The Bar Stud


What happens when you mix 6 Frat boys, 2 hot wife cougars and alcohol? Certainly it is an evening I will never forget.

Back when I was in college there was a nice little bar close to campus that served great Mexican food so on thirsty Thursday we decided to go there for some beers and food. We were hitting the beers pretty hard before the food came and I was feeling a little buzzed.

In the middle of our meal, these 2 hot cougars come walking into the place and they grab a table. The one was a hot blonde and according to the rings on her fingers she appeared to be married. One of the other guys recognized her as an accounting instructor at the university. The other one was just as hot but with auburn hair and nipples that poked through her dress. They appeared to be rock hard and ready for action.

One of the guys went up and hit on the blonde but she blew him off. We waited for a while and sent over a round of drinks when we saw their glasses getting low. About 10 minutes later another from our group went over and hit on the blonde again. He too crashed and burned. At about 9 pm there was a band that came on for some entertainment.

Me, I hadn’t had sex in over too weeks and the one with the auburn hair was looking really great but I knew that a pick up line that I would use for a 20 year old was not going to work with this one. I studied her for quite some time to try and figure out what her “hot buttons” were. She was good looking and she knew it with this incredible smile that revealed some devilishly cute dimples. She carried her self with a great deal of confidence, and possibly a hint of feistiness if challenged. I asked my friends to follow me and we basically invaded their table and sat with them uninvited. While my brothers were focused on the blonde I started to chat up Miss Auburn. I told her my name was John and she responded that hers was Lily. I know she thought I was wasted but I knew what I wanted so I told her I was a real “woman pleaser.”

“You know Lily”, I said,”I think I could make you real happy if you give me a chance.”

“Oh, yeah? And how would you do that?” Lily replied.

“I have been known to give a woman an orgasm in less than 2 minutes and I believe I could do the same for you”, I boasted, slurring my words a little for effect.

“Look John, I am a little past the stage of ‘wham bam, thank you mam’ sex. ” Lily chuckled.

I looked around before saying anything else. I noticed that my friends had retreated to our old table. Another guy, not from our group, approached the blonde and she gestured for him to have a seat. It was clear from the body language between the blonde and this guy that Lily was about to become a third wheel.

“Yes, but you have never had sex with me and I am real good. Less that 2 minutes and you will be calling my name,” I finally responded.

“No,” was her response.

Her girlfriend picked up her purse and headed for the door with the guy on her arm. Afraid that Lily would leave too, I took a chance and threw down one last challenge.

“Are you afraid that you can’t handle me?” were my final words.

Her face went red with anger and she grabbed me by the hand. Leading me down the hallway past the bathrooms we reached the back door exit. When the door closed she bent at the waist and leaned against the wall with one hand while using the other to pull her dress up over her hips. Her intentions of getting fucked were clear so I unfastened my belt and dropped my pants and underwear to my knees. She reached between her legs and slid her panties to one side to give me access to her tunnel that I was about to coat with my seed. She reached between her legs and guided my erect cock into her. I think she thought I was drunker than I was and it shocked her to feel my rock hard little cock bang into her.

As I entered her pussy it was wet and silky and it felt soooo gooood. I rammed into her and with in a few strokes I busted a nut. I could feel my balls draining deep inside her. As I softened and slipped out of her I was able to see a wad of my cum leak from her shaved pussy and run down her thigh. She then stood erect and her dress fell back into place.

She turned to face me, and said, “Nice try short stack, but I couldn’t even feel that tiny thing you call a dick. Maybe one of your buddies has a proper-sized cock I can actually feel.”

I could feel myself blush but had no remorse. She was hot and and the way she looked at my now limp nub, with insolence and a big smirk made my cock twinge excitedly.

With that she reached under her dress to fix her panties and returned to the bar. I fixed my clothing, but felt the need to clear my “pipe” with a need to pee. As I relieved myself the aroma from her pussy wafted up to my nose. For a brief second her scent reminded me of a fantastic sexual encounter with a very hot and headstrong woman.

I returned to the bar but she was gone. I went and sat with my friends who were all chuckling. I asked if they knew where she went and they explained she had gotten a phone call from her blonde friend to pick her up. So she left.

“Did she say anything else?” I asked.

One guy was half laughing said, “Yes. She claimed your small dick lasted less than ten seconds, and you’re the worst fuck she’s ever had. Since you both were only gone for only a couple of minutes we didn’t know what really happened. We told her that you were and asshole and all that arrogant bragging made you look like a jerk-off. So was she right or just trying to do a number on you?”

“Oh, yeah. She was right.” I told them.

“So let us understand this. You piss her off. In order to prove that you are the small dick jerk we all know you are, she takes you out back and lets you fuck her. Your tiny cock blows a load in her in a couple of seconds. She comes in here and tells us what a loser you are and that she couldn’t even feel your dick inside her it’s so small. But all the time she is talking to us, her panties are all puddled up with your cum?” they asked.

“That pretty much sums it up” I said laughingly, “but I got what I wanted. A piece of her fine ass, and it was very fine, and dropped a load to boot.”

They all started laughing, “Maybe you aren’t as stupid as we all think.”

I said, “One thing for sure is that she has redefined the meaning of the term ‘pussy whipped’.”

The End.


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