once we told my brother that not only did we know he has a little dick, we had pictures of it, he would have no choice but to be our slave and do anything we wanted. Christin loved the plan.

“let’s take a few pictures of it when it’s hard”


Christin pinched his tiny dick between her fingers, and swung it around using the same method I used earlier, still his dick was limp as a wet noodle.

“It doesn’t want to wake up, am I doing something wrong?”

“No, your doing just fine, but after a guy cums it takes a little more to get it up again right away. Sometimes you have to do more then just use your hand.”

“Oh I get it, like this?”

Christin pinched the head of his small dick and held it up. She leaned in and licked the under side of his little thing like a push pop, which by the way was about the same size. My brother let out a loud moan of pleasure. Frightened that my brother was waking up she jumped back and let go of his tiny prick.

“Don’t worry he’s not waking up, but by the looks of it you did wake up his little weenie.”

His tiny dick was throbbing with pleasure. With every pulse his little dick started to slowly rise, until it was standing strait up hard as a rock, or should I say a pebble.

We took over a dozen more pictures of his small hard penis. My favorite was the one where I compared the size of his dick next to my pinkie. His dick was actually a little bigger, but not by much. I was about to get a ruler so we could measure exactly how small it was, but I realized my camera was full and it was all most three in the morning.

“We better get going to sleep, we have to get up tomorrow before my brother.”

“OK, but I don’t want to leave his little thing all hard and wide awake like this.” Christin leaned down and put her mouth around his small dick, completely engulfing it. She started slowly bobbing up and down on his little prick. I had never watched another girl suck off a guy in person before, never mind my best friend sucking on my big brothers small penis. It was so hot. Just as I was about to slide my hand down my pants to rub my clit through my soaked panties, he blow his load in her mouth. I could tell by the reaction on her face.

Christin tried to swallow it all, but it was to much for her. Some of his cum dripped out the corner of her mouth and ran down his little dick. Christin continued sucking him off until his tiny shriveled limp dick fell from her mouth. Christin gave his limp little dick a kiss on it’s head before we pulled up his pants and went to my room.

When Christin slept over we both would sleep in my queen size bed, there was plenty of room. We laid in bed laughing and joking about my brother’s little dick. Christin may have still loved my brother, but now she also loved making fun of his small penis. We where going to have such a good time humiliating him for the rest of his life. I turned the lights off around Half past three.

As I closed my eyes and slid my hand down my panties, I could hear Christin already softly moaning. There have been many nights where after getting worked up from watching hours of porn, we would masturbate in the same bed right next to each other. I teased my clit for a little before I slid my middle finger in my wet pussy. I realized while I laid there fucking myself, I was imagining that my finger was really my big brothers little dick pounding away at my pussy. I screamed as I had the best orgasm of my life. I Could hear Christin still at it as I drifted off dreaming of all the fun we where going to have.


  • iLoveSmallCocks

    love this story could you do part 2?

  • FrankGeorg

    “Guys I sucked off in fifth grade had bigger dicks.”

    Jeez, what a nasty b**h! love her!
    She should tell him that straight in the face!

    • bambiegirl

      When i was in high school. My GF told me the same thing after seeing me naked, “Fifth graders have bigger cocks”. She broke up with me right then, walked out on me, and shared the info with other girls in our school. Never got another date while in HS.


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