The Ultimate Cuckold


Warning: This story contains some themes that are extreme by nature. The site does not condone what the main character does at the end, but has published this story because it poses interesting questions about how far cuckolding can go. If you think the extreme nature of this story may upset you, then don’t read it. If anyone is feeling suicidal then please contact your doctor immediately.

It was the wildest party I had ever hosted.

My wife Kay had been getting ready for the party all day. She is one of the most attractive women in our neighbourhood, and was always one of the hottest women whenever we went to a bar or somewhere in public. Men were constantly checking her out, and what’s worse, she was constantly giving them something to look at. You see, Kay is the kind of woman that makes a man tremble in her presence. She has long blonde hair that is usually tied up. She has large breasts, probably DD’s, that she is constantly flaunting: she wears a low-cut shirt everywhere. I’ve seen her go to work with shirts that, if she moved too much, had the edge of her nipples peaking over. What’s even more mouth-watering are her hips and ass. You can tell by looking at Kay that she was built for fucking: she has wide, baby-making hips, and an equally wide, round ass that are usually covered by a thong.

If anything, Kay is not modest. And she has never had a problem humiliating me in public, despite my private pleas for her to stop. For the party, for example, she is going to be wearing a sheer white tank top, with a plunging neckline, and a black bra. She is wearing an extremely short miniskirt that goes one or two inches above the line where her ass and legs meet. Her tits are so big, they’re bulging out of her shirt and with this particular shirt there is very little coverage of the breasts at all, so the tops of her big brown nipples are showing. Every man at the party will be watching her.

My wife had arranged this party, so I knew that there would naturally be a lot of men there. My wife has a vibrant social life: she is always going out with the girls from work, or sometimes she’ll go to dinner with a male co-worker. She has stayed out all night on several occasions; I’ve never asked her where she went on those nights. She also knows a lot of women, too, but most of them, from what I’ve seen, know mine and Kay’s little secret. I like to be cuckolded.

A brief bit of background: me and Kay got married six years ago. On our honeymoon, I was humiliated by Kay for the first time. She has spent the first night of the honeymoon with me, but she spent two nights in a row in my best man’s room, my brother. It was the adjoining room to ours and they were linked by a door, so I peaked inside the door and watched, angrily and excitedly, as my wife was pounded by my much stronger brother.

My brother also had a bigger cock than me, and Kay convulsed multiple times in the two nights they spent together. She probably would have stayed with him longer but he had to fly back home on the third day. I had regretted asking him to come along; he and Kay had gotten along so well before we got married, and I wanted her to feel extra safe. And that was her excuse for going to his bedroom for the two nights.

“Honey,” she cooed in her soft voice at that time, “it’s just that your brother Ryan and I want to stay up late tonight talking, because I feel extra nervous about falling asleep in this foreign country. You’re not jealous, are you?” she looked at me so innocent, knowing that she was utterly humiliating me.

“B-but I thought that I-I could keep you safe,” I stuttered in a desperate reply.

“Oh, you can, baby,” she reassured me with a smile. “It’s just that tonight, I need to talk to Ryan. Don’t worry, it’s about you and me. I want to find out more about you growing up and that. Don’t stay up too late.” She didn’t give me another chance to protest, she slunk out of the room and into the adjoining room where I knew my brother was sleeping. I could hear the squeaking of the bedsprings as she joined him in bed, and shortly thereafter, started fucking him.

But that was six years ago. Since then, I have confessed to my wife that I enjoyed watching her with other men, and often fantasized about it on the nights when she went out with her friends or when she went to dinner with a co-worker for a few hours.

“Oh baby, that’s so sweet,” she said the night that I told her, shortly after we finished making love. “That’s really great, then. I’ve been trying to be a good wife for you, and now you’ve told me what I need to do in order to make you happy. And it just so happens that that makes me happy! Honey, I hope you don’t mind, but I already sort of knew that you enjoyed this so I have been dressing a little more revealingly for the men in my office. Don’t worry though, nobody has ever fucked me except you,” she smiled again, acting as if I didn’t know about her and my brother.

“Just promise me that you’ll make him wear a condom if you carry it out. We both know that you don’t really like taking birth control pills, so I just want you to be safe,” I explained.

“Of course, baby! I will only let you cum in me. Nobody else,” she batted her eyelashes to look extra innocent.

It was like that for this party tonight. My wife, despite wearing a shirt that clearly showed the top of her nipples and her big, bouncy breasts, and a miniskirt if she bent over would show you every little detail between her legs, was clearly trying to attract attention. And it was not mine. When I started pawing at her before the party, she pushed me off right away.

“Honey, you know that I have been getting ready for this party all day! Don’t mess up my hair or outfit… you wouldn’t want your wife’s tits hanging out for all the men to see tonight, now would you?” she argued, as if her tits were not already hanging out of her shirt. Maybe she was giving me a hint as to her plans that night.

Around 9 p.m., everyone started to show up. It was only a few people, really. I didn’t know any of them. Most were guys, and they all chatted up my wife at different points in the evening. I noticed that there were some women at the party that were talking to the large number of men, but they often talked in hushed tones and pointed and giggled at me, as if they knew something I didn’t.

I did know that something was up; my wife kept leaving to go to the bathroom and usually another guy would follow her upstairs. She would go for twenty minutes at a time. I found myself looking for her and asking around, but most of the guys just smirked when I asked where she was.

It got worse after midnight, though. At about 1 a.m., only 5 or 6 guys and 2 women were left. The two women said that they worked with my wife and indicated that they would be leaving soon. My wife came back from another trip to the bathroom, and her co-worker Robert followed her walking back downstairs. Robert was a big guy: he was probably 6’3″ and 250 pounds of muscle. My wife had gone to dinner with him before, and once went on an overnight business trip with him. But what disturbed me the most is that when they came back downstairs, Robert sat down in the armchair in the living room, where everyone was. My disheveled looking wife, whose tits were almost exploding out of her shirt, actually sat on Robert’s lap and looked at me innocently. I didn’t say anything, and Robert winked at me.

The party soon turned to talking about women, as it dwindled down to 4 guys aside from me. All of them knew my wife and crowded around her and Robert in the living room. I’m not sure how the conversation got to this point, but I had briefly left the room only to walk back in and hear one of her co-workers, Greg, say, “Kay, you know, on the subject of pictures at work, I would really love to have a picture of you in a bathing suit. You look like a model, to be honest, and it doesn’t look like your husband minds.”

He shot a smug look in my direction. “Greg, you’re so naughty!” my wife giggled. I watched as Robert rubbed her back while she sat on his lap. My wife stood up from Robert’s lap, much to my relief.

“Well, you guys have been bugging me all night. And Greg, you are so darn persuasive! I know you all have cell phones with cameras, so why don’t you just wait here. It’s nothing y’all haven’t seen before, so I don’t know why’d you want to see it now. I guess I can show you guys my new bathing suit,” she gloated to them. Immediately a wave of dread came over me. Her new bathing suit was a white, one piece suit, and she looked so buxom in it it was unfit. I stepped out of the living room and followed her as she went upstairs.

“Baby,” I said as I walked up behind her, “y-you’re not really going to wear that bathing suit you bought last week, are you?” I asked plaintively.

“Oh, stop being such a worry wart. You know how the boys from work get. And besides, you shouldn’t be jealous, you told me that you liked the idea of being a cuck. Now, nobody here is judging you, they’re all too busy paying attention to me. So stop whining. You can watch me change, though, if you like.”

“Baby, w-why are you going upstairs so much tonight. I feel like there is something you’re not telling me,” I confessed.

“Don’t be silly! You know that I have to pee a lot when I get drunk. Sometimes one of the guys from work would check in on me to make sure I was alright, but nothing else happened. I promise!” she swore, but I could tell by her little grin that we both know what was going on.

I was too humiliated to even watch my wife undress in our bedroom and she slipped into her new bathing suit. She was stunning in it. But she was also practically naked. It was completely see-through, and you could see everything: her nipples, her tits, her pussy lips, her ass.

“Y-you’re not going to really wear that in front of them, are you?” I pleaded after she put it on.

“Shhhhhh,” she shunned me. “Listen, why don’t you stop worrying about me. I think Robert and Greg might be trying to sleep with me, and I just want to tease them a bit. By the way, honey, you don’t mind sleeping on the couch tonight, do you? I might need the whole bed to myself tonight after all this drinking. Hope you don’t mind.” She grinned as she checked herself out in our mirror. “Looks like I’m ready!” she exclaimed as her nipples hardened, showing through her bathing suit.

I was stunned. I knew that my wife didn’t need the bed to herself. But I also knew that I was utterly powerless. If the guys downstairs heard me protest too loudly (the walls and floors are pretty thin) then they might come up here to find out what was going on. I really did not want my wife to go back downstairs. I could see a wet stain on her bathing suit on the pussy part. My wife went back downstairs and strutted to the middle of the living room. I followed her downstairs and stood in the doorway as the four guys gawked.

“You don’t mind us taking a little peak at little Kay here, do you?” Greg yelled to me from the other side of the room. Everyone broke out in laughter, including Kay. I felt like crying.

Kay stood in the middle of the room and twirled around, showing every man all the parts to her body. She then sat down on Greg’s lap. He looked like he had expected this all night.

“Come over here to Daddy!” he laughed, and the other guys watched as Kay sat down on his lap. This was too much for me. I had to go to bed. Defeated, I went upstairs to the guest bedroom and went to bed with all my clothes on. I could hear everything going on downstairs in the living room, and I knew that I would be able to hear everything in our master bedroom right beside the guest room.

I had barely turned off the light when I heard the doors downstairs close and two cars leave. But that still left two other guests, probably Greg and Robert, I thought to myself. I was a bit mad.

My suspicions were confirmed when I heard the footsteps coming up the stairs. My curiosity piqued, I cracked the door a little bit to look out into the hallway. I saw Robert walk by first with what looked like a hard on in his pants. My wife followed second, with a pair of hands on her waist, and the top half of her bathing suit pulled down to her stomach. Her tits were completely out, bouncing as she walked. I saw whose hands were on her hips – it was Greg. All three went to the master bedroom, and as I quickly retreated to the guest bed, I could hear the bedroom door close. My wife giggled in the bedroom. I put my ear to the wall and could hear every word.

“Kay, I can’t believe your husband has been letting you fuck other men for so long,” I could hear Greg bellow.

“Shh,” Kay chided him, “my husband is in the other room! He might hear you!” she said, and I could hear the giggles in her voice. “Besides,” she added, “he doesn’t even know that I was doing this long before he told me he wanted to be a sissy cuckold.”

I could hear the two men laugh at this answer. Suddenly the room was silent, except for some soft sucking and kissing noises. I was incredibly aroused; my cock was throbbing. I thought I heard a soft moan come from my wife, so I had to go over to the master bedroom and looked in. I sneaked open my door, and cracked the door to the master bedroom ever so slightly.

What I saw was worse than what I saw on my honeymoon: my wife had the bathing suit still on, pushed down below her tits and the crotch part of the fabric was clinging to the inside of her left thigh, thus exposing her wet pussy and nice ass. She was on all fours, with her ass hanging off the bed. Robert, the muscled man, was standing in front of her with his pants down. From my vantage point, I could see everything clearly.

And what I saw was frightening. Robert’s cock was probably 9 inches, much larger than mine. My wife’s big pouty lips were wrapped tightly around his cock, and she was deep-throating it, bobbing her head up and down. She was rubbing Robert’s abs as she sucked his cock. I was so jealous of his superior physique.

From behind her, though, an altogether different thing was happening. Greg, a fat and greasy dirt-bag that my wife worked for, was unzipping his fly while kissing my wife’s ass, which was stuck upwards. He was licking just beside the fabric, which he had obviously forced over to the other side of her pussy lips.

My wife seemed to be picking up speed on Robert when she let out an animalistic moan, a begging moans. One of her hands reached back towards her ass as she tried to find Greg’s dick. Greg’s dick was soon in her hands, as he had just taken it out of his jeans, and she was stroking it desperately. She pulled it towards her pussy. I could see from the door that she winced as Greg started to go inside her, and as she realized that she was going to have to let Greg thrust into her, causing Robert’s cock to go deeper in her throat. My wife looked like she was having fun, but also like she had done this before. She briefly took her lips off Robert’s cock.

“Listen, boys,” she said, panting, taking Robert’s cock out of her mouth for a moment. “I need a baby. I already have a Dad for the baby. I just need a man to give me one. And one of you boys will have to get me pregnant tonight.” She said it with a mischievous grin on her face.

I could not believe my ears. My wife seemed to thrust harder back against Greg as he thrust harder when she said that. Kay started moaning with each thrust.

“Greg,” she moaned and stopped sucking Robert’s cock again. “Greg, I want your seed. Greg I want your baby. You’re my boss. My husband won’t know the difference, Greg. I…I…oh yes Greg…I…I love you Greg,” my wife moaned, taking Robert’s cock in her mouth again.

I was devastated by this loss. I watched on in horror as Robert started rubbing my wife’s DD tits as she swallowed his large cock, and I realized that my wife was using me. Everyone must know about it, I thought to myself. Everybody at her work, my work, our family, friends, her parents, probably my parents. It dawned on me that wife had been doing this for years. She fucked my brother Ryan on our honeymoon! But taking on her boss and coworkers and begging for a baby, saying to them, I’ll be the cuckolded fool, that is unprecedented. The humiliation! And, for all my strength, I could not hold out my humiliation without getting incredibly hard and aroused, watching my wife try to conceive, by getting tag teamed.

I wanted to be the willing husband, consenting to my wife’s need for a baby by another man. So I came while my wife writhed back and forth sucking and fucking, her tits bouncing in Robert’s hand, her pelvis jerking with Greg’s each and every deep thrust. I could see from his face that everything about my life and my family was about to change.

“Ooh, I cumming! Give me what I need Greg!”

I went back to bed that night, crying as I thought of my big titted blonde wife spending her entire night fucking practically all of her male coworkers, and finishing the night with announcing her desire to have a baby, by another man.


The next morning was awkward. I awoke for breakfast and went downstairs, smelling cooked bacon and eggs. When I got to the kitchen my wife was in her robe, the front open, and she stood completely naked, open for everyone to see. There were the remains of the breakfast just consumed on the table, but the men who had fucked my wife had just left. My wife had cooked breakfast for them.

“Sorry, Hun,” she said to me as she closed her robe and tied it, “you just missed it. My boss came by this morning and, after discussing several options last night at the party, he offered me a promotion, so long as I cooked breakfast.” She smiled innocently. Of course, I knew she was lying and Greg and Robert had just left an hour before I woke up. “And, sorry baby, there is none left for you. You’ll have to eat cereal. Those were hungry men.” She suddenly stopped, knowing that she had tripped up her own lie.

“M-men?” I stuttered. “You said your boss came by. That’s a man, not men, Kay Listen, Kay, is there something you want to tell me? Last night was the first night that you ever had a party where you got so drunk that you wore your b-b-b-bathing suit.”

I started to lose my confidence and felt my ability to speak nosedive. My wife could see that I had lost my anger and was now just feeling humiliated, and she smiled. She smiled, knowing that I remembered last night when she wore her see-through bathing suit to the living room, and sat on Robert’s lap.

“Sorry honey,” she corrected herself and interrupting me before I could ask her more about her bathing suit escapade, “I just was so excited that I forgot to mention that the assistant manager, Robert, was with him,” she said, with a hint of a sneer.

“Oh,” I trembled, my wife almost giggling at my pathetic stutter, “I see. Was he the one that you sat on his lap with? Didn’t you go on a business trip with him? And wait a minute, just why were wearing your bathrobe open,” I remembered aloud.

“That’s nothing honey! It fell open after they left. I’m sorry.” She looked so sincere. I felt ill, knowing my wife was trying to cuckold me and was lying right to my face about it. “And as for that business trip, we had a two-bed suite. We slept in separate beds. He is a complete gentleman. In fact, I don’t think that he would fuck me even if I offered,” she smirked.

“What about sitting on his lap? You avoided answering that question.

“Darling, sometimes we all have a bit too much to drink and end up needing help sitting up. You were too mopey to sit by, so I needed to sit somewhere! I felt comfortable with Robert, you know, with him being so buff and all,” she hooted.

“Besides, I don’t remember anyone protesting it, now did I?” she looked at me angrily. I felt impotent and shocked, dominated, but very angry at my wife. She was lying to me and enjoying it. But I didn’t have the balls to confront her. But she pushed it in my face anyway, in her subtle, cruel kind of way.

“Well, honey, maybe I exaggerated about Robert. I think he would fuck me. But last night I swear he was a gentleman, baby. I swear. He didn’t touch anything, and he didn’t even look at my body under my bathing suit. He did kind of rub my bottom, though,” she recalled. She smiled and looked like she was stuck in a gaze.

My wife acted as though nothing had happened, and our life should continue on as normal. But something about my daily life was about to change. It started on a Wednesday evening. I came home really late from work, it was probably at least 11pm. When I walked into our house, I expected to see my wife. Instead, the house was perfectly silent, except for the sound of springs squeaking coming from the master bedroom.

As I went up the stairs towards the bedroom I could hear my wife’s moans. She was clearly being fucked. I was angry after her last escapade and I wanted to see her reaction when I said that I wasn’t going to be pushed around. I burst the door open.

Inside my bedroom, I saw a predictable sight. My wife’s legs were in the air, and a well-built black man was on top of her, and I could see his powerful thrusts making our bed rock and shake. They didn’t even notice that I had come in.

“H-Hey! What a-are you doing with my w-wife!?” I asked sternly. They stopped, and her stud turned and looked at me in the doorway.

“What does it look like, fool? I’m fucking this tasty bitch. I love blonde wife. She married to you, isn’t she? I heard that you don’t mind if other men have their way with your missus,” he explains.

My wife lifted her head from the bed just enough so she could see me. “Hi, honey. Can you sleep on the couch tonight, or in the guest room tonight? I’m actually going to be doing this until later tonight. I’m glad you don’t mind. Brandon won’t hurt you…” she was cut off by Brandon.

“Unless you got any more questions, it would seem that your wife and I have some business to attend to.” He said arrogantly.

I was stunned silent: my pretty Kay was being pounded by a large, muscular black man, and I had not choice but to submit to both of them. I was humiliated. When I was in the guest room late at night, I could still hear them fucking, and every once in a while my wife would giggle or laugh out loud, and it sounded like some of those times they were talking about me. Either way, my wife was becoming more used to having me openly see her affairs.

I slept in the guest room again that night, masturbating three times as I heard my wife making noises. I wondered about condoms again, but fell asleep after crying for a few hours.

Kay started to really up the ante with her sexuality on the first weekend after the party, and after getting tag-teamed with Greg and Robert. It was a hot weekend, and everyone was in their summer wear. On Saturday morning, my wife decided that she would go sunbathing. I was eating my breakfast when I saw her come down the stairs in a different white bathing suit than the one she had at the party. This one was barely white; it may as well not have existed at all. It was so sheer that it was nothing but a shiny covering for my curvy wife’s body. Her nipples darkened the fabric and could be seen clearly, especially when they got hard.

“Honey,” she called out as she was coming down the stairs. “Don’t mind me, I just wanted to get some tanning done today.”

She gave me one of her gorgeous smiles as she walked through the kitchen to the door going into the back yard. I could see her tits bouncing as she strode casually through the house, looking like a porn star. She knew that her bathing suit was turning me on. I watched as she went to our backyard and got out her tanning chair. She had a book in her hands, but I doubted if she even had read the jacket of the book. I knew what she was going out back to do. You see, my backyard is visible to six houses. In all of those houses are at least one male. And I know my wife wasn’t about to sit in the sun for the tan. She knew I would pay for her to go to a tanning bed, as I had offered many times, but she was not interested in tanning inside a capsule.

I knew that someone from one of those six houses would be watching. It might be one of the teenage boys out back (God knows the teenage boys of the area love my wife: I have overheard several conversations among teenage boys in our area about a ‘blonde knockout with big tits’ and, knowing my wife’s notorious good looks, knew that they had to be referring to her), or it might be one of the neighborhood men, or it might be a passerby who happened to catch a glimpse from one of the back streets. It didn’t take me long to find out. My wife had barely opened her book when I heard a male voice from the side of the house. I immediately got an erection. And then Luke came into view, slowly walking towards my wife. He only had a pair of shorts on, as he was just washing his sports car that morning. I had always thought that Luke fancied my wife; he lived two houses down, but I could swear I had seen him on his deck the odd time watching my wife sunbathe, or put clothes out on the line, or just sitting around out back.

I never said anything because he never did anything, but also because I was intimidated by him. Luke was a bodybuilder; he was twice as big as any man my wife worked with, including Robert. He never seemed to wear a shirt on hot days, and he was an imposing looking man. I knew that if he saw my wife in that bathing suit, I was in trouble.

“Kay, what are you out doing today?” I heard him ask casually as he walked into our yard. Sure enough, he wasn’t wearing his shirt. “Shouldn’t you be inside looking after your husband?” I heard him inquire, obviously checking to see if I’m home.

“No, why would I need to look after him, sugar?” my wife replied.

She never called me sugar.

“I just thought…” Luke trailed off as his eyes trained on her huge breasts.

“I know what you are thinking ’bout, sugar,” my wife naughtily replied.

Luke knelt down beside her lounge chair, his face no more than a foot away from my wife’s. “What’s that?” he growled.

“Well, maybe we should go on inside,” I heard my wife whisper. Luke did not look like he was about to go inside.

“Kay, do you want to come over to my house, maybe have some drinks, or maybe you want to take a ride in my Lamborghini?” Luke looked around as he said that, scanning to see who might catch him with my wife.

I could hear every word of it, and my heart sank when he said Lamborghini. My wife always cooed when she saw his Lamborghini, telling me how nice of a car she thought it was and how I should invite Luke over for a beer sometime.

“Your Lamborghini!?” my wife exclaimed. “Oh, Luke,” she said as she put her hand on his bicep and started rubbing it, “do you really mean that? I’ve always wanted to ride in your car. How about you let me go inside and get ready and then we’ll go for a drive, sugar?” she explained. Luke just nodded. “I’ll be waiting,” he said as he walked back towards his house. My wife came back in, and I pretended I had not seen her exchange with Luke.

“That was fast!” I said to her as she came back indoors. Her nipples were rock solid, meaning she had just been aroused. She just smiled at me and ran upstairs.

She came back down ten minutes later, dressed with her most revealing clothes: a black bikini that supported her breasts with a strap around her neck, and a white pair of short-shorts on. You could see the trace outlines of a pink thong under the shorts.

“I’m going over to Luke’s house today, honey,” my wife said with a big charming smile as she came back down the stairs, fixing one of her big looped earrings.

“W-what for?” I asked in a trembling voice, the same voice I use whenever I sense that I am being sexually humiliated.

“Luke wants to show me his car, and you know how I’ve always wanted to hop on Luke’s ride,” my wife said with a dirty smile.

Her tits were glistening in the heat, and the bikini looked like it was almost ready to break. I then heard the loud honk of a car and the revving of a powerful engine. Luke’s car was in front of the house. My wife ran out the door after giving me a brief kiss and telling me not to worry. She didn’t come home that night, but when she got back the next day she explained that Luke’s car had broken down while they were out on a drive and she had to wait for Luke to get it repaired, I knew different. The car was back in Luke’s driveway less than ten minutes after he picked her up, and late into the night the whole neighborhood could hear a woman’s loud moaning coming from Luke’s house. The moans sounded like my wife.


My wife approached me one day after I came home. “We have to talk,” she said to me seriously. Kay has been rarely this serious. I wondered what it could be, but had a bad feeling. “Honey, I think I’m pregnant,” she said after I sat down.

“That’s great honey!” I exclaimed, forgetting the parties and the visitors that kept me in the guest room at least one night a week. “When are we due?” I asked expectantly.

“That’s the problem,” my wife said to me seriously. “I don’t know who is the ‘we’ in this one, honey.”

“W-what does t-that mean, baby?” I asked, panicking.

“Well, baby, lately we have been playing our game a lot lately,” she said accusingly.

“What game?” I asked.

“Baby, you know the game. You always ask me to make you a cuckold, honey. And I have really been trying to be a good wife and make you a cuckold, but baby, sometimes there are consequences to letting your wife fuck other men,” my wife said sternly, clearly gathering her resolve for the bomb she was about to drop. “Honey, the truth, because of all the partners you have forced me to sleep with, I really don’t know who the father is. I mean, I hope it’s yours, but it could be at least two other men’s.”

She said it so matter-of-fact that I was almost speechless.

“At l-least t-two?”

“Well, this might be painful honey, but maybe I should tell you the possibilities. Would you like for me to list them off?” my wife’s demeanor changed, as her voice became smoky and angry, and her hands caressing my hard cock through my pants. She was teasing me.


“Let me think, honey. Remember that party when I dressed up in that cute little bathing suit as a joke? Well, to tell you the truth, I had let a couple men touch me even before I got dressed up. But I don’t think I had sex that night. My boss at work, Greg, well, I didn’t want to tell you this…” she trailed off.

“You fucked him and Robert that night!” I blurted out, but not angrily, more so just to get it off my chest. It caught my wife by surprise.

“No, honey, I didn’t and it’s obvious that you have fantasies that suggest otherwise. I despise Robert. But Greg, well, Greg and I have been discussing some things at work and, as part of my new job, we end up going on day-long business trips, mostly to cities a few hours away. Sometimes I let Greg fuck me,” my wife announced.

“What do you mean, ‘let’ him fuck you?” I asked, feigning anger but more aroused than ever. My wife’s finger circled around the rim of my cock.

“Honey, sometimes I just got careless and we made love in his car. And one time, just once, he didn’t wear a condom. I didn’t notice until we finished.” My wife started to flash her innocent smile again.

“And Brandon, sometimes I didn’t even ask Brandon to wear a condom because he scared me. He really scared me baby. So I just let him put it in and…”

“W-w-w-w-what if the baby is b-b-b-b-black?” I asked.

“Well honey, that doesn’t matter. If you love me, then you’ll love the child, I bring home to you, unconditionally, right?” my wife asked.

I knew the unconditional part was her out so she could further humiliate me.


“So then, there’s no problem! I mean, okay, I’ll confess: it’s more than two. Remember that time when Luke took me for a drive? Well, Luke asked to see me naked after we started driving. Since he had already seen me in that bathing suit I only wear for you, I didn’t think it would be a problem.” I couldn’t believe my wife’s amazing capacity for lying straight to my face.

“But don’t worry, baby. When we figure out who is the father, we’ll get them to pay for some of the baby’s expenses, okay? I promise.”

My wife acted as if it would be some kind of consolation for her to get some money from the prospective father of my future child. It didn’t change the fact that my beautiful wife clearly has different priorities than me. I could’ t believe, thinking back, how many nights I had actually spent in our guest bedroom.

“So, honey, now that that’s done,” my wife said with a look of relief, “I just wanted to let you know that Greg is coming over tonight, we have to go over some paperwork, and I told him it would be best if we just did the work in our master bedroom, and you can sleep in the guest bedroom. You’re always so accommodating to our guests, baby.”

My wife smiled graciously again. I spent the night crying again, hearing my wife making fun of me through our thin walls in between sexual bouts with her greasy boss. I knew that she was begging for his seed. I also noticed that Greg was the only man she said I love you, aside from me, while fucking.


One day after work I pulled into the driveway and saw Greg’s car blocking the space that is normally for my car. Greg was my least favorite of my wife’s lovers. He was a scumbag, a rat, but had a big cock. He was my wife’s boss, and he took every opportunity he had to remind me of this. And, he was always cracking jokes about me with Kay, and the worst part is Kay would laugh with him.

I walked in the door and heard talking. No bed springs squeaking, no powerful moans, just talking. I walked into my living room to see Greg and my wife sitting on the couch, very close together. My wife was wearing a pair of tight jeans, and one of her shirts that shows off the top of her nipples.

“Honey!” my wife exclaimed as she came in. “Greg wanted to come over tonight, and I thought we could all watch a movie together,” my wife beamed. She was sitting so close to Greg that her right leg was hooked over the top his leg. Greg looked at me with a smirk. His hand was on Kay’s leg, just rubbing her leg gently. My wife acted as though this was all normal.

“S-Sure honey,” I said sheepishly. “I’ll watch a movie with you g-guys.”

They both burst out laughing. “You see honey,” my wife told me, as Greg’s hand crept closer to her crotch, “I told Greg that you would stutter when I asked you that. You always stutter when you’re jealous,” my wife teased.

“Yeah,” Greg chimed in, “you haven’t got nothing to be jealous about. I won’t hurt her,” he joked, with my wife slapping his knee and chastising him with a huge smile on her face.

“Oh, Greg, you’re so bad,” my wife laughed. I watched in horror as Greg’s hand went to my wife’s crotch and started rubbing her there. My wife made a quiet moan. I sat down, not on the couch, but on the individual chair beside the couch. I watched as my wife looked up tenderly at Greg while he rubbed her clit. They looked like they were going to start kissing when Greg suddenly looked up at me.

“Get me a beer, will ya?” he barked at me.

I was so stunned, and feeling humiliated because my wife would rather sit with him than me, I got up.

“Yeah, get me one too,” my wife added.

I went to the kitchen to get beer and could hear the sounds of wet kissing in the living room. I knew that they had their tongues down each other’s throats. I just couldn’t understand why my wife would fuck a man like Greg when she was also fucking bodybuilders, rich men, black men. But my wife was a mysterious woman. When I got back to the living room my wife and Greg were just ending their kiss, with Greg’s tongue being withdrawn from my wife’s mouth. His hands had moved north to one of her tits, and one of her hands was rubbing his cock through his jeans. They stopped kissing, but Greg left his hand on her tit and my wife left her hand on his cock.

“Thanks, honey, you’re so accommodating to our guests!” my wife congratulated me. Greg looked at me with a devious smile.

“Yeah, thanks. This is a real firecracker of a wife you got on your hands. The boys at the office are always talking about her tits or ass,” he joked.

“Stop it!” my wife said, again playfully reprimanding him.

“Well, it’s true. But then, I tell them she’s the boss’s girl and they shut up,” Greg laughed.

I didn’t like that he called my wife, his girl, but my wife just looked at him approvingly as he humiliated me. We started watching the movie after I ended up getting another round of beers for my wife and Greg. They turned the lights off while the movie was on. I watched in the light of the TV as my wife started to unzip Greg’s jeans, right there with me sitting there. My wife struggled to get his cock out. When she finally had it out, I could see in the dark the reason why my wife fucked Greg: his cock is way bigger than my dick in length and girth. And, judging by how fast my wife puts her lips around it, she liked it that way. Greg looked over at me while she sucked his cock.

“Greg, my girl here has started to help herself. Why don’t you just run along and get us some more beers,” he barked again.

I stood up, a small erection clearly showing through my pants. While I was in the kitchen, I heard my wife giggle and then in a hushed tone say, “We can’t do that in front of him!” to Greg.

I couldn’t hear what Greg was saying, but I knew it couldn’t be good. When I came back in the room, Greg’s cock was still out, but my wife wasn’t sucking it anymore. She had just stood up to undo her belt and take off her jeans. I walked in as she slid her jeans down, revealing a nice black thong. I just watched her ass and then sat down as she did.

“Honey,” she looked over at me. “I am going to sit on Greg’s cock, okay? I’m just going to rub against it because it’s soooooo much bigger than yours. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Yeah, hope ya’ don’t mind if she takes a seat in a real man’s lap,” Greg jeered.

“Oh Greg, don’t be so mean to the little thing between his legs. He can’t help he was born with a babydick,” my wife laughed, flashing me one of her signature I’m-humiliating-you-but-pretending-not-to look.

She sat on Greg’s lap, facing the TV, her shirt still on, but only her thong on. And her hips were clearly gyrating on Greg’s lap. I tried to watch the movie and look away, but my wife kept moaning in sharp, quick whispers, “Greg, Oh Greg!”

Greg’s hands were up her shirt, rubbing her large tits. She always loved to have them touched during sex. My wife looked over at me.

“Greg,” she said, staring at me, “we can’t do this in front of my husband. Let’s go upstairs to bed. And then you can put a condom on.”

My wife continued to smile and stare at me.

“Kay, look at him. He’s pitching a mini-tent over there watching you get handled by a real man. A man who can handle a woman with your body. And he knows that his cock is the size of a cocktail-frank, and you like mine more,” Greg scoffed.

I looked at them both horrified, my mini-tent obvious.

“Baby,” my wife said to me while Greg’s hands went down her ass, “listen, why don’t you take out your little baby cock and rub it while I tell you something important,” she said.

I knew that, again, something bad would come of this. I slowly undid my belt, unzipped my pants, and pulled out my near four inch erection. My wife got a cruel smile looking at it.

“So, Kay, whose dick is it, my ten-inch anaconda or your hubby’s little dime stack?” he sneered.

“Baby, you need to start jerking-off more, now,” she said to me.

She gasped as Greg slipped her panties down to her knees while she was still sitting on his lap. Her pussy was directly on his jeans, which he was opening as she started talking to me.

“Honey, the truth is, Greg is right. I like his cock way more,” she said coldly. “It’s way bigger, and he’s a better and stronger man than you are, honey. Greg just makes me feel good, and pleases my body. Him and a few others.”

She giggled.

“Yep, buddy,” Greg chimed in, “she’s made her choice. Now if you don’t mind,” his pants fully opened “I’m going to give her what she wants. And she’s really starting to show, by the way. Wonder whose bun in the oven’s that is?”

My wife moaned as he thrust his cock into her while she was sitting on his lap, her back to him, his hands wrapped around to her front and groping her large tits.

“Greg, it might not be yours. I haven’t been faithful to, oh, I haven’t, ooh, being faithful to any ooh one. I think that my oh husband enjoys ooooohs watching me get fucked by a big stud, Greg. Fuck ooh me, Greg, give me your seed. You never have to wear a condom with me, especially when I’m pregnant already. Fuck, oh, fuck me Greg. You’re so much bigger than oh my husband.” Kay looked like she was ready to come. So did Greg. She yelled as I saw a scene that would repeat itself for months.


This scene repeated itself until my wife was fully pregnant and almost ready to give birth. I was nervous about that day. When it came, I got the call at work from Greg, her boss.

“Your wife’s wife water just broke,” he said. “We just sent her down to the hospital. I’ll be there as soon as I can. Thought you might want to know,” he said smugly.

“Why will you be there?” I asked.

“Because we never know what might pop out of that woman,” he laughed and hung up. I think he was hinting that he was the father.

When I got to the hospital, Greg, Luke, Robert and a few of my wife’s other male coworkers were there. I was surprised to see such a show of support, until I heard them talking.

“I bet it’s Greg’s kid,” Robert said.

“It sure as fuck better be. I didn’t want to get the woman pregnant. She just begged me to fuck her without a condom, so I did,” explained my well-built neighbor Luke to the group of guys.

They didn’t even notice that I could hear them. I saw doctors and nurses running frantically around the maternity ward. One came into the room and asked for Kay’s husband. I stood up.

“Come with me,” the doctor said sternly. He took me in the incubator room and showed me rows and rows of babies. “Is there something you want to tell me before I fill out the birth certificate?” the doctor demanded.

“N-no,” I stuttered.

“Well, the reason I ask is, that’s your baby.”

The doctor pointed to a cute black baby. I was horrified. I felt sick to my stomach.

“Your wife says that she does not want you on the birth certificate. I just thought I’d let you know,” the doctor said. “She’s resting now so I can’t let you see her, but just to let you know, she named—” and he looked at his clipboard, “a ‘Brandon Jackson’ as the father of this child.”

I almost fainted.

“Did she name him yet?” I asked, hoping this was all a bad dream.

“Yeah,” the doctor smiled, “Brandon Christopher Jackson, Jr.”

He walked away. I was stunned: my sultry blonde wife had gotten pregnant by Brandon. And now I was going to be reminded on a daily basis that my wife prefers other men. She didn’t even name the kid after me. I didn’t know how I could face her without walking in and crying. The doctor cleared the waiting room by telling the other men that they were definitely not the father of the child. Brandon Jr. had one father, and that father had been fucking my hot, curvy blonde wife. He had sucked on her tits, like I had. He had rubbed her ass, like I did. He had sucked on her nipples while she came… I was the most depressed I ever was in my life.

I went into my wife’s room in the morning when she woke up. When I walked in she was breastfeeding the baby: brown skin contrasted with her white skin. My wife looked up at me adoringly, as if everything was normal. I was terrified: here was a black baby nursing on my wife. I’m her husband. I’m white. All the nurses and doctors know, and they all look at me a little weird.

“Look at our bundle of joy!” my wife exclaimed.

I was shocked.

“Our bundle of joy? You named the kid Brandon Jr. for Christ’s sake,” I said exasperated.

My wife had a shocked look. “Honey, you agreed to cooperate with this. You’ll either love me and our baby, or you’ll leave,” she said coldly. “You wanted to be a cuckold husband, and now we have proof of it. Everyone knows, now, and you stay with me.”

“But w-what will we tell other people?”

“He’s adopted.” My wife smiled. “Aren’t you, little Brandon, she said looking down. I swallowed my pride.

“Honey, I have one thing to say about this,” I said. “I just want to say that you have humiliated me. You have purposely humiliated me in front of your coworkers. I saw you get fucked by Greg and Robert. And Luke. And my brother, too. Kay, I love you, but I don’t know how much more of this I can handle. But… oh, Kay, I love you and I will do anything for you!” I ended up begging.

My wife acted as if I hadn’t listed off a number of her lovers. “Listen, Hun, Brandon is going to be coming by soon. He wants to see his, oops!, I mean our baby.”

My wife laughed. I told her I would go to my parent’s house for a few days and think things over. I saw Brandon walking in to my wife’s hospital room as I left. I lied to my parents and said that Kay was on a business trip. They didn’t even know she was pregnant.

My worst nightmare and deepest and worst fears were realized in a matter of weeks. My wife had slept with many men, and I had listened to many of her bouts of sex with her lovers. My wife, who took legal vows to be faithful, had made love to at least ten other men. And she has finalized her cuckolding of me with a baby by Brandon, her black lover. I was marked for the rest of my life with the horns of a cuckold. And worst of all, my wife pretended this was all completely natural. In fact, it was almost freaky.

I walked home and got in the doors, and heard nothing. And then the usual bedsprings squeaking away upstairs. Whore, I thought to myself for the first time. My pinup wife, my blonde bombshell, was giving her body to anyone but me. And now she was being fucked.

I heard the shrill yell of “Brandon!!! Oh Brandon!” as I got to the top of the stairs.

My wife was being fucked by the father of her child, the man who was not her husband, but was now moving into that position. Kay didn’t even call me the entire time I was at my parents’ house. I think she was too busy with the baby and, most likely, a few men. Even after being pregnant. I walked into the master bedroom calmly, but acting as if I had a right to walk into my own bedroom. Brandon was lying on his back on the bed, and a recently pregnant and beautiful Kay was riding his pelvis. I knew Brandon had a big cock. And my wife’s tits were swollen with milk.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I yelled.

Brandon stopped pumping, and my wife stopped grinding down. My wife’s face was sweaty, her blonde hair ruffled, her tits and chest covered with hickeys. Lean and muscular Brandon look bothered that I stopped them. Kay just looked at me and smiled.

“Honey, can you sleep on the couch tonight?” my wife pleaded.

Brandon looked on silently.

“Kay, what the…”

“What the fuck what? Listen man, I am fucking your tasty ass wife. This bitch loves my cock. She has my baby. You are just going to shut the fuck up and get used to some new shit around here. And—” pausing to resume pumping my wife again, “I am not going to sit by anymore and let Kay defend you. Kay knows who is the boss, now.”

Brandon smiled. I burst out into tears as their thrusts picked up. Kay covered her mouth as she laughed and moaned at the same time. Brandon laughed.

“What’s the matter, pussy?” my wife growled. “What’s the matter? The big black man got you scared? Ooh, yeah, ooh, Brandon, ooh, give it to me,” my wife moaned. I sobbed harder as my wife insulted me. I was losing control.

“You woman! You promised me you would always have protected sex! You went around in bathing suits to humiliate me, you had Brandon’s baby for fuck’s sake,” I choked.

Brandon looked on laughingly.

“Oh, honey,” my wife consoled me as she rode on Brandon’s cock. “That’s what you get, for being a sissy cuckold,” she hissed. “A sissy cuckold. Brandon here satisfies me, ooh more than you ever could. Brandon, baby, I’m cumming!”

My wife’s hips started convulsing. I had taken out my cock while sobbing and stroked it pathetically while they fucked. I was having a breakdown; I knew something terrible was about to happen. I blew my load listening to my sweet wife, Kay, getting pounded by her lover and, unbeknownst to me, future husband. I came on the carpet and scurried off. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up, crying the whole time. I went out to the garage, leaving my wife behind in the bedroom with her man. I was losing my mind. I went out to my garage and looked at the rafters.

“Perfect,” I judged as I undid my belt.

It was time, I felt, for me to remove myself from life. If my seed was not good enough for Kay, and if I was so low on the totem pole, and if I was as submissive as I have been acting lately, then I cannot think of a reason to live. That is why I decided, after ejaculating to the sound of my wife fucking her lover, that it was time for me to die. I wanted to stop existing. I couldn’t face life with a black child and a white wife.

I couldn’t get the sound of her moans from a thousand nights out of my mind. Greg, Robert, Luke, my brother, everyone had a turn with my wife. And all behind my back, until recently. They are clearly biologically superior to me. Especially Brandon: he is clearly vastly more suited to breed my baby-making wife. He impregnated her, not me. My humiliation and sense of defeat make me long for relief in death.

I rigged together some rope and my belt over a rafter, with a loop on the belt that would tighten as weight was applied to it. I closed my eyes and contemplated my death.

“This is what Kay really wants,” I bawl. I climb up onto my mini-step ladder, and stick my head through the loop in the belt. I push my feet off the ladder and felt a sudden rush, break and blackness. The last thing I saw in my mind was Kay, making love with Brandon.


Brandon found my body two days later (he hadn’t gone out to our garage before) and immediately called for help. Paramedics and police took my body away with my wife crying, and Brandon’s arm around her, and the baby in her arms. The police took statements from my wife and Brandon. They wrote it off as a typical suicide. I was worthless to them as I was for everyone else. My death also had another serious consequence, it brought Brandon and Kay closer together. They married almost days after I died in a secret trip to Las Vegas, and Kay soon got pregnant again. I was a forgotten memory. Kay would later take all mementos of me and throw them in the garbage.

The truth is, nature won out in this case. My wife, a beautiful maiden, needed to be serviced by an alpha male, not a beta male. Once she found her alpha male, I found my alpha male, too. Many of them. So by taking myself out of the gene pool by hanging myself in my garage, my wife lets nature take its course and moved on. She had more children and was happier without me.

Death made me the ultimate cuckold.

The End.



  • This was Very Hot in a Very Sad Way Until the Ending Which Just Ruin The Whole Story

    • Brad The Volfan

      I Also Do Not Think A Story Like This & Really Having Suicide Or Killing In General In It Is Right For This Site

      • SDC Webmaster

        It’s only a story, fiction, so don’t lose your shit about it. The story is extreme, but I thought an interesting take on cuckolding too. We are not suggesting anyone do what the character does in the story, but I think if you’re into cuckolding it’s an interesting thought bubble. How far would you go? But please, if anyone is feeling suicidal then get some help.

        • Brad the Volfan

          Well The Warning Will Prepare One For The Actions Of The Last Laragraph

  • Lloyd Baker

    Well, at least we can look forward to an afterlife according to the story! Little dickers expect nothing in this life, though!

    • SDC Webmaster

      I don’t think it’s like that at all, the story is about how far this man went to cuckold himself. Cuckolding int he true sense is giving up complete control to your wife, some may look at that as an act of extreme love if you dig deeper than the sexual parts. Would you give your life so the person you love could be happy? I think this story touches on the very deepest meaning of being a cuckold. Obviously, the ending is controversial, and we don’t want anyone committing suicide because of their penis. So if you feel that way then speak to your doctor. Depression is treatable these days.

      • Brad the Volfan

        I Agree Cuckolding is All about Control but the reason i think Suicide & Killing in general should be left off this site is because of Comments like the one one Lloyd Baker Left because its takes some down a path that the end is not good and even the walk down that path can do damage and from all my reading this is the only story on this site to have Suicide in it & from other sites they have stories with Suicide & Even Ones where the Cuckolding Male Kills the wife & others Which i do not think is right for this site So I Get the Question that you was trying to Bring up with this story and Me for one if the Warning that is up now at start was there i would not have read it not because I have never ever been Suicidal hell im a gay man but i do like this kind of Small Dick Fiction/Fiction stories that this site has but the extreme nature of this stories ending and how it comes off as almost Pro-Suicide is in my eye just not right for this site and could do harm to someone already in the fights of Depression that may help put a Really Bad Idea in His Head

        • SDC Webmaster

          Your opinion is noted, but people still need to remember this is fiction, not real life. You’ve made your point, now move on.

  • stubtail

    The wife just loved fucking well hung stallions, while her beta male husband beat off and watched. I bet he loved the taste of that black bulls seed. When the baby was born all the nurses laughed and giggled cause the baby black bull had a huge fat pecker just like his daddy did. I bet he pulled the little guys pants down and measured how long the young bulls ‘Johnson’ was.


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