Our Reader’s SPH Experiences 217

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader gets pranked…

Some friends of my girlfriend bought us matching swimsuits as a gift. The same two best friends were coming over to go in the hot tub with us that night. So we wore their presents to show our gratitude. They came over, and she and I were wearing the new swimsuits. Hers was a black one-piece that looked hot; mine was a pair of swim shorts. Her friends wore two-piece swimsuits that looked small, but I was OK with it. So we got in the hot tub, and a few minutes in, I realized we had left our drinks outside on the table, so I got out to get them.

As I walk, I hear someone say, “Oh my god!”

And my girlfriend says for me to look behind me.

I did, and I saw part of my swimsuit on the floor so they could see my butt. I was so confused that more of my swimsuit started falling, and the part covering my small penis came off.

Our two visitors laugh. “Aww, he’s gotta tiny dickie,” one said.

They were laughing hard and giving me the small dick sign. I covered up real quick as I stood there butt naked, and then my girlfriend came out, and her suit completely disintegrated. She didn’t realize, so we stood there butt naked, and her friends were cheering us and whistling.

We ran in to get new suits as they said, “Damn, a couple of full moons tonight,” and cracked up.

Our window from the bedroom faces the hot tub, so they also got a clear view of our naked bodies when we went in there and got another full frontal show. My girlfriend looked at the tags for the suits, and she saw in fine print that they were prank suits that dissolve in water.


Another reader gets some shrinkage…

On holiday after a cold shower with no water pressure and just a dribble, I walked out of the bathroom into the bedroom where my girl was getting changed.

We’ve never discussed size kinks before, and she probably doesn’t know a great deal, save for my jealousy towards a very well-endowed friend, but for some reason, she felt the need to comment.

She saw me walk out with an inch-soft penis and said, “Awww, it’s all shrunk. Was the shower cold, Mr. Shrimpy dick?”

I laughed and tried to shake it about a bit, going red. I secretly loved this and walked around in this state for the next ten minutes hoping for further comment as she got ready. It’s only a silly comment, but I loved that she noticed.


Meanwhile, this reader gets his first girlfriend…

I was 27 when I finally got a girlfriend for the first time. We were in college, and after some time, we started dating. From the beginning, we were clear: she was a virgin and wasn’t ready for sex. “Later, with the correct man,” she said.

I didn’t take a hint of ‘you’re not the right one.’ When she asked about me, I had to admit that I also was a virgin, but it was OK for me to wait. So we started with too much clingy petting. I was kissless, and it felt like a huge victory. She even led me to grope her ass (but she groped mine even more). She moves to my apartment to spend more time together. I assumed the work of cooking, cleaning, etc. I also had to do these things before she came to my room.

She was shy and didn’t want me to see her naked, so even if we shared the bed, I didn’t see her privates. Not a tit, not a bare butt, nothing. I started to lust after parts of her body I could see, her legs, shoulders, belly button, and her armpits mainly. After one conversation, I begged her not to tell my roommates we didn’t fuck or about our virginity. She agreed with an annoyed expression. As far as I know, they didn’t know.

I started being desperate, and her rules didn’t help. She denied me even smoking weed but didn’t complain about my roommate’s smoking. One day I begged her to let me smell and lick her pits. She looked at me disgusted, but after more pleas, she let me smell her armpits and rest my face there, not lick. By then, the bush she had there was shaved into a stubble, but it was a bigger victory than kissing for me. Her musky pits were glorious for me.

She used to let me smell them two or three times on a good day but also denied me any kissing after that until I went to clean my face. After an armpit session, she looked at me like a disappointed mother. I only wanted her bushy pits to grow back.

One day, I woke up with morning wood and hid it down my body. She asked what had happened.

“Don’t mind me. Morning wood (silver member). I don’t want to scare you with the one-eyed monster,” I told her playfully.

She just went out the bed yawning. “More like morning twig. “Your one-eyed worm is anything but scary,” she said, rolling her eyes.

I started to get scared that she was getting sick of me.

Some days later, my apartment complex opened the pool for the summer season, so we went to the pool with our roommates. Sometime after bathing, we went out. In just a moment, I was adjusting the band of my swimming trunks. She saw my dick. And it looks like she liked what she saw. She put her hands on her blushing face and couldn’t stop a giggle.

“What did you see?” I asked.

“Nothing. What do you think?” she said.

“It’s cold, OK?”

“It wasn’t that cold. You’re just small down there. Very small.”

She held my gaze for some time after she said that. I looked around, and my roommates weren’t near us, so I felt a little playful. “OK. So, if you have seen mine, it’s fair if I see yours,” I said.

“I don’t think so,” she said.

“Aww. Come on. When will I see you naked?”

She grinned at me. “Never. Little dick boys don’t get what men get.”

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’ll never see her naked. It seems I’m only good enough for her armpits. I silently agreed, and after that, I never tried to see anything that her usual shorts and crop tops hid.


While this reader is pranked by his girlfriend…

My girlfriend and I went to a nude beach one day (it was near us, and we figured why not). Recently she’s been getting into exposed nudity and SPH stuff with me. She surprised me with a new bathing suit, and we went to the beach. So I got into the water with her and swam around briefly. I decided to get out and tan for a bit, and as I got out of the water, I felt the cool breeze on my bald genitals and realized my swimsuit was gone. I turned back, and my girlfriend held the ripped pieces and said she cut my suit so it would fall apart in the ocean with the waves loosening it.

There was a group of women next to us, and they didn’t make comments because it was a nude beach, but their faces said it all as they hid their laughter. I covered up and returned to our site, covering my soft little dick. I passed multiple men and women, giving me the same look of amusement. My girlfriend forgot the part that I had no other shorts to cover myself with on the way home.

So we walked back to the car with my hands full of our stuff, exposing my bare naked 1.5-inch shaven soft penis for all to see. We passed a group of men and women, and I heard laughter again. One woman said, “The shrimp aren’t just in the water, I guess,” which caused more laughter.

My girlfriend laughed as well. I thoroughly enjoy our escapades.


This reader’s girlfriend is not satisfied with him, and he loves it…

So, my girlfriend and I have been together for over a year. We have never talked about me being into SPH, and she has never admitted I’m small (Bronze Member Hard). The next moments were when she gave me some unintentional SPH, which I thought would be fun to share.

This isn’t one particular moment, but we have had a lot of times when she would be on top, and my dick would keep slipping out of her. She sighs deeply and rolls her eyes, letting me know she’s annoyed because it keeps slipping out. I typically think that’s pretty hot and cum shortly after.

This one time, we were having sex in the spooning position. She was letting out some quiet moans (she never moans loudly, which is also a sign she’s not very satisfied.) Suddenly, she goes completely quiet for about two minutes, like she lost her attention or was dreaming away with her thoughts. After a good two minutes, I asked her if something was wrong. She stares as if I brought her out of a dream. She says, “Nothing’s wrong,” and starts moaning quietly again.

This was super hot to me because that meant she was faking her moans, and it was so boring that she lost her attention. I blew my load shortly after.

This one might have been the hottest one for me. Like all guys, I have talked about penis sizes with my friends. I was embarrassed about my small size and told all my friends mine was six inches. My girlfriend and her friends are good friends with my friends. We’re in the same friend group. One time, when all of us were hanging out and drinking, I went to the toilet, and the topic of penis size was brought up again.

My girlfriend was asked if I had a six-inch cock, and she just said, “I don’t know the exact length, but it’s way smaller than that.”

When I returned, everyone smirked at me, but no one said anything. I had to hear what my girlfriend said that night from one of my friends a few days later. I found it super hot that she told my friends I was small behind my back.


Another reader gets his ego shattered with some home truths…

In high school, I only dated one girl. We were each other’s first, and I thought she was satisfied with me. Really in my head, I thought I was a fantastic, hung lover. I never measured myself then and never saw any other guys naked except in a couple of porn movies. I got pretty cocky about myself.

My first job out of high school was at this overnight warehouse. Me and this girl I’ll call Maddie started at the same time. Things were flirty between us at first. Eventually, escalating to an ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’ type thing. She showed me her stunning breasts, and in all my cockiness, I pulled out my dick. She looked down at me, nodded, and put her breasts away. Swiftly she placed firmly in the friendzone. Still, I didn’t get the hint.

It didn’t take long before Maddie built up a reputation in the warehouse. She was practically handing out blowjobs to anyone who wanted one. The one exception is me. She liked me as a friend, she would say. Still, she loved telling me about her exploits with our co-workers. She would say to me who had a nice cock, who had a big cock, and who had a small dick. According to her, Ron was the smallest guy she had ever blown, and we would both make fun of poor Ron.

The furthest she would ever go with me would be to occasionally sit in my lap and have me feel her freshly shaved legs. Something that always got me hard. I would apologize offhand about my erection and say that I couldn’t help it. She would usually laugh it off and say things like, “I barely feel a thing,” or “I feel a little, tiny something.”

I still didn’t get the hint. I chalked it up to having thick work pants on. Eventually, it was time for me to quit. I wanted to go back to school. I said something to Maddie like, “Last chance to blow me,” or something stupid.

She laughed and asked if I was serious. I was. She seemed reluctant, but she agreed. She took me to one of the always empty offices at night. For the last time, I dropped my pants, filled with pride. She dropped to her knees and started going at it.

Almost immediately, I asked her, “How does my monster cock feel in that mouth?”

She immediately burst into laughter. I was caught off guard. She told me to stop joking. I told her I didn’t get it, and that’s when she hit me with it.

“Remember how I said Ron was the smallest dick I’ve ever sucked? Well, now that title belongs to you.”

I told her to stop kidding. She laughed some more and asked if I was serious if I didn’t know. I think I just gave her a bewildered look. That’s when she looked at me from down on her knees and said, “You have a tiny, tiny, tiny dick. The smallest I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot.”

Just like that, I was forever shattered. It was the beginning of quite the journey for me.


Meanwhile, this reader harasses his poor mother-in-law…

My mother-in-law stays with us. My wife and l will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary this year. She has known for a long time that I love exhibitionism and SPH, even though she is not that into it. The most participation I had ever gotten from her was some bedroom talk and an occasional ‘stubby’ nickname in front of her aunts. I got pantsed once in front of her aunt, but that’s another story. I’m a big guy, six feet one inch tall, with long arms, big hands, and feet.

I would assume that people would think that I am proportionally well-endowed. The problem is I’m only about two inches soft and a silver member of the small dick club when hard. So, there have been times when I would flash my wife in our living room while my mother-in-law was in the kitchen or her bedroom. I would take down my pants and jokingly say, “I need to go grab a drink,” where my mother-in-law was.

My wife always bluffs with a, “Go ahead, do it.”

A fake dare even though she NEVER EVER thought in a million years that I would ever really do it. One day in the living room, I removed my shorts and told my wife I would flash her mom. Of course, she responded with her usual ‘go ahead’ bluff and chuckled as if to say, ‘yeah, right.’ So I called her on it.

I walked into my mother-in-law’s room and said, “Your daughter said I can’t wear pants today.”

She gave me the ‘OMG’ I was expecting and exclaimed, “YOU’RE CRAZY!”

She was shocked that I stood in only a tee shirt completely exposed from the waist down, and I stuck to it for several more hours. My mother-in-law stayed in the house’s common areas with us the whole time. I went into the kitchen, made a pan of rice crispy treats, and then cooked a batch of peanut butter fudge. My mother-in-law asked me if I would help her make some chocolate chip cookies, which I did.

My wife was in disbelief. She kept saying how surprised she was that I would do that and how she never expected me to call her bluff.

Over the next couple of days, when it got brought up, my mother-in-law kept saying, “I wasn’t looking down there.”

I would say things to try and prompt an SPH comment like, “It’s OK. I know it’s small.”

But she wouldn’t speak about its size, only that she wasn’t paying that close attention to it. So after some begging, I finally got my wife to agree to let me send my mother-in-law a text picture of my toilet paper roll challenge with the caption ‘since you didn’t get a good look.’ I videoed her opening the image. It was an amazing experience. Hope to have more similar incidents in the future.


While this reader’s first time with a girl goes poorly…

In high school, I was hanging out at my best friend’s house, and he and his sister were drinking. My friend passed out drunk, so his sister and I went into her bed and started making out. At this point, I was still a virgin and had never seen or felt a girl’s pussy and have never had a girl see or touched my dick. So I was already extremely worked up. I started rubbing her pussy through her panties and then started fingering her while she was stroking my dick through my shorts.

She eventually pulled my dick from my shorts and started jerking me off. I felt like I was already about to cum, but I held it together for as long as possible. I tried to tell her to slow down, but she just kept going faster, and I ended up cumming all over the sheets and her hand after just a few minutes. I could hear her giggle, and she told me to stop fingering her.

We ended up passing out, and the next day at school, she and three of her friends walked by me and told me I had a tiny dick and were laughing at me while doing the SPH finger and pinky signs with their fingers. So my first experience with a girl was that I was a prejac, and then she told all her friends that I had a tiny dick, and they made fun of it.


This reader is also exposed by his girlfriend…

My girlfriend and I have been dating for six months, and she’s almost always honest and straightforward. We can’t meet that often, so we text a lot, one night, during texting, I tell her I’m into SPH, so she humiliates my dick now and then based on an imaginary size.

Last weekend she had time, so I went to her place, and we started making out. And she asked me how big I was, cocky as fuck, and said, “Big enough to leave you bow-legged for a week.”

She gets turned on, and we make out further. I thought I was big because the last I measured was when I was twelve, and based on the stats, I was big back then for my age.

As we make out, she slips her hand into my pants and crawls around a bit, struggling to find it. I strip naked and guide her to it. She looks at it for ten seconds with glaring eyes, and when I go in to kiss her, she laughs loudly, so much so that she starts tearing up and rolling on the floor.

She said, “We don’t have to put on a kink mask anymore, you baby dick loser,” and checked my size with a ruler.

The measurement indicated I’m a silver member of the small dick club when I’m hard. My dick hardly grew when I hit puberty.

She laughed even more and said, “That’s the smallest I probably ever will see,” and took a few pictures and shared them with her girlfriends.

We’re all a big group, and they found out that I was the smallest there, so one drunk day, my girlfriend and her friends decided to play truth or dare, and as a dare, we all had to compare our dick sizes.

There were six guys there, including me. The biggest was a whopping eight inches soft, this guy took his pants off, and his hog smacked his thighs. The second guy was six inches limp, and the smallest of the other guys was four inches flaccid. Finally, it was my turn, and the girls looked at me and giggled, and as I took my pants off, the entire group burst into laughter. I was one and a half inches soft, and my dick sat on my balls like an acorn.

To this day, my girlfriend and her friends often make the SPH finger signs or make SPH comments, and I have loved everything about it.


Another reader does a dare and exposes his secret…

Many years ago, as a younger guy in his early 20s, I was playing some stupid drinking game with some friends. All of us being horn dogs and being young, all single and fairly attractive, the drinking games always had a mild sexual or naked component. Hookups in the group were rare, but there was always an element of ‘if we can get somebody to get their clothes off for a dare, we will.’

I was usually lucky because I escaped most bad dares and witnessed the girls do them. As the last date of the game was usually a bit more extreme, I was dared to walk to the top of my friend’s small garden (say 7 meters long in total) naked. It was a warm summer evening, and the sun was setting, so it was an odd combination of warm and dark.

Feeling buoyant from the drink, I obliged and stripped off before the kitchen window as my friends looked on. Besides, the light was so bad they couldn’t see, right? I walked the distance and turned back to face them, hand covering my junk, perhaps an inch from nerves and alcohol.

I heard giggles and gasps. One girl shouted, “Oh my God, it’s so small.”

I walked back inside, where I hurriedly put my boxers back on with a red face. I hadn’t covered myself as well as I had thought. One girl, perhaps a bit drunk and with misplaced intentions, came up to me and said, “Aww, it’s quite big, babe,” knowing full well this was a lie.
One of the other girls retorted to her lie, “Yeah, right. Big for a clit.”

Since that day, this has kicked off this kink for me.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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