In A family Way: Part 2


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—Part 2—

Hank and Mie had their thing for a little over six months when hank suddenly cut it off. He explained to Mie that he had a fiancé and that in a couple weeks they would be married. He told her that he was sorry but he owed that to his soon to be new wife. Mie was a bit heartbroken but she told him she understood. Actually, she wasn’t too happy with it at all so she told Hank, no problem, Johnny was still taking good care of her. No, there was no Johnny but Hank didn’t know that, and Mie was just trying to cut him for just up and changing the game. They parted. I still played golf with him and from time to time he asked about Mie, almost like he wished he would have stuck around but I always told him she was great.

For Mie, she became rather serious about finding a replacement. She able to hook up with a few guys over the next 4 or 5 months but she couldn’t find a regular that she could really get to know. One evening when my not so shy sister stopped by when I was home, which she normally didn’t do, she and Mie got into a discussion right in front of me about finding a man for Mie.

“Gee,” I said. “Thanks for being so discreet.”

“No problem brother,” was Jill’s reply. Jill turned right towards me and says, “Hey, Dave, c’mon. I know it’s not your fault you have a tiny dick. It’s nature’s cursing you or something. It doesn’t mean that Mie has to ignore her own needs and to be frank, you shouldn’t either.”

“I haven’t ignored them,” I told her. “You know I haven’t.”

“OK,” she tells me. “Then chill out. Better we talk in front of you than behind your back.”

“I guess,” I replied, “but you don’t have to make fun of me doing it.”

“What?” Jill said rather crossly. “You don’t like that I know you have a little willy? For Christ sake, you are what you are. If you are only an inch long, that’s the way you are.”

“I’m not just an inch long,” I blurted out. “I’m bigger than that. Sure maybe not big like you girls like but I am bigger than an inch.”

I had a tear forming in my right eye then. Here I was defending myself against an accusation of having only a one inch wiener. It was hurting because even if it was over one inch, it wasn’t enough to make anyone happy and it seemed, easy to make fun of. Mie entered the conversation.

“It’s over an inch,” she tells Jill.

“What, an inch and a half,” Jill ask?

“I think bigger,” Mie inserted.

“Prove it,” Jill told her.

What, I thought to myself. What is my sister asking? She wants me to prove it? She wants Mie to prove it to her. How?

Mie turned to me, and said, “Show her.”

“No,” I said. “She’s my sister.”

“So what,” Mie said to me. “She’s family and family don’t hide from each other.”

Mie walked up to me and started undoing my shorts. They dropped to the floor. She put her hands on the sides of my boxers and swiftly yanked them down. There I was, standing there with my 2 ½ inches hanging there completely exposed. I guess I could have handled that but then my sister decided to walk right up to me, looked down, and then back at my face.

“So, excuse me,” she said. “What is that, 2 inches?”

“Two and a half,” I immediately replied looking her right in the eye like I was this great proud person for having some massive dick. All of a sudden, I felt fingers on my dick. They belonged to Jill. I pulled it back and asked, “What are you doing?”

“I just wanted to know what a two and a half inch prick felt like, but it seemed to grow a little when I touched it” Jill said.

Mie was off to the side giggling when I looked down at myself and seen I was now maybe a hard three inches.

“Ooo, brother. You’re such a stud,” Jill said to me.

I then felt Jill’s fingers on my now hard dick again. “Jill,” I begged, “it’s not right. You shouldn’t touch me like that.”

“Shut up,” she replied. “If you were really so against it you wouldn’t be getting hard and have that drip of pre cum on it.” Mie is still giggling. Jill turned to her and said, “I know, right? It does look funny. I wonder what’d happen if I were to stroke it a bit like this.”

Jill moved her thumb and index finger to the top and bottom of my dick. Her fingertip rose up and she run it through my precum and used it to glide down over my dick. It felt very smooth so there must be more precum than when I just checked. Jill moved her fingers up and down and I started moaning a little. I didn’t plan to but it still came out.

“Oh, brother, you like big sis playing with you little willy, don’t you?” Jill asks. I said nothing. “Don’t you,” she repeated while she reached under me and tightly squeezed my balls.

I squealed a bit and shouted, “Yes, yes.”

“Yes what,” Jill asked while her hand encased my balls.

“Yes, I like you playing with my cock,” I shot out.

“You’re little cock,” she injected.

“My little cock,” I repeated for her.

Jill looked over at Mie. “How about I finish him off, is that OK?” she asked Mie.

“Go for it,” Mie replied. “He could probably use some attention any way.”

With that Jill’s fingers went back to working up and down my dick. Yes, it did feel good but I wasn’t thinking it was my sister’s fingers, just some fingers making my dick feel nice.

“You sure do put out a lot of slippery shit,” Jill announced. “We shouldn’t let any of that drip on this nice carpet, now should we?”

I said nothing. Jill reached and encased my balls again. Even though she squeezed them, it still felt good. Eyes closed I just went with the sensations. Then, even those changed. Lips around my dick. I had to look. It was still Jill. My sister is sucking my cock. I have to admit that when we were younger I imagined that happening but never pursued my imagination. Now, it is happening. It maybe only took another minute and those balls Jill was holding started exploding into her mouth. I moaned, gowned, whimpered, and made all kinds of sound because, well, it just felt so good. My eyes opening again I looked down. Jill was still in front of my now limp dick. She rose up and looked at Mie.

“He isn’t much, is he?” Jill asks Mie.

“I don’t know what,” Mie replied.

I was a bit mesmerized that my sister was up talking so she must have swallowed my cum. I have never had anyone swallow my cum and here, the first time ever, it was my own sister. I looked at Jill, my eyes down a bit, and told her, that just wasn’t right. Jill smiled and told me, “Hey, it’s not like I let you fuck me. That would never happen even if you were not my brother. That dick would get close to my pussy.”

OK, rejection again but my dick did feel good. The reason Jill had stopped by was not to make me cum and humiliate me at the same time, no, it was to inform Mie that she had been accepted into a Swingers circle. ALL the cock my wife wanted, when she wanted it, and however she wanted it was her announcement. She was there to invite Mie to go with her. Standing there, naked from the waist down, I asked how that was going to work with our agreements.

“Don’t worry little bro, she can go and meet some people, explain her set up, and have them come here for your enjoyment,” Jill said. “Most probably won’t mind. I mean, look at her. 27 year old Asian meat. They’ll be falling all over her for a chance to fuck her.”

After some discussion, Mie and Jill set up a time to go and meet some people. Jill would get everything set up and then they would go together. I had no say in the matter. It took a little over a week and Jill and Mie were off to the party. Me, I sat at home constantly wondering what they were doing. I know Jill said nothing would happen there and Mie could set something up for the house but my brain started going off to that fantasy land and I started imagining Mie meeting a guy or two and taking them on right there. Crazy as it sounds, I also imagined my sister in the same way. While my brain was over reacting, I found myself sitting in the living room jerking myself off. My head pictures brought me to climax in no time and I just shot all over myself. I didn’t move, I just sat there, cum all over my shirt and shorts.

My imagination changed courses to what if there is danger and I’m not there to protect the girls. How horrible I would be as a man. Then it changed to what happens if she meets a guy and decides it’s the man of her dreams and off she goes with him never telling me and I sit at home for weeks wondering what happened to her. Yes, my mind was racing. My hand then set in a wet spot on my shirt and I came back to reality. I got up and went to change and clean up. After that I settled back into the chair and about 20 minutes later the girls arrived home. I sat there like all was just normal. Cool, calm, and relaxed.

“How did it go,” I asked?

“Great,” Mie replied.

“Great?” I asked.

“Oh yes, it was wonderful. We had a great time,” Jill added. “Lots of swinging dicks there along with some very beautiful wives for many.”

“Oh,” I said. “Couples too?”

“Yes,” Jill answered, “but not like you and Mie. All these guys had dicks you could see.”

“Cute,” I said. “Back to the insults I see.”

“Sorry, Bro, dicks like yours are made for insults,” Jill added.

“Fine,” I said. “So, Mie, did you have a good time,” I asked.

“Yes, very much,” she said. “Everyone was so nice.”

“Anyone that interested you?” I asked.

“Yes, there were. All of them,” she said while giving out a laugh.

“OK, OK, anyone that you would want to spend a little sexual time with?” I asked. “Or, how about any you set something up with?”

Jill answered, “Yes, we did set something up for tomorrow night. Hope that fits your kinky schedule, Dave.”

“Ah, sure,” I answered. “We?”

“Yes, WE. Mie and I are going to have two hung studs visit here and we’re going to let them fuck us silly,” Jill told me.

“A foursome?” I said.

“Yep, a foursome with an odd man audience, but that’s the agreement you two have, right?” Jill asked.

“Ah, yeah,” I replied, “but, I thought it was just Mie with a guy and me?”

“Nope,” Jill interjected. “This time you have company. Got a problem with your sister being here? Tough.”

I know I couldn’t say anything so, I shut up. Jill left, Mie went to bed, I followed a few minutes later. Nothing was said.


The next night came and Jill of course arrived early. Immediately she started telling me my duties. “Make drinks, make sure people have towels, put some snacks in the living room, and do whatever anyone ask. Oh, take my camera, I want some good pictures,” she told me as she handed me a small camera.

Jill ran to the bedroom to meet up with Mie. After a good 20 minutes they walked out looking like they were going to a wild party.

“Take our picture,” Jill told me.

I lifted the camera and said, say cheese, and took a picture of the two of them standing together.

“Another one,” Jill insisted.

As I lifted the camera, Jill reached down and grabbed Mie’s pussy and Mie grabbed Jill’s breast, they then locked their lips together. I took the picture. I looked at Mie, and asked, “Are you into girls now too?”

“Maybe,” she replied. “I’m not attracted to girls like a lesbian, but I do like how they feel. Don’t you?”

I didn’t reply but I knew what she means. Everything was ready for our visitors for the mini orgy and we waited a bit. They arrived. The first one to arrive was a guy, maybe late thirties. Nice looking, and looked to take care of himself. He gave the girls a little kiss on the cheeks and introduced himself to me.

“Hi, I’m Ted,” he said.

“Hi, Dave,” I replied.

He went over then and sat between the girls. In a very short time the doorbell rang and this time I answered it. There stood a couple. Man and Woman.

“Hi, Bill and Barb,” Bill said.

“Hi, Dave,” I replied. Are you here to see Jill?”

I was thinking they may be at the wrong house since it was a couple.

“Yes,” Barb replied. “Jill and that pretty little Mie.”

“Come in,” I said.

They entered and went over and joined the other three. They all seemed to know each other well enough already. I asked what people were drinking and went to take care of my duties that I was assigned. Upon returning with the drinks I immediately noticed that everyone was getting more comfortable with the less clothes there were now wearing. Still somewhat covered but all were looking a lot more sexy. Even the men. Mie was down to a nice bra and thong, Jill just panties, Barb, bra and panties, Ted, undershorts, and Bill, a long shirt and I think nothing else. Of course, being male, Barb got my attention right away. She was in incredible shape and her breast were very full in her bra. Slender with nice hips. She was beautiful.

Suddenly Jill’s voice rang out in my direction. “Hey, Shorty, don’t forget the camera.”

Starting again, I hoped not. I picked up the camera and aimed it at the group in the living room. Click, click, click

“Keep it handy,” Jill told me. “We want a permanent record of the entire night.”

“OK,” I replied, “will do.”

Jill’s voice made me take notice of her. She too had a very nice body. Sorry, but I couldn’t help to think that she would be nice fucking. I looked at Mie, she was looking really sexy too. She just didn’t seem to notice I was in the same room. She was busy cuddling with ted, whispering in his ear and he doing the same to her. Hands were starting to move and frankly, it was hard to figure out who was touching who. I just noticed that hands were touching pussies, breast, and cocks now. I remembered the camera and took another picture. No one seemed to mind. It really didn’t take long before there were five naked people on and around the sofa.

Jill was paying attention to Bill’s rather large cock now that it was exposed and barb was sucking on Jill’s Breast. Hmm, I think Jill likes girls too. Mie was moving down to get a closer look at Ted’s dick. It wasn’t as large as Bills but still, no small matter. She started sucking on it and Ted put his head back. Jill then lowered her head onto Bill’s waiting shaft and started working on that. Barb slid down and got her face into Jill’s pussy. Click, click, click. I sat back in a chair and just watched. There was some serious work going on in front of me. Click, click, click Bill looked over at me.

“Dave, right?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I replied.

“It would be more comfortable for everyone if you were naked too,” he told me.

“That’s OK,” I said. “I’m fine.”

“No, really,” he said.

Then Jill takes her mouth off Bill’s cock and announces, “He’s afraid everyone might see his little wee-wee and laugh at him.”

Bill chuckled. “Don’t worry about it, Dave, we won’t laugh. Go ahead, take off your clothes.”

Mie lifted her head, “Please Hun, just do it. For me,” she said.

Barbs face came out of Jill’s pussy then. She turned towards me and came right up to me. A very beautiful, naked stranger standing directly in front of me.

“Here, dear, let me help you,” she told me. “Don’t worry about your size, I really don’t care.”

She reached down and started unbuttoning my shirt and then removed it. She pulled off my too and then cot my pants off. I was left in my shorts.

“OK,” she said, “let’s get those shorts off so you can get in the mood of the room.”

She grabbed the front of my shorts and pulled them forward. She looked down inside them and said, “Hey, I’ve seen smaller and it looks like you are enjoying the view.”

I looked down, yep, hard again. She proceeded to remove my shorts and I sat down naked with my little boner sticking up. Barb returned to her position between Jill’s legs and everyone else proceeded to pick up where they left off. Click, click, click Bill pulled out of Jill’s mouth and moved over behind Mie. Barb and Jill moved to where they were seriously enjoying a 69. Bill slid his big cock up behind Mie and played with her pussy with it. I could see before that even that Mie was dripping with excitement so when Bill slid the head of his cock into her, it went very easily. As he moved forward I seen Mie stiffen a bit but immediately relax.

She started rocking her ass back and forth until she took at least 8 inches inside her. He still had a couple inches left but he didn’t seem to mind. Click, click, click Mie with that sensation in her pussy worked even harder on teds cock with her mouth. You could see she was in a different world right now. Her rocking ass and bobbing mouth made her small breast swing in the air oh so sexy like. Click, click, click My attention went back to my sister. It seemed, she really knew how to eat a pussy. It was only a short time Barb let out a little scream of the first orgasm of the evening. Click, click, click Jill soon followed with her own.

Seems the Women knew just how to please a Woman. Jill positioned herself on the sofa, back against the arm. Ted pulled out of Mie’s mouth and positioned himself between Jill’s legs and entered her. Mie moved so barb could position herself between her legs and Barb buried her face into Mie’s pussy. It only took a minute for Mie to scream out her first orgasm. Bill went over and penetrated barb from behind. One after another the individuals were moving around. Click, click, click Sexual excitement filled the air. The sucked, fucked, ate pussy, and who knows what for a good hour. It became rather evident that all three of the ladies had had some experience with other ladies even though I had never actually seem Mie sexually with another Woman. Click, click, click

I had no idea where that experience came from although, I had my suspicions. Jill. A half hour into this mess of sexual mass I was taking picture after picture of, I felt my dick get so hard. I mean, it was like it was trying to break through my skin. My imaginary 6 incher was finally breaking through it felt like. My hardness hurt. My dick throbbed and ached. I know I had to do something about it but I also know no matter how much I wanted to join in, my job was totally on the outside of this group. I just reached down and spread some precum around of which there was a great deal and just stroked myself. I didn’t wait for anyone to tell me this time, I just did it and maybe only 45 seconds to a minute

I was spraying my cum all over. While most ended up shooting towards me and some actually reached my face which it has never done before, I didn’t care where it went. The release of that pressure just had to happen. OK, better now, I thought still with my eyes fixed on all the action. As the guys started get spent of fuel and the girls got a little raw, they all slowed down. They sat around and chatted like there were all at a tea party except completely nude. I was told to get some towels for everyone and to prepare some more drinks and bring in some snakes. This I did. It was my duty. After doing all this I still had a hard dick. OK, I am normally a one-time guy and then need a good long rest but for some reason I remained ready to go.

Probably all the smell of sex in the air combined with seeing all the action and of course, seeing my wife get thoroughly used and satisfied added to my excitement. Setting back down in my assigned chair I notice a body moving towards me. It is Barb.

“Hi, guy,” she says to me.

“Hi, Barb,” I return.

“Must suck to have such a small dick and only be able to watch other have a good time with theirs,” she continued.

“Yeah, it is,” I said.

“Have you ever gotten to play with the grownups along with your wife,” she asked?

Questioning me while humiliating me, but being serious it seemed. “No,” I replied. “Never.”

Barb turned toward the other who were all chatting away. “Hey, Mie,” she announced loudly. Mie looked up at her. Hell, everyone looked up at her.

Mie answered her, “Yeah?”

“I feel sorry for your husband and his baby dick, so is it OK if I relieve him of some of his childlike frustrations?”

“Go ahead,” Mie replied.

Bill shouted, “Sure, always look after the children.”

Everyone laughed. Except me, that is. Barb being fully naked and looking like a goddess to me right now knelt down and spread my legs apart. She lowered her head and began licking all over my hardness. She moved her hand under my balls and fondled them while she played with my cock with her tongue. It felt really nice. Since I had cum only around 30 minutes before I figured I could last a little longer this time and enjoy the feelings more. I leaned my head back and let Barb go. She slipped her lips just over the tip of my dick and sucked on the hole. It was a different feeling. Her tongue played with the hole. She lifted her head and stuck her finger in her mouth.

When she removed it, she lifted my balls with the hand that was already on them, told me to scoot to the end of the seat and slipped that wet finger under me and proceeded to place the tip of it on my ass hole. She moved it around giving new, sensual feelings that I hadn’t felt before. With a single thrust, she pushed her finger up my ass. I jerked up with that but settled back down when the overpowering feeling of pleasure took over. I noticed Mie was next to me on the floor taking pictures now. Click, click, click Barb lowered her head back to my penis and this time her lips covered the head. He finger in my ass was moving and I without thinking was rocking back and forth on it.

She worked down my cock and used her tongue to circle the head while sucking like I have never experienced. OK, I didn’t last as long as I wanted but I couldn’t help it. I exploded in her mouth. I mean, I never knew I had that much cum to use in two pleasurable experiences. God, it felt so good. Barb sucked it all out of me and then lifted her head and swallowed. Damn, no one ever swallowed my cum before.

Mie spoke first. “That little guy feel better now?” she asked me.

“Oh, yes,” is all I could reply.

“Good, now get your baby dick swinging and get some more drinks.”

Reality returned. Up I got and took care of our guest. Wasn’t too long until the party was over and everyone except Jill left our house. Jill decided that she was staying the night and that was that. Mie told me to clean up and then go to bed. Jill and Mie sat around, still fully naked and started going through the pictures. I did what I was told. I left the girls in the living room when I finished and went to bed. I was feeling pretty good about myself too.


To be continued…


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