Stood Up

By fantaseeboy.     While out to dinner with my mother, I kept getting distracted by a woman sitting at a nearby table, working her way through a bottle of wine. She was sitting all alone, hadn’t ordered any food, and kept glancing between her phone and the door. The woman was near my mother’s age, rather full-figured with a very large bust. Her face was plump and pretty. But at the moment, she looked on the verge of tears.

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My Wife the Cougar

By anonymous I reached beneath the hem of my wife’s skirt and touched her smooth hairless pussy. She had a fresh Brazilian wax, and my fingers quickly found her swollen labia. I broke the seal of her pussy, and a flood of liquid goodness promptly covered my hand. “Can you feel it, baby?” Laurie moaned as I sank two fingers deep inside her soaking wet cunt. “Can you feel his cum inside me?” “Yes,” I hissed as I pumped my

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The Bar Stud

jamisonh213 What happens when you mix 6 Frat boys, 2 hot wife cougars and alcohol? Certainly it is an evening I will never forget. Back when I was in college there was a nice little bar close to campus that served great Mexican food so on thirsty Thursday we decided to go there for some beers and food. We were hitting the beers pretty hard before the food came and I was feeling a little buzzed. In the middle of

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Stud Maker 9000

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ This story contains adult sexual content and should not be read by those under 18, or considered minors in their country or locale. If you are under 18: CLICK HERE This fictional story is the artistic expression of the author who wrote it.

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